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  1. Stealth announcement... It'd be nice if they'd let us know at least a week... 2 would be better... before any major update.
  2. I've heard some very minor crackling, but no stuttering. I'm using a gaming headset, so I assume 2.1 sound.
  3. I've never seen this happen, and I've perfected the exit slide about as well as it can be perfected. I find it hard to believe that I've never "trapped" someone and caused them to explode by exiting too fast, which would have to be the case if what you say here is true. I've only ever see exploded vehicles on the upper level having never spawned in... anyone on the lower level always manages to exit. I know this isn't going to be popular, but here you go. If you're gameplay is being affected by mechanical/system limitations that significantly affect your performance, then continuing to play is selfish. You're allowing your own system's deficiencies to affect everyone on your team. You're unable to give your best effort, which by definition means you're relying on your teammates to carry you in every match. Note that I'm only talking about effects that have an impact. If you're playing with high ping, but you're used to it and know how to lead your shots to compensate, then it isn't affecting your game significantly. But if it takes you 2 minutes to load into a game... set aside Plague and consider some of the shorter PvE missions. 2 minutes is 1/4 to 1/3 of the match that you've missed! That sounds pretty significant to me. I hear what you're saying, but ultimately... why? That just encourages people to play with systems that really aren't viable, which in turn drags down the experience for everyone else. Standard PvE? Sure. In Standard PvE you're not affecting people much by playing with a bad system. But that starts to change with PvE Hardcore, especially at Tier 9-10. And it's at a completely different level in Spec Ops. Spec Ops, particularly at Tier 9-10, is for people who want the most challenge that the (PvE) game can provide. I grant that it's still not that challenging, but that's not the point. You shouldn't be playing those modes with a bad system, so no I don't think there's anything wrong with punishing people for failing to keep up in those modes. FWIW I'm playing on a 6-year old computer with 6 GB of RAM and a GTX 770 video card. My ping from the West coast of the US is around 170-180. So I'm far from an ideal setup, but I'm still doing the carrying in most matches. I'm not coming at this from an elitist POV. I don't mind carrying bad players... at least they're in the game and trying. I can help them learn and get better. But if your system is so bad that it takes you 2 min to load then there's nothing I can do to help you, and it's never going to get better. I can think of plenty of measures that could be taken in this case, but they'd just be adjusting the line. You could delay the collapse until the first tank has reached the cap circle at the top of the hill after the slide. You could make it so that only the top level of the spawn collapses and that anyone on the lower level would be safe. You could even simply teleport everyone still in the castle to the bottom of the slide. Lots of options. I just don't think they're necessary.
  4. It's kind of funny in the US. I'm generalizing a great deal, but people on the East coast seem to have difficulty dealing with time zones whereas people on the West coast do it with ease. I think that's because - even to this day - a lot of TV times are listed for East coast only, or occasionally for East coast and West coast. So those of us on the West coast learn very quickly to automatically adjust times as needed. I would have thought that that would also apply to basically anyone in Europe, but I can see how MSK time might have the same problem that Eastern does in the US. But yeah, ultimately it doesn't really matter. I just wanted to make people aware in case someone was planning on using that last sliver of a day due to vacations, etc.
  5. The server is apparently on a different time schedule than planned, because the event started at 4:00 pm Pacific and will end at midnight before December 31. Either that or they started it (and will finish it) an hour early for some reason. (Pacific time is 9 hours behind Central European time, so the announced 2:00 am CET start should have been 5:00 pm PST here. But the event started at 4:00 pm. No one is still on Daylight Savings Time, so it should have been a straight 9 hour difference.)
  6. Plus the initial 30 second countdown, plus the fact that you are allowed 60 seconds to exit after the final lower-level cap has been secured. So I was being generous when I said 2 minutes, because in reality you have a minimum of 2.5 minutes. If you're a late loader, you're also being impacted elsewhere in the game and that affects everyone in your mission. Playing anyway when your internet impacts your performance and affects everyone else in the match is what sounds incredibly selfish to me.
  7. NOV 30TH | 2020 Commanders! With December upon us, the 2020 holiday season is rapidly approaching. To make the whole month extra enjoyable for you, we’ll be soon launching the first of the events that we have prepared. We call this one Breath of Winter. The event will activate on December 1, 2 AM CET and you can access it by pressing the Event button in your Garage. Its rules are very simple (if you participated in the earlier Anniversary Takedown event in September, it works the same). Every day, complete the daily objective by destroying 5 enemy vehicles in a single PvE battle or 1 player vehicle in PvP in order to receive a reward for every stage of the event. These rewards include: Gold and Platinum Loot Crates Battle Coin boosters Snow animal decals Premium Time and more Once you progress far enough through the event, however, you’ll be able to obtain some unique and truly valuable content, such as: Japanese Winter camouflage (Stage 15) Frozen Wastelander player avatar (Stage 20) Winter Warrior skin for the Type 90 Tier 7 Premium MBT (Stage 25) The Winter Warrior skin and the Japanese winter camouflage are real life camouflage patterns used by the Japanese military during winter exercises. Especially the skin has long been asked for by many of you and we hope that many of you will be able to obtain it during this event. You can read about the skin and the camouflage in our dedicated article. Please note: This event may run concurrently with other events and is available to all players You may only complete one objective per day The event starts on December 1 at 2 AM CET The event ends on December 31 at 10 AM CET No worries, no blueprint Loot Crates in this event Yes, there is a second Type 90 skin called Snowstorm available in the game, follow the portal in order not to miss it We hope that you will enjoy this event and will see you on the battlefield! Due to a quirk in timing, those of us in the US get 32 days to do this. For me, in the Seattle area (Pacific time), it starts at 5:00 pm on November 30 (today), and ends at 1:00 am on December 31. For those on the East coast it starts at 8:00 pm on November 30 and ends at 4:00 am on December 31. So not ideal to need to use that 32nd day since you'd have to play between midnight and whatever time o-dark-thirty, but it's there. It's also nice that there are only rewards for 25 days, but we get 31 (32) days to do them. So you can miss a few days and not miss out on any of the rewards. That's good design for a holiday event, in my opinion.
  8. Re: mission chain - I'd like to see each mission released individually when first released, which would give us the chance to play it over and over to get the mission-specific achievements, but then when the entire SpecOp has been released go back and link it together into a traditional SpecOp. Re: corridors - my only real complaint about the design is that they're too tight. PvE missions by their very nature are channeled by the "story" of the mission, but this one in particular is extremely tight. There are a couple of places where, realistically, only 2 people can participate if those first 2 people are stupid and stop blocking the corridor. (Technically in all cases there are alternate routes, but they're less optimal so no one wants to take the alternate route.) I also agree that the channeled nature of this particular mission is especially egregious with regard to lightly armored vehicles - by the time you can see most of the enemies anyone can spot them, so it isn't possible to "be a spotter" for your team in this mission. I like the fact that people can't just connect and go AFK to get credit for completing missions, which I've seen regularly in past SpecOps on release. If your internet is so bad that you can't connect within 2 minutes, which is roughly the amount of time you have at the start in Plague, then you really shouldn't be trying to play.
  9. Well, no one joined me so I gave up. I'm available to fill out a platoon any time I'm online, just message me in game.
  10. I'd like to put together a platoon for Tier 10 Plague tomorrow (11/27) probably after noon Pacific time. IIRC that's 20:00 GMT / 21:00 on the continent. One objective will be to get the 2 achievements done (to get the Desert and Snow variants of the camo), which I've heard are fairly easy to do as long as you're not relying on randos to do them. I'll hang out in the LABS Discord General voice channel once I'm online and hopefully there will be enough interest in this to get a platoon together.
  11. I've done my 15 missions in SPG (PLZ-89) and LT (Griffin 120), and am working through AFV (K21)now. I'm doing these 3 vehicle classes at Tier 8 (7 for the Arty), and squishies have no trouble at all. I'm getting ridiculous kill totals with fairly normal "good" PvE damage numbers... something like 15-25k damage and 15-25 kills. I was getting 15-ish kills in my Arty missions. Despite the mission corridors being much too tight, if you just sit back and give your teammates time to clear out of your way, you can still put up crazy good stats. Tier 10 is a completely different story. I have yet to complete it successfully (but have only tried twice) because the swarm at the final cap is just insane. There are a couple of points where you have to push or you'll get capped out, but they're not too bad... except for that final cap. I used my K2 in my 2 attempts and it seems like a reasonable choice, but we just had no chance against that final swarm and I'm not sure that all T-15s would have made any difference. There must be some trick or position that I haven't figured out yet. From a design standpoint, the airship should be removed or at least kept at high altitude until the mission is over. Having it land while combat is still ongoing makes no sense from a story point of view (especially given the dialog during that phase of the mission) and completely ruins the one opportunity that Artillery has to contribute in a significant way by blocking all fire from across the river. Derp gun Arty isn't fun... it's just a bad TD when forced to play that way, most players aren't very good at it, and that means everyone else has to carry the Arty (more than usual). Furthermore, players have to play Arty in order to complete the achievements and they're being forced to play it in its least fun, least effective manner. Get the airship out of the way and let Arty shine for one brief moment during the final cap.
  12. Cool, thanks for the further info! But I wasn't asking when the next contract vehicle would launch, I was asking when the current Eastern crates would end. Those aren't necessarily at the same time. The Eastern crates were available for at least a month (maybe 2? I got 1 and I'm slow) before the Stalker came out, so if they do something similar again this time the current crates could end before the next contract vehicle is released. I believe that the crates changed with the launch of Spirithaven, then reset with the launch of the Stalker, then activated again after the Stalker's month was over.
  13. How do we know that? Was it mentioned on Discord or something?
  14. Super glad I didn't waste gold trying to get one last Eastern crate completed.
  15. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-msta-s NOV 20TH | 2020 Commanders! The final vehicle of the upcoming Battle Path will be the Soviet Msta-S Self-Propelled Gun. 2S19M2 Msta-S The Msta-S SPG was developed as a replacement to the older 2S3 Akatsiya. The goal was to match (or surpass) the newly developed NATO artillery pieces with long 155mm guns that were designed to offer enough range to keep Soviet infantry from actually reaching the front. The Soviets needed the same type of weapon in their arsenal. Adapting a long 152mm gun for vehicle use turned out to be a long process. The general development started as early as in 1976 with several projects running parallel, but the actual MSTA-S project was opened in 1980 and it would take almost a decade for the vehicle to see service. The MSTA-S SPG is based on a heavily modified T-72 chassis and is armed with a long 152mm gun, allowing it to fire at extreme distances (especially when using modern ammunition). The production began in 1988 and is currently ongoing with a modernized variant rolling out for the Russian military. More than 500 Msta-S SPGs are still in Russian service and dozens were exported to several other countries. It has seen some combat during the Second Chechen War and the War in Donbass. Even though the exact production numbers aren’t available, it is estimated that around 1000 Msta-S howitzers have been built to this day. Click the image to open a larger version In Armored Warfare, the Msta-S will be a Tier 9 Premium SPG. Indeed – it will be the first vehicle of this class to be introduced in years. We’ve decided to add a new vehicle of this class partially because some of you have been asking for one, but also because we are planning to finally return SPGs to the Global Operations mode, making them useful in PvP as well as in PvE. This change will happen at some point in the near future (not necessarily with the launch of Update 0.34 though) and will be permanent. As for the Msta-S, it will be about what you’d expect. As is customary with SPGs, it will have poor mobility and practically no armor whatsoever with only a 7.62mm machinegun being available for close combat. Click the image to open a larger version What it will have, however, is a long 152mm gun (no magazine, 8 seconds reload time) capable of firing two types of HE shells (apart from the usual White Phosphorus and Smoke ones, of course): Standard shell (300 m/s) with high trajectory that will make it easier to fire at targets behind cover Fast shell (600 m/s) with low trajectory that will make it easier to fire at moving targets (but not over obstacles), available via additional Battle Path progression Otherwise, they both will have the same properties similar to other high-caliber and high-Tier HE shells: 50mm penetration 1200 points of damage per shot The faster shell will also come with a special ability of nearly instant switch, so you’ll always have the option to immediately choose, which shell suits your purposes the best. Click the image to open a larger version We hope that you will enjoy this Self-Propelled Gun as well as the entire Battle Path and, as always: See you on the battlefield! Read: tracked Centauro 155 with less maneuverability but 2 HE shells. For reference, the Centauro 155's HE shell is 400 m/s, 55 pen, 1298 dmg, and reloads in 9 seconds.
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