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  1. Any chance that this vehicle can get a 7.62 machine gun? It's a shame I have to use ATGMs to kill infantry and secondaries.
  2. Overall, a decent start for a new mission chain. I can see how it appeals to casual players. I see the mission reward has been reduced to a plat crate instead of a SpecOps crate, so it's commensurate with the effort/difficulty. I only got stuck once on a pile of rubble, but was able to get un-stuck by shooting some HEAT rounds at the rubble. The map rewards mobility. It's actually kind of fun driving around with the ZTQ-15 with the nifty suspension. The tank slide is fun, have never had to use my brakes before on other maps, but it does help control descent if someone spins out in front of you. Mech infantry here and there help knock out the homicide contract mission. There are enough for everyone on the team to kill at least one, even if you are tied up in the back of the platoon. Agree with wishing corridors were wider, but this isn't really that different from the early SH chapter corridors. The problem is that the corridor bends a lot, which slows down travel, especially after respawns. I can understand how a couple hairpin turns can be fun and help make the map feel bigger (like the locomotive section of Onyx) but the tortuosity here is a bit annoying. For whatever reason, I am not hearing the English voiceover, but doing OK just following the mission map. I kind of miss hearing Hana Buric's voice right now (<<Oh, Magnus!>>) QR
  3. Yep, had the same client/server mismatch error, had to delete game and re-install. 4 hours and I got to play 1 match before heading to bed. Totally apocalyptic. At least I got my daily login bonus. QR
  4. Wish we could trade parts ( I know, it would break the economy, so it won't happen.) But if you are short just 1 part, it would be great if you could receive it from a friend. The 5 for 0 parts is really sad... if you are spending RL money, you should get at least 1 part. At least with Commander Smiley we can say no before committing cash. QR
  5. +85 degrees elevation - could be good against aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs. If only we had viable GLOPS at T4... QR
  6. That was the point - having a playthrough would allow you to insta-queue into the next mission without having to sit one out... And yes, @Haswell is god. QR
  7. Special abilities: Finding stacks of 500 gold coins and infiltrating crates.
  8. I respectfully disagree, after playing several matches in M113 ACAV with MM teaming me with *two* Yorks. I fought for the scraps, but the MBTs might as well take a nice Sunday drive around the battlefield sniping secondaries. QR
  9. At least on this one we know where to aim to start a fire, even if they delete the fuel tank. Hope the articulation is flexible enough to prevent getting stuck inside the refineries.... otherwise we will need tank recovery vehicles as a new class. QR Plus active radar will degrade its camo rating. Hard to believe it will survive at Tier 8. Might be an OK Tier 6/7 if the reload times are like the Stalker. QR
  10. A PvE playthrough might be interesting - chain a series of PVE missions together so you play through all the maps, instead of being stuck in the rotation getting funneled into the same 3-4 maps in a session. QR
  11. Depends on the guidance system and agility. The RL Igla has infrared homing and improved guidance over the Strela, with automatic lead calculation. A small warhead that hits the target is more effective than a large one that misses. Could be useful against the gunships and UAVs in GLOPs for example.... and if the Shilka gets these, why can't we have them on the Stalker (which in RL has SA-18 Igla as its second launcher, but this was not implemented in AW)?
  12. Not sure how Haswell and Dima are doing, but I'm now 6 months in and finally unlocked T9. Economics are stabilized... Finishing enough contract points to earn vehicles, and this provides some additional credit income. Although I am not Bill Gates, there are enough credits to purchase what I want, when I want, especially at the middle tiers... now choices of vehicles and upgrades are determined by playstyle and features, and less by what I can afford. So now I think it will be the social element that will keep me interested through the long grinds... but the pressure to grind progression is also a bit less because I have some steady income and entertainment from the prem vehicles. DVC, QR
  13. Thanks to everyone here - finally finished T8 M1A2 Abrams grind after 322 missions. I must say, after the 0.33 rebalance and retrofits for V2 breech and vision the M1A2 is a pretty reliable machine. It's finally capable of doing things that I want it to do (contract kills/damage/fires), and it even earns a blue star every now and then. With 0.34 on the horizon, I might hold off on the T9 purchase while I round out the Israeli line. Looking at the stock stats for the T9 MBTs is depressing because it looks like a big step backwards before I go forwards. Right now Abrams is looking better than Leo, but I suppose that could change again depending on the whims of the devs. DVC, QR
  14. Thanks for the tips - mission accomplished! Looks like a long grind through the Sprut, but leads to Tier 10 eventually. QR
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