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  1. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-october-22
  2. Results from my 50 + 5 crates: Over half of the crates dropped rentals, and I got less than 1 part per crate (excluding special crates). There are talks of how the very first few crates tend to have better drops than the rest, and this does look quite plausible here. It's also amusing how I got 11 rentals in a row; a friend of mine got 9 rentals in a row in his 10-crate run, and that doesn't look encouraging for prospective spenders (if there are any). He got 99 parts at the end, and among them 60 parts are from special crates, including one that dropped 50 parts. Even then, he said he felt doubtful on buying crates because he doesn't know how many more rentals he would get from crates before getting the single part he wants. Thanks for the anniversary event. Congrats to those who got the tank within 50 crates. For those who didn't get it, you're not alone. Business is business, I guess? But I will leave that for others to discuss.
  3. You probably won't notice the model changes just by quick glance (or if you don't care about them in the first place). So far the most significant changes on the Abram models are the turret proportions, most importantly on the turret face angles and height. Other smaller changes are on the gun barrel width, surfaces and props such as Combat Identification Panel and crosswind sensor sizes. Sure, they bring very little to no impact on gameplay, but I guess it's something the devs want to do to satisfy some of the really early complaints on Abrams models' quality. Still, they already announced armour bugs on some of the skins in advance. I won't be surprised if there are other bugs hidden in the new model update.
  4. A friend of mine got 9 rentals out of 10 crates. I sure don't look forward to opening mine. https://prnt.sc/uygiil
  5. The Archangel XM1A3 skin has now been revealed on the official discord server Also from SS:
  6. Highly unlikely, unless the feature got delayed to become a launch feature for new update e.g. 0.34 or 0.35. Otherwise it'd be released directly live for testing or direct implementation. For reference the infantry deployment feature was first tested on live server mid-0.30 without going through PTS.
  7. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-october-1 Looks like high tier HESH and PISH are getting a nerf again (understandably, but hopefully not by too much like how they used to do with PISH balancing in the past). After initial response and saying they won't add Battle Hardened preferential MM, they're now going to implement anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BMPTs are getting simultaneous firing back on the twin autocannons, but there's still no mention of different RoF between BMPT 2000's AP and HE rounds (I reported this way back in PTS1). ---- BTW when did tanks start firing ATGMs again? Was this from Sept 24's patch? I'm pretty sure that they were not supposed to use them at 0.33's launch, yet it's going back to 0.32 status in that aspect.
  8. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-september-24
  9. Two post-Q&A answers: It would be funny if they add woke Magnus in the game.
  10. SS did say 0.33 will come in mid-September on the official discord server, so this more or less confirms that the devs are pushing for the update one way or another, i.e. get the update live first, then fix bugs or other issues along the way. I don't agree with the direction the game is going with some of the mechanic and balance changes, but I guess we will see how this will pan out on live. It's the latter. Everyone should be back to 0/500 for the new 2T Stalker contract. Any progress on the current contract will be gone. Unless something breaks or some new unannounced "feature" is in the way.
  11. I come to play AW only because of the PVE, but I understand there is still a core base that mainly plays PVP. IMO the devs should continue developing content for both PVP and PVE, and have some assets like map creation shared across the modes; spec ops is nice, but there are a lot of assets in the latest seasons that just aren't being used anywhere elsewhere. Right now apart from game balance / power creep issues, there are lots of content that just feel like deadend: GLOPS has a lot of potential, but suffers from numerous problems, and to PVE players it's really just another PVP but with respawns; there isn't much "PVE" for them to do apart from 3rd faction bots on some maps, which aren't even mission critical. Giving PVE players something specific that they can go for while PVP players aim to intercept attackers / defend objectives would be an interesting direction (if it's possible). Heroics is another mode that would seem like too much of a hurdle for ordinary players. It does has its appeal for requiring strategies different from ordinary PVE play to achieve the goals. Maybe a new mode featuring varying enemy classes and/or lieutenant archetypes on rotation on specific maps can let players try out different strategies (like a puzzle mode of some sort). Then we have the low tier vehicles. I still think their balance is wack after Arabian Nights update in December 2018, and they are barely touched afterwards. Low tier vehicles should allow players to learn the ropes and let them slowly climb to the more advanced, high tier vehicles, but instead they are encouraged to be progressed in a fast rate and be left forgotten afterwards. Missile damage proportion is also crazy (1/3 to 1/2 HP per hit to some MBTs), or that tanks have difficulties surviving them (some tanks can't even tank missiles in the turret). It's hard to recommend people to come to play the game with those things in mind.
  12. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-august-27 No direct mention of uber invisible infantry in PVE, but this may be related to the abovementioned bug.
  13. Bob, Teykey, and others have already given out detailed feedback on this thread, so I'd just drop down some thoughts instead. MBTs drift a lot. Not as much as the light tanks did some time ago, but still very noticeable. Having it buffed a bit can be a good thing as driving up hills can be a pain, and the decision to make them accelerate much slower past 32 km/h that the devs made last yearwas a strange one. However, they also seem to move too fast now, potentially outrunning TDs and outmaneuvering LTs. MBTs now reload quicker, and Chinese/Russian tanks have significantly higher DPM. T-90MS can have 2500+ more DPM than the Leopard 2A6. Why is this a good idea? Abrams' AP and HEAT-MP now share the same base damage before applying randomisation. It's difficult to see why one should bring the latter into battle anymore. It's sad to see how T-14's 125mm HEAT offers greater damage and penetration than XM1A3's 140mm HEAT-MP. Although this is said to be in live server as well, it is odd seeing the gun shells (calibre and even name) on MBT have different damage to those on LT or TD. T-90s now have really high HEAT resistance even on the lower front plate. Western MBT HEAT actually won't penetrate those area anymore, at least not reliably if it's even possible. It's true that MBTs can now swap shells very quickly, but I'd think players would be more inclined to bring one type of shell instead i.e. AP. Some vehicles that are said to be available for PTS phase 1 don't actually appear, or at least for some people (e.g. Type 96A, Type 99). On the other hand, there are also reports of players being able to bring vehicles outside of the list into battle (Black Eagle in particular). Restricting PTS' opening hours to one particular region and pointing fingers at people not participating don't help, even when they don't represent the majority of the entire player base. Looking back at one of the 0.33 Rebalance articles: Aren't the changes in late 2018 precisely what killed the balance and fun for low-tier gameplay? Now much of those vehicles don't get a revision anymore because "players tend to skip them and there's little point to invest development", but this is pretty much a vicious cycle of "players don't find low-tier fun → there is little incentive to play them → seldom play them or don't play them anymore → devs use that as an excuse to not do anything about them → ♻". The same can also be said for artillery. And now this is the argument for changing much of the gameplay element for high tier vehicles, this does not bode well with players even before the PTS kicks in. What shall we expect for the second phase? What will get noted and changed after this phase? Should we embrace any kinds of expectations? There is already much pessimism and a jaded view that the devs would push on no matter what and ask players to adapt (or indirectly getting them to leave in this particular case).
  14. RIP to infantry commands but that was kinda expected. As for the Cougar FSV, that has been around in the files for quite some time and the 3D model can still be previewed on a certain website Other unused models include the XM723 and Piranha IIIC. There was even a BMP-3M with 57mm gun at some point even before Balance 2.0 became live. It makes me wonder what they'd want to do with all those models apart from leaving them in the not-so-forgotten realm.
  15. Project Armata's VK page has a few more pictures: https://imgur.com/vW06phttps://imgur.com/a/PYGecyr Source: https://vk.com/wall-68420747_1314518
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