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  1. Yep, am working on Sheridan and LAV-600 as part of the grind to get reload and vision retros... definitely a relief after grinding Abrams. The next line I'd develop is probably the Schreiber MBTs, as I have both the T4 Megach and the T4 D'alet. Which is the better path to the Merkava 3.Baz? Merk1-Merk2C-Merk3 or Magach 6B-Maga7C-Merk3? Thanks for the opinions, DVC, QR
  2. Hm, I was contemplating Discord for voice comms in AW, but if it's not working, I might wait until 0.33... I use Logitech keyboards with the hub hardware and drivers, but not the Ghub UI software; no problems with 0.32 at that level. Hope this helps a little, DVC, QR
  3. As a supportive member of the AW community, I feel it's my duty to help celebrate others' successes, and console people after failures. It's all in the spirit of helping people.... it's the best I can do after all the help the community has given me. Would never even dream of such a thing. Vide supra. DVC, QR
  4. Hope someone captures a few highlights for posterity for those who need to sleep/work during the livestream. Good luck!
  5. Because the team is all bunched up, would anyone choose a flanking position from the other side of the rock, towards H3? Puts eyes on the cap and crossfire on the Bradleys, and establishes point position to take the secondary at E2. Disadvantage is you will take some fire because you are closest to bots at F5/G5, and with Hunters all the bots might be dead by the time you get there.
  6. Code of conduct for Discord is here: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/armored-warfare-discord I would expect chat to follow similar etiquette, but deviations appear common because the stream is so ephemeral. There is an automated profanity filter in chat, which turned my utterance of "rebalance" into "******ce" last night, so it might be the newest dirty word... :-) DVC, QR
  7. I've been grinding away at T7 M1A1, and am 85% of the way there. Started looking closely at the T8 M1A2, and noticed that the upgrades include a T9 unlock token =:-O So now I have several choices - grind out T8 M1A2, or unlock T8 M1A2 and move on to unlock T9 directly. After I research some retrofits, I could then install them on the T9 instead of the T8, and get more bang for the buck. Either way, I'm shopping around for a first T9. I liked the rental BMPT.Mod.2000 and the rental Hunter, so I'm tempted to look at a higher-DPM vehicle to give some variety to the MBTs I already have. Troop compartment is a plus. Hearing @Baron_Georg 's experience with the T9 Leo makes me think I want something else, after T5 Starshi*, T6 M1, T7 M1A1, and soon T8 M1A2. A. So (ignoring the rebalance for a moment), if you were to recommend a first T9 for a new(er) player to chew on (or at least fantasize about), what would it be, given the scenario above? B. Given the scope of the re-balance (extending to a re-definition of vehicle classes), I am tempted to grind the M1A2 (which theoretically will be buffed a little), and see how the T9 classes shake out, rather than have a shiny T9 for a month that turns into something very different than what I bought. C. What are the chances that the T9 unlock token upgrade will disappear from the T8 M1A2 during the update to 0.33? If it's a real risk, I would want to exercise it before it's taken away. Thanks for your thoughts! DVC, QR
  8. Have discovered playing GLOPs at lunchtime (eastern US, noon EST) has an outstanding credits-to-XP ratio. Eat sandwich while waiting in queue for 6-7 minutes, accruing the wait time credits... most of early GLOPS is moving to capture points, so can finish sandwich while driving if need be. Credits are pretty good even if your team doesn't win, as long as you are capping objectives. A couple of these matches can pay for a whole evening of PVE respawns! DVC, QR
  9. Aha. Thanks for confirming this bit of AW physics... for a moment I thought the bots had access to something even better than Romulan cloaking technology. DVC, QR
  10. Hope springs eternal for those of us who depend on 120 mm. This would definitely make the T6 M1/105mm to T7 M1A1/120 mm transition feel more like an upgrade. Especially after grinding out the 152mm in T5 Starship/Sheridan. DVC, QR
  11. Thanks for being brave enough to post the first replay. The commentary here has been very helpful on my end - I suspect the challenges you face are actually common problems. Yep, we don't get respawns in RL... you have already noted that AW tactics are different from RL armor tactics, so perhaps that distinction will help you here psychologically. Death in PVE is not as tragic as death in PVP thanks to the respawns... the limit of 2 respawns in PVE helps control the credit losses. Thanks to free ammo and not using consumables, I have yet to have a negative credit balance at the end of over 1000 PVE matches (even playing badly, using 2 respawns, and no prem time or boosts), so I doubt there is actually a situation where you would lose credits under these conditions. YMMV if you are using consumables, as noted by Haswell in his F2P-from-scratch experiment, or if you totally go afk. Because there are no real deductions for XP (aside from afk penalties) that would make you negative, you are protected there. So now the question is when to go for the respawn. #1, it depends on your economic objectives... if you are trying to farm XP (to progress a vehicle), the respawn can only help you, as there is no risk to the XP you have already accumulated. If you are trying to optimize your credits-to-XP ratio (saving up for an expensive upgrade), you are still OK if you have a higher tier tank you can play in a later match (which could earn you enough credits to make up for the respawn even if you didn't play well.) If you are just trying to grind credits, then you have to factor in the opportunity cost (vide infra.) There is also optimization of credits/hour or XP/hour, but if you are willing to play the game over the long haul, maybe that's not so important. IMHO, there's no economic problem here that can't be remedied by playing a few more matches :-) So the opportunity cost works like this - how much more damage can I inflict/repel in the remainder of the match? If everyone else is about to cap, or there's not much time on the game clock left, then there's not enough opportunity to get another hit and create XP / earn credits. You also have to figure in the potential distance from whatever spawn point you might get, and the mobility of your vehicle. (Rather than memorize respawn points and probabilities, just estimate the time it takes to drive halfway across the map.) If you're in a zippy TD/AFV/LT, there's a better chance of getting back into the fight than if you're in a T3 Chieftain. The other opportunity cost is if you burn up all your respawns, you are permanently dead, and miss out on XP/credits for the portion of the match you view from Valhalla. In scuba diving we have the rule of thirds - use a third of your air supply to descend, a third of your air supply to surface, and keep a third of your air supply in reserve for unexpected problems. With 2 respawns you have essentially 3 vehicles for the PVE match, so I usually think about taking a first respawn without too much guilt as long as there is good opportunity. On the second vehicle once I am down to less than 50% HP I might consider playing more conservatively if I think it will prolong survival, realizing that if I get ambushed, I still have another respawn left. Looking at the even bigger picture, if a respawn allows you to experiment a little bit or discover something new, then the credit cost is simply a tuition expense. If you learn something from each time you get blown up, then the respawn will pay for itself in the long run. I am in southeastern US with Spectrum cable internet and have 110-140 ping, depending on time of day, which is fine. At peak times (~1700 Eastern) I have had lags going out to 300, which is not playable (time for a coffee break). I think 120-130 ping is decent unless you are shooting at rapidly moving targets (drones, helicopters, UAVs).. then you have to lead more (like shooting skeet or sporting clays). The other time I notice is when multiple players are shooting at the same tank, and their shots land a bit ahead of mine. If this happens frequently in a match, I'll select targets that have lots of HP left, and let others finish them off. Thanks to @Baron and respondents for this thread. Learning a lot! DVC, QR
  12. OK, so the 7.62 mm machine guns are useful for killing infantry and destroying soft targets (secondaries, Watchdog helis, etc.). I see players using their 7.62 to do recon-by-fire... is this a way to overcome limited view range, or just a tactic to get the static bots to move/return fire and lose their camo? If so, do you actually need to hit the bot with a blindshot or just get close? What's the optimum effective range for recon-by-fire? I also sometimes see folks pin a bot by 7.62 while reloading the main gun. Under what general conditions does this work? If this post is OT, just move it to the right place. Cheers, DVC, QR
  13. Diplomatic lab attempting to improve US relations...
  14. I think there should be some sort of achievement for accumulating Target medals. Can't the devs at least give us a decal for them, like they do for the contract achievements?
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