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  1. Not only at the expense of players. There's also such stuff: And well fuckups happen everywhere.
  2. When I first saw this I was near 100% sure it's fake or at least not working. Was not disappointed by looking at the code. Black Friday just gets more cancer every year in general. This is only one of many cancerous sales tactics I've seen during this weekend. It's outrageous.
  3. On the other hand I've seen plenty of people who (probably) crashed and didn't load in but were in a platoon. So hard to believe they deliberately went AFK to fuck over their platoonmates. In such a case it's just frustrating and dumb to make people die in the spawn just because their game crashed or internet died. It's just tiring if the only thing saving you from losses en masse is the Carry-15 because in near every game I had one AFK (mostly bec they got fucked by the castle) and the usual randoo retard with a T15 barely managing 10k. So I'm forced to do 60-85k dmg myself combined with the triple jesus kit to reliably win it. It's beyond sad and maybe it will get better once people get used to the mission because it isn't even hard basically.
  4. If the majority of players like it I'm fine with it too. But I do hope they won't cramp every single new map this much. Have a hard time noticing how this map rewards mobility though. Additionally from what I've heard if you're DCed at the spawn and the castle collapses you're fucked. Might want to change this too to reduce frustration of the whole team.
  5. I was not expecting a masterpiece but this is underwhelming to say the least. I don't know what the designers whanted to achieve with this one. If the aim was to induce as much rage as possible to the player they probably succeeded. Maybe it's just me but the english voiceover is probably the worst I've heard in AW. The content of the conversation is already bad enough. Guess it fits then. I don't really care about the voiceover as long as the mission is good. When I played my first plague match on T10 however, the initial impression was like they took all bad things from previous Specops to combine them into one to rule them all. The Map looks fine and all that but oh boi is it a pain to play. So you start at the castle. And the first thing you need to do is cap some literally useless caps just to waste time. How could anyone think of this as fun or engaging activity? As if the game wasn't easy enough on its own. Now all you need to do is use three fingers to press WASD instad of two hands simultaneously to operate the mouse. This is a bit exaggerated but there is zero skill involved in this activity. It's just wrong to make players waste time with such stuff. As you bumped into your teammates multiple times already you hope to leave this damned castle behind and get to some less narrow areas. Not gonna happen. So you slide down the tank-slide (which is fun as long as no idiots block it, which happened 50% of the battles I played) just to find out that you're basically forced through a corridor for the whole mission. You proceed to bump into your teammates or they keep on bumping into you. This is the first PVE mission that made me nearly rage because of this. This "feature" helps a ton to hate your randoo teammates even more and makes you want to throw your PC out of the window at times. Why just why would this ever be fun. I mean imagine playing this with a squishie (I didn't feel masochist enough to even try it). There's some corridor missions like AN4 which work fairly well and are fun at times. This one clearly isn't. Way too cramped in the key areas. The trip through the city is fairly easy besides trying to avoid your teammates which seems to be the main goal and difficulty of this mission. Inf and firepoints are annoying but can be dealt with. If you manage to get to the pickup point you end up getting cramped again. Hordes of enemies flood the place while you're pressed against the few viable positions which are available to reliably fight the bots. Usually this is where the randoos and I included get crushed fast, so you end up at the respawn location pressed against the end of the map. It's not fun. At least good to farm a ton of damage if you need to with carry-15 and co. So overall the idea and look of the map is fine. Gameplay is not. I won't comment too much on tier 8 and below. basically the same issues there. Additionally it's just way too easy and dull. There's just no real challenge fighting a bunch of tier 4 vehicles and a majority of paper-tanks with a tier 8 tank even worse after 0.33. If I got this correct this is just the first mission of the series, so there's still hope left for the rest to be more enjoyable than this one.
  6. I added the stream replay in the initial post. In case anyone missed it.
  7. Not really. The maps are .dds files so you should be able to open them with photoshop or something alike. Maybe need to install an extension for it though. The assets should be located somewhere in one of the archives of the game (Not sure where the PVE stuff is located unfortunately). You can use this guide if you'd like to dig through them:
  8. Didn't even notice myself Yes. At least to me. That was just to show that the game actually counted the spot in the results.
  9. Could very well be the case, just hard to confirm. It's not the first time this happened on Narrows: This happened after 0.31. And the issue was indeed fixed in the next Update 0.31.5990: Ref: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-march-5 So maybe just a returning bug.
  10. This was bound to happen so here we are... We'll be running Spirithaven T9/10 Specops with a full Arty team. It will be pain, suffering and madness. In case you're into those things I have good news for you: I'll be streaming our attempts on my Twitch channel this Saturday at 14:00-18:00 CET so feel free to join us. In case you missed the stream I got you covered: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/810813603 Essentially Ch1, Ch2 and 7 unsuccessful tries at ch3.
  11. OS: Win 10 pro build 19041 Game Version: 0.33.7478 Brief Description: Spotting a T15 Armata with my Type10 through hard cover on Narrwos in ranked battles Steps to Reproduce: unknown, just funny how this stuff only seems to happen on narrows Result: Wallhack mode activated, or UI is wrong (which would be preferrable) Expected Behavior: Not to be able to spot this T15 Fixes/Workarounds: unknown Other Notes: video below. Either it was spotted by the dudes on G5 and wrongly shown in the UI that I was spotting it. Or something is whack again. Not the first time such stuff happens on Narrows and I believe the original issue was fixed a while ago. https://streamable.com/uq14ah 2020-11-15_214510.awr
  12. Why? Just why? At least the squishies are getting some love.
  13. MBT as top reward again? I'd rather have a squishie for a change. But those do not attract as many people probably.
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