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  1. +1 on starting with the Israeli (Sol Schreiber) line. You get a 2x XP bonus for playing the earlier ones, so the progression is a bit faster. They are pretty average for armor/firepower/mobility, so it sets up a yardstick against which the others can be compared. The economics at low tier are pretty meager, so if you can acquire a premium tank as a "credit printer" it will help a lot.... occasionally there are events that award prems as a free bonus, so if you are patient you can acquire one without too much outlay. If you can get into a M113 ACAV at Tier 3, it's pretty fun to play... good gun handling, an effective HEAT shell, and an infantry compartment (recommend anti-tank (AT) squad). Of course, this may change with the impending rebalance, but I suspect most of the initial attention will be on tiers 4-6. Collect the daily bonuses - you get them for just logging on. 25-100k credits actually goes a long way at low tiers. DVC, QR.
  2. IIRC, they have held a sale on BC towards the end of the previous BPs..... although previous performance is no guarantee of the future. I also haven't seen a BC bonus event during this BP (was holding on to my boosts to stack the effects)... so it's probably worth waiting till we are closer to the end to decide on coin purchases, unless there is something in the shop that you need to buy urgently. QR
  3. Is it just my imagination, or does the TAM 2IP chassis look a bit like a CV90?? The T1-T3 economics were already painful, but are now even more so now that T3 can't be used in Hardcore mode. Sigh. @dfnce is right - the mechanics of most of the events are becoming quite familiar. I'm hitting saturation with the current BP... tempted to throttle back until the storyline goes live. DVC, QR
  4. Missing some context here ... is it not going to be easy for the devs, or not easy for the players?? Hope SS had a restful holiday in either case. QR
  5. Glad to see another USA player out there (and Eastern time zone, to boot!). Agree, there are not many of us compared to other regions, but somebody has to give the Abrams tanks a little love. :-) Welcome to Labs. Happy to platoon with you if you are on AW and all the superior players east of us are sleeping! DVC, QR
  6. Rather than waiting in suspense for the 2017 to maybe appear in my BP shop within the next 2 weeks, I broke down and bought one from the Week of Russia event. I figured if I got 12 months of Storyline entertainment out of it, it would be about the same as having access to another BP. After playing the new desert PVE maps, I also felt that the devs earned a couple pizzas for their work. As a purchased vehicle, the 2017 comes fully upgraded with a level 5 crew. Nothing left to upgrade except for retrofits if you want them. DVC, QR
  7. Was fortunate enough to get OPhelia as a unique offer... so after picking her up, I will have enough BC left for the Ghost parts, but not much else unless I buy more BC (oof). The question is are any of the other CV90 tanks worth getting during this BP? I already have a Stingray 2, Object 195 and a ZTQ.... QR
  8. Finally had an offer to acquire OPhelia from the BP shop... given her reputation for being OPAF, I picked her up for 99,999 BC. The reload and acceleration buff are welcome, so now I'm left to figure out how to best use her shield skill in PVE. Is the idea that when you have an ugly moment and are down to 1 hp, you have a few seconds to retreat and get maximal use out of your rebuild kit? Or do you use the rebuild kit as usual and rely on the shield as total last-ditch insurance? I'm also uncertain as to whether I really want to sacrifice HP for reload speed - is it really a good trade-off?? I suppose if you have the shield ability, HP becomes a little less crucial. I understand she's pretty much used for MBTs, although I did put her in the ZTQ-15 for a couple matches and it was good fun. As an aside, she's really whiny (now I understand why folks call her SB). Holy Moly! DVC, QR
  9. Yeah, I usually ask at the start of a low-tier match if anyone needs their 5... if so, I try to help them out. I remember using a dakka-dakka to shave a bunch of bots down to ~ 100 HP on Sapphire, and the poor low-tier guy still couldn't bag 5 of them... kept running away from the hobbled bots. Sigh. DVC, QR
  10. I suspect the devs closed access to the queues because it was easier to program than trying to eliminate the queue (and redesign the GUI) entirely. It's also easier to undo if for some reason they want to enable the queue again. The server-side load of the empty queue should be pretty minimal. At least nobody (I hope) got sucked into building a map rotation tracker for an unplayable queue. QR
  11. If a new player is getting frustrated by 5 kills in 1 battle (which is not unusual given limited DPM at low tiers) try T3 M113 ACAV, which can 1-shot most bots in standard mode. Deploy an AT infantry squad from the troop compartment, and you should get there no problem. Cheers and good luck. DVC, QR
  12. Both better than my ideas. I was thinking medium dark red for the 2017 and a medium blue-gray for the platoon. If the tags are on as usual, color seems mostly cosmetic. "starting canon version is a squad of five T-90A tanks with Thorpeā€™s personal vehicle being a Russian service Terminator" I wonder if this mean's Thorpe's 2017 queue wait will be 5 times longer than the rest of the platoon.... :-) DVC, QR
  13. More bot MBTs will make flanking more important, especially with a squishy. The problem is all those linear maps where there's no space to go around. Specops tiers are already pretty long T7-T8 during weekday evenings in NA.... to the point where I've never really tried getting into a SpecOps queue at T5-T6, because if I wait that long to play a long match I might as well get all the credits/XP from a T8 vehicle rather than a T6. On the other hand, now that I need to grind my T72B to get to a qualifying Storyline MBT, it might be worth it for a few tries. DVC, QR
  14. Egad... Can folks confirm that the T90A Burlak contract vehicle qualifies as Modern Russian?? I have one of those... which could mean my grind towards the progression T90A Vladmir can be a bit more leisurely as long as I have at least 1 qualifying vehicle to use during the next phase of the campaign. DVC, QR
  15. Thanks for the advice... assuming that the storyline campaign is going to last a year (!) I am thinking my sanity will be better off grinding the progression vehicles... at least it gives me an incentive to work the Russian line rather than the Israeli or Chinese lines. From your comment, I suspect the T80U isn't for me, which makes me feel better about grinding T72-T72A-T72B-T90 and skipping the progression T80U branch altogether. DVC, QR
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