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  1. diesel SL 1 and M1 if I'm not mistaken, these are the sounds used by various light vehicles. Yes, you can throw, I'll listen to them. If they match the turns, then I use them in fashion.
  2. In fact, in battle with wheeled vehicles, the sound of movement on the ground is not particularly audible. Probably due to the settings that I set in the game. I'll make the sound of the turret turn quieter. Separately, I will upload the file in the message tomorrow. I did not touch the sounds of the gas turbine engine. In fact, they are not the worst, and in my opinion, it is rather difficult to make them qualitatively. The fact is that in the game for diesel engines and gas turbine engines in the file goes to the speed levels. It is important that the sound file is not too short. For me it is about 1.5 - 4.5 seconds. You need to replace each sound file according to the speed. Diesel_F1_int_lp Diesel_F1_lp Diesel_F2_int_lp Diesel_F2_lp Diesel_F3_lp The sound of the exhaust (files exh_lp), which is also divided into speed levels, I did not touch. With the new engine sounds, they sound good. F1, F2, F3 are the rpm levels. 1 is idle and minimum movement. 2 is the average speed. 3 is the maximum rpm/speed. int_lp are the sounds you hear in first person while aiming. lp are those that are outside. For replacement, it is important to pick up files from one engine, and not from different ones. Or the sounds should be as similar as possible to each other. Sounds diesel_idle, diesel_m1, diesel_sl1 work on the same principle. I hope that what I wrote is understandable and accessible given the knowledge of my English And as a bonus, the electric_spindle file is the sound of a hybrid engine. As you can see, it is not divided into rpm levels, and it is for this reason that this sound sounds strange in the game.
  3. There really is such a thing. In general, this is easily corrected by adjusting the volume of the shots. I'm very glad that you liked it. It was the lack of good sound in the game that pushed me to create this mod.
  4. This should not be, although I admit that this is all the merit of the WinZip program. I uploaded a new archive. Try it. The link is in the description of the mod.
  5. https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/52001-the-voice-of-war/

    When I actually downloaded it, there seems to be a problem with the file. When I unzipped the compressed file, it says "corrupted compressed file".


    Please Help me.

    1. LesProux


      I really want to use this mod. Please check the file of this mod quickly. When you unzip this mod, it says "corrupted compressed file". so i'm so sad.

    2. eXeStyle


      Try this link. I completely reassembled the archive. Hope the problem gets resolved. If the problem persists, let me know, I'll try another archiver then

    3. LesProux


      Thank you very much for your work. Thank you.

  6. Of course friend. I'm not against
  7. Good afternoon! I want to apologize in advance. This text was typed using Google Translate as English is not my native language. In this post, I would like to share with you a mod called Voice of War! The mod was originally made by me for the VKontakte group and was a kind of exclusive. This modification replaces a huge number of sounds that the player can hear in battle. This was done for greater immersion in the gameplay and enjoyment of what is happening. What does this mod change in the gameplay? - Replaced ALL shooting sounds. 6 sounds were taken from Vadim's Weapon Sounds mods and the very first BATTLEFIELD Gun Sound mod (I used some other files because these guys made the best sounds for the game. All copyrights belong to the authors of these mods and sound files. I do not claim authorship) ; - Replaced the sounds of diesel engines with new, more realistic ones, as well as the sound of a hybrid engine with a more believable one (previously, the sounds of diesel engines have already been posted here as a separate file); - Changed the sound of the turret turning from third person to more realistic; - Replacing the sound of the air suspension with a realistic one; - Replacing the sound of shooting a smoke screen with a realistic one; - Replacing the sound of reloaded tanks with a realistic one; - Changed the activation sound of some mechanical parts, such as the radar and the landing ramp (landing hatch); - Replaced the sounds of movement of tank tracks; - Replaced most of the sound effects of impacts, penetrations into the player's tank when viewed from the 3rd person to realistic ones; - Changed the sounds of ricochets of ARMOR shells and bullets from vehicles; - replaced the sounds of the movement of wheeled and tracked vehicles on various surfaces, namely on asphalt - primer and various types of off-road (sand, snow, earth); - Replaced the sounds of shells hitting snow, earth and sand with more effective ones; - Replaced the sounds of explosions, as well as replaced some of the effects used in PVE missions (from the effects, the sounds of a flying helicopter, its shooting, as well as the passage of jets overhead for more immersion); - Replaced the sounds of equipment exploding when destroyed (including the player) with realistic ones. Now it's more like what you might hear while playing Battlefield 3; - Changed the sound of target acquisition when using a homing ATGM (Spike, Javelin, etc.). Audio consists of the standard game and target acquisition audio from Battlefield 3; - Replaced the sounds of firing grenade launchers and mortars with realistic ones; and much more! This version of the mod is adapted and universal for foreign users, since all files in Russian have been cut out. Download link: If you encounter errors while extracting the archive, try using an alternative link: File for those who find the sound of the turret turning loud. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GoNeJJNuAI2w2xp1ydOSuEBPAJyza83h/view?usp=sharing If you wish, you can use my sound files in your mod, but with a link to the author. As a fan of realism, I also recommend installing:
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