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  1. This one looks really nice. Definitely need to get it
  2. Maybe you're right but I'd still prefer the website that was done for the Panzer Showdown (iirc?) where there was a neat web interface with your personal progression as well as the overall progression. Looked really good and was well done.
  3. As for images you can use https://imgur.com/upload for example. Simply upload the pictures then paste the according link into your post. I'm not sure about the upload limit, @Haswell surely knows more than I do in that regard
  4. are you on our Discord server? Just not sure if you got the role there
  5. Just an educated guess. But either it will be harder to repair damage to vehicles in the storyline or what I could also imagine is that it will be significantly harder to upgrade vehicles with high maintenance costs I mean I really hope you're wrong but at this point I'm not sure. Though they will monitor the increase so given most people already were playing a lot of those prototype vehicles before the campaign I think it could be significantly harder for that group to get a high increase. I don't know the statistics on vehicle/tier usage but I'm quite sure it's easier to get a gain on non T10 stuff. So there's some hope left.
  6. Nice I only have experience in grinding that thing in PVP and I really hated it and in the end just used reputation to skip. I'd take the C13 TUA anytime over that thing. TUA is a lot better despite being a tier lower. As for AFT-10 since .33 pretty much useless unfortunately. First shot ends up in APS, followed by shitty as hell salvo reload. This thing was shredding pre .33 but mainly because of the low salvo reload and good pen.
  7. noice was wondering what that is.
  8. Well yes, for that year at least. As for this BP: Looks like this is where my gold will sink into
  9. I mean community clearly wants stuff like OPhelia or Alisas main skills. Totally realistic and justified in any way. So why only keep using stuff that exists irl? Really wouldn't mind laser cannon tanks or EMP bursts tbh as long as it's balanced the right way and is fun to play. Needless to say I don't mind this science fiction Kornet. It looks plausible and should fit into the game in that regard so I'm totally fine with it even though it will probably be useless according to the stats provided comapred to our Kornet Jeep.
  10. Not like it will perform any good in PVE. PVP maybe given you make good use of x-ray sniper and your camo. As for camo: Very hard to tell how good it will be given we don't know the camo drop on firing the launchers which can make the camo useless. Though not an interesting vehicle at all. Take wheeled Kornet, be much faster, have better firepower, better spotting capabilities (if we expect sniper to be fixed one day). I don't see a single reason why you would want to use this at all if you have the Jeep.
  11. Can you access the Shadowplay overlay ingame? (Alt+Z should be standard) I'm using reshade for those kinds of things but for me Nvidia filters work as well for AW, as I just tried.
  12. @Kirisame As stated in the FAQ you can do so by simply creating a fork and adhering to the statement above
  13. Once again we had a lovely encounter with one of the resident flamers JekyllnHyde. Dude didn't really like that I killed him 5 times in a row Always some good comedy when you happen to meet this guy in battle.
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