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  1. SS did hint an extension a few times on official Discord server, but it wasn't clear for how long until after today's maintenance. On 14th June: On 17th June: On 19th June: And today's patch note states it is now extended to 11th July, i.e. by 3 weeks.
  2. Source: https://armoredwarfare.com/en/news/general/update-01552-now-available There are reports of Challenger 2 SFII's missiles now having a greater deadzone than before.
  3. Source: https://armoredwarfare.com/en/news/general/update-0155-now-available Stryker ADATS's module still keeps its old module description at the moment, but function-wise it improves both missile rate of fire and reload speed Challenger Streetfighter II lost its missile launcher model, and launch angle is no longer fixed, meaning it can now fire effectively at short range as well
  4. There are three new notes in the article: They were not part of the original article text, which can be found in the first post for reference.
  5. Source: https://armoredwarfare.com/en/news/general/important-accounts-transfer-wishlist-games More notes: According to Maciek on official Discord server, this process is only for accounts registered via MY.GAMES (or My.com in the past) at the moment. Steam and Epic Games Store account transfers will come later. MY.GAMES will maintain profile files associated with Armored Warfare until the end of March 2025. After linking, just play the game on MGL as usual until further notice. There seems to be an issue when going through this process in Korean language, as the email gives a nine-digit code in triplets e.g. "[123][456][789]" instead of "123456" as seen in the screenshot, hence it may be best to do it in English.
  6. There are about 21 days left to this BP, and pre-order for the next BP aka Tales from the Dark is already up, with a planned launch time window in June. When asked about possible extensions, SS said "I am fairly sure EE will not last 6 months. But there's an extension change." "There's a very high chance this BP will get extended."
  7. Source: https://armoredwarfare.com/en/news/general/update-0150-now-available BMD-1's missile reload time is actually 11.50s BWP-2000's changes are causing an uproar in official Discord server. SS: "We will definitely act upon player sentiments with BWP" Modern British contract's progress is not retroactive, so everyone starts from 0. There is a bug in Global Operations, Desert Strike, and reportedly Desert Path where UAV models are invisible and cannot be shot down
  8. Source: https://armoredwarfare.com/en/news/general/development-t-90m-proryv Comments from SS (after teasing the next BP's vehicles but before this article's publication): "There were/are enough upgrades (both live and experimental) for this to work fine. For [example], T-90M was at one point proposed to have Armata's gun." "T-90M is interesting, has a lot of potential upgrades and is well documented instead of a random small-scale model. We'll have experimental stuff too, just not this time. As for why - because we decided so."
  9. Source: https://armoredwarfare.com/en/news/general/development-bmp-2m-berezhok
  10. Source: https://armoredwarfare.com/en/news/general/development-btr-82a According to SS on official Discord server earlier this month, the next BP's vehicles will be "BTR-82AM" (older BTR-80s refitted to BTR-82A standard), BMP-2M Berezhok, and T-90M Proryv. T-90M Proryv will be a tier 10. "There were/are enough upgrades (both live and experimental) for this to work fine. For exampke, T-90M was at one point proposed to have Armata's gun." BTR-82A's default camo rating is tentatively set to 30%
  11. There is a temporary workaround that has been posted on official website. According to player reports this does not work for Steam version at the moment. Source: https://armoredwarfare.com/en/news/general/daily-bonus-how-claim
  12. Source: https://armoredwarfare.com/en/news/general/update-0140-now-available Note that Centauro 155 is now reverted back to single shot SPG instead of ready rack, which was documented in 0.128, but the vehicle is only made available again today. Rooikat's new AP is can be unlocked from the upgrade screen, and while it shares the same name as Draco's stock AP, it actually has Draco's upgraded AP stats. As for the removal of CATTB's "Modern Kinetic Rounds" trait, SS says it's "not a nerf, this has no influence on the vehicle performance". The values for Scimitar's HE damage changes are not correct. They should be 39 full / 26 partial / 13 non-pen → 63 full / 42 partial / 21 non-pen.
  13. It is mentioned in last week's patch: Source: https://armoredwarfare.com/en/news/general/update-0130-now-available
  14. Source: https://armoredwarfare.com/en/news/general/update-0130-now-available The website transfer was originally scheduled to occur last week, but the devs had to revert back to the original domain during maintenance. "aw.my.games" now redirects to "armoredwarfare.com" The Russian portal has moved their domain from "awru.my.games" to "arwar.ru" 2 weeks earlier The blue "Play" button may not appear on MY.GAMES launcher. Click on "Armored Warfare" on the left sidebar, then the blue button should appear near the top-right corner of the launcher. There are reports that Steam players cannot play the game, because the sidebar is inaccessible Not in the patch notes, but there is a new Modern British Contract achievement series added to the game, and it is reportedly not working at the moment (i.e. you don't gain progress in the achievements even if you complete any contract missions after the update, and it is not retroactive).
  15. Not sure if this is added in this patch or before, but there is a camo called Joker that is given to most, if not all, players. According to its description the camo was supposed to be introduced in 2022, but "didn't get it to it until now". It's essentially a digital camouflage with purple, green, grey, and black squares.
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