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  1. I just want to raise some awareness on just how much work is involved with modding in ERA, especially in rotation and positioning. Bloody good job.
  2. Presumably so people who live outside of EU time zones don't get screwed over and can still get the Type 74. It should be noted that the Type 74 will (probably) also be available in the BP coin shop, so even if you miss it this time you can still get it later.
  3. It is worth pointing out that the emblem of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a completely custom decal, with its own model attached to the vehicle over the infrared red light. As a result the decal also appears on the T-64AV Hunter because it shares the same model with the T-64A.
  4. Mod development is entirely based on the vision of their authors, it's literally a case of making what they want and not necessarily what others desire. Arto's mod here isn't aimed at replicating real-life models, but more about what the vehicles could have plausibly looked like after field modifications and retrofits. XM1A3 being the only vehicle to receive the butt cage is likely an intentional decision to differentiate it better from the other Abrams variants. If you don't agree with Arto's design decisions, you are always free to make further changes yourself too.
  5. Round 2 questions are closed! Here are the questions sent to SS: If I skipped over your question, feel free to repost them again so that they may be selected next round! Round 3 of questions start now.
  6. This mod touches up on all the Merkava models in the game to make them fit the "armoured beast" stereotype better while keeping things believable. Given how the Merkava series are already very well armored, the major improvement is to give them frontal entrenching tools (mine plows) to allow them better versatility in urban combat, as well as other minor changes. Vehicles modified: Merkava 1 (and the upgraded Merkava 2 model) Merkava 2B Merkava 2D Merkava 3 Merkava 4 Merkava 4M Mod download: https://mega.nz/file/JQoiQBIL#jokTKelcm2uA3jzSbUrJ1l-wi3uJNiVvJLpvvPMpClQ Side skirts are also touched up on, with the addition of rubber strips to marginally improve protection to the road wheels. The Merkava 4 and 4M also received a new RCWS on the turret roof to engage soft targets without rotating the whole turret. Last but not least, all the the previously empty turret bustles now also hold personal equipment for the crew. Mod download: https://mega.nz/file/JQoiQBIL#jokTKelcm2uA3jzSbUrJ1l-wi3uJNiVvJLpvvPMpClQ Installation instructions: this mod will persist across any future game updates and patches, there is no need to modify any other files. To uninstall, simply delete the mod files. Legalese and stuff: You may freely use and redistribute this mod and perform any additional modifications as you see fit. Please attribute the author (me) when redistributing the mod, and provide the address of this thread as the source of the mod. You may NOT monetize this mod or any part thereof.
  7. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-zbd-04a Regardless of what it is IRL, in the game it will still be effectively a BMP-3M reskin. Not very interesting, no mortar mode either. Also still no mention of overprogression. I'm just going to assume nothing in the BP will have overprogression, otherwise it wouldn't have been omitted from all the articles so far.
  8. Reposting questions from Discord (and PanzerSofa's VK comments). Imya Familia: Are new players learning the game mechanics comfortably? The current training mission is far from adequate and doesn't translate well into actual gameplay, because the player controls a god-mode T-72 against tier 1 bots. Fuschin Pfeffer: The fuel tanks were taken out due to the stupidly easy method of just wiping them instantly and causing fires, however, is there an intention to readd them while utilizing a different destruction effect? E.G. destroying fuel tanks for a Hybrid will allow it to actually have a chance to catch fire with engine damage, or for more volatile fuels the chance is exponentially higher? I ask this since there is still missions in game requiring fire and ammo fire damage/kills, and difficulty in ensuring one or the other is not ludicrous, but inconsistent. Is there plans for other Story characters to become commanders as well? E.G. Grimm, Fedor, and whatnot? Or is it still limited to a certain criteria such as them being actually referenced as driving the tank itself like Vadim? Asriel: Are there any plans to optimise the game's performance? Or such thing wouldn't be possible due to CryEngine's limitations? Pesa: Can we get the time it takes for a damaged wheel to be repaired on the hud? ATM we only got a timer when they get destroyed. Plus, we got only one timer for a single wheel, not when multiples are repairing, is there any way to have separate timers, or just get the timer for the wheel that will take the most time to repair, so we can have a visual display of when we will be able to move again? What about the 490 having 0% chance of being set on fire, but it get lit anyway from the lfp engine hitbox? Is there a possibility to buff Arjun somehow? Like faster reload. Data-Zero: Any plans to rework Ophelia in PVP scene?
  9. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-samurais-honor Also short roadmap of what is to come:
  10. Late thread because I'll be honest, the VN17 is so unmemorable I forgot about it. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-vn17 Uninspired, boring, yet another dakka at tier 8. There is really nothing to look forward to. Interestingly enough, none of the announced BP vehicles so far were described with overprogression mechanics. Either they are going away, or SS didn't/couldn't put them on the articles.
  11. https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/62151-july-8-qa-with-ss-answers-and-discussion/ If your question didn't get answered this time or you would like to ask more questions, feel free to submit them here!
  12. As described in the Q&A questions thread (https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/59785-qa-with-ss-post-your-questions-here/), here are the first round of answers provided by SS. If your question didn't get answered this time or you would like to ask more questions, feel free to submit them in the questions thread. This is a bonus cringy comment for sladjan.
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