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  1. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0389166-now-available
  2. Regarding this particular fix: SS has a brief explanation:
  3. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0389142-now-available
  4. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQug_D5iFoQ ---- Current situation: 2022 has been a busy year for the devs so far. New developers (2 studios are involved, and one is apparently quite well known) are still learning the ropes while slowly introducing the new vehicles and preparing the upcoming Chinese theme BP. SS is still not allowed to reveal their identities though. Once the BP is released, they will sit down the discuss various core aspects of the game and see what they can do to improve or change them. They are well aware that gameplay has become stale, and new vehicles play similarly to existing vehicles. Random tidbits (some are not new info, but I will include them here anyway): PvE and PvP modes will definitely stay, and vehicle balance will still revolve around PVP. The devs are aware that GlOps isn't doing great, but also won't want to remove it from the game, because there is still a number of players who queue for the said game mode. Making drastic changes to queues or restricting player numbers per match (making it similar to 5v5 skirmishes in the past) will risk losing a lot of those players, which is something that they tried in the past but won't want to do again. Nevertheless, they want to do something about it (or at least "salvage" something good from it). Admitted that rebalance in the past 2 years didn't work out great, but it will be reviewed yet again with the new devs. Lots of ideas are being proposed at the moment, such as possible new classes (self-propelled mortar, drone carriers, engineering vehicles), programmable ammunition (other than the HE on Leclerc and T-14 presumably) Self-propelled mortar was tested on PTS in 2018 and that didn't go well, and there were problems implementing this function on ZBD-04A recently, so SS thinks it's unlikely that this class will come back again New user experience will be reviewed - they want to overhaul the tutorial Some new users tend to struggle to transit from low tier gameplay to those on higher tiers - either that vehicles start to play differently, or that the gaps in performance are becoming very significant That said, SS thinks that vehicle progression (i.e. how fast a player can get a tier 10 vehicle down the tech tree) is fine. When asked about number of new players, SS said "high tens of thousands" of accounts were made last year. Making the game available on Epic Game Store helped with the numbers. New vehicle in autumn (new contract vehicle?) will have anti-drone laser, which can be used as a blinding device against enemy vehicles by reducing their vision range. They are aware that optimisation is an issue, especially for newer graphics cards. It's part of a long term plan, but no ETA available. Same goes for sound improvements. SS personally likes "The Voice of War" mod, but obviously they can't implement it directly via official means because they come from other games or media. As for mission tracker (for stuff like Perihelion or the current Heroes of Armored Warfare event), the current database query system is too slow to update, so it won't work well as a live tracker at all. This issue may be revisited if the devs rework the portal. Unstuck function - devs find it not easy to implement, as it seems to break a lot of things. Not available in the immediate future. Thermal imaging was considered and tested internally in the past, but they weren't satisfactory. Given that night vision isn't very well received either, it's unlikely that they will revisit this idea. PVE and Spec Ops maps are being worked on at the moment. A new PVP map is also being planned, but work has not yet started, so it won't come for at least 3-4 months (or perhaps by the end of the year). New Spec Ops will be a continuation after Seahawk Rebellion (i.e. Storyline Camapaign 2017), while SS will continue writing on Perihelion New game mode(s) with their own map(s) are also being worked on at the moment. Notorious "can't shoot helicopters or planes in new desert PVE maps" bug - it's well aware but still WIP (long backlog I'd assume) Chinese BP vehicles (details may contain errors or be subject to further changes): ZTZ-20 (Reference image) As mentioned in the past, SS is not happy about introducing this fictional vehicle to the game (whose design is by an artist well known in Chinese communities), but it was a request submitted by the Chinese partner publisher to the previous developer for their own playerbase. Part of the issue is that there are not many other candidate Tier 10 Chinese vehicles to introduce (and there already is a 99A2-140 in the game). According to the artist who designed the original vehicle, the coax is supposed to be a 30mm gun. White phosphorus missiles are the only gimmicks that the ZTZ-20 will have. All other BP vehicles will be quite straightforward. ZTL-11 Basically a Tier 9 ST1 with soft-kill APS. The devs will try to crank up its firepower to make up for its 8-wheel mobility. VN17 Tier 8 AFV with 30mm autocannon and two ATGMs (no quick double-tap / salvo fire option etc) with infantry support. Seems pretty bog-standard as far as IFV goes. ZBD-04A (Reference image) Tier 7 AFV that will be more or less the counterpart to BMP-3M but with a tad more armour. Obtainable at level 10 in the BP. SS calls it "universal", i.e. suitable for new players and veterans alike with no specialised features. As mentioned above there were plans to make it play like a self-propelled mortar, but that idea is dropped.
  5. Will PTS ever come back again for major changes, or it's deem unnecessary by the devs? The last time we had a PTS was back in August/September 2020 for 0.33. Stuff like low tier rebalance or autocannon overhaul didn't get a PTS last year. Regarding the usual "desync" issue, i.e. game client fails to recognise a disconnection from server and does not reconnect automatically, is there anything that can be done about it other than players restarting the game manually? Even if affected players reconnect, it may be too late already in some cases as their vehicles may get destroyed during the downtime, which can be really frustrating.
  6. I haven't tried using homing missiles in American Dream, but can confirm that self-guided missiles do work on Desert Strike, because I saw an AGDS shooting down all three of the helicopters and thereby completing the secondary objective last month.
  7. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0389138-now-available
  8. Helicopters and transport plane on Desert Strike are bugged, because their hitboxes don't seem to match their visual models. Self-guided missiles can track and damage them though.
  9. I suspect that the low tier smoke grenades changes may have happened with the May 25 patch, because I can confirm that an unrelated Tier 7 Wiesel HOT's upgraded smokes were fixed on that date. Originally, Wiesel HOT's upgraded smoke grenades' stats are as shown below - 2 quick pops in succession and you're out: This is now corrected with 6 charges in total.
  10. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0389119-now-available
  11. The skin is based on the first Gongchen tank (Type 97 Chi-Ha), not the current 99A that inherits the title. That said, I won't mind seeing skins of other tanks that also inherited the title, namely Type 59 and early Type 99.
  12. CSB has been updated today to include Samuel Thorpe, who currently shares the same skills as Fyodor Sokolov and Maximilian K├Ânig. Thorpe's skills are subject to further changes depending on how Perihelion (2nd Storyline Campaign) progresses, but the build includes his initial iteration for now. Link: http://csb-hype.5v.pl/ Other minor fixes: Ophelia's Berserk skills' HP reduction should now properly stack Updated Erin's Specialist skill description ("Trait" --> "Ability") Updated Alisa's Tank Rage skill icon Fixing a number of typos
  13. Several premium vehicles have been added directly to dealers after today's update. They can be purchased for gold by right-clicking and opening up a context menu, then click on the purchase option. Eligible vehicles include: IT-1 Object 279 Object 287 Object 187 BWP-1M Puma This seemingly unintended feature is now apparently intended, so you can now buy the those vehicles if you want.
  14. May 19 Patch Round 2 Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0389080-now-available
  15. Patch has been delayed again. (Original message link on AW official Discord server)
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