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    This is going to be awkward to explain, as I'm going to do something completely out of character and unexpected from me. The response for nominating mod candidates was lower than expected, as I have overestimated the number of active non-EU members we have. Out of the five nominated candidates, only two are (presumably) from non-EU time zones. Given the purpose of this round of mod recruitment is to appoint mods to cover non-EU time zones, I have decided to forgo the formal voting phase and directly appoint our two non-EU mod candidates to their posts. This appointment will take effect on June 30/July 1. Our prospective mod appointees will be @Bob_Magilica and @Nekrosmas, to cover the NA and SEA time zones. This thread will serve as an inquiry process to allow our two appointees to address any potential questions and concerns.
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    The initial nerfs were needed, CATTB was immune to HEAT/ATGMs from the front and largely immune to AP, the turret / hull sides were fairly resistant against HEAT/ATGMs. Add to that resilience 4000+ HP and fairly good speed/agility and you go deleting stuff ≤ 3500k with the 150 mm double tap for days. The introduction of significant bloom between shots was necessary to actually make it a short range thing, as well as reduce armour a bit to not let it just drive up to stuff (this was also pre-shipdamage from HEAT MP/ATGMs → No pen = 0 damage). Then nerfing reload, armour, hp, damage, penetration again and again was pure overkill.
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    The title "Waterproof" got severely nerfed to "Frogman".
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    He is referring to the next set of contract missions achievements, which got released prematurely, and just like the current set the rewards are 4 decals and a camouflage pattern.
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    Try this table. It might not be complete or accurate because it's simply what people reported to have seen, but it should be a good enough reference. Fahrzeuge Farzeug Kosten BP-Coins Name Tierstufe Gewöhlich Selten Spezial Einmalig T-55 Enigma 3 3.699 Ontos 4 5.999 ZSU-23-4 Shilka 4 5999 XM247 Sgt. York 5 5.999 Type 74 5 5.999 5 5 Sabre 6 12.999 MOWAG Taifun II 6 12.999 MT-LB S8 6 12.999 RDF/LT 6 12.999 Seon'Gun-915 6 12.999 Exp. Panzer 6 12.999 Scorpion Kastet 6 12.999 KPz70 6 12.999 M1A1 Storm 7 21.999 Type 90 7 21.999 K1A1 7 21.999 BWP-2000 7 21.999 Objekt 187 7 21.999 Zubr PSP 7 21.999 Sabra Mk.2 7 21.999 M60-2000 7 21.999 Type 89 IFV 7 21.999 Bradley AAWS-H 8 35.999 BMPT 2000 8 35.999 M-95 Degman 8 35.999 Vickers Mk.7/2 8 35.999 Khrizantema-S 8 35.999 Marder 2 8 35.999 SBS Pindad 8 35.999 Challenger 1 Falcon 8 35.999 Griffin 120mm 8 35.999 Type 96B 8 35.999 BMPT 2017 8 35.999 AGDS 9 55.999 ZTQ-15 9 55.999 QN-506 9 55.999 VT5 9 55.999 Stryker ADATS 9 55.999 MSTA-S 9 55.999 Bm Oplot 9 55.999 Hunter Afv 9 55.999 Altay 10 75.999 Type 99A2-140 10 75.999 Objekt 640 10 75.999 AFT-10 10 75.999 Obekt 490 10 75.999 Objekt 195 10 75.999 CATTB 10 75.999 T-14-152 10 75.999
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    Congrats! I don't see this as awkward, either. It's your forum, you may do with it as you please. But no need to worry in this case anyway; I think you've made great choices!
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    Congrats to the new mods! As part of the NA constituency, I am pleased that there is equitable representation of the different global regions. I don't really see this as awkward at all. DVC, QR
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    Source: https://old.reddit.com/r/ArmoredWarfare/comments/j4ovel/just_a_little_something/ Can confirm codes from both lists work. There are over 900 codes on each list, if you're unlucky enough to nab a used code just try another one. Backup read-only copy of the two lists in case they go poof or vandalized, since the originals weren't protected: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16ZV0PzjsLDwvv7VgXeHtBINZiRvXwEPP/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o0EY6ciKon2EjmK5TIKUAZ8kNDFAeH-q/view?usp=sharing Edit: code can be redeemed at your profile page on the AW webpage (log in first): https://aw.my.games/en/user
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    Well, this looks like a lot of stuff. We may be forced to remove these items for players.
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    I didn't want to push the drive to remove items from players but I think I will after this comment :) I think that opinions such as this are a part of the problem actually. In reality this is some pretty expensive stuff. Either way, codes are now disabled.
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