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  1. You get a 30 day rental from completing buttalion contracts, the one you assemble from the parts is permanent.
  2. Bumping now that it's official. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-new-hades-vehicles
  3. The coupons are for the next BP. Personally I'd say it's not worth it, but you do you.
  4. Best way to deal with having too many vehicles is to ignore them. In all seriousness, it's not an problem for me since I stopped playing the game religiously and ran out of things to grind that interest me. I evaluate vehicles based on their performance capabilities rather than XP or credit earning potential, and there are still a lot of progression vehicles that perform better than premium ones, both in overall and situationally depending on the vehicle in question. You can say that I play for fun. The fastest and least soul-crushing way to grind credits is to run heroics every week with the x10 multiplier, stacking all the bonuses you want. Even if you don't have a premium tier 9 or 10 for printing credits you should still be getting 20 million or more for a full run, not to mention the XP you may want for grinding whatever tier 9 or 10 you may have. This will largely remove the need to grind credits at lower tiers, freeing you to play or grind whatever you want. There is zero reward for playing something you don't want to, zero downsides to not playing vehicles that you don't enjoy. I have accumulated a sizable fleet of tier 6-8 premium vehicles from the contract boxes and I have not played a single game for most of them, as well as progression vehicles that I have not touched since I ground them out because they aren't good performers. I am not losing out on anything by ignoring them. I use a similar approach, except I don't actually mark anything for reserve or favorite (aside for 3 vehicles that I use for checking map rotations). It's rather pointless for me to mark vehicles since I barely play any of them and it's far too much of a hassle to mark all of them as reserve, and I don't play any of them often enough that require more convenience than simply sorting by tier and class.
  5. The tank is garbage, but now it has a great looking skin. Is it possible to add more geometry to the skin such as more storage boxes and other greebles? Or is modding still restricted to replacing maps and textures?
  6. It would be nice if loading the decal screen don't freeze up my client for a good minute. Having categories is a nice idea, now make it load assets on demand instead of loading hundreds of everything in one go. Camos too.
  7. Highly recommend, if you are like me and plan out how to chain the maps together this will help you keep track of the times while in matches. This way you can know how much time you actually have for each map before having to jump into another one.
  8. Nope, you can't claim a dupe Kurg for gold (game won't let you claim another one), and the assembled but unactivated Kurg only sells for 3600 coins. You can sell your existing Kurg for credits before claiming another one, but why would you do that?
  9. Yep, it's annoying when bots spawn behind you. Especially when it's a few T-15s slamming missiles into your back, I wish spawning logic can be improved so that spawn points become unavailable if players are within 300m, or if they have direct LoS. Luckily most of the bot spawn points are fairly well-known, so it's more about avoiding them when the bots start spawning or position yourself behind them for rear shots. Sometimes they also become disabled if players are close enough, but the distance is only some 100m or so I think.
  10. Wort wort wort. Am sick, head hurts. The "auction" was My.com's idea. No current plans for any more progression vehicles. New players have enough choices as it is, and old players have so much credits/free XP stocked up they can afford to skip the grinds entirely. There aren't a lot of possible new vehicles that aren't variants of existing ones or gimmicky. BP access is "free" because you can get free gold every week (note: assuming 100 gold from the login every week, it will take 30 weeks of non-stop logins to get the 3000 gold required for basic entry. And the BPs pop up every 180 days or so, hardly enough time for players to get enough gold for "free" access) Next Raid will come after the BP, or near the end. Devs feel that spec ops are more desired than normal PvE, but not everybody thinks so. 1 new normal PvE mission in 2021, hopefully. Nuke HE shells might not be working as intended. (note: just shut up and enjoy them while it lasts) 3 more spec ops missions this "season" (note: I really hate that word...) No plans for entirely new vehicle classes. No plans now for more infantry commands. AI behavior and pool changes in February. Wheeled vehicles are coming. Tier 1-6 rebalance maybe mid-2021. Will not be in 0.34. Around 15-20 new vehicles planned for 2021. Chip damage from missile spam is intended. May get reviewed later. (note: devs really don't play their own game, do they...) Current state of arty is more or less final. Sound updates will come in 0.34, in the form of engine updates. Steam players account for roughly 5% of the total CCU (note: Steam has roughly 250 CCU, so that means total CCU is around 5000) CCU is stable. 3-4 months between new maps. Next spec ops map in March/April. New Hades vehicles for buttalions (note: https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/6017-new-hades-vehicles-coming-soon/) Vehicle skins not being changeable with terrain is an engine limitation. Skinned vehicles are essentially entirely new vehicles. No plans to change the XP gain formula. No plans for build saving for commander or vehicles. Too hard to code, too few users. New PvP maps soon. No new Glops maps. No plans for user-uploaded battalion logos, risk of people uploading dicks is too high. 5 new maps in total for 2021. From the PvE poll last month, ~70% respondants wanted new PvE missions over spec ops. ~55% are fine with reusing old maps for PvE. Devs are rustled. PvE randomization is being looked into. MBTs as the top rewards for BPs is intended, as they are the most popular class. (note: I wonder why they are so popular, maybe poor balancing?) No plans for the base system. No plans to expand the testing grounds. No plans for more infantry skins/models. Too expensive. New crew system is being worked on, no time frame. No plans for "dealerless" vehicles to be reassigned to existing dealers. Any vehicles in a particular dealer will have to appear in the tech tree and available for purchase, so code limitation. (note: why not gate them behind some unobtainable requirement, like the Shadow in the Faraday tree? When players get/buy the vehicle just check off the requirement and let the game play itself.) No plans for a gifting system, fear of scams. Next BP will be more interesting than "German tanks" The ZTQ anniversary event was a shitshow because of the lootboxes. Was intended to boost sales, but at what cost? It is "sad" that my map rotation stream get more views than actual gameplay streams.
  11. Finally got a response after 3 weeks. It's not particularly hopeful as the sale has came and gone so it's impossible to verify the complaint without an audit, and that the Amsterdam registration and address are merely for tax and legal purposes. But hey, it's something.
  12. Sounds like prostitution. You're not legally paying for sex, you're just paying for a very expensive escort service with a good time on the side, for "free" Except you're not guaranteed to get any good time, but you still have to pay for the escort upfront. Edit: let's play a game of spot the bots. Laughing at stupid, real humans is optional.
  13. Welcome! If you haven't join already, ArmoredLabs also has a companion Discord server where people form platoons for these challenge runs. Discord is far more effective than the forum for real-time communication, it will be easier for you to find a team there. Join us! https://discord.gg/scTRpBb
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