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  1. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-april-15 PvE changes look a bit irrelevant, I'm struggling to see who would actually play standard difficulty above tier 2.
  2. NOT COMPLETE. I'll finish this up when I have the time. The general pattern here is that secondary objectives simply don't matter at all either by poor placement or lack of gameplay relevancy. What's the most important thing to you in a PvE mission? Will anybody be surprised if I say good gameplay is the most important thing to me? Having two dozen different variety of bot vehicles to fight against isn't relevant at all when they all follow the same pathings and behave exactly the same way, the variety is flat out unnoticeable when the gameplay is simply about getting from point A to point B and shooting at everything in my way. Achievements are pointless when they have zero effect on gameplay and don't make it any more fun (challenge runs are far more fun while not having any actual achievements tied to them). None of that pride and accomplishment garbage work on me, don't even try. What's your favorite mission objective preference in PvE? The more complex the objectives, the better. Objectives that require people to split up and operate independently (ie. multiple attack/defense areas) are among my favorites, throw them all in. More experienced players will have noticed that challenging content such as spec ops and heroics already require such strategies such as rushing to advanced positions far away from the immediate primary objectives, even though there are no scripted objectives requiring players to split up. Just leave all the escort stuff out of it. AI in the game is dumb, the two best ways to handle escort objectives is to either get the AI stuck so they can't move or rush far ahead of them to remove all possible threats. One is flat out intentionally breaking the game, the other is just a speed and DPM race. Not. Fun. How difficult do you like your PvE? Because normal PvE is the most played mode in the game, it has to appeal to the widest audience (read: terrible unskilled players) while not being boring to more skilled and experienced players. A good difficulty point would be "barely soloable" where one player can just barely carry the match alone with great difficulty, the addition of other players will naturally make it easier. Players have been long begging for the option to play PvE missions without the requirement for a full team (random or not). Give players the option to play missions with incomplete teams, such as undersized platoons or even solo. This will solve the majority of difficulty issues almost instantly, by allowing players to choose how challenging they want their PvE experience to be. Map thoughts: Albatross A decently designed map actually, but fairly sensitive to inexperienced players who don't know the objectives and positioning. -decent usefulness for both squishy and non-squishy vehicles. -good use of map size, objectives are sufficiently far away from each other to encourage movement. -limited randomization of objective sequence keeps the mission mildly interesting for replayability. -"Destroy the Command Center" objective is very vulnerable to inexperienced players completing it too early, leading to insufficient time to prepare for the final defense objective. -good placement for secondary objectives on the runway, further encouraging movement into meaningful map areas. Otherwise meaningless. Anvil Extremely simple straightforward mission, nothing much to say about it. Boring I suppose. -favors non-squishy vehicles more due to generally short range engagements, insufficient open sight lines. -single primary objective to capture, no thinking required. -poor secondary objectives placement, encourages movement to irrelevant map locations. Banshee Also straightforward, with the twist that delayed northern bot spawns will catch anybody in that part of the map off-guard. -favors non-squishy vehicles due to the corridor map design, but has some map positions viable for squishies. -bot spawns in the northern part of the map (in the railyard) can and do spawn on top of inexperienced players, with no indication or warning for players to avoid the areas. -single capture-type primary objective, meh. -inconveniently placed secondary objectives. Basilisk Straightforward, but offers viability to both squishy and non-squishy vehicles alike. -good map positions for both squishies and non-squishies, though some skill is required to make most positions work due to the semi-corridor map layout. -single capture-type primary objective, but takes sufficient time and effort to travel there. Decently challenging. -secondary objective THAT ACTUALLY MATTERS, completing the objective will extend the game timer by 3 minutes. This is very useful if the team is lacking in damage output and requires extra time to complete the primary objective. Cavalry Short and boring map, but viable to both squishies and non-squishies nonetheless. -wide open map suitable for both vision control and brawling. -single capture-type primary objective, boring. I'm seeing a trend here. -irrelevant secondary objectives.
  3. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/community-survey-pve Post your open answers and others thoughts here. I'll probably most of my thoughts for each map here because a number scale wouldn't properly convey what each of the maps are good/bad at.
  4. Basically tells us nothing except something will happen. Speculations?
  5. According to the 0.35 patch notes it will last until at least September, so you have a lot of time to finish the contract at least once for the T-90A Blyat. Do keep in mind that you also get lootboxes that will grant you a tier 6-8 premium vehicle for free for each subsequent contract completion. Assuming you focus only on the PvE missions and complete them every day/week you can generally expect to complete a contract every 4 weeks, or 3 weeks if you also complete the PvP weekly missions.
  6. OS: Windows 10 Home, version 1809, 64 bit Game Version: 0.35.7984--2021-03-30_05:30 Brief Description: Object 490 can be set on fire by triggering an engine fire, despite a 0% engine fire chance as stated in the module tooltip. Steps to Reproduce: Be Object 490 Get shot at in lower front plate (engine hitbox location) Wait for fire to start Result: Object 490 can suffer from engine fires. Expected Behavior: Object 490 should not be set on fire from engine fires, OR; engine fire chance in module tooltip should list a non-zero probability. Fixes/Workarounds: None. Other Notes: Screenshots below. Note that it's not an ammo rack fire, as my ammo rack is not destroyed.
  7. Issue appear fixed, but before the weekly update. Looks like a bad server config.
  8. Looks like a game issue more than hardware. Hardware issue tend to give you artifacts and other things that won't show up on screenshots, this isn't it. How rapid do the textures flicker, and at what distance? This might be from a bad LoD setting or shaders, do you have other screenshots showing this effect?
  9. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/realistic-battle-mode-here Thoughts on this? Looks interesting, but I doubt I'll touch it.
  10. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-april-1
  11. Nope, working as intended. It costs 10k gold to unlock flag slots to use your free flag.
  12. Can you show a match result screenshot? I find it highly doubtful that you got 1024 rep with only 3331 total XP, that is way higher than what even the ratio should be (roughly 5%).
  13. I don't see any headers, but I can't help but think you highlighted XP instead of reputation.
  14. This is heroics with the weekly x10 first win bonuses, the high payouts are normal.
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