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  1. SS on official Discord server announcement channel (source):
  2. Additional documented changes (from Official Discord announcement):
  3. Random bits and bobs from this update: Most vehicles with autocannons now use clips, and the capacity ranges from 20 to 60. It is one of the undocumented changes for low tier vehicles. This is somewhat noticeable, especially for people like me playing with high ping in Asia. A trait that is kind of carried over from high tier 0.33 rebalance ("HESH shells now have significantly higher penetration but also lower damage"), but HESH seems to struggle to find its purpose in many instances, as AP can deal more damage and is easier to use, and HEAT can deal even more damage for weak spot aims. The module damage often feels lacking because of the shells' low damage in nature. Only PISH on ATDU feels significant enough to make a difference as an effective HESH shell, and even then the tank should be paired with Sabrina for maximum effect. One potential and notable use of HESH may be against the Object 279's upper plate, as it was the case way back in 2018. Furthermore, the tier 3 Scorpion would now feel rather feeble because HESH is the only shell available. Interesting to see that instant ammo type swap now also applies to low tier TDs and AFVs, yet not for same classes at tier 7 or above. Instant ammo type swap also doesn't apply to autocannon clips and BMP-3 / BMD-4's 100mm gun. Stats progression don't match well with higher tiers, for example: T-90A's HEAT has 890mm penetration and 788 damage T-90's HEAT has 770mm penetration and 745 damage --(tier break between high tiers and mid/low tiers)-- T-72A, T-72B, and T-72M2's HEAT has 770mm penetration and 810 damage (tier 7 level of penetration and tier 8+ level of damage) T-72 Ural's HEAT has 650mm penetration and 740 damage Crazily high values of frontal turret and upper front plate armour for many MBTs mean not even tier 10s can punch them. Sure, we can throw realism out of the window if we have to, but these stats are also inconsistent with higher tier armour profiles. Together with different shell damage stats etc, tiers 1-6 and tiers 7-10 feel more or less like two different games under the same name. Role changes (also undocumented): Type 62 is reclassified as an MBT Rooikat 76 is reclassified as a TD Some of the ongoing issues are still not addressed, such as: The lack of missile for BWP-1M Puma Poor missile launcher elevation for OT-64 (especially when compared to BMD-2 and BMP-2 of the same tier) Low ammo count for Rooikat 76 No machine gun for some vehicles, e.g. IT-1 and Object 287 Overall, the rebalance feels rushed, almost like the time when 0.33 PTS1 was released, except this time it's released directly to live server.
  4. While I cannot be sure of the image's authenticity, perhaps this may have been the inspiration behind AW's Type 99A2? Notice there are three "segments" instead of the usual two in front of the gun's bore evacuator. Source: https://war.163.com/photoview/4T8E0001/73961.html#p=A68F8CPQ4T8E0001
  5. New source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-september-30
  6. He is referring to the next set of contract missions achievements, which got released prematurely, and just like the current set the rewards are 4 decals and a camouflage pattern.
  7. Update postponed. Source: SilentStalker on official Discord server
  8. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-september-24-0
  9. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-tam-2ip
  10. Kornet-D1 (source): And the Kornet-D1 in AW devs' vision (source):
  11. It looks like all five missions give x3.3 XP multiplier and x15 credits multiplier on Hardcore difficulty (x10 credits multiplier if secondary objective is not complete).
  12. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-july-15
  13. New infantry stats in garage as of 8th June 2021 0.36 update: AT Squad: Tier Damage Vision Range Camouflage (while stopped) 10 225 255m 60% 9 225 255m 60% 8 200 255m 60% 7 200 255m 60% 6 200 255m 60% 5 175 255m 60% 4 175 255m 60% 3 175 255m 60% Mortar: Tier Damage Vision Range Camouflage (while stopped) 10 480 175m 40% 9 480 175m 40% 8 480 175m 40% 7 480 175m 40% 6 480 175m 40% 5 480 175m 40% 4 480 175m 40% 3 480 175m 40% Sniper: Tier Damage Vision Range Camouflage (while stopped) 10 15 400m 80% 9 15 400m 80% 8 15 400m 80% 7 15 400m 80% 6 15 400m 80% 5 15 400m 80% 4 15 400m 80% 3 15 400m 80% TL;DR they all use the lowest tier stats for vision range and camouflage.
  14. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-may-6 SS mentioned on official Discord server that the previously planned Burlak module unlock compensation is now implemented in today's patch instead: Patch size is 1.89 GB so there should be more unannounced changes in the mix.
  15. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-april-29
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