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  1. The new version of the mod is loaded!
  2. If anything, I haven't forgotten about the Western community, I'm working on a new patch. Slowly, but I can already show something. New sounds for autocannons 50mm and above. Also on the video you can hear the new sound of ATGM penetration. Rate the new sounds so that I understand whether it is worth continuing to work in this direction or not.
  3. Good afternoon! In general, there are developments in development, but they are few. Replaced my old sounds for tank destroyers, light tanks and main battle tanks and some minor changes. It is also planned to make it all in a convenient installer, so that everyone can install the modification without any problems. The difficulty is only in the small amount of free time that I could devote to a more detailed development of the mod)
  4. Can. To do this, you need to replace the file m1a1_exhaust_ext
  5. It's most likely due to the exhaust system.
  6. Everything you say is correct. Ideally, you need someone who can unpack archives with warthunder mods and get engine sounds from there. There is a suspicion that the voice acting of the engine there is based on a similar principle.
  7. Well, I'm happy to make a separate addon, provided that you can send me these sounds. The difficulty in this case lies in the fact that in the video the sound of the engine is the same, while for a high-quality mod you need to separate the sound into the engine, exhaust, turbine. In addition, in this video, even if you just cut the sound, there are a lot of conversations behind the scenes. I personally navigated and took the sound for the Gas Turbine Engine from this video. (51) War Thunder Real Engine sound MOD 〜ABRAMS〜 ☆old version☆ Check new channels - YouTube
  8. Unfortunately, this is a developer error. I have not yet learned how to write scripts for sound files. I am aware of this problem. When I tested the new version of the mod, I also drew attention to this annoying mistake.
  9. Good afternoon! To edit the sound of a gas turbine engine, you need to edit the M1A1 files Yes, first person weapon sounds have also been reworked.
  10. You have great hearing! Theoretically, this can be done, but for this you need to interfere with scripts. Unfortunately, I have not yet reached this level, although I plan to try to work with sound scripts using FMOD. Maybe something will come out of this.
  11. Thanks for your feedback! The sound of the turret drive from a third person, like last time, I will correct in a separate file, which I will fix in the first message. As for the voices of the crews, you can try to implement this, but I think it's impossible, but I'll try. In general, you can take the voice acting option from the AW video, or you can take excellent voice acting options from here (34) GHPC | Crew voice is scary realistic - YouTube
  12. I want to notify all those who are interested about updating the version of the mod.
  13. Good afternoon! I understand that this is probably difficult or even impossible, but still. Tell me if there are craftsmen here who can change the hull of the T-72A and T-72B available in the game for the hull from the T-72 Ural, naturally with the transfer of the ERA to the old hull. In this case, the tower will need to be left from the new model. Let me explain why I need it. Unfortunately, in the new models, the developers made mistakes in the undercarriage of the tank, and it looks, to put it mildly, badly. With this replacement, I want to solve this problem and thereby again enjoy the game on the correct model. Or, as an alternative, do not change the body, but change only the chassis, that is, transfer the rollers from the old model, but I strongly doubt that it will fit correctly. Thank you. Below is a photo to understand how the correct chassis of the tank looks like, and how it is in the game. In the game, the rollers are smaller than the original, and there are also errors in their location.
  14. diesel SL 1 and M1 if I'm not mistaken, these are the sounds used by various light vehicles. Yes, you can throw, I'll listen to them. If they match the turns, then I use them in fashion.
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