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  1. Yes, I agree it would be good to see personal and overall progression... I'm fortunate that because I started the campaign with a brand-new tank, I could just track progression in the vehicle section of the dossier. It is a little frustrating that I have to take it on faith that I am properly registered for the campaign. The least they could do is have the registration appear on a website somewhere, or better yet, as an "achievement". Sounds like this was possible for panzer showdown. QR
  2. This would be helpful, but I suspect the "fog of war" effect is intentional. It works both ways - real-time stats might help the trolls see how successful they are, and potentially facilitate their recruiting. Reading the tea leaves, there is a big sale on Russian progression vehicles this week. Any guesses as to whether this might lead to an increase in Russian vehicle battle counts?? Hmm. And this is in addition to the free T72M1 prem that folks could obtain by qualifying for the Desert Storm raid. Still hoping that the next battle path will give me a shot towards a Euro MBT, otherwise I am looking at a long grind thru the Leopard 2AV. QR
  3. There's a troll CLAN? Didn't know they were that organized. Ow. Silly me for imagining that there were just rogue lone actors trying to throw things. Maybe they should have their own nick [TROLL] so we can clearly see what they are up to. QR
  4. This is perhaps the best part of the update !! I didn't know there was a flag that went along with the decal... does it require banners to be unlocked (ew)? QR
  5. Congratulations on a well-conceived and brilliantly executed paper. I am really pleased to see the robust sample sizes included here, thereby enabling proper use of the chi-square and avoiding the need for Fisher's (not-so-exact) test. This is the kind of academic output that makes this forum so very unique. Cheers, QR
  6. Hope to see you in-game. [LABS] is a great battalion, BTW, especially for those of us who like data-driven gameplay. Welcome! QR
  7. New maps might appear more frequently in the course of the rotation. I have seen some maps appear more frequently than others in the course of an evening. Divided objectives will be very interesting and refreshing, although it will make playing with randoms harder... (how many times have we seen Prometheus fail because nobody capped the generator?) It will be better for platoons, even impromptu ones. Might be a motivating reason for more folks (like me) to sacrifice some ping and get comms. QR
  8. Glad to see so many [LABS] rats out there, even a sighting of Haswell playing where I had not encountered him previously. Wow. Is there an effort to coordinate strategy among the major battalions? [XARMY] is gone, but if [LABS] [MAHOU] [ELOD] [R3PERS] and the other big ones formed a virtual council (?? Division/Corps HQ) we might be able to improve the signal/noise ratio. It will be interesting to see how this interacts with the upcoming battle path. There are (a lot of) gaps in my progression chain, so I might acquire a prem vehicle from the shop if we choose something out-of-inventory (eg Chally 1 Falcon or Leclerc T40 for Euro MBT). I feel bad I can't really help vote here, but will try to position as best I can for the next stage, whatever the outcome. On the other hand, if we wind up using MBT for the storyline (most likely), all the BP missions that require something squishy will be on top of storyline requirements. Yikes! The burnout potential is very real... I hit the wall for a couple weeks last BP even without another campaign on top. I tried asking my wife this question and had to jump to protect my kneecaps. QR
  9. Also, it would be good to understand what "standard PVE" is .... presumably that includes both standard and hardcore difficulty, because only Hardcore is available for the higher tiers. I haven't played enough tanks in each category to have an informed opinion about what we should all pick, but this discussion is very useful. I agree with @MK_Regular that the Abrams series is very playable by average players. For this first stage, I'm grinding T72 because a) I still need to unlock Taco b) at T5 I get a broader choice of maps. For once, Ricochet as a short map is actually OK. c) if we eventually decide on modern Russian MBTs I'm going to need one in my garage... so this grind heads towards a T90 if that becomes necessary. Funny how this launches just when the schools let out... so I suspect that the top 20% will be full of folks on summer holiday crushing it over those of us who have jobs to tend to. Sigh. QR
  10. So am I missing something?? I registered, but haven't heard a peep after that. Prologue was supposed to start 1 June, then later was edited to 2 June, and it's 2 June here in the US.... maybe it launches with the 3 June server maintenance?? QR
  11. OK, after 6 months, finally finished the NM142, starting from stock and not using any free XP. Wow, it was painful, but hopefully this will help others who are facing the same grind: I don't have Erin or Taco yet so I had to use Rashid... experimenting with Sabrina and Ioannis didn't seem to make much difference. Retrofits added early on included improved breech V2 and tele lenses. Leading targets and maximizing damage are key. Pick a target after you reload - your teammates will probably have destroyed several targets while you recycle. At 10% through the grind, I kept hoping adding the upgrades would make it better. Playing it pretty casually, focusing on the X2 first-win bonus, but really creeping along slowly. At 20% through the grind, I managed to add the top-down ATGMs. Really disappointing performance (only ~400 damage and takes forever to switch ammo types) so it's better to stick with the usual ATGMs at ~900 damage each. On the other hand, what else are you going to spend the XP on, really?? At 30% through the grind, I unlocked the uprated engine as the last useful upgrade. There really aren't very many upgrades at all. Despair set in as I realized the performance wasn't going to get much better. At 50% through the grind, I took the bull by the horns. Finished the Burlak, so decided to take a break from contract missions and just grind the NM142 full time. Not the best or most efficient strategy compared to a daily rotation, but I just wanted to finish it and move on. Added some XP insignia and crew insignia to accelerate the grind (when else would I use the silver ones, anyway??) I decide that the rebuild kit is now standard equipment, credit yield is not important if I can just end the torture. At 70% through the grind, I finally get the crew to level 5. Actually, it's not a bad tank now... I can pretty much count on 10k-15k damage per match. I think the mind-numbing thing about it is that you spend so much time waiting for the reload, then shoot the pair of slow ATGMs, then run and hide to load again. Occasionally scream as the target shifts a few degrees while the ATGM is in flight, causing only 79 splash damage instead of 900. As a T7 I think it would be actually OK if it performed like this out of the box, instead of at the end. I finally open the 3 plat crates and one of them is 50k free XP. So tempting, but I am determined to save it for when Faraday really gets expensive. I start to think, well, I could burn my free XP and end this now, or keep going... Each match, I think to myself, well, I saved me another 2.5k free XP... that's half the weekly XP bonus, right?? Grrr. Can't quit now. I spend precious minutes just looking at the tech tree, convincing myself that I'm really saving myself a T9 grind after the Sprut.... At 80% through the grind, we have the X5 first-win bonus. OK, now finishing it looks much easier if can just I stick with it. I notice that the Sprut will be my 5th T8, so there's 10M credits from the Dealer Access achievement to sweeten the prize for finishing. So it would be like getting the Sprut for free plus getting ~2M credits. I feel less bad about using rebuild kits. At 90% through the grind, I have a few matches where MM has another NM142 on the team. I really sympathize with the other driver, knowing he's probably not as far into the grind and has more of this ahead of him. I think I will always have a soft spot for other players driving NM142s, enduring the agony. Memorial day 2021 - X5 first win bonus, plus insignia, 15k XP, done at last!! The Sprut is so refreshing, even though it's a glass cannon. Such a pleasure to destroy a secondary with MG, instead of having to ram it. I feel human again!! Maybe I can meet Hana Buric for a cup of coffee now.... Victory! DVC, QR
  12. Glad you are enjoying the game. For the LABS clan, contact itzjustrick. You can also look for other clans in the Battalion Recruitment section of this forum. :-) Community is good here and very helpful for those starting out. Usually I stick to the short missions if I'm on call in case the gong goes off, and save longer SpecOps / platoon runs for days off. Even in platoon people are usually really good if someone needs to catch some rack or get work done. Many players are in EU so things are busier when they are awake. If your better half doesn't mind you grinding, I predict you will both be happy. DVC, QR
  13. Thanks for the links, looking at the 2017 storyline - yep, the initial missions were pretty straightforward, but towards the end it looks very grindy. A problem with episode 1 is that if you didn't have the tank for the objective, you would get shut out of a chance to get the end reward straight away... hopefully this time there are more choices and (at least early on) fewer requirements to complete objectives with tanks that I don't have (a la Raid). I suppose if one is going to grind the BP anyway, might as well get a few more rewards for doing it. QR
  14. Probably a response to global chat complaints about trolls who boast incredible stats but have closed dossiers precluding verification of claims. Whatever. Shadow gets a MG, but NM 142 doesn't. Sigh. QR
  15. Yep, we are on day 14-15 now, and the Taran takes 11 days from the beginning, so if you start soon then the Taran should still be possible because you would finish on something like day 26/30. DVC and good luck, QR I think the Taran boom sounds a lot like the Object 190 boom. Makes me wonder how many boom sound clips actually exist in the game, or whether they have someone on staff intentionally tuning the booms to be distinctive (not that we are dealing with reality anymore, but they are pretty obsessive about the skins, so why not the audio?). I agree the York is the mainstay for T5, considering I started T5 with the Starshi*. ... Hopefully it won't get nerfed with the fall update, now that I finally scored one in the last BP. QR
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