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  1. I highly doubt that they're individually recording each player's vehicle choice. "You" in that sentence is the collective you, not the specific you. (Yay, English!) Meaning: "the vehicles you, the players, collectively choose will be required to complete future Storyline Campaign objectives." If "we" choose Experimentals, everyone will be screwed. That's why I went Modern Soviet... because the BMPT 2017 is easily the most OP vehicle available in the Prologue (with the Terminator 2 from the same group not that far behind), so even if not everyone has the 2017 those of us who do will be able to "carry" much harder in future objectives.
  2. Yes. The only ones that don't are the ones that are part of a skin.
  3. I don't know how they compute DPM for a ready rack, but 7158 doesn't really seem to make any sense. Unless they assume a full rack to start, burst out 6 shots, then assume single shot reloads for the rest of the minute? That would give you roughly 14.2 shots in the first minute, which works out to roughly 500 damage for the "upgraded" gun, but that's only an accurate DPM measurement for the first minute - it isn't sustainable beyond 1 minute. I'd have to see it in action to see if 500 damage is worth it at Tier 9. That's only 3k burst damage over the first 14 seconds, too... not exactly devastating especially considering that you'd then need 33.6 seconds to fully reload. Assuming the Ghost gets HEAT, the average of the Thunderbolt and Anders at Tier 9 is around 680 damage with 885 pen which sounds decent. I wouldn't call 27% camo "excellent". It's fine, but it's not great. The Anders is 33% after all and doesn't need ADAPTIV to get there. We'll have to see how the armor works out. The PL-01's numbers indicated that it shouldn't be immune to AC fire from the front (165 mm vs AP), yet it generally is in PvE against my BMPT 2017 which has 185mm pen. (Tier 9 "Fragile" PL-01's are generally pennable.) So I take anything they say about armor with a couple cups of salt until I see how it actually works.
  4. Sure, but your example assumes that 2 players who normally play Experimentals switch over to play CW NATO for this event. That's a perfect example of a situation where, by design, the event should choose CW NATO. People switched to that group for purposes of the Prologue, which indicates that they want to play that group. And - using either of our methods - it results in the correct choice: CW NATO.
  5. Ugh. They are not effectively the same thing. Counting actual battles instead of the percent increase means that a minor percentage increase in play of the group that's normally played the most could easily surpass a very large percentage increase in the group that's normally played the least. Example (numbers made up for the sake of the example): Experimentals are normally played 1000 times per week. Cold War NATO are normally played 100 times per week. A meager 15% increase in Experimental play would result in an extra 150 battles. But a 100% increase in Cold War NATO play would only result in an extra 100 battles. The latter is far more significant because the event actually got people to go out and play a relatively unpopular group of vehicles.
  6. Plague, War, Famine... and Death? I assume they're trying and failing to do the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Unfortunately the 4 Horsemen are Conqueror, War, Famine, and Death. Famine is sometimes inaccurately called Plague and/or Pestilence which I suspect is what causes the confusion. Another fun fact about the 4 Horsemen: Death rides a pale horse, right? The greek word that is typically translated as "pale" in that description is also the root of the words "chlorophyll" and "chlorine". I.e. the color should not be the commonly used light grey or off white, but rather a light green or yellowish green. It is literally the color of death - the skin of a dead body as it starts to putrefy. Death is also the only Horseman explicitly named.
  7. 23 of my 24 currently completed missions have been in the BMPT Mod.2017. The 24th was in the M1A1 AIM. In our house, I'm the one who is "expensive maintenance" because I collect (and drink) Port wine. She likes to knit. Even the fanciest normal yarn is only a fraction of the cost of a normal bottle of Port, so she pretty much gets to buy anything that strikes her fancy. (Neither of us has any idea what the most exquisite yarn might cost... though I'm sure someone has spun gold thread into silk at some point in time.)
  8. [7:57 PM] пушистый колодец: This is exactly like pubs, except on a grander scale [7:57 PM] пушистый колодец: You have people who want to work towards a common goal [7:57 PM] пушистый колодец: And people who just want to do whatever they want [7:58 PM] пушистый колодец: And people who actively spread chaos I said pretty much exactly this in some chat/forum somewhere as soon as the new Storyline Campaign was announced. These large group activities tend to go sideways almost immediately because there's a significant percentage of the playerbase that just wants to cause chaos and watch the world burn. They will deliberately coordinate to make the worst choices so that they can laugh as everyone else then struggles to recover from their bad decisions. The Prototypes are basically a given - it's easily the most played and most popular tier. Enjoy trying to do 200 missions a month!
  9. It also sounds like its armor is going to be worse, though the numbers might not bear that out. The Marder's armor is deceptively good. The silhouette also looks lower which might help it make better use of bushes, and both its VR and its camo are better than the Marder's. Not that camo is all that useful on a vehicle that has an AC as its main weapon, but the MkIV can at least make some use of it by resorting to missiles.
  10. Oops, it's not the Ramka, it's the Terminator 2. Still a pretty OP vehicle in PvE at Tier 9, but not on the same level of OP as the Ramka is at Tier 8. Yes it's been confirmed. I don't have a screenshot, unfortunately.
  11. I get the on-paper arguments for Euro MBTs, but disagree entirely because of the Ramka and 2017 being included in the modern Russian category. Those two vehicles are so OP that by rights it should tilt everyone toward that category. 10% of other things here or there is nowhere close to out-weighing the strength of the Ramka and 2017 in PvE, which - let's be honest - is where a vast majority of Storyline games are going to be played. I really hope we don't have a bunch of PvP players arguing for the Euro tanks because they're better in PvP. Who cares? 90+% of these games will be PvE so in this case picking the strongest PvE option is what matters. Choose the broken AF Terminators.
  12. Something else that could use confirmation is whether or not you have to win your 80 battles. It doesn't look like it - "simply play at least 80 battles" - but it wouldn't hurt to have that confirmed.
  13. For the Prologue, you need 80 missions in any combination of any of the listed vehicles. So you would only need 80 missions in the T-14 152, not 200. Those adjustments/bonuses only apply to future events during the Storyline Campaign, and are only if that class of vehicles is chosen during the Prologue.
  14. Mod edit: shameless plug, if people want to coordinate the campaign (ie. want to all play towards the same goals) I would highly encourage everyone to join our Discord server for instant information and strategy talks. Our Discord server can be found here: https://discord.gg/scTRpBb Also added a poll to make coordinating easier. -H It is important to note that you don't just need to play 80 battles, you need to play 80 battles in one of the listed vehicles. It isn't stated specifically, but I think it is reasonable to assume that you do not need to play all 80 battles in the same vehicle. If that were required, I would hope that they would have made it very clear.
  15. Interesting... to me it looks strictly worse than the Stingray 2. I'll take a RR over a clip any day if they're otherwise roughly equivalent, and since the CV has lower damage than the Stingray it doesn't have enough of a DPM advantage in burst mode to matter. Derpy gun? I've never experienced that in the Stingray 2. It's actually my favorite light tank for Tier 8 Spec Ops... I use it instead of the Buford or whatever else is available at T8.
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