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  1. I am thinking about getting a progression T9 MBT for Glops. At the moment, I have an unlock token from the Al Hussein, M1128, and the VBR, which if I've got it right, gets me: Chally 2 (I like the Chally I) T90-MS LEO 2A6 (heard good things about this) Abrams M1A2C the others theoretically within reach, but definitely not right this second, are: Type 99a (I'm halfway through theT99) Leclerc (I'm about 15% into the VCAC, but still, it's somewhat on the table) I don't have anything realistically within reach, from the Israeli line at all, or US line to get me the TTB Any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. To start, thank you for replying, despite my usual torrent of unnecessary cynicism and sarcasm. :-) Anyway, re: all new vehicles being a bit OP, fair enough. If that's what it takes, and *IF* there's seriously no effective way round it, then... I'm OK with that. As long as the intention is that the OPness is kept at reasonable minimum, ie Chally falcon, rather than Strela. Remember you'd just have to make new Prems better than normal tanks, not all the other existing premiums And I was thinking about the credit-printer thing the other day, they eventually became their own downfall. People bought them for the credits, ended up with a ton of credits, and then didn't need to buy more credit-printer Premiums. If you need to spam loot crates, go for it as far as I'm concerned. I can buy them if I want, and they don't screw over my win rate. Fine. Make more camos, I bought a load of historical camos, keep it up. Basically, all I want, is that when I play a Glops match, I get a fair shake of the dice, as to whether I win or not. That's all. And everything else, is a logical extension of that desire.
  3. They can answer or not, or can tag their answer as 'official' or 'just their opinion', whatever they want. I dont intend to harass them - it's just they are the only people i can ask. Actually just forget it.
  4. I thought you might like a fair chance say what the actual situation, is rather than me jumping to conclusions, or putting words in your mouth. So, just to get this absolutely clear, is this: you two, @Silentstalker & @Komitadjie …..Official representatives of AW/My.com,... are you/are you not saying: "there's no way we can sell Premiums unless they're OP, it's 'pay-to-win' from now on"? ---------------------------------------------------------------- re: glops & i suppose pvp as well. Personally I don't really care if people have pay-to-win vehicles; the problem is, as I'm pretty sure you know, that AW is a zero-sum game. That is: when one guy in a pay-to-win tank wins, another guy in a normal tank MUST LOSE. There is just no way round it. So what does this mean to me? Shall I grind hundreds of hours maybe, to get a fantastic Tier 10 Challenger ADTU, and then what? I don't want to find out that I'll be forced to eat repeated losses, so the Black Eagle/Type 10 owners can have their ... wins at my expense? That doesn't sound like a great gaming experience, sorry. Someone else's paid-for-fun, becomes them paying for me to not have fun.. And also: where does this leave people who bought old-style premiums with real life money: A Challenger Fionn/Wiesel HOT wolf? now (their skinned progression style) Premiums are just Second Class? They paid real money for those. And to a similar, but lesser extent: battle-hardened vehicles.
  5. I thought, a long long time ago, the idea of AW premium vehicles was they wouldn't be OP or anything like that, but they'd just be like a regular progression vehicle, but since it was a Premium, it would shower the owner with Credits. Like the terminator sapphire or whatever. Of course the premium tanks at that time pretty much were all actual progression vehicles, plus a few others. That was one of the things that I thought was a really good idea: you could get an advantage out of a Premium, without anyone screaming "pay to win". Now the situation seems to have changed a bit, am I right? I can see with the newest crop of Premiums, even if they are sometimes also available through the BP, they do tend to be OP. I only have to look at the results screen of an average glops match, to see all the Prems occupying the top positions. I'm not denying those Prems might have very talented players in them, but the best players aren't stupid, and they won't be picking tanks because they are terrible vehicles that you can't win with. And also some of the top players I've seen have a couple of Billion credits, so they aren't in a Prem for the money. Addressing power creep as you are doing now, that's a good thing, you only need to do that, because it becomes a problem... You know you're going to end up in the same situation.... Right? Anyway, enough from me. PS. Oh and this Stalker, its special feature... It's not going to be... "Silent" is it ;->
  6. Thank all the Tanking Gods for that one. With any luck they'll have learned their lesson from last time, and the time before that, and the time before that.... ... oh, who am I kidding, it'll somehow be OP as fuck.
  7. I suppose in glops you could use this if someone has blown smoke and is probably still sitting there. You could try slowly spraying the area, from right to left with machine gun fire, and when your own 'I'm spotted' indicator appears, you could try a shot at that area, with the main gun. Assuming you were waiting for a long reload or something
  8. It seems to me regarding glops, that there's generally about 2-3 mbts per side in a 10 v 10 game and maybe 4 in a 15 v 15. These are quite often either the 'flavour of the month' mbs. Ie the seon gun due to the battle path, or the tanks from a new branch just after it's released: the French for example after they arrived. Ignoring those, the only ones I really see are: premium terminator variants, a few TTBs and that door-wedge thing, Altays, and at T10, almost exclusively tryhard platoons of CATTBs. No one really uses actual mbts, ie progression line mbts for glops. ...Strela, Pindad... Although I won't hold my breath. The simplest way of course, is not to introduce power creep in the first place, especially since they are well aware that some tank's armour is better than another/reload is faster/damage is greater, by being able to just read out which number is the biggest one. Or at least have 2 versions of the OP tank ready, pre-made, when they introduce it: the OP one, to tempt you to get it; and the balanced one that they can switch it with later, when the it's OPness inevitably becomes a problem. I owe you a pint for that one, dunc.
  9. I haven't met anyone here that wouldn't at least try to help you out. wot forumites are, well is: "hate filled, largely racist assholes" too strong?
  10. The new Exclusive Hunter AFV, only available in strictly limited numbers*! *numbers strictly limited to however many we can sell. ;->
  11. This sort of sums up the... ambivalent attitude about arty from pvp etc. from years ago. Everyone wants all the members of their team to contribute, no one wants to have a bunch of vehicles on their side that are essentially useless, and entirely contradictorally no one wants to endlessly be hammered by Death from Above. The arguments were: remove arty because its useless, or if art does something, remove it because it's too effective. Anyway, the debate has moved on, or possibly that the obsessed WoT arty haters have moved on. ... enough of digging up dead controversy. We don't need it. Arty in glops doesn't seem to be OP at the moment, there are vehicles FAR MORE in need of the nerf-hammer. And yes, if arty is to be a support class, it's only logical to give it the tools for the job: more support abilities
  12. The love of dropping large calibre HD round on campers' heads for me, and actually illumination star-shells
  13. I used to really like playing arty. Then they ruined it, by removing hera shells, and more importantly making it actually a bad, direct--fire TD, with a weird sighting system. If it was real, shoot over things arty, I'd be happy to have it back but as it is.... No.
  14. They get a second, and keep the first one too. Total of 2.
  15. I doesnt look like anyone else is going to have a go, so... Just looking at the teams before the match, ie one has a 3-man-platoon and the other had nothing, I'd say: victory red team, since there weren't any significant clan people I recognised. Looking at the teams blues have 13 clan players, red team 10, but they have a platoon... What actually happened
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