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  1. https://aw.my.games/en/mission-deadshot It's an easy objective, just deal ANY damage from 300m+ and submit. Don't even worry about the competition.
  2. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-update-037 Nothing to see here until the notes come.
  3. Coming soon in mid-October. Tier 6 I reckon.
  4. Just to clarify a bit, in case people are still confused. The vehicles here are the ONLY ones that count for the campaign (excluding reskins). T-90MS Hades is NOT a campaign vehicle. And these are the game modes that count for the current mission:
  5. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-mpf-light-tank
  6. WARNING: LOTS OF TEXT (sorry SS I need to skip the story here, will link it somewhere else) I'm going to split things up here. Only the most important info will be pasted here, other general info about the campaign will go in the first post. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/storyline-campaign-episode-1-now-available CURRENT MISSION https://aw.my.games/en/mission-training
  7. Finally, a tier 10 premium that isn't an MBT or meme vehicle. Hoping it will be a single shot gun with relatively decent frontal armor and vision control. Poor K21 keeps getting powercreeped.
  8. Delays and tidbits from SS: Also a nice surprise:
  9. As a general rule I don't use rammer on squishies under tier 9, the vision control capabilities are much more impactful than faster reloads. If the TML and Cent 105 can hit those numbers without using rammer the TAM will have a lot of catching up to do. Stingray 2 isn't just borderline, it's straight up overpowered and have been this way since 0.33, never once touched. I don't see the nerf it needs coming any time soon, same for the Cent 105.
  10. Hopefully the laser ability will do something more useful than giving unnecessarily high accuracy.
  11. From the TAM article, we can now revise our estimates for 0.37 to be pushed out on 21-23.
  12. No HEAT, that means it won't beat the TML or Stingray 2 in terms of damage output. Stingray also already has the ready rack and does it much better, making the TAM's overprogression pointless. A shame, I had better hopes for it. Edit: comparison with current peers:
  13. Try this table. It might not be complete or accurate because it's simply what people reported to have seen, but it should be a good enough reference. Fahrzeuge Farzeug Kosten BP-Coins Name Tierstufe Gewöhlich Selten Spezial Einmalig T-55 Enigma 3 3.699 Ontos 4 5.999 ZSU-23-4 Shilka 4 5999 XM247 Sgt. York 5 5.999 Type 74 5 5.999 5 5 Sabre 6 12.999 MOWAG Taifun II 6 12.999 MT-LB S8 6 12.999 RDF/LT 6 12.999 Seon'Gun-915 6 12.999 Exp. Panzer 6 12.999 Scorpion Kastet 6 12.999 KPz70 6 12.999 M1A1 Storm 7 21.999 Type 90 7 21.999 K1A1 7 21.999 BWP-2000 7 21.999 Objekt 187 7 21.999 Zubr PSP 7 21.999 Sabra Mk.2 7 21.999 M60-2000 7 21.999 Type 89 IFV 7 21.999 Bradley AAWS-H 8 35.999 BMPT 2000 8 35.999 M-95 Degman 8 35.999 Vickers Mk.7/2 8 35.999 Khrizantema-S 8 35.999 Marder 2 8 35.999 SBS Pindad 8 35.999 Challenger 1 Falcon 8 35.999 Griffin 120mm 8 35.999 Type 96B 8 35.999 BMPT 2017 8 35.999 AGDS 9 55.999 ZTQ-15 9 55.999 QN-506 9 55.999 VT5 9 55.999 Stryker ADATS 9 55.999 MSTA-S 9 55.999 Bm Oplot 9 55.999 Hunter Afv 9 55.999 Altay 10 75.999 Type 99A2-140 10 75.999 Objekt 640 10 75.999 AFT-10 10 75.999 Obekt 490 10 75.999 Objekt 195 10 75.999 CATTB 10 75.999 T-14-152 10 75.999
  14. Welcome to the game, hope you can avoid the temptation of spending money! All low tiers will be rebalanced very soon in the coming weeks (could even be next week), so any advice based on the current meta may not survive for long. That said, I still personally feel the T-series MBTs are more newbie friendly than the Merkavas and Magachs, because of their combination of high alpha, relatively decent protection and mobility. They aren't necessarily the best at surviving a lot of damage, but learning how to avoid taking damage and capitalizing on your mobility and alpha advantage will significantly improve your skill level faster than playing safe. I would start with the PT-85 > T-62 > T-72, after that you get to play the "good" vehicles. The T-series from tier 6 and above are all consistently good performers. Alternatively you can go down the Type 62 > Type 69 > Type 80-II > T-72 path. This takes slightly longer, but you get to have a good tier 4 vehicle to play. Another alternative is to simply play whatever you like up to tier 6, afterwards you can start investing in the branch of vehicles that interest you the most. Hopefully by then you will have developed your own preferences based on your skill and experience. Armor is most effective if you angle slightly, aiming at weak points is crucial, vision control and mobility are extremely important. The biggest difference is probably the ammo types, ammo is completely free here and there are no premium variants. HEAT ammo almost universally deal more damage at the cost of less obvious weak spots, AP deals less damage but could be easier to use. For PvE I'd use primarily HEAT ammo, and only switch to AP if I'm feeling exceptionally lazy or desperate.
  15. Small tidbit that I forgot to repost here:
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