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  1. You couldn't sugar coat it for me, because: A. I know what the actual numbers for this are, so whatever you say is irrelevant, feel free to bullshit until you are blue in the face B. I know the truth, maths doesn't lie. That's my way of respecting YOU as a CM. You can tell me how you valued me as a customer all you want. C. I only play(Ed) glops, PvE is boring, pvp... 11k pvp games in wot, and 2.2k here, so, no more pal. So yeah, bye. Look up a binomial distribution calculator online and prove me wrong, I fucking dare you
  2. No. I'm just making decisions on whether I wish to continue having anything to do with this game base on WHAT I HAVE experienced. Go look up a binomial distribution calculator online. I AM RIGHT MATHEMATICS SAYS SO
  3. Take it as what you like, I like hyperbole, however I am stone-cold serious about this: please enlighten me.. Which part of my mathematics do you wish to argue with?
  4. Thought so. And by the way you ARE running SKILL MM, I just mathematically proved it. That* makes my decision so very much easier. *When demonstrated exactly what the problems are that ruin glops, in terms of solidly researched stats, AW explicitly refuses doing anything about any of them, because reasons. *And since AW also refuses to do anything about developing Glops, so the "continuing to fuck me up the arse" situation will remain eternally in play, basically permanently... enjoy your increasingly empty server, as the seals avoid the clubbing you are apparently entirely unwilling to do anything about. Bye.
  5. Are these advantages distributed fairly? Part 4 - Are these advantages distributed fairly? Lets have a look, out of 299 games i was in with platoon advantage to one side or another: Platoon Advantages on MY team: 126 Platoon Advantages on the RED team: 173 chances of me getting more platoon advantages than this: 99.61% ... or ... the chances of me getting odds this bad 1 : 256 so the answer to the question : "Are these advantages distributed fairly" is: "no, they fucking aren't"
  6. So is there any correlation between the two? - let's have a look at the numbers: Part 3 - Premiums and Platoons People in Platoons: 928 People in those Platoons, also in a Prem Tank: 340 that's about 37% - way higher IMHO, than the amount of premiums driven by the general population. Actually lots of the non-prem tanks in platoons were T-15 armatas - I was tempted to include those in the 'prem' class - cos they are decidedly OP; but i resisted. So it seems that those Stat-padder munchkins are of course racking up every advantage they can get to the detriment of Glops MM (not in any way a suprise)
  7. OK let's look at Premium vehicles Part 2 - Premium Vehicles I counted through my screenshots folder - and counted which glops matches had an advantage, in terms of more premium vehicles on one side. i.e. 3 vs. 4 etc. - even if it's just 1 more. Everything from 0 vs 1, to 6 vs 7 Now we know that (new) premium vehicles are better that normal vehicles - unlike the reskinned progression tanks, ie Challenger Fionn etc,. Therefore: if Prems are better, the team with most premiums should have an advantage, right? Does that translate into wins? Let's see... Games WON by team with PREMIUM advantage: 143 vs. Games LOST by team with PREMIUM advantage: 81
  8. I made a thread for this, gentlemen (and posslbly ladies, I have no idea) so it doesn't get lost in this thread about a pvp map ... please feel free to add to it :-)
  9. Glops MM sucks balls. How do we fix this shit-show? Ok I'll start the ball rolling with the following: Part 1 - Platoons I counted through my screenshots folder - it took a very long time - and saw which glops matches had a Platoon advantage, i.e. 2 platoon vs. 1.... 1 vs 0 etc and the results are as follows Games WON by team with PLATOON advantage: 98 vs. Games LOST by team with PLATOON advantage: 42
  10. On a slightly more serious note: Ironically I think you let slip the actual problem with it. The thing that I think you can't balance in it, IS the stat-padders. Recently the matches have been so awful, so one sided, it's basically 1 match in 6 that is actually close, ALL the others are +1000 point, "no point in playing" slaughters. NO fun for anyone. Certainly no fun for me. It's got so bad that it's just.... becoming boring.
  11. Waytago! - Lets insult everyone who likes AWs 2nd most popular mode! Customer relations is alive and thriving at AW! ;->
  12. So Sick of the retards

  13. So the tank whose selling POINT I believe is, I mean was fantastic armour, now has the same armour as every other tank of the same tier, but is still way slower, and still has the crappy DPM which was to balance its fantastic armour. I can't think of a single reason why anyone would drive this now. And it was a tank i especially liked!. ... for fuck's sake. Glops: twice as popular as PvP - stop wasting time on 7% of your customers, to the detriment of the other 93%. ... for fuck's sake. True or not, it does not logically follow, that zero-skill based gameplay will get you anywhere. Skill-based gameplay may still have been your "least worst" option Oh for f.... PS. I do like the corner-drifting tanks. Definitely an improvement. One last thing: Custom decals? - It will only ever work, if you alone can see them, because ... I assume this game is avaliable in Germany? Welcome to an abyss of litigation, when idiots slap a bunch of Swastikas and Gestapo shit on their tanks - a criminal offence I believe in Germany? (correct me if I'm wrong, my Teutonic friends), and AW gets its ass sued off.
  14. PELE no longer seems to works on the roof, engine-deck, or anywhere else on MBTs. The pen drops with range, until it immediately doesn't pen at all, and then you get 5 dam/shot.
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