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  1. What happens when a perfectly new player plays Glops? I decided to find out: Presenting Mr. Anonymous and the Rosomak Experiment. I played, 120 Glops games, starting with the T7 Rosomak, and when I ran that out, bought and continued with the Rosomak M1M. All games played by me, my skill level is the same from the start, to the end. I personally am not a new Glops player, yet this account is. So improving skill is pretty much removed as a factor. All games were played, with a fresh dump character, so I have no MM "stats" to affect the outcome - the game didn't know me. This character has only played about 10 games of glops EVER before this experiment, l long time ago. At game 74 I finished the normal Rosomak and bought the Rosomak M1M. I upgraded stuff as i went along, I didn't free-Xp any modules, or play any other games but Glops in these 2 vehicles. I then drew a chart of the wins and losses: up-one, for a win, down-one for a loss, in a wiggly line. to see if the losses went up or down over time, stayed the same, changed, whatever, and here it is. So the question was: what will happen? I imagined I'd start, win a few - lose a few, and the graph would progress in a wiggly line, but broadly in a slope reflecting my normal winrate. Really? Apparently the "MatchMaker" had something rather different planned ...
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