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  1. They definitely are, please target them before killing the turret, especially at extreme difficulty... Basically they are the bots targeting Magnus, don't kill them in time and they kill Magnus. Thereby you automatically lose the mission.
  2. Either my memory is total crap, or this vehicle doesn't exist in game. You mean the t7 Japanese td right? Wasn't that called the type 16?
  3. These penetration values don't tell the whole story... I'm sure someone else can explain better than me, but basically ap shatters on angles of more than 65 degrees iirc, whereas pele doesn't shatter. This means that you can simply deal damage to a lot of mbts by just simply pele-ing their roof armor, whereas if you would fire ap you wouldn't be able to damage them. This means that pele is way more versatile (and of course it also has the aformentioned extra damage)
  4. But let's get real here, if mortar is not a problem arty shouldn't be a problem as well... Not that this won't stop the crybabies. Mortar can lob shells over more buildings shoots faster and is automatic... I mean arty has the incoming shell indicator, so this should be warning enough? You just need to move when you see it. Then again I haven't really played glops yet, so we will see
  5. Tbf it is not like the current ai is that good. But I guess it will be either this or just very stationary ai, a bit like the rcr now. So get into position and only rotate once there. I guess they will indeed go at max speed to get there. But only time will tell...
  6. Don't most people also find it to be nerfed in the wrong way for PvP play. Like it is still extremely strong and hard to fight against unless you have really high pen heat. Like it is still absolute crap to fight against frontally with another mbt, meanwhile the CATTB does 1.6+ k dmg in 1 second. I don't believe anyone things the CATTB nerf is done right, for any of the gamemodes. But maybe there is someone here to proof me wrong...
  7. Could this be nerfing the cattb to really only have worse PvE performance instead of actually nerfing it for PvP?
  8. I feel like they don't have the dev team to be able to balance for 2 modes, so we will have to do with the same balancing for both modes. That said I indeed feel like they should make a way to make ophelia still good in PvE, without keeping her as broken as is for PvP based modes. If they actually manage to do this, I have no clue.
  9. This could be a good suggestion, however another option would be to make it more seemless. That is that there are different vehicles that every tier can face. Now it feels a bit too much like a barrier. And it is of course total bullshit that a tier 7 can face a t-15. What can you do against a t-15 while driving a m1a1 for example. How I would see this is that a t7 for example can face ramkas, t8 can face termi 2s, t9s can face t-15s and t10s can face uptiered t-15s, as an example. This would hopefully fix the problem with balancing the t6-7 gap, because now I feel this gap is too big in PvP based modes. Because while t7s face totally different vehicles than t6ses in PvE, they can face eachother in PvP. This feels a bit wrongly worded, but I hope you get what I mean
  10. Kek Maybe we shouldn't have brought discord here
  11. You know you're too late right? But haswell hadn't specified a time zone so who knows
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