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  1. Uh oh BP in December. I seriously do hope this one will be less grindy... Otherwise, this will be "fun" I really wonder why people aren't pushed away yet by all these grindy timed events...
  2. Honestly, the ZTQ, while playable will give you a hard time, especially on a first run. Personally, I don't like the leo2a6. However, it is not entirely crap anymore now. It definitely won't allow you to hard-carry games. But you can do your job in heroics just fine with it. It depends on how f*cked the armor model is now, but before the model rework, the abrams would honestly be the better bet...
  3. Honestly, this was surprisingly easy. The biggest hurdle was getting ch1 (and ch3) tbh.
  4. What hasn't been said already? Idk, at least, this seems an old fashioned case of causation vs correlation... But whatever, I would be interested in seeing a test of glops without wildcards. Although this might turn out horribly... Not really, chip damage is really not much of a issue in glops or pvp, pve is were it is bad. That said, I still don't like 0.33, so I can't bring myself to play too many games.
  5. Yes and no. They have the same dropoff as mbt ap rounds... Which is simply just retarded. Then again, also LTs have this. At least, I checked the k21 xc-8. That has 800 pen at ranges up to 150m, but 600 up to 500m. I thought this change was only supposed to be for mbts... Didn't check tds, but I assume that it is the same there. Maybe a higher base pen.
  6. Dafuq, there are still people playing AW? Apparently still yes. Why join [LABS]? Because if you are still playing AW, you are probably beyond salvation as this point. Might as well be in the company of the hopelessly lost. Also makes it easier to identify each other when you have a tag. You can also get freebies by doing battalion missions. We are also dedicated to the betterment of player skill with no bars held. If you are bad, we can coach you to become good. If you are already good, we can help you become better. If you're better than we are, help us get better too! What do you even do? Anything and everything. Both PvP based gamemodes and PvE based once. For example, LABS regulary does heroic runs, spec ops runs etc. But we also play global operations and are trying to get into ranked battles right now. What do we expect from you? We would like you to do a weekly heroic run for the battalion contribution (we are willing to help with strats), but if you don't want to or don't have a t9-10 vehicle yet this is also entirely fine. Also if you want to and/or are able to, join us on one of our ranked playthroughs. However, if you don't want to do any of those things or are simply not available, it doesn't matter at all. No bars held. If you are just there to have a tag this is also entirely fine! What are the requirements? Don't be racist/toxic in-game. Don't be a dick to other players Speak passable English How do I join? PM me ( @itzjustrick), @Tired_needs_Nrg_Drinks (dark_demigod), @Sebastian_Grimm(danlambo) or @Haswell in-game so you can get invited. Or just post here with your in-game name. Or just search up [LABS] in-game and throw in your application. Make sure to let me know so I can actually let you in!
  7. https://www.strawpoll.me/20858082
  8. https://www.strawpoll.me/20857814
  9. This is for the English/international community I assume? Tbh, I had expected the figure for PvP to be bigger and for PvE to be smaller. On a different note, has the game gotten a lower amount of players in recent weeks? It seems like the glops queue, especially t6 and t7 is way worse than at the start of the BP. I wonder if this has to do with the lag issues, the spotting issues, or players just getting burned out (from the BP etc)
  10. Meanwhile, I am here sitting in a corner liking glops while not playing meta stuff. Unless you call the type 99a2 or vbr meta. Yes, those vehicles become painfull as hell to use after some time. Still, I would rather play it than regular PvE or random battles. Then again, the main thing I dislike about glops is surprisingly the wildcards... It's hard to explain, I just don't feel like wandering of to get them, and often it leads to a winning team winning even harder.
  11. For me, if I may be frank regular hardcore PvE bores me after a few matches. Idk, it just feels brainless. However spec ops and heroics is a nice challenge. So I wouldn't remove either of those gamemodes. This means that I generally play glops, with a occasional PvE game in there. Especially heroics. And if we would remove the PvP element (or glops), I would just quit the game to be frank. I just feel like PvE is too much the same everytime, which bores me, and if a game bores me, then why play it. For regular random battles, I could get back into it, but I simply don't get the same enjoyment out of it, as I get out of glops, simple as that. This means that I tend to just play glops instead, unless they glops queue is total dead for the specific tier/vehicle I want to play.
  12. https://www.strawpoll.me/20833756
  13. Oh btw, if we want to do recruitment stuff on like the official discord we might have to come up with a list of requirements etc...
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