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  1. It looks like all five missions give x3.3 XP multiplier and x15 credits multiplier on Hardcore difficulty (x10 credits multiplier if secondary objective is not complete).
  2. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-july-15
  3. New infantry stats in garage as of 8th June 2021 0.36 update: AT Squad: Tier Damage Vision Range Camouflage (while stopped) 10 225 255m 60% 9 225 255m 60% 8 200 255m 60% 7 200 255m 60% 6 200 255m 60% 5 175 255m 60% 4 175 255m 60% 3 175 255m 60% Mortar: Tier Damage Vision Range Camouflage (while stopped) 10 480 175m 40% 9 480 175m 40% 8 480 175m 40% 7 480 175m 40% 6 480 175m 40% 5 480 175m 40% 4 480 175m 40% 3 480 175m 40% Sniper: Tier Damage Vision Range Camouflage (while stopped) 10 15 400m 80% 9 15 400m 80% 8 15 400m 80% 7 15 400m 80% 6 15 400m 80% 5 15 400m 80% 4 15 400m 80% 3 15 400m 80% TL;DR they all use the lowest tier stats for vision range and camouflage.
  4. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-may-6 SS mentioned on official Discord server that the previously planned Burlak module unlock compensation is now implemented in today's patch instead: Patch size is 1.89 GB so there should be more unannounced changes in the mix.
  5. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-april-29
  6. For the sake of archiving information: Today's changelog did not mention the addition of new flag decals and banners. Some of them were mentioned in the Syrian historical camouflage page. As per SS' reply on Discord, the following flags are added to the game: Syria, Iraq (new/current), Iraq (old, 1963-1991), Lebanon, Egypt
  7. Thanks. I can forward this thread to CSB's server so they can add some suggested builds to the website (eventually).
  8. SS has an update on the T-72M1's obtention in relation to upcoming Desert Storm Raid: Source on official Discord server
  9. Given that this will be a variation of the upcoming remodelled T-72A, then it'd quite likely be quite strong for low tier standards just as T-72B is in post-0.33 armour layout. Also, it sounds like that this T-72M1 will be readily available in the future, even after the Desert Storm raid, because the wordings imply the devs plan to add various skins for it, perhaps for other events or even as a "welcome gift/offer" for new players further down the road. On the other hand, I'd imagine some people complaining that we'd have too many T-72s in the game.
  10. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-january-28 Time to brace for impact?
  11. Looking at the full list, there are a few vehicles that are potentially concerning, but we will have to wait and see: VBL Ingwe's missiles can be annoying to face while playing T5/6 MBTs, depending on how much they can pen. Many of the T5 tanks already have really weak turret armour. There are also other missile only vehicles, such as VCAC Mephisto and IT-1. Will K21, AS21, and Leclerc T40 use top attack missiles, or they stick to autocannons only? Kinda surprised that SBS Pindad is there too. Its performance is also something to watch out for. And hey Bradley AAWS-H also there.
  12. Just realised that URL was the wrong one for both post. They should now be correct.
  13. It's been a while, but CSB has now been updated to include new stats and skill trees seen in 0.34. Link: http://csb-hype.5v.pl/ A few things to note: Only English, German, and both Chinese languages are up to date and fully translated. The other languages are only translated up to 0.30 or before. Recommended builds are disabled for now because the old ones are really outdated. You can suggest some here and I will forward them to HYPE for future updates. Andrey Zaytsev's levels 1-2 values for Fixed Position IV skill are at 10%. They might get reverted back to the old values in the future . For reference, the game now rounds that skill's values up or down to the nearest integer, so it can look rather confusing. Freja HĂžjbjerg's Lone Hero skill is currently incorrect; it should activate when there is no friendly vehicles nearby, not enemies, but for some reason this is what's written in the game as well (it was correct before). I've asked HYPE to change this for a future update. Similar to the point above, but even though the game has updated some of the old skills' descriptions, they may actually be incorrect. One such example is Rachel Kramer's Fury Fire, which states reload speed would increase when HP is at 50% or below, while it should be 50% or more. That's the problem with copying descriptions directly from the game, so we may have to carry out tests in the game to verify them if necessary. There may be other errors in the latest build so please do let me know if you do spot any.
  14. Yea the English patch notes are a bit off. According to the Russian counterpart, Sabrina's A3 and B3 will be replaced by what appears to be a Muffler I (reduced camo loss upon firing by 2.44%), whereas D1 and D2 will be replaced with a skill that increases reload speed by 0.6%. Andrey's C1, C4, and C7 will be replaced by the TD exclusive reload buff (also at 0.6% for each skill), while B4 and E4 will be the same as Sabrina's camo loss reduction skill when firing. Lastly, Fyodor Sokolov is also getting the same changes as Maximilian Koenig. Unless the actual update brings changes that are different to what the Russian patch note suggests, then all of the new reload buff skills are at 0.6%, and all camo loss reduction skills are at 2.44%.
  15. Yes but I will explain below. The Eastern Crate (much like the American Dream and Moscow Calling seasonal crates) can drop premium vehicles, as well as tier 9-10 rentals, skins, gold, and even camouflage. However, a number of players started reporting a lack of vehicle drops from seasonal crates this year, and after some hypothesis and cross checking, they find out the chance of a premium vehicle drop decreases significantly if you own all available tier 6 premium vehicles. So the workaround solution is to sell a tier 6 premium vehicle that you already own to increase the drop chance again. Ultimately, I prefer doing it this way because you can get more premium vehicles, and in turn you can reclaim more gold via rental drop (e.g. from Spec Ops crates) compensations.
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