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  1. Meh, vehicle class designations in the game are pretty arbitrary and hardly consistent, there is zero reason why a TD can't do AFV things when they both rely on vision control, mobility, and constant DPM by virtue of long periods of uninterrupted fire. See my squishiness dichotomy post for more reasoning: https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/61-the-squishiness-vehicle-dichotomy-getting-away-from-vehicle-classes/ This comment in the article irks me greatly, because it's yet again a case of vehicle class dictating suggested playstyles. It's understandable though that the articles have to be dumbed down for the average players; more advanced and experienced players should learn to steer away from this mental priming in order to play vehicles to their fullest potential. SS explained this in great detail as well back in the 0.33 rebalancing plans thread:
  2. Full article is up: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-kurganets-25
  3. I'm glad to hear lootboxes are going away, but part of me is also worried that the prices will be comparatively higher than the cost of number of boxes required on average to get enough parts (or get lucky). The EL boxes had a rate of 12500 coins for 10+1 boxes, assuming an average of 2 parts per box it cost 50+5 boxes (62.5k coins) for the Hunter. I'm pessimistically estimating 70-80k coins for the Kurganets. Nevertheless, the lack of gambling mechanics is well worth the price increase. No more "maybe" or "almost" getting the reward, you either get it or you don't and there won't be luck involved.
  4. All is good, an off-topic comment here and there doesn't hurt as long as not everything becomes off-topic. They LOOK like the slabs found on the T-15, which are now effectively useless thanks to 0.33 armor changes. I can't imagine the Kurganets getting ERA sides when the T-15 doesn't, since that will mean the Kurganets gets better overall protection than most things. Are those mini rockets on the pop up launcher?
  5. Each "season" lasted roughly 6 months before SH, give or take a month or two. I doubt the Stalker will go away this soon, I'm guessing you have until February or March to get it done. Probably until the end of the BP. Don't count on it. The last BP having specific vehicle requirements was a planned marketing move to promote the new vehicles, even if the execution was horribly grindy. Maybe this time they won't make it so grindy?
  6. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/armored-warfare-future-plans
  7. Obviously my message didn't get across, so I'll say it again: make separate threads for qualms that are NOT related to the Kurganets. Any further off-topic bickering here will be hidden.
  8. Some more renders, thanks @Yxlouvia! The 100 gold don't show up in the log but gets added to your account anyway, it's weird like that. Put in a bug report if you didn't get it, if you didn't chances are others didn't as well. Also let's not get derailed with overall complaints about the game here. Make a new thread if you have to.
  9. As confirmed several months ago from the parade stream: https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/289-june-24-stream-stuff/ Looks like this will be the 30mm variant, so probably T-15 without armor.
  10. So... ZTQ. I'm one of the lucky people to get one from the lootboxes. Sadly it feels a bit wasted on me since I barely even play anymore, so I'll try to get some value out of it with a review. First thing that came to my mind was thank god, there's finally another tier 9-10 premium vehicle that isn't an MBT or meme machine. I enjoy playing sqishies more than non-squishies because of their overall higher power ceiling with superior vision control capabilities. That being said, the ZTQ is way more than just another squishy. A lot more in fact, to the point of being bonkers and outclassing all other squishies in terms of power ceiling. I'll try to break down all the things that make the ZTQ worthy of nerfs. This is my setup. Camo paint is applied, I just turned off customization in the settings. Firepower: best in class, if only barely. The HEAT shell does 625 alpha with 900mm pen. The alpha is comparatively lower than say, the 120mm HEAT-MP on the Thunderbolt dealing 684 alpha, but penetration-wise it is best in class. Throw on a 3.22s reload (with retrofits, no crew buffs) and it can hit over 11k DPM. This is higher than the Thunderbolt and Anders which can only manage 10k. I don't have a VT5 so I can't use it for comparison, but seeing how the VT5 simply has lower alpha with the same reload speed I highly dout the ZTQ will get beaten here. AP shell is... good enough? I never use it, but here are some stats anyway. 750mm pen, 500 alpha. Nothing special. The gun-launched ATGM, while it has higher penetration than the HEAT shell it also has far lower alpha. Wholly unnecessary and unless you insist on shooting everything from the front, you probably won't ever find a use for it. Gun handling is sufficiently comfy. Turret traverse is fast enough to not feel awkward; aim time is very quick; accuracy is far better than MBTs. Nothing to complain about, but nothing to write home either. Durability: ERA is magical. It's a squishy, it not supposed to have significant levels of usable armor. Yet despite all conventional wisdom the ZTQ actually has armor in the form of ERA on its frontal profile. It's still not something you should be relying on, but the ERA will more often than not block a badly placed shot or missile due to large area coverage. Did I mention the ERA blocks are also capable of blocking 1400mm pen HEAT? The primary armor is also thick enough to be autocannon-proof, frontally at least. Also hardkill APS. Having SOME form of ERA for frontal protection is more than what could be said for the Thunderbolt or Anders. VT5 has ERA slabs on its sides, but that's far less useful for being shot from the front. Anders can go hulldown to take advantage of its unmanned turret, but is otherwise fairly vulnerable. ZTQ wins here for practical protection. There is one minor downside: the smoke grenades are still the pre-0.33 variety with a full 60s recharge after popping all the charges, as opposed to the now more common 25s recharge. Slightly annoying, but hardly the end of the world since it still has 3 charges for chain popping smoke. Against 1400mm pen tandem HEAT. Note half the lower front plate being covered as well. Against 900mm pen AP. Mobility: good enough Because the ZTQ lacks the Top Speed ability that the Thunderbolt and VT5 have, the ZTQ is at a comparative disadvantage when it comes to long dashes. But that's not really an issue since its base mobility is good enough to get to where it needs to go. It's not as slow and unwieldy as the Harimau and Griffin 120 either, so there's no real need to come up with different maneuver timings compared to your garden variety squishy. Remember, you don't need the best when good enough will do the job. Vision control: absurd. This is where things get silly. The ZTQ has one of the highest camo ratings in the game thanks to its adjustable suspension (lowered suspension grants you a flat +10% camo bonus), and the second highest camo rating at tiers 9-10 after the Shadow (which has 2% higher camo overall). Better still, it only loses 10-25% camo when firing continuously, so you can easily take forward positions and bully targets with impunity. In terms of base view range, ZTQ also trumps the Thunderbolt and Anders. However because lowering the suspension also penalizes your view range by an unlisted amount (it's hard to gauge based on the view range circles on the minimap), it becomes similar to the Thunderbolt and Anders. ZTQ doesn't have the highest view range, but again it's good enough for the job. Putting the absurd camo and good enough view range together, this makes the ZTQ better at vision control than the Sphinx and Crab, which are the de facto standards for vision control at tiers 9-10. Before the 0.33 vision changes the ZTQ would probably be considered only above average, but since 0.33 made most things either blind or not stealthy at all (or both) the ZTQ is now heads and shoulders above its peers for vision control. Highest possible camo with my setup, 54.3% is nothing to scoff at. Actively firing within what should be danger range. Still not spotted. 2AX rolling into "oh shit I need to get out of here" range, still not spotted despite losing my commander camo bonus due to people being close to me. Conclusion: need some nerfs. Vehicles in AW can be evaluated based on their capabilities on the holy quaternity. It's fine to be good at one or two aspects as long as there are drawbacks; being good at three is pushing towards the OP zone. Being good at all four is grounds for serious nerfs. ZTQ has excellent firepower and vision control capabilities, better frontal protection than most of its peers, and good enough mobility to get to where you want on time. The combination of good firepower and absurd vision control far outweighs its supposed mediocrity in mobility and durability. If I were in charge, I'd remove the adjustable suspension to bring the camo values back to sane levels. That +10% camo from lowering the suspension simply isn't needed to make the ZTQ good, it's already very capable with its best in class firepower.
  11. Haswell

    Renders of tanks

    https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-lav-105 ^ this is the article where they mentioned it right? Now I'm curious why this didn't make it into the game, it would have been a decent tier 7 or 8 wheeled TD and fairly unique for its 8 round RR. Very cool looking!
  12. Yes? I split your other two posts to a separate thread, please use that since your issue doesn't seem to be related to Discord or Logitech or 0.32. https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/3891-something-about-ads/
  13. This is fairly recent, I'd say within the last 2 weeks.
  14. Just bits and rumors. This could possibly be related to the now-fixed nuke shells on the 99A2 and 99A2-140. Speculations? I'm thinking changes in module/crew damage, in that their actual damage will be lower but deal high module and crew damage to compensate.
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