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  1. looks like they actually put some effort into this one at least. Boring color but it looks good regardless
  2. In PVE you'll hardly get above that but in certain PVP/GLOPS maps it's possible to have quite long shots even beyond render range at times.
  3. Damn the chaos this would cause I'd love to see that one day
  4. Now I found it @Blesd12. I accepted your application, welcome. Also feel free to join our discord to stay informed on bat related stuff https://discord.gg/Zrq6sxBPAr
  5. what's your name there? So I can give you the tag
  6. I just accepted your application, welcome to LABS. Please also join our battalion Discord to stay informed on any bat stuff: https://discord.gg/Zrq6sxBPAr
  7. This looks like a lot of data for @Haswell Also i hope your mouse survived all the clicking
  8. Hello and Welcome I can't see any application from you ingame currently in LABS battalion. Please check if you really submitted it. Otherwise I can also invite you if need be.
  9. groups usually form on ArmoredLabs Discord. The labs bat Discord is primarily for administration trading and ranked
  10. @BamaBlitz I accepted your application. Welcome Feel free to join our battalion discord for all bat related stuff: https://discord.gg/Zrq6sxBPAr
  11. Hello there. I can see your application but it was revoked. In case you still like to join please resend an application and let me know once you did.
  12. Me and Seb seem to be the masters of salt in this game. We could really start a shop for it Basically a glops game against triple man tryhard platoon. And us being in triple man tryhard platoon as well going for 50k damage mission. Lost by around 100 points, was pretty close and a good fun game in my opinion. It so happened that I did quite a lot of damage on the flaming guy as we just kept meeting on battlefield. So dude started to behave like a 10 year old in ingame chat This is a good glimpse of what kinds of players will be remaining in PVP modes shortly before those modes finally die in this game:
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