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  1. Alright this is mega cool, BUT, I really wish it didn't mess with other game sounds. If you have different ammo types on an autocannon (aka BMPT 2017 with AP and HE) the switch sound is gone, and it's quite useful to me as I'm switching in dead times and focusing on driving in those 2 seconds. Also ATGMs really should be LOUDER, if you play a BMPT (again), the autocannon is so much louder than the rocket... While I do understand the concept of bullets and why they're loud, a rocket isn't silent either with all the burning and stuff. P.S.: Google Drive/Mega.nz > Mediafire. 3 minutes to download the file isn't acceptable for 60MBs in 2022, lol.
  2. Not always, just had a battle where I did exactly that and I did not get assist. Yes, I am 100% sure, I was permatracking do to assist mission.
  3. Yay, more premiums better than regular tanks, it's gonna be a direct upgrade over the Stingray 2 due to short intra-clip being vastly superior in PvP environment. Combine that with non-derpy gun handling (Sting makes you regret life choices at times) and you have a Cent 105 but a bit better, with tracks, better movement and flexibility. In PvE it doesn't sound like anything special by the looks of it, just another tank.
  4. Interesting, my own ones are completely different. Out of curiosity why is 490 good in pve? It's trash, and this comes from an hardcore 490 fanboy... 6.6k dpm with a long reload is terrible. Yeah you have armor, and what gives when you can run triple kit with double respawns? Also, some of you should go back to playing Altay in pve with full heats, it's nowhere near as bad as you think... Pretty much anything with an autoloader/rack/somethinglikethat works.
  5. Just git gud :D (Thank me later Seb) It's also pennable with HE, a bit further back (near the 3 "dots" area) would ammorack it, and it's by far not the worst MBT at tier 10, that spot is for the Type 99A2 (non-140).
  6. @TeyKey1 yep that guy is a complete mongoloid, he usually plays with another special retard named Shizzlforizzle or something daft like that.
  7. You're doing it on purpose, so it IS griefing, you're willingly and deliberately playing badly just to complete an objective, when you know this will probably hurt your team and the battle outcome. Leaving the battle early because you've done your shitty mission is also griefing. Like... 3k with a Bradley? Seriously?
  8. Cancerous, it may be smart for you but it IS against ToS and I'm surprised nobody bothered to report that. I do consider you a friend (and I may say a rather old time one at that by now), but I definitely do not agree with this crap behaviour, I'd rather have someone toxic (like me ) who helps me win a battle rather than someone who is selfish to the point of not even giving a damn about the battle itself and leaves it.
  9. PISH is not fine, rankeds are currently either 10 or 9 ATDU per side, with PISH. They can even pen each other frontally, it pens *anything* frontally. This update killed the game for me, I expect player numbers to die shortly. So many other things are absolutely insane I can't even begin to list them, this shitshow should have never made it to live.
  10. The solution for this is very easy - call everyone trash and you're done (jk jk... Maybe)
  11. Ha! New players here? :D Well, spam Heat in pve until about tier 6/7, then you'll start to want to switch to AP sometimes. They have different penetration mechanics and you'll need some time to figure it out. Unlike WoT, there is no garage slot limit, and there is also an exp ownership bonus for each tank that you own, so never ever sell tanks as it will make your overall progression slower!
  12. I'm not in the battalion so I can only give a much never requested feedback about how NASTY handles the Shadow. We have a list of people who do have it, those are automatically excluded. Whoever has the highest contribution among those not yet on that list (which gets updated), gets 100 parts and therefore the whole vehicle. Reasons for doing this are pretty much that: rewards dedication; someone at least gets to "enjoy" the vehicle rather than splitting it into parts so that nobody actually gets it; no arguments, because stats. Again, none of my business, but that's not a bad idea in my books, nobody ever had any issues with it.
  13. Pretty much F all... Sometimes it's a platoon of 3 vs 2 platoons of 3 or 2 platoons of 2 players... Other times it's a platoon vs none (especially in 10vs10 it usually means a landslide). It feels like the matchmaker does try to come up with another platoon on the enemy team but disregards the tanks that are in such groups and considers just the general idea. During low population times it may also disregard the TIER. I've been matched against a triple tier 8 platoon and we had tier 10s... Didn't feel too bad though since they were PANZR trying to club with BMPT 2017 and alike, but imagine some random platoon with M1A2 Anyways for example, 3x CATTB team A platoon can be matched vs 3x Wilk team B if team A has at least several TDs (disregarding which ones, can be T15 or others) and at the same time team B has some MBTs (disregarding which ones, again). In such case scenario, however, team A will have a massive advantage because CATTB firepower/capping/area denial power. We do lose sometimes even in 10vs10 though, there are certain cases that it's completely impossible to win, which most of the times is when your teammates are total idiots not even going for capture points... A few days ago I raged badly at a guy on Narrows... First phase he goes 9 line with no caps and I'm thinking well sod it, at least we have that bit for next phase... Yet he rushes base and dies. Final phase he THEN goes to line 0 with no caps. That kind of people is the most unbelievably toxic imbecile to have on team, deliberately avoiding caps to make some kind of totally useless "flanking" play that serves no purpose whatsoever. Oh yeah, won plenty of battles because of a perfectly placed airstrike too. Sometimes even killing a friendly that runs in as "bait" because "he will never bomb his teammate" (LUL, I'll bomb my own platoonmate if necessary ). Yeah you can't win them all, but you can snatch quite a lot from the jaws of defeat, that you can do. I've done I think 24 wins in a row before I got tired and closed, as my best, but yeah it definitely does involve a bit of luck with teammates. Surely I can't carry 2 disconnects all the time. I think my worst has been 3 losses in a row, with possible ragequit, but it generally gets "balanced out". Some days ago I had like a 50% session, and one of my platoonmates had a whopping 33% day (he's about 70% player too). I swear sometimes I do think that though
  14. Got sidetracked a bit but there's far too much conspiracy theory around here, really. @Lenticulas I guess I'm bending the odds? There's a LOT to the matchmaker that you need to know if you want to attempt these things. First and foremost, for example, no camping unarmored tds because unless you get a Wilk on Grindelwald (with someone who REALLY knows how to play it and can do 25k dmg with no bomber) you put your team at a disadvantage, since it gets matched against T15s. Then... No crap tanks. Leo, Type 99, Type 99 140, Merkava, XM1A3. They get matched vs anything, that can also be a full CATTB platoon, and then you'd be like "Damn", but it's your own fault for picking a crap one in the first place. If you don't own it, T4 is a progression one and amazing with Ophelia and Defense ability, side armor brushes off T15 missiles even. Scouts... Sphinx is garbage because of the missile bug. Shadow is... Incredibly situational, a good player or platoon will nuke it though. Kornet can be extremely deadly but situational as well, it will suck quite hard on Narrows for instance. TDs... Once again, no unarmored TD. Ffs. No. MGM, Cent 120, Draco, Wilk... They all get matched against a T15. Except a T15 can push into cap and defend it on its own with armor/firepower/hp, something a Wilk can't do. I'm sometimes in comms and sometimes not, with one of the platoonmates and not the other one, very rarely with both. Winning may also require strong brain usage... One of those PL01 games we won by 7 points, because I had my blood cold enough to stop myself going for a suicidal reset, which would have removed 25 points from our team. That's right, I let them cap on purpose and remained alive, so we wouldn't lose 25 points and we won by 7. Being a damage whore, I almost felt actual pain in not rushing in, but it was the correct decision. All of the above, a new player just simply has no idea about. And there's a lot more, but that's the basics.
  15. I took it directly to SS because the full archive goes on since March, which is a bit... Too much, really. He got a month, next time perma. Knowing him, he'll do it again and I shall be ready to report him just once more
  16. Garbage vehicle, I can't even remember progression stuff anymore but no unless it goes to something else worth having, it doesn't worth it other than for the exp ownership bonus.
  17. I did get a lot of hate and I don't mind, but irl death threats? Full archive for full toxicity: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArQZYCBUk_5Xghg_wluQd0_YI2_O?e=Oaq41f Deliberately leaving battle to sabotage me if teammate, harrassment, teamkilling, actually playing when on other side, death threats.
  18. Solid banana out of 10 on that one duncan, all correct
  19. Good one! Thanks both! I generally do that kind of stuff if it doesn't cost me hp. If it may cost me hp then it depends on who I am covering for, mode, tanks involved... If it's someone that I know to be good I'll most likely do it without thinking too much, otherwise I may "evaluate" that a bit further Last one was in a previous battle, Type 10 platoonmate (no comms) with super low hp but kinda vital for capping and firepower, parked my CATTB heavily angled in front of him to eat T15 missiles (none of which pen'd, correct angle + APS) and successfully saved him
  20. LUL, in that screenshot pretty much nobody had a good game other than GIGGOLO, incidentally from NASTY. Don't know him even though it's confusing because many of our guys changed usernames and it's kinda messy. I fokin will.
  21. As the title says, I've had (as many of you, probably) a painful lot of negative aspects but surely enough I tend to remember the positive ones since overall I'm a rather positive guy (believe it or not) :D So I want to know what was the best episode of kindness you've seen/witnessed/experienced coming from a completely random player you did not know. I'll start, of course. I'll never forget a battle where I was in a Sphinx on Raiding Party (yes, I know, bad pick, whatever), I was doing more than twice everyone else, more than 10 times the other useless crap Sphinx player on team. Final cap triggers, I even go for secondary because monkaSpeed, and... Disaster strikes. I hit a pebble, spin, crash into some stupid building with a piece of metal at an angle and believe it or not it manages to lift all 4 wheels off the ground... From an easy (not really but heh) win, it becomes a guaranteed loss since none of the teammates were good/fast enough to finish the final cap... Then suddenly... The other "useless crap" Sphinx, who was doing absolutely nothing (about 2/3k dmg tops), went across nearly the whole map and came to rescue me after I pinged a few times and pressed F7. Since he was a Sphinx, it took a solid minute of good effort to even manage to set me free (I was stuck darn well), a minute he just threw away to save me, filthy greedy unicum that was only thinking "F that useless crap bot" from the start. Not gonna lie I almost cried, it was a moving scene, as silly as it sounds. This really bad player helping me, despite all I thought about him and he didn't know. It completely changed the way I see bad players since then. And, of course, after I was free I went on to win the final cap and the mission, finishing top on the team with this poor soul finishing last... But HE won that battle too, and he was as important as me, for what he did. Note: it wasn't an inactive bastard btw, just bad at shooting/positioning.
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