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  1. Good evening! At your request, I made a separate patch for you with the sounds of shooting from the provided video. 30mm autocannons now sound like Puma shots. It's funny, after I started testing the sound in the game, I realized that a very similar sound has been used for a long time on autocannons 50 mm and above. At one time I took the sound from the game WarThunder, which is used by the Puma infantry fighting vehicle. It's a shame that the developers of Armored Warfare don't approach the voice acting of their game with the same quality. Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SAJO1bQu7yaVwbxIJaBgwd-vhx91EGFE/view?usp=sharing
  2. I wish I could make a normal model along with a reskin xD, but these are just my wet dreams)
  3. Good afternoon Glad you like my mod. Considering the last battle path and the fact that it includes a technique that is very interesting to me, as an exception, I can make a separate patch with the sound you are interested in and post it here, but for this I will need your help. The video you attached has very dirty sound. If you find a video where there is a high-quality sound of Puma firing without extraneous noise and send it to me, I will fulfill your wish. P.S. Unfortunately, with this update, the developers did not introduce separate voice acting, so the shooting sound you are interested in will replace all the sounds of 30 mm autocannon shots.
  4. What you have in mind is great. Now developers have begun to pay more attention to realistic appearances and skins in the game, but still not enough. My opinion is that first of all it would be nice to fix inappropriately painted tanks such as the T-62M, Vickers MK7 and the like. It would also be nice to pay attention to vehicles that have been neglected by developers, such as the Chieftain series tanks
  5. Good day everyone! I hope that you do not refuse to help me, and respond to my request. The fact is that about a year ago, the developers changed the model of the gun on the tanks of the Leopard series, namely, starting from model 2 and up to model 2A5, the gun has a bend sensor. This is all great, but the problem is that the gun came out shorter than the original, and if you compare it with the L44 gun mounted on the leopard 2AV, then this mistake is very striking. Is it possible to change this misunderstanding by rearranging the gun from leopard 2AV to leopards 2, 2A5, 2A4 Revolution and Evolution? In addition, I would like to ask about replacing the turret of the Abrams M1A2 tank with the turret of the M1A2C tank, since the turret of the second tank also has fewer errors in the model and generally looks much more organically. Thanks in advance for your help and kindness.
  6. Good afternoon The installation is simple, you need to move the Sounds folder from the archive to the address: Armored Warfare\localization\(the game language you use). After moving the files you should look like this: Armored Warfare\localization\English\Sounds or Armored Warfare\localization\Russian\Sounds
  7. Thanks for the feedback! To be honest, I tested the new sounds on most vehicles, but bypassed the T-15 Kinzhal. I'll see what I can do with it! Yes, indeed, in the new patch, I deleted some folders not used by the mod, in order to optimize the size of the archive. Everything is in order, the sound quality will not suffer from their absence)
  8. Thanks for the positive feedback! As for the engines, this is a massive game problem and I can't fix it. Unfortunately, the developers did not give me a tool for working with sound scripts. The game has a lot of bugs with sounds that need to be edited. For example, the Type 90 also has the sound of a Turbine instead of a diesel, but I generally keep quiet about Western equipment with an automatic loader. For the same Type 90 or Leclerc, instead of the sound of the mechanism, the sound of the loader is used and there are many such problems in the game.
  9. Good. I will make a separate addon for the mod.
  10. If anything, I haven't forgotten about the Western community, I'm working on a new patch. Slowly, but I can already show something. New sounds for autocannons 50mm and above. Also on the video you can hear the new sound of ATGM penetration. Rate the new sounds so that I understand whether it is worth continuing to work in this direction or not.
  11. Good afternoon! In general, there are developments in development, but they are few. Replaced my old sounds for tank destroyers, light tanks and main battle tanks and some minor changes. It is also planned to make it all in a convenient installer, so that everyone can install the modification without any problems. The difficulty is only in the small amount of free time that I could devote to a more detailed development of the mod)
  12. Can. To do this, you need to replace the file m1a1_exhaust_ext
  13. It's most likely due to the exhaust system.
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