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    Just some coin shop data so far. I will make no analysis here yet, not until I collect enough data. I'm putting that 250k coins to good use.
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    As Spirithaven is active currently and there are quite some people who still fail chapter 4 I did a cheapo screenshot guide which covers the important bits on how to succeed in this mission and turn it from an average difficulty into an easy mission. The guide starts at the phase where the first wave of Magnus attackers will be triggered. If you have trouble until there I suggest you to search for some more basic guides like how to control your tank, weakspots, etc. The key in this mission is to be at the right spot at the right time. Additionally there's some nice stuff in it which enables you to drastically increase difficulty, by triggering some caps too early. I assume you know how to evade the bombs and lasers and I will not explain that any further. Additionally, please note that the cameras mounted at the walls can/will spot you. Either you don't care or you destroy them. As for vehicle choice I like to use the SPHINX while playing solo. But for starters I'd not recommend it, as it needs special playstyle in order to not get yeeted in the first two minutes. Better choices is anything with dpm and bit of armor. So T15, Termi and the likes, or MBTs. So let's start with the pic spam: In case you still experience any trouble to complete the mission on your own it might be better if you get a platoon for a carry. Once you get to know the positions the mission should become pretty easy even if there's one or two total noobs in the team.
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    https://youtu.be/W1RPrCQyPOEOfficial AW Youtube channel videos which added korean subtitle. (Special thanks to silentstalker) These subs are perfectly compatibility with Korean localization mod and there is [Korean Name(English Name)/ example: 고폭탄(HE)] things in subs so even the player who not use korean localization mod, can easily understand it. 아머드랩의 아머드 워페어 한글화 모드와 100% 호환되는 용어로 쓰여있으며 한글화 모드를 사용하지 않더라도 이해하기 쉽도록 주요 용어에 갈호치고 영어를 기입해 두었습니다. 21년 7월 18일 배틀패스 상점 기능 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbDE-RpfiAs 가이드 : 차량의 각종 부품과 승무원 : https://youtu.be/W1RPrCQyPOE 21년 7월 13일 가이드 : 장갑의 종류 https://youtu.be/inpY9TpzuMo 가이드 : 게임 채팅 https://youtu.be/Bp2zO_ujk5U 21년 7월 7일 소개 : 오스틴 하퍼 https://youtu.be/jzvmJ_KlR0Q 가이드 : 오스틴 하퍼 https://youtu.be/82xH972FXNs 21년 7월 1일 트레일러 가이드 : 알리사 코르호넨 https://youtu.be/HSLq_fhgdVI 가이드 : 바탈리온 https://youtu.be/9pHjS7ZmJS4 21년 5월 가이드 : 포탄의 종류 https://youtu.be/WF2_TkgtMO4 가이드 : 탐지 시스템 https://youtu.be/DHr9uKSqrLg 배틀패스 상점 가이드 : 차량의 부품과 승무원 가이드 : 장갑의 종류 가이드 : 게임 내 채팅 소개 : 오스틴 하퍼 가이드 : 오스틴 하퍼 트레일러 가이드 : 알리사 코르호넨 가이드 : 바탈리온 가이드 : 포탄의 종류 가이드 : 탐지 시스템
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    Intended, just bad wording.
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    Again, AoToA's Broken english time. but im sure you people can understand broken english quite well. anyway we read tons of variations of broken english in every time in the game or discord right? Mudfish is one of the cheapest gaming VPN but it has quite good reputation for the players who play global multi play games./ which means if you live in europe or russia, until AW server move to korea(joke) it's not working. its basic fuction way is this : it not make your connection super fast. it not make your connection super stabilizing but when your ISP(internet service provider) do some trick for make their communication line more easy or just for saving moeny, the internet cyber line will be some kind of maze. in this situation, your data packet cannot go directly to target server but here go~ there go, everywhere gogo~ they go to some wrong, longer ways. so they will be late or even can be lost. this VPN make your packets go dedicated node(s) first, n node(s) try to make your packets go straight to target server so it can be little faster or stable then without it.(in theoretically, like end of this article, in some case it can make more trouble then without it) so how to use it after make account n buy some traffics(maybe some 2USD for cheap one) click no.1 items, then there is equip items. then your can find Armored warfare, click it. then select server window come. AW had several servers but now, as you know, except communist china server, there is only one amsterdam server. so just click it. . then you will got this screen. its not that important for now cuz anyway we will change it later. then you will got AW. now we will turn on mudfish. click connect button.(you need click that button every time you want to use mudfish -if not change its automatic connection option) after little wait. blue bar will be 100% n now you got basic connection. but for make your mudfish great you need following next things. click that button. then you will see this scene. in here, you need click that two buttons for make your program do calculate RTT n Stables. after that it will be change like this here is the south korea, so if you are not korean or if you have some other ISP or live in some different location, that today's pathes will be different. if your internet is stablized enough, you no need downside things, just pick 1st route, it will be fastest. but if your connection is not good or that first route is not stable, then follow this you can change your nodes way manually in these panels. * Basic mode is just one node using. when server is not far, it work well. and only one nodes work so easily recognize its stability. * Advanced mode is two nodes using. when server is far, even between you n node or node n server can be too far, so packets cannot go direct. in this case, make two nodes make it better. * Multi path mode is similar with advanced mode, but the first node will be change automatically, it seems good. but it make terrible instant packet loss, so some koreans like it but personally im not using it. for manual change you need click that button(if you want to change advanced or multi path mode, click their name n click same button) then you will got this kind of page. * system load is how much overheat this server. if there is any red number its not that stable.(sometimes just a red 1 is quite useful but 0/0/0 is the best anyway) * traffics means how much traffics handled by this node. not that important.(if similar condition, low is better but not that big) * packet loss is most important thing. if there is any percentage, you should not pick it. * score is basic RTT value. low is better * in RTT graph, you can see how stable in this server but not that important cuz it show only very short moment. most of case you will click that score button, then it will sort by low(best) number. if there is no problem to that server, click blue icon in the right. but in my case, that hongkong servers have some problem for system load so need to care about it, if instant packet loss or other negative thing happened, must need to change the node to flawless one. if you want to using advanced(multipath) mod, it will show you little different window, it only give you RTT Avg and stable value. which means you cannot know each server's reliability. so in this case, if you want to know each node's reliability, you need click basic mode's node change window again. . press ctrl+F you can find server names, in my case i wish to check reliability of JP osaka tinmok 7 -> RU vladivostok routh. but as you see tinmok 7 have some problem. so i should do find other route. anyway if you find something good nodes with good route then save it n find how it going. if you got this message, you are screwed. find other node route.(as you see that tinmok 7 node have system overload alarm so it happened) if there is nothing like that even play aw? then play aw with little better condition. it seems quite hard at the first time. but if you find some two or three reliability route, it will be not change quite long times, then mudfish will give you little better ping with quite cheap prices. the other tip is this. * this VPN is working by price per traffics way. which means in theoretically, when you play RoF 600 Autocannon vehicles then you will using x150 Packets then 15sec reloading140mm CATTB. which means when you play AC, you will loss much more money then play gun tank. it also work same when fire MG too. * if nodes have problem, Mudfish can make much more trouble then even without it.
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    It looks like all five missions give x3.3 XP multiplier and x15 credits multiplier on Hardcore difficulty (x10 credits multiplier if secondary objective is not complete).
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    This is the story of Armored Warfare, but put in another way, originally posted on the ArmoredLabs discord by me, i repost here, for those who want to catch up with the story in another way without having to read the "AW, the story so far" Also, this is certainly of grammatical fault and such. Hope this isn't too disturbing, enjoy! Get out the lore book The story start at Black Sea Incursion We follow our Hero Magnus and play as him Everything start when Magnus, at the head of CI security Services have to go and check an important cargo that have been damaged by his men. He goes there with another team composed of some random commanders and Cortez In an unexpected fashion, the city was under enemy hand, none of his troops were actually here and they were attacked by an unknow enemy. Magnus and his troops force their way through the city to try and find somebody, they only find that unknow enemy. As a last move, Magnus try to help and save cortez, but arrive too late and only see the "dead corpses" of the Black eagles units tanks. He flee with some of the cargo. After that, Magnus tell his friend Sebastian about what happened, pissed off, Sebastian order an attack against those that done that, Douglas and his mercenary the Evocatii. The attack is lead by magnus and some of his guys + some light CI support. their attack start and after some moment and destroying an entire city, Magnus and his troop rush toward this city, at the same time, cortez tries to contact him and tell him this whole attack is a big trap. Magnus oblivious, clear the city and fall into the trap. Afterward, Fedor and ISD, called about Magnus breaking an important peace treaty attack the city to try and stop magnus. Our Hero wasn't like cortez, he didn't wanted to stay in hole and hide. He wanted to fight and know what happened. After a long and hard fight, Magnus and his men shoot down O'Reilly AC130 and push back ISD troops. As last favor, Fedor give 1 hour to Magnus, leaving him time to go and get Sebastian when arrived at Gori, one of the well known place that magnus served in and where Sebastian lead this whole trap, Magnus launch and last assault on the fortress, almost getting and killing sebastian. He finish his assault trapped and surrounded in the fortress... there was no hope left... Almost. A strange ally came to the rescue of Magnus, an old ally... that, for the purpose of story telling, i will reveal who he is, it was Blaze, Victor Blaze, it's the first appearance of Enigma in Armored warfare As a follow up, we go to Caribbean Crisis, the players (us) play as Alpha One, we've been sent to an CI chemical plant to find what is happening there. Alpha One run into Magnus Soldiers, they succesfully push back Magnus army and destroy some of their cargo, a cargo of Chlorine. After that, Alpha One, in search of Magnus and his troops, search a Waterway hold by CI, covering their Zubr. They found multiple important files, telling where magnus was and some of his plan. Next step, Jamaica, Alpha One had one goal, stop Magnus at all cost When they arrived, the city and the place where under Magnus hands, the Zubr captain asked for heavy support from CI to destroy magnus' ships and crush their troops. (the guys also didn't lived long, he die because of Magnus aerial support) Alpha one take over the place, Killing and defeating anyone that tried to stop them. Magnus, in the same time, tries to convinces them to join his army, telling them they made a important error... He was right, CI come, destroyed magnus ship, and wanted one thing. clear the place of any witness. This is the moment where the two enemy fought together, Alpha One becoming Dawn and fighting against CI, they escape and Magnus explain to them what happened (BSI story) This lead to Arabian Night, sometimes later, Magnus army gain more forces, more man power, they were ready to enter an open fight and turn the balance toward them. Magnus Army launched an assault again a industrial plant in ElArish, the assault was lead by his elite soldier, Dawn supporter by Willow, they take over the place hold by Evocatii, Sebastian personal guard dogs. In this plant they found something... interesting. something that would change everything, they found biological weapons. Chlorine bombs, the same that was in the Cargo years agos. Blaze talk again to magnus, telling him he finally had his revenge from Batumi (BSI ch1). But this wasn't enough for enough, he couldn't stop here. He needed Douglas to chance the balance definitely, because O'Reilly knew about all of these, all of those scheme, plus, Magnus had the proof to make ISD move again CI. sometimes later, Dawn was up again with Willow, they were tasked to get the Evocatii's Boss, they fought through Basra and Evocatii troops, getting O'Reilly and the final pieces that will lead to CI fall CI, aware of what happened, launch an desesperate assault against the ISD base at Latakia where Douglas was. Once Again, Magnus needed Help to avoid that, Dawn was up again for guard duty, breaking through CI troops to get Douglas and Fedor out of this hell As an unexpected surprise, O'Reilly told where Sebastian was... It was time for Magnus and ISD to give the final strike against CI The story branch in two part, an non canon one, and the canon one, for the sake of story telling, we will do the two way The first way, the "Dawn" way. After arriving at the CI main base, Alpha one decided to change plan drastically, they betrayed their former contractor Fedor and supported Magnus troops. Sebastian needed to die, here and now. Pushing throw the base and killing every single CI puppets they could come against, and learning more about the relation between Sebastian and Magnus, two former friends One became corrupted by the power of Clayburn industries... and the other one, straight into what he trusted. with the help of Dawn, Magnus send Sebastian three feet under the ground. Putting an end to Clayburn industries reign but... this didn't happened. Story took another way... Dawn betrayed their former friend, and decided to take the other path and stick to Fedor plan, those soldier were Alpha One. Not Dawn. They fought through the base, incapacitating most of their enemy, they could learn more about ISD relationship with CI, ISD was just a poor puppet used and abused to sebastian, Fedor and Alpha one put an end to this and arrested Sebastian,trying to escape... We follow the story with Moscow calling Some Year later, an big meet up with the main organization and ISD was made in Moscow, Alpha One was tasked with security with their former Friend Magnus... as you can expect, nothing got into the normal way. the Liberty Militia attacked the meetup, Alpha One, as always, protected the place with success, pushing back the militia but... something strange happened. Magnus was attacked by an "unknow" enemy... nobody knew who they were except Magnus, Enigma was here, after multiple years hiding in the shadows, they took action, they destroyed the Meetup building with one of their Superweapons but also captured magnus and killed our heroes... Alpha One was no more... At the same time, at Salzbourg, the PLM attacked the city, Hana, former ISD member fought against them with their troop giving time to resistance member to evacuate civilian and try to contact another resistance place.. this lead to a little cut into the Moscow calling story American dream happened in the same time as Moscow calling and follow the story of two heroes, Ryan and Austin Everything start when The Lions Of Nequiels attacked an American Resistant base, Ryan that passed by launched an assault to take back what they stole from them and tried to save the civilian, sadly, Austin explain to Ryan that the civilian were took to Denver, the Lions of Nequiel HQ. Ryan made the choice to launch an assault on Denver and clean it from the plague that the Lions was. The assault was successful, Ryan and Austin saved the civilian and the same time learned about where the civilian would have been taken if they didn't do anything to save them. Ryan and Austin launched an assault on the Enigma base they found. successfully holding the place against the NPAA, another Enigma Puppet. They also learned more about Magnus, and the Superweapons that destroyed the Meetup place in Moscow... this weapon was aimed at their base, the same destiny awaited them if they didn't tried to do anything. Nothing could be done from this base... but Austin found where the control of the Satellite Super weapon were. Area 51. Ryan gathered troops and launched an assault against Enigma base in the Area 51... He had a strange feeling when launching the assault, he felt, that it was his last fight. Ryan fought through the base, clock was ticking, time was running low. He rushed through the base, all guns blazing, with the hope of saving of saving his friend and innocent peoples. Enigma, as the last move, sent an Armada to stop Ryan. It wasn't enough to stop the American Hero, giving to Austin the chance to shut down the satellite and saving the US resistance... as a last will, Ryan asked his Friend to take the resistance soldier, douglas and what they found here to Russia, and try to end Enigma once and for all. Ryan died as a Hero, changing the balance of this hopeless war against an enemy far stronger than them Back to Moscow calling, Austin and Hana meet each other, the Resistance grew stronger, but they needed one guy. Magnus. Hana had one plan, but they needed Enigma stealth technology. With some of the troops they had, they launched an attack against an enigma Shipment, the ambush was a success... It was time to get Magnus. Hana and Austin equipped their tank with the Enigma stealth technology and sneaked in Moscow, the resistance was ready, they all waited for this, as the tanks uncloak, the guns started to fire, the battle was in full swing, Hana and her elite troops advanced toward the Moscow prison. Hana had a feeling of disgust and despair... seeing how moscow was transform, disfigured by Enigma. Her will to fight was stronger, once at the prison, she got Magnus and resistance troops out. Time was running out, resistance troops was crushed one by one by Enigma. Obviously, she had a plan, some of the resistance troops took over an enigma airfield, this was their only chance to get out of Moscow alive. Rushing to the airfield, magnus took over some AA turrets, Enigma sent a aerial warship to stop them, but this wasn't enough. The resistance was determined and galvanized by the rescue of Magnus. They shot down the airship and escaped with all the prisoner... Resistance was finallly ready to put an end to Enigma. This lead to the final part of our Story, SpiritHaven 2 or 3 year later, the Resistance arrived in Japan, they were searching for NPAA Leader, James Thodd Literall. Hana Lead the armored assault, Austin stayed behind and took care of the infantry assault. together they found and captured Literall... After beating up the bastard, The resistance knew where the Enigma Main base were, Shikotan, Magnus got there first, knowing the dark destiny that could await him... and maybe the others Wandering into the mist, he fought through NPAA guard. The NPAA troops started to be outnumbering, Magnus knew it. it was the place, Enigma HQ was here. Hana and Austin, worried tried to convince Magnus to retreat and wait for them. But Magnus was determined, he didn't wanted them to sacrifice their life fighting Enigma. He cut the communication... leaving Hana and Austin in the dark. The two resistance leaders rushed back to their base, Hana was convinced something happened to Magnus, she had the feeling he needed their Help, Austin was against the idea, he was sure about it, he betrayed them, he was a god damn traitor... As the fight continue, Hana fought the Enigma troops that seems endless while desperately convincing Austin to do something and help magnus, making him doubt about what he saw, and was he trust. This, surprisingly worked, Austin was up for saving Magnus. Hana, once again, took over an Enigma Airship and picked up Austin at the same time. The duo got to Shikotan... the night was here, the light from the HQ... it seemed like an gate to Hell, AA guns were silent... something was wrong. Hana rushed into the base while Austin were waiting in the enigma airship. This.. unexpected guest surprised not only Magnus but Blaze himself. The unexpected Temperament of Hana gave a chance to Magnus to finish Blaze once and for all. Our two heroes fought not only what it seems like an unlimited amount of Enigma troops but the Enigma Flagship, and creation armed to the teeth that could transport planes and tanks almost everywhere... Blaze was in there, and the only way to get him was to shoot down the flagship. With the help of Hana, Magnus shot the engine down... the impressive aerial ship was falling, marking the start of the end for Enigma. Hana and Magnus rushed in the Flagship. Ready to meet his destiny, Magnus left Hana to cover him, rushing toward the control room, killing any Enigma soldier standing in his way between him and Blaze. While Hana defended him, she could only hear shots and some bribe of talking. Hana started to worry, but also understand... Magnus will die here, it was his destiny. Shot echoing in the communication.. silence.. and the final order of Magnus. "Harper, get Hana, and get out of here! it's an order!" He accomplished his mission, stopped Enigma, and tried to protect this twisted world. Our two other heroes just had time to escape... Hana, looked at the Enigma HQ, going into dust, she had a last glance of sadness at the Magnus' tomb... "Farewell, Magnus." The surviving members of the resistance and their leader was now into the Unknown, no one knew what was next... And this, conclude the Story of Armored Warfare. (and no. I will not add Enigma Legacy Story >:( )
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    FYI, the T-72B3 is available in the web shop for 9000 Gold. So is the T-80U Shark for 5500 Gold. I think the T-72B3 is really good in PvE. I mean... it's Tier 8 and nothing at Tier 8 is all that sturdy, but the B3 can take a lot of punishment. Its gun is also satisfying, unlike the guns on the Euro MBTs. Just keep your front to the enemy... its side armor is pretty shit. I've heard that a lot of people like the T-80U, but it's not my style. I find it too soft and have to play it like a light tank, but it doesn't actually have a light tank's maneuverability. However if that's your style then you'll probably love it, and it's not too expensive at 5500 Gold.
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    Hello all! I haven't posted anything here for a long time, but it's time to fix it. I continue to improve my rendering method with the example of XM1. Bonus: XM1 Fox
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    It is time, people for another story from your local retarded official staff, Soren! And because i decided to actually do the apocalypse season please help me dear god. But, because i still doesn't want to link, Enigma's legacy and Apocalypse season to the main game story. I will consider the whole Apocalypse and Enigma's legacy as a "What if" crazy fan theory / fanstory The Apocalypse arc start directly after the end SpiritHaven. With the low detail we have, we can assume, that, we take control of a little resistance group. Certainly an American one that helped Ryan in the event of American Dream. (We could also say it's Black Company, but as mentionned in one of the mission chain of the Battle path, the leader of the Lions of Nequiel says that we are the one that tried to put a bullet in his head, so it's very unlikely.) World is starting to collapse, a super volcano erupted and as a last hope, you try to find the Enigma's legacy. Hidden vault that would most likely save your life and the life of your friends. Sadly... those vault are already taken by old enigma's allies, namely, the Project Liberty Militia, the Lions of Nequiel and the National Patriot Activist Army. But there was still a hope. In fact, a last hidden vault with much better tech was still free. To get it, the resistance group decide to work for their old enemies, getting coordinates for the last Enigma vault, saving their life before the worse happened... This conclude the very short prequel of Apocalypse. Sometimes later, when everything start to calm down, we follow our new heroes, Ivo Rinaldi, the old boss of the Liberty militia (surprising isn't it?) and Igor, an old Russian military Major. Together, they created a settlement in the enigma vault for the PLM. The problem? No more ammo to defend their base, this is how the Duo got into a new adventure and where the Events of Plague happened. Plague take place in Gori. After the apocalypse, the whole city is in ruin, except for the old CI base. Igor, with a "freshly" stolen Enigma airship drop Ivo in the castle, begging him to not make any trouble and steal the ammo quickly. Because otherwise the mission wouldn't happen, Ivo doesn't comply, and his greed push him to steal more ammo in the lower part. Chain reaction occurs, the CI base is collapsing, Igor is forced to take off, and Ivo is forced to drop from the base to escape. After successfully escaping the base, Ivo and Igor are quickly noticed by the "local wildlife" as called by Ivo. David Gelovani. Extremely angry of this intrusion, David will proceed to send every last one of his soldier against our two Heroes. Ivo, fighting for his life, end up getting out of the city in one piece. Of course, he does that while throwing some "Thanks for your feedback' memes to Igor and banters against David.Obviously, it doesn't please neither of them. Resulting in a very stressed Igor, and an extremely pissed off David. But with the power of the meme and bad writing, Ivo end up fleeing in the Airship with Igor, in one piece, and with a ton of ammo "for a whole god damn army". David, still angry of what happen, tell Ivo that's this encounter is not the last one, and so, they will meet again. One month later, we follow once again our Meme boy and butthurt Major into new adventures. This time, they get to Panama, to try and steal some fuel for their Settlements. After landing, Ivo see that fights are currently happening, but that also a storm is slowly arriving on the operation Area. Ivo thinking quickly, start blasting enemies one by one with the cheer power of (nerfed) HE memes and Thermobaric T15 double tap abuse, before being interrupted by the one and only Cannibal Hana (yes, it's cannon, Hana did ate Austin) that lost of her sanity and start insulting people. As a pure reflex, Ivo use the power of lies to befriend Hana, by telling her he isn't a raider like the ones attacking Hana's settlements. (and so, ignoring the whole plagues event, definitly a fucking meme boy) Hana without her sanity, trust Ivo and his obvious gigantic stupid lies, while Ivo decide to s i m p on her and push back a whole god damn army of endless bots that can't be penned by HEAT and ATGM because there is fucking water everywhere please help. As a reward for his simpery, Hana offer Ivo a whole train of only 10k HP full of fuel. Ivo go get it in his magnificent moderator camo T15 that definitely look like a magnificent boat in this watery hell. But Hana forgot one detail. Devs are cruel, and so are the bots. The raiders decide to attack the train, with retarded instant reaction mini Terminators and Transport choppers ready to drop them. Major butthurt suddenly remember he exist in this Special operation and decided to be not useful at all Ivo, with his cheer power of memes and try hard, end up loosing all sanity trying to do the "Don't touch anything" achievement, creating a time paradox, and killing every enemies in the maps. (while Hana decided to give you 2 little LT that do nothing except existing) The two protagonist end up fleeing with the precious fuel, while Hana have an edgy Emo moment with the magnus death theme remixed in the background. And this, conclude the events of apocalypse for now. As you can see, i tried to do it seriously, but ended up giving up because of the totally mediocre/bad quality of the story and the total emptiness of it. I hope this doesn't push away some people from reading the second part. Also hope you had a good laugh reading War but in a total retarded meme way. I will now proceed to go back into nothingness until the next chapter (or two chapter) are outs. (and don't worry, i will meme them, unless they give important information.)
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    First of, this is written to get vehicles, but, when you modify the file type, can be used on all models files of Armored Warfare. The unpacking part should be clear, just, that instead of "just" the one textures file, you need way more (resources.pak number 6-10,15-22,24-40 all contain vehicles for example, and then you dont have the textures. at all. so no normal maps or anything, just the encrypted models). After unpacking, you take this tool from the Link and combining it with a .bat file that contains cgf-converter.exe *.cgf cgf-converter.exe *.chr cgf-converter.exe *.cga and then you execute that bat file, after which you can find all the unlocked dae files in their respective folders, and these you can just import into for example blender For the textures, you need the attached files from the archive to stitch them back together, then you have "normal" dds files, but older versions of paint.net may not open them. <More on texturing here, once i figured that out for sure> AW Rip Tools.zip
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