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  1. This should be sufficient for AW. I suppose you're running at 1080p resolution. Please check the following: Are your temperatures sufficiently low while gaming? As Norse_Viking already said check if you've installed the latest drivers. Other than that try to fiddle around with the ingame graphics settings and see if you get any changes.
  2. This is something I always advise to people opening a ticket. It costs nothing to be polite. And honestly if I was working for support the other stuff would go straight into the garbage bin.
  3. Just to be clear ArmoredLabs has nothing to do with the official AW Discord. There's nothing we can do about that. As for the ban. Don't you receive any message with a reason and duration? (Never recieved something like this so I don't know). If your feedback only consists of the sentence "we are turning this game into WOT2" I'm not even surprised that noone of the AW staff listens to it. Moved to the venting room, seems to fit this topic better.
  4. Fair enough. Something we learned too while operating the Leos But please break this habit it really hinders you from improving your results. Just look at the leo as a tank with a very good accuracy. Therefore you can snipe with it when necessary. However, in this particular match every other teammember was better off in terms of damage. Which forces you to accumulate as much assist damage as possible to get a good result and therefore try to stay at the front. Additionally a hulldown Leo is quite immune to damage so there's not really an excuse to hide behind other vehicles and let them farm the assist damage. It depends on personal playstyle but I'm quite agressive in PVE when it comes to playing MBT. It has become a habit for me because I'm often competing with T15 players and therefore need to farm assist damage to get a good result. I don't know in particular as credits are not a problem for me. I hope someone else is able to answer this. Certainly depends on the point of view. I have a normal ping of 20-30ms so for me 120ms already sounds quite horrbile. There's the Hype CSB to test commander builds, good to experiment with certain builds. It works well enough armor wise as long as you stay hulldown. The problem is that he can do whatever he wants damage wise without reaching a good result. I doubt that even a very good player could outdamage at least the 640 and Hunters in this situation. For a good result in this match he needs to rely on assist damage I don't see any other solution. Of course not always the best idea to play agressive, especially in a Leo.
  5. Don't see much difference either. Mostly play them the same. Tracked LTs are certainly better for some close combat action compared to the wheeled TD boats.
  6. Hi. Seems like you got the wrong turn This is only a test-group. For questions related to the game itsself you're better off using the main forum: https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/forum/11-general-metagame-discussion/ just repost it there so everyone can see this. As for the question: The described tactics do not really make sense to me honestly. Never really saw such behavior and neither think it benefits you as a player in any way.
  7. Just wait for Sebastian's ideas Sounds fun, I'll be there.
  8. Allright, let me try to provide you some Feedback @Baron_Georg I don't have a shit ping as you do (I don't know how it feels to play at such a high ping), so some stuff I'm pointing out might be ping related and therefore hard to fix. Feel free to ignore my advice in this case. First of all, as this is a PVE match, we have to look at the team composition before the battle starts. It's already evident, that you're quite handicapped with a Leo compared your teammates. The Obj 640 is a very capable MBT with high dpm. You're no match to this guy damage wise no matter how hard you try (as long as the player playing it is equal or better than you). The same goes for the Hunters. Those should've basically dominated this battle damage wise but they didn't really, all the better for you. Then there's the Anders which has higher damage output than your Leo aswell. Based on this at the start of the battle you should already be aware that (as long as your teammates are at least OK players) you can't excel in damage in this game no matter how hard you try. Which means on the other hand to perform good you need to farm as much assist damage as possible, all while doing as much damage as possible too. To farm as much assist damage as possible in an MBT in PVE you should do the following (You should in general try to do this, no matter the team composition): Get close to the bots, keep them spotted as long as possible, try to give your teammates a reason to stay behind and sniping the bots spotted by you. This means you should try to stay at the speartip of your team to reach such positions before your teammates. If your teammates are constantly in front of you or besides you you won't farm any spotting damage at all. Try to track the bots with your shots as often as possible. Important: Don't trade damage for this. Damage is always better, but if you face bots showing your sidearmor shoot the drivewheel or tension idler wheel to track them and deal damage. Damage to bots tracked by you always count towards you assist damage no matter who spots the vehicle (exception is if the target is marked). As a rule of thumb if the bots keep targeting your MBT instead of everyone else you're doing it right. Ok. Let's get to the battle. In general You did OK in my opinion. As described above you were quite handicapped with this team composition. There's still some stuff I'd like to point out: Some points I've noticed: You're playing too cautiously in your MBT. It hinders you from farming assist damage. You bounced quite often on the Anders with HEAT. Try to have a look at its weakspots in the LFP. You're turning your turret in unnecessary directions (especially on the last cap) when looking around. Lock the turret with the right mouse key while looking around, it can save you some time while shooting at a target without the need to turn the turret halfway around your vehicle. In the last cap you were driving into cover while reloading. This is fine but you returned to your firing position too late which always made you loose some seconds. The bots were not trageting you at all in this situation. Return to your firing position when you have roughly 3s reload left. It gives you enough time to select your target and fully aim in so you can shoot right on time when the gun is loaded. Here you use the terrain as a cover, which would be very good if there were much bots rushing this position. However here you're facing only a handful of bots and you've got the support of the whole team to finish them off. In this situation you're rather hindering yourself with this position (tough it's a good position to bounce stuff, just not practicable in this situation) you're struggling to properly target the enemies due to the terrain. In this situation I'd push up to the marked bradley wreck and use it as a cover for your LFP. Here you can see aswell that there's no way you could farm any assist damage in this position due to the team basically staying on the same spot of the map. Here you're playing way too passive. Use your MBT's armor, play agressive. You should be at the position of the hunter with your MBT. In this case the anders and Hunter probably would've stayed in the back to farm the damage while you spot and deflect the damage. It seems like you're always in the last row of your team which you want to avoid. Keep moving and try to not get overtaken by the other players. In the last cap You were aiming for rather bizarre spots. In both cases you get to shoot the blank sides of those bots. Why do you aim at the center mass of the vehicle when there are a lot safer spots to deal damage (purple marked area) without risking a bounce or miss? Additionally to farm the maximum of assist damage, it would be best to shoot the drivewheels (marked green) of those targets to track them while dealing damage. The targets are basically screaming for you to do this when you get to shoot them this nicely from the sides. That's what I observed while watching the replay. Hope this helps. Regarding Freja as a commander: You can use her on MBTs but I'd recommend you to skill her to something like this. Her accuracy skills are in most cases useless for MBTs.
  9. best rename it to "baron_georg.awr" or something like this. Then paste it into the folder where your own replays are stored. somewhere in users/savedgames/armoredwarfare/... Then open up the game and in the Dossier tab go to history. Now important: On the top right switch from "Match Results" to "Replays". There you should find his replay and be able to run it.
  10. Those changes actually sound good and make sense for the most part. The MBT changes sound reasonable for T7-10. The spotting capabilities are definitely too good, especially in T9/10. Mobility on some MBTs is straight out ridiculous aswell. It's a good sign that those traits will be looked into. This sounds promising aswell. ERA just doesn't feel very effective, except for some tanks. I hope that it enhances the overall protection slighty to further accentuate the MBT role. A bit of an unconventional approach but it might work out. The intention of further pushing the player to overthink the ammunition choice is good. For the AP pen drop on distances I hope that it will not be too extreme. MBTs should still be able to easily defeat TD/AFV armor at high ranges but fail against other MBTs frontally. If players show you the side or rear armor on long range they should still be punished for it, even with the pen drop. I have high hopes that this mechanics punish camping MBT players even more (They really deserve it). TD wise I'm a bit sceptical about the changes. This really screams to become a campy and boring to play class in general. Some wheeled TDs already feel like ships in terms of agility. If TDs get even better pen rates than MBTs it could reward a rather campy playstyle, while rendering more active playstyles useless/less effective. The description of LTs is fitting aswell. Makes sense to me. Curious what those possible "new Mechanics" will be. There aren't much players who can play AFVs effectively. I still think that a buff in general to AFVs is not necessary at all. The implementation of Infantry already made certain vehicles overperform in my opinion.
  11. I've had a look at it. Can you please post the result screen (I struggle to make it visible). What's your ping? The footage suggests that it's quite horrible. Once I know this I'll provide my feedback.
  12. True that. Basically it was never intended to do that but it's a valid and effective tactic now. The main problem is that the support that arty can provide is not rewarded at all. This makes it necessary to deal a high amount of damage & cap as much as possible to reach an acceptable result. It's definitely something that needs to be looked into. Otherwise arty will just stay super useless.
  13. Please no I mean it's currently the only feasible option to perform mediocre in an arty in GLOPS due to the OK damage output. I know arty is not meant to have good damage output but if they really want to make it a support only vehicle they should give it more options to do so and actually reward those actions properly. Both of this is not the case at all currently. Only way to perform at least semi decent right now is to cause as much damage possible and try to cap to earn some GLOPS-points.
  14. That's what I tought aswell. I mean as long as it has an AC it is usually already set to be performing well in PVE. Other than that it sounds interesting, wonder how easy it will be to abuse the "fire behind cover" tactics.
  15. Rip and tear until it is done: On a serious note tough. This is a vehicle of destruction in all modes if used properly. For PVE there's only the Termis which I deem to be more versatile. But like the termi the marder is a league of its own in PVE.
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