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  1. The description, and particularly the name of the mission, imply to me that this is a Spec Ops mission and not regular PvE.
  2. The answer has been "soon" since about mid-March, and I strongly suspect that the delay is due to the change in developers. I.e. like Haswell said, some time between next week and 2 months. Honestly it could even take longer than that... getting an old and patched-together code base switched over to a new developer, and then getting that developer comfortable enough with the code and the deployment mechanism, and then getting a patch produced... that could be a fairly long and complicated process.
  3. That particular matchmaker/platoon constraint system has been borked almost since it was implemented. A Stingray still counts as "armored" for the matchmaker, for instance. That might have been almost true a long time ago, but ACs are so overpowered now that a Stingray might as well not have any armor at all. But it still counts as armored as far as the matchmaker is concerned. IIRC it also won't let you create a 3- or 4-man with all Terminators, because that's "too many TDs" in the platoon. Its reasoning is that TDs are squishy, long-range snipers, which Terminators most definitely are not.
  4. This is a tough one to document. I've been experiencing it for a long time, but until recently it has always seemed random, or at most it seemed to occur after I'd been logged into the game for a long time. What happens is that if you're alt-tabbed out of the game to do something else (post on Discord, browse the web, work, whatever), and then bring the game back into focus either by alt-tabbing or by selecting it from the Windows taskbar, the game will occasionally crash to desktop. When that happens you get the little dialog for "hey, the game crashed, can we send in these diagnostics?" This seems to happen more frequently when you've been logged into the game for several hours, but that is by no means a requirement. I've had it happen after less than an hour logged in... but it usually doesn't happen until I've been logged in for at least 3-4 hours. Recently I realized that it almost always seems to happen if I was in the HQ when I alt-tabbed out. I can't recall it ever happening when I was in the garage, for example. So maybe it is in some way related to the HQ screen? I may be a unique case because I leave the game logged in all day long because doing so keeps my computer awake/busy in chat programs. I'm generally not doing anything with the game other than maybe checking and recording the map rotation, which means I'm sometimes alt-tabbing in and out of the game fairly frequently. It should be noted that that's also not a requirement, though - I've had this crash happen the first time I alt-tabbed out and back in before, too.
  5. There is moderation, but it is "on call" or however you want to describe it. They are NOT in global chat all the time, but rather show up to apply mutes when someone files a report. I know several mods, and they've all said this repeatedly. Sounds to me like you have a flakey connection.
  6. Nice! This is enough of an improvement that I might actually go to the trouble of figuring out how to install it. Well done!
  7. All of this. I'm going SPAAG first. If I get time to do a second set of 30, I will probably do SPAAG again because I think that's the best choice, but I wouldn't be upset of Infantry won. Like you said, crates and gold are basically irrelevant, and they can't really give us 90% of an actual reward like a paint, camo, or portrait/decals. TDs are worse than stupid, to be honest - that's a toxic choice. You can win the TD mission by playing PvE, which then makes the campaign more PvP focused. That's just a recipe for meta-griefing. They really need to stop trying to trick/force people into playing PvP - doing so just self-sabotages the events. I think Artillery is only technically a good choice on paper. I worry that having an Artillery attachment might require use of Artillery later, and frankly I'm not interested in a bunch of people playing Arty in PvE who aren't competent in those vehicles. When you occasionally see them now, the player is usually at least decent in the vehicle (which still means they're a drag overall, but that's because Arty sucks). I'm all for making the campaign easier (read: less grindy) overall, but not if that means we're going to have to use SPGs.
  8. Update: It appears that something has changed with the Derpi's PELE bug #1 above, but it's still not good. It tracks in the right direction now, but despite allegedly having the same velocity as AP it lags waaay behind your target if you're tracking something. You have to lead a target by roughly double what you'd have to lead it with AP in order to hit it, which sort of makes the "auto-homing" feature not just pointless but actively bad. AP can often be aimed at the leading edge of a moving target and you'll hit the rear. Not so with the Derpi's PELE - you'll miss well off the back of the target. The ammo is still very good in certain circumstances - it has better pen than AP beyond 275-280m, and it has no reticle bloom so it is dramatically more accurate when firing a long burst. So it is excellent against distant, stationary targets. But it is trash against moving targets at any range, and worse than AP in general below about 250m range.
  9. It's definitely still not "global" but I have no idea what the restriction might be. 255 seems reasonably logical to me.
  10. I hope it's permanent. In-game global chat is often a cesspool and serves no real purpose.
  11. Realistic Battles has been opened 24 hours per day at least until the end of this mission.
  12. Except that, as people are pointing out in in-game chat, the event doesn't actually start for another 15.5 hours because Realistic Battles is locked and doesn't open until then. So if I'm doing the math right, that's 15:00 CET on February 24, not February 23.
  13. There are 2 bugs related to the Derivatsiya: 1. The "homing" PELE ammo is trash, and not because it does the same damage as AP. It's trash because, as near as I can tell, it homes in the wrong direction. It's almost impossible to track a moving target and hit with it - your shots will occasionally hit the very rear of the target, but most often will miss off the back entirely. As long as your reticle isn't moving, it's fine. But if your reticle is moving while you fire - as it is any time you're tracking a moving target - you're going to miss something like 90% of your shots. 2. Derpi PELE counts for the Launcher (read: ATGM) Challenge in the Battle Path. Obviously the shells are too small to count for 120+mm Caliber challenge, and they are PELE not HEAT so don't count for the HEAT challenge, but at least you can use PELE to quickly complete the Launcher challenge if you're sick and tired of using ATGMs to do it.
  14. The reason the latest SpecOps didn't go well is because they tacked it onto the end of Apocalypse, meaning that you have to play 3 missions you've already played 100 times in order to get to it. They screwed up badly when they made each Apocalypse SpecOps essentially stand-alone from an achievement point of view, but continued to link them together and force people to play all of them in order to get the achievements. They all should have been done like Plague was initially - stand alone - and then after all 4 were released, and the 4th mission was given sufficient time as a stand alone mission, then they could have introduce a separate set of achievements that you could earn by playing the full set together. No one wants to play Plague 75 times in each class of vehicles just to get all of the achievements for each mission. That's just stupid. (Note that Plague was retconned to 15 times per vehicles class somewhere along the way. It was 20 times per vehicle class at launch.)
  15. Huh. I never played it. Was it a special map, or did it just re-use something that already exists?
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