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  1. Yes that as well. Had to lock my pc and basically force restart it couple times because of it. Quality coding.
  2. The news article is written in such a confusing manner near everyone who I know didn't really get it. Idk why you would release such an unclear mess to the players who usually even don't understand simple things and on top of that mess up with the translations. Should be as Schlock said +X% So you got the bonus gold button but when you click on it nothing happens? What should happen is that it opens the my.games overlay with the gold purchase website. Maybe check if you disabled that overlay somehow.
  3. So given I've played a fair amount of realistic battles now I'm going to list some of the problems I encountered and some ideas for the remedy of those in case this mode ends up being permanent in some way. First of all this is probably one of the best things AW devs came up with in the last couple years and for an April 1 mode it works surprisingly well and is a lot of fun. The mode itself is very unforgiving and in order to be successful you need to know the maps and how to play PVP in general. It's great that there is still a HP system in place unlike the more or less oneshot mechanics in WT which do have the tendency to become frustrating very fast. By using HP system smaller mistakes do not lead to instant kills which is a bit more forgiving and more fun for a broader range of players in my opinion. I noticed the following problems currently: Render distance of foliage: On larger maps such as Pleternica the render distance of foliage (in 3rd person view) is too short. This leads to situations where you can see enemies in 3rd person who should be obscured by foliage. Example of this: Obviously such shots should not be possible. Regarding foliage it's a good thing that there is no transparency of bushes in the close area around your tank. Changing that would lead to pretty broken tactics where you can observe the whole battlefield while staying hidden yourself. Teamdamage (and friend or foe identification): First of all to make it clear in my opinion teamdamage should not be disabled at all in such "realistic" modes. It was always a big letdown to me in WT RB, because disabled teamdamage basically eliminates the need of identifying your target and doing a decision whether to open fire or not. The way the mode is currently designed encourages players to learn how to use the minimap and team tab as well as learning/identifying the various tank models. Surprisingly this is the first mode where such a strict teamdamage-kick system makes sense. It's good that a player gets kicked on the first teamkill, it's a harsh punishment but I think a great incentive to learn out of the mistake made. Additionally I start to like the idea of mirroring teamdamage caused to the respective tank for the game in general. Additionally there should be a better audio/visual indication when you hit an ally. To me the current crew callout is not enough. I've seen plenty of people who put a ton of shots into allies before realizing they're doing teamdamage. I'm quite sure this could be improved in some way. In the survey a tank silhouette outline was suggested to remedy the issue of telling your allies apart from enemies. Implementing this as an instant effect once you hover over a tank would kill a lot of the realistic battle feeling we currently have as it again eliminates the need to think before shooting. Watching the minimap, knowing your surroundings and having a good situational awareness should be rewarded which is the case currently but would get jeopardized by such an addition. If there really needs to be such mechanics to help players who can't manage to do that on their own it should come with a drawback. In form of a time delay for example. Aim at the tank for 3s before the silhouette outline shows (Basically the time your crew needs to recognise if the target is an enemy). This gives lesser experienced players a tool to tell friend from foe but still reward players who can do that on their own. What I would like would be to add a discrete flag at the back of each tanks turret which could help visually identify an ally/enemy faster in case it's deemed necessary to implement such a thing. Though I fear that it would be too time consuming to implement. AFVs/Scouting: Right now the meta is pretty clear. In the battles I've played there were mostly MBTs which makes sense as armor is a pretty good advantage in this mode at longer distances. With the current meta being MBTs anyways it's only a natural thing to happen. Secondly powerful missile slingers like VCAC, Kornet or MGM or very small stuff like Weisel HOT work well. Mainly due to the high damage they deal on a hit or the fact that some of those vehicles solely need to expose the launcher in order to shoot. AFVs were generally not a very good choice especially when those vehicles would need to rely on AC. Firing an AC exposes your position unlike anything else which limits the vehicles in a way they can only safely engage vehicles at close range which has drawbacks on its own. I feel like a solution to scout targets would need to be implemented for AFVs basically as a special ability like marking a target. But there would be no visual indicator but the marked enemy vehicle would appear on the minimap for a certain amount of time. This way the ability would not be insanely OP and still require the allies to find the enemy themselves. At the same time a good scout can give valuable information to the team and be rewarded for damage done on such a target for example. Very much like the the binocs in WT for except for the visual marker in the gameworld. Also this would just needed to be added for certain AFVs, as some are already performing pretty well (like the Kornet for example). That's just my thoughts on it. But I liked the mode was fun
  4. While playing realistic battles I noticed quite a lot of flickering on all maps as well.
  5. Why not just try and see how it is? Can't hurt anyone. Yes obj 490 can be used but as far as I could see most people were fair and not using it. Apart from that even an obj 490 is not at all invincible in this mode. Very much theory given the teams are not at all coordinated nor are they able to effectively communicate positions. Firepower of a shadow is questionable at best. Kornet would be the better choice even if it's a bit bigger. But you can hide that thing just fine in most bushes as long as you don't fire. Achievements are hidden. Afaik those are all three available: The mode itself is actually much fun and rewards situational awareness as well as people who use the minimap. The others will teamkill you I sincerely hope it will be available again in the future. Maybe similar to weekend specops or something like that.
  6. How generous So for most usecases not worth.
  7. My viewpoint is solely based on T9/10 in platoon as well as solo. My overall rating is 6/10 Initial impression: First time I queued in solo at the day it was launched. Unfortunately I was afk for the first 2-3min. It basically resulted in me trying to figure out a way to get to my teammates (And yes this actually took longer than than the match lasted ). If you wanna have a good laugh I suggest watching the vid: https://streamable.com/lp962g To be honest I don't see a reason to implement any invisible barriers like those marked on the picture - As far as I can tell it would not break the mission in any way but open up more possibilities and potentially help people who load in late etc. Visually the map looks good and I did not notice any performance issues on it so far. Map design from a gameplay perspective: If you thought it would get any better after plague you're wrong. It's the same old cramped corridor map. Though that's mostly a problem in the city area. The red marked areas are cramped in a bad way leaving too little space for 5man platoons to fight. It's simply not fun if you get rammed or blocked by your teammates constantly in those areas: The only cramped corridor map in PVE that was done right in my opinion is Olavsvern Base in Arabian Nights Chapter 4. This map was pretty good in terms of distributing the cramped areas at places where not much combat was happening. Thus reducing player frustration significantly as the main parts of the fights usually took places in corridor areas which support 5 players at once. Additionally providing alternate routes for players to split up further reducing this problem. On this map it's unfortunately not the case. The problem gets even worse once you need to manoeuvre around all the tank wrecks blocking the way. The rest of the areas are fine in that regard. As in most parts of the map the enemies lower plates are slightly submerged in water it makes combat with HEAT warheads frustrating and difficult at times. Tthe infantry placement in the City buildings make the use of a dakka tank nearly necessary, as a lot of tanks still do not have enough koax MG elevation to engage the infantry leaving only other options like HE from the main gun. Mission objectives: Again at the start of the mission some useless capping of supplies. At least there's some enemies defending it now which is a big plus compared to Plague. Cleaning the city objective is fine apart from the cramped areas and unreachable inf for some tanks. The last objective to protect the train is where the problems start. First of all as a solo player it's very frustrating that the most difficult part of the mission only starts at the end of the mission. This is a big problem as you need to redo 9min of the mission (If you're fast) in order to just get to the point where the train escort starts. The increase of difficulty is pretty hefty compared to the first 9min where you basically do not do much. This time is just a bit too long to only find out whether your random team is up to teh task or not. Regarding the helis it's basically a hard requirement to shoot those down as their deployed inf wrecks the train very fast. Would be good if those are marked targets so people get the importance of those targets instead of just adding them to secondary mission requirements. Again it's necessary to have at least one dakka tank on this map in order to deal with the helicopters and all the infantry during the train escort. As a solo player T15 or something along those lines is mandatory anyways if you want to have a reasonable winrate. Difficulty & Achievements: The difficulty for T9/10 is fine. Though as already mentioned the increase of difficulty is pretty steep once you need to escort the train. Easily doable in a full platoon but currently hard as solo player even in T15 and the likes. But I believe this will even out a bit once the randoos start to learn, which usually takes a lot losses but eventually happens. Rush achievement: The rush achievement is ok and pretty easy to do in a full team. No train damage achievement: This one is a bit too much based on luck in my opinion. Problem is that the spawning infantry is pretty unpredictable and inconsistent in terms of when they open fire (At least it appears to me like this). Some shoot right on spawn making prefire nearly necessary, while some have at least enough delay to safely take them out. Secondly some are very hard to spot forcing you to know the locations and blindfire. I'd suggest to implement a small delay before infantry opens fire. This would make it less frustrating and less dependent on luck. Vehicle achievements: Probably aimed at the ultra diehard PVElite players with way too much time. So I won't even bother. Story: Not really worth mentioning in my opinion as the quality is definitely not good. Storywriters basically decided to nuke the most interesting characters out of the picture (Magnus for example) while focusing on Ivo and that russian commander which are annoying at best. We don't know anything about them and their beliefs or goals, which makes it hard to understand their actions. Needless to say the whole new lore is beyond boring in my opinion. The whole Apocalypse raiders vs settlers or whatever it is lore is just boring and an unworthy successor to the corporate stuff which at least made a bit more sense to me.
  8. OS: Win 10 pro Build 19041 Game Version: 0.35 Brief Description: While in Centauro 155 in GLOPS Match on Narrows, the aimingcircle stops aiming in too early. Resulting in way too little accuracy of the gun. The issue eventually resolves itself after couple shots. Steps to Reproduce: Unknown, except for vehicle type and maybe gamemode/map Result: The gun is way too inaccurate resulting in misses Expected Behavior: The gun only stops aiming in once it reaches max accuracy Fixes/Workarounds: Unknown Other Notes: Video of issue: https://streamable.com/tbmm4y
  9. Hello Guys As you may have noticed the bot is not working since AW Update 0.35. This update modified the way PVE rotations work as follows: Map rotation time increased from 3min to 6min Doubled PVE rotation pool size To incorporate those changes the bot needs to undergo an update. This is in general not really a problem and can be done fast. However, due to those changes updating the rotations becomes an increasingly demanding job as the rotations now need to be tracked for 2h in an ideal case. As this is too high of an effort for most people who currently do the rotations it remains uncertain whether the rotations will continue to be tracked or not. Due to this uncertainity I can currently not tell if the bot will resume standard operations or not. For the time being it will not track the rotations. And may even go offline until further notice. In case you want to remain updated on the bot development please refer to this Forum topic. I'll post any news about it here.
  10. Yes, yes give us an API Otherwise rotations are probably dead for now.
  11. OPhelia is even viable without the fantasy shield. It would be funny if we gave all the bots OPhelia as commander then see how fast PVE only players start to change their opinion People are not asking devs to totally nuke her but it was obvious from the start that her shield ability would be massive cancer in PVP modes (obviously bots don't give a fuck) and give their users a big enough advantage which warrants her use on nearly every vehicle. It doesn't take a mastermind to come to this conclusion even before she was implemented. It's well beyond me how such an ability passed testing (They probably didn't test it in PVP). A counter OPhelia commander is just as dumb as OPhelia herself. In this case you'd also force players to equip this commander on near every tank just to counter the flood of OPhelia users in PVP. It's like with the CATTB. You could easily balance that vehicle by removing double-tap but the devs just insist on having it. As a consequence the vehicle is now nerfed to the ground just because it needs to keep this double-tap feature. It results in every player being unhappy regardless of owning a CATTB or not. Because first it was OP as fuck and now it's absolute trash. Same goes for OPhelia if you don't deal with her main problem (the shield) and just adjust everything else to somehow make it fit into the game it results in inherently flawed solutions which in the end lead to everyone being unhappy. As a nice side effect you render all other commanders nearly useless in PVP. Naturally this game has more PVE players because lots of them are frustrated wot or wt PVP players. It's understandable that it's more fun to win near 100% of the games compared to the usual 40-50%WR you get in wot pvp for example. At the same time decisions like adding OPhelia don't help the PVP players in the slightest and drive more people away at the cost of the players who paid money to get this advantage. It's usually small decisions which lead to people abandoning PVP or the entire game but we had lots of those and to me it's not really surprising that we had quite a long period of 5v5 Skirmishes before merge. It's also apparent that the near death of EU PVP at the time was probably one of the factors which led to the merge. At this time I was quite sure the PVP side of the game would die. If they actually want to keep PVP modes there's no point in telling them they're a small minority and suggesting their opinion on things should not be taken into consideration. One thing I can say for sure as a player who plays all modes available in this game, is that balance decisions have a way higher impact on PVP than on PVE. Main reason for this is that PVE is not competitive at all. You don't have any human enemies and therefore bad balancing and unfair game mechanics have less impact on the player experience. For example you can have a look at recent problems like the 152mm nuke HE. A huge pain in PVP but not at all in PVE (Bots don't care if they get nuked for 3k hitpoints on the first hit to the front). Or the Obj 490. Absolute joke in the hands of a bot but once you face a good PVP player in this you'll start loosing your mind because it's basically invincible with proper angling (still after all the nerfs). At the same time there's obviously also a shitload of issues in PVE which need to be fixed. But to me personally it's more satisfying to win a PVE game with 3 shilkas in the team and do near no damage compared to loosing a GLOPS game against a triple T15 stomp platoon and do near no damage as well and get killed a dozen times in the process. Obviously both situations are cancer and need fixing but I'd rather be in the PVE match if I could choose.
  12. Well I mean it's still the same issue. There was no patch which actually fixed this. We can only hope at this point.
  13. The swiss army strikes back! Given I was in service on a Panzer 87 Leo WE I had to have it. Time to short review the Panzer 87 140 after couple GLOPS and PVE battles. Price: Firs things first. It's currently a lootbox tank as you would expect from a new T10 prem. From people I heard of and my own experience of course, you should get the tank after around 100 boxes. If you're lucky though 50-60 boxes can also already give you the 100 Blueprints required. Given you're usually not lucky you have to calculate around 100 boxes (175 Eur). Obviously it's pretty expensive and if you only want the tank because of its potentially good performance I can already tell you it's not worth it. If you kinda want it but it's too expensive for you or you despise lootboxes it's quite certain the tank will arrive in a 150Eur bundle with gold and commander at one point (better value for price). Probably not in the near future though. Some images: It's a beauty for sure. Most prominent thing is probably the exhaust muffler. Not sure why they put it on the tank though as those are not used in combat configuration. Nevertheless a nice feature giving it the unique look of the training tanks. It's got some additional armor plating on the hull as well as on the turret. And the enormous gun of course. Some stats: The winrate of 85% is quite high currently and way above my average of 60%. We need to keep this in mind while watching those stats because they'll likely drop a bit once winrate starts to normalize. 15k average is quite high compared to my other T10 MBTs but with taking the winrate into account this value starts to become average. Of course it can't compete at all with Type 10 and the likes. Battle and Firing efficiency is actually quite good right now but also might drop to a slightly above average. Clearly outstanding is the average potential damage received of around 6k damage. Compared to the average 10-15k on other T10 MBTs this is pretty lacking and suggests quite bad armor. The PVE stats mainly consist of Heroics and some plague matches with randoms (also the cause of the losses). Clearly shitty winrate caused by the fact that it's quite hard to kill the firing points fast enough in this tank because randoms rarely bother with those and wonder why they keep loosing. Average damage is a bit above my average. But this is a bit hard to tell because of the nature of PVE and the vastly different achieveable damage values per modes/maps. Potentail damage received is quite high here, mainly because the bots are pretty dumb and as long as you do hull down nothing bad will happen. Equipment and crew: In general I did emphasize on viewrange in this build because the Leo offers the improved thermal imager module as a choice instead of the improved reload, which grants a 40m VR boost. Retrofits: - Rammer (Who doesn't like higher rof) - Optics (Because of VR build) - Filter Systems (Not required more of a module I like to use a lot because of the better acceleration and added engine durability) - AI targeting system (Again not really required. Could also use something else, but it makes the already excellent gun a tad bit better in terms of handling) Modules: As already said I use the "Improved Thermal Imager" module instead of the "Improved autoloader" module. The autoloader gives 5.5% better reload, the thermal imager +40m VR and 30% improved spotting through foliage. In my opinion the 5.5% reload boost is hardly noticeable (small fraction of a second) and therefore not worth to trade against 40m VR boost especially in PVP. In PVE you could choose the loader as VR doesn't matter too much usually and dpm is key. Crew: - Commander: Juan Carlos Miramon Skilled for accuracy while moving https://csb-hype.5v.pl/?miramon=A1B1B3C1C2C3D1D3D4E1F1G1G2G3G4 his main-skill gives us a 32m VR boost if no friendlies are within 25m. Upping the VR of the tank to 457m. The accuracy skills make the gun accurate enough to hit stuff reliably on the move up to medium range (depending on the size of the target) - Driver: offroad driving, overall accuracy while moving - Gunner: aimspeed, improved gun hp (can be replaced by something else instead, was just annoyed by bots wrecking my gun constantly) Consumables: - Oil (figured med kit is not needed as crew doesn't get killed often, can also replace this with a second repair kit for ultimate GLOPS experience) - Improved Repair kit - Improved fire extinguisher (Due to its vulnerability to HE and frontal ammorack) - Jesus kit (Because I don't bother with getting no damage in PVE) Ammo: 29x HEAT (Given the high HEAT pen and good gun handling you can use HEAT as your primary ammo in GLOPS) 15x AP Pros and Cons: Pros: - Excellent gun and ammo. The gun is a dream to use. You hardly notice it's a 140mm because it's accurate even on the move to a certain degree. Good aim times too. You won't struggle to hit weakspots even at long ranges, especially when you shoot AP. HEAT has a high penetration of 1045mm and AP of 950mm at 150m which both are excellent. Damage of HEAT rolls around 900 up to 1025dmg. AP damage is 855. As you'll be using HEAT mostly you can slap enemies with 900-1000dmg shells every ~7.5-8s - Good viewrange with VR module (390m) gives you the ability to spot even better concealed stuff fast once they engage you. - Auxiliary Ballistic Processor module: Gives you pinpoint accuracy if you stand still for 9.5s. It's more of a gimmick usually, especially in GLOPS where you move a lot. But there's some situations where it can become invaluable support and a significant advantage. For example on very long range shots on well armored onehsot targets with good positions. You'll hit weakspots at such distances unlike any other gun existing in the game. - Elevation angles of the gun (-10°/20°) The negative one is pretty good compared to other MBTs (without pneumatics) and makes hulldown plays a bit more comfortable to execute - 360° smoke the pinnacle of smoke Cons: - Armor in general: It's basically a T7 hull given you angle your hull in a suboptimal way the enemy will have no problems penning your ufp. Turret armor is good enough though which allows for effective hulldown play. Side armor is uber crap (especially on hull) ACs with around 150mm of pen will be able to pen your sides. - HE and Chip damage resistance: It's bad. Enemies can chip you for quite some damage. Compared to other T10 MBTs this is eating quite a damn lot of it. High caliber HE resistance is as bad as you would expect. lfp HE hit is insta ammorack and Arty can splash you for an easy 500 usually even by just hitting 2m besides the tank. On direct hits (frontally) the Cent even tends to do full pens with the immediate catastrophic results. This is by far the worst protected MBT against HE splash. It eats so much of it once Arty starts to shoot you it's incredible. Was first thinking this is bugged. As you can see there's not much it's exceeding in and given you're forced to play a more cautious playstyle in order to not get wrecked immediately it's simply not competitive against most of the current T10 MBTs especially in GLOPS. There has hardly ever been a situation where I was thinking that there isn't another MBT which can do it better than the Panzer 87. So in general not recommended as it's not competitive at all in its current state. Doesn't mean it's not fun to play though because I had a lot of fun playing it. Maybe I just like bad vehicles
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