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Found 5 results

  1. This MOD has been done for a few months.Its down well in my local community,So I posted here too.For some reasons, some voice are not replaced.(like APS and ammo change or something). Because Harper AND Kitescu has their own voice, so i didn't change theirs voice. Enjoy! Download:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F994B0o0-garKKexmlxXffGdSjRNcKZM/view?usp=sharing
  2. Sup guys, I came here to share my music pack with the community. Feel free to leave a comment with your music recommendation. I will add it on the list in the future update :) Also feel free to visit our korean AW community. https://m.dcinside.com/board/armored_warfare 디씨 암ㅡ페아 갤러리를 사랑해주세용 ------------------------------ Special operations 1. Caribbean crysis "Serpent" - Elephant Music (Magnus"s theme) "The Prophet'' - Black Hydra (start theme) 2. Moscow calling "V Main Menu Theme (Extended Version)" -Cyberpunk 2077 OST (Intro) "Badlanders" - P.T. Adamczyk (Attack) "Wushu Dolls" - Marcin Przybyłowicz (Defense) "In the face of evil" - Hotline miami 2 soundtrack (Bossbattle) "coronation" - Project wingman soundtrack (Death of alpha one) 3. Arabian night "Archange (Extended)" - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (Boss fight) "Offline" - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (Start theme) "Lost Kingdom" - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (Intro) "Magic spear II (extended)" - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (Defense) "Magic spear I (Extended)" - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (Attack) - cutscene "Our Brothers Have Seen It All" - Zakhar Antonov (defeat) "Charge Assault" - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (start) "Black Mesa Soundtrack Blast Pit 3" - Joel Nielsen (ship missile strike) "Immediate Music - Triumph (Huge Epic Choral Uplifting)" (win) 4. American Dream "Amazing Grace" - Wolfenstein New Colossus (Start) "Blazko kills the Nazis" - Wolfenstein New Colossus (Boss fight) "Terrorbillys gonna getcha" - Wolfenstein New Colossus (attack) "Muddy waters" - Wolfenstein New Colossus (Defense) "The red sun" - Homfront the revolution (Intro) "American Defeat" - Warthunder (Defeat scene) "Two step from hell" (Victory scene) 5. Black sea incursion "Zero" [Digitally Re-Mastered Extended Remix] [Original HD - ] Ace Combat Zero Ost 6. Plague "We've got hostiles remix" - Black Mesa remix (Attack) "Forget about freeman remix" - Black mesa remix (Defense) "Ascension" - Black mesa soundtrack (Loading screen) "Black Mesa theme remix" (Start theme) ------------------------------------- PVE battle ( pick one) "Surface tension" - Black mesa soundtrack (pve_ambient) "Motorized" - Red alert 2 (pve_ambient) "Razormind extended" - Payday 2 (pve_high) "Allied Combat Theme 1 Mixed" - Red alert 3 (pve_high) "Wanted dead or " - Payday 2 (pve_low) "Calling all units " - Payday 2 (pve_med) MW3 Overlord quote for insurgency(only coop alpha ver.) - First enemy contact - Objectives succeed - Objectives failed ----------- Global (pick one) Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Team Leaders Victory Voicelines (victory) Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Team Leaders Defeat Voicelines (Defeat) "LRSSG Briefing I" (Extended) - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (Global_worldmap) "Blow it up" - Red alert 2 (Global_worldmap) "444th Air Base" (2nd half) Extended - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (Global_base) "Grinder (extended)" - Red alert 2 (Global_base alter) "I will crush you" - World of warship (PVE loading screen) "Friend or foe" - World of warship (PVE loading screen) "Duty calls" - World of warship (PVE loading screen) "We shall fight" - World of warship (PVE loading screen) "Dead Silence" - World of warship (PVE loading screen) "Endless Crash" - World of warship (PVE loading screen) "Unforgiven" - World of warship (PVE loading screen) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Update log (0330) -added new bgms for BSI and Arabian night -added new bgms for Moscow calling -Replaced original music for objectives to MW3 Overlord quotes Update log (0403) -small adjustment on Arabian night music selection -added cut scene music's for Arabian night. Update log(0404) -Replace bgms for Plague (still searching) - added alternative selection for "worldmap" , "garage" , and " pve_ambient" (You can change them in the folder) - Other tracks for Caribbean crisis will be updated in the future. - will be updating this music pack unless I rage quit this game :P ----------------------------------------------------------------- Download link https://drive.google.com/file/d/15Kvcv428iyFn5KDFiJvT03l_1GE3Lbw8/view?usp=sharing PS. If anyone knows how to adjust pve, and pvp.xml for music folder. Please let me know. Peace V pve.xml
  3. Modified the BGM for each interface fight BGM loading BGM and more download:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-oAvM1OR-3Ct8UUkuQVCfKBGWZteWMKW/view?usp=sharing
  4. preview However, the MOD have a effect like Moving camera too far will cause anime to disappear, and I'm don't know why it does, so I can't fix it. If anyone knows why, please let me know,I will appreciate it. download:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_jmGi4l9YIN7EfJx06Ml07rwNAfEXcmX/view?usp=sharing
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