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    Good afternoon! I want to apologize in advance. This text was typed using Google Translate as English is not my native language. In this post, I would like to share with you a mod called Voice of War! The mod was originally made by me for the VKontakte group and was a kind of exclusive. This modification replaces a huge number of sounds that the player can hear in battle. This was done for greater immersion in the gameplay and enjoyment of what is happening. What does this mod change in the gameplay? - Replaced ALL shooting sounds. 6 sounds were taken from Vadim's Weapon Sounds mods and the very first BATTLEFIELD Gun Sound mod (I used some other files because these guys made the best sounds for the game. All copyrights belong to the authors of these mods and sound files. I do not claim authorship) ; - Replaced the sounds of diesel engines with new, more realistic ones, as well as the sound of a hybrid engine with a more believable one (previously, the sounds of diesel engines have already been posted here as a separate file); - Changed the sound of the turret turning from third person to more realistic; - Replacing the sound of the air suspension with a realistic one; - Replacing the sound of shooting a smoke screen with a realistic one; - Replacing the sound of reloaded tanks with a realistic one; - Changed the activation sound of some mechanical parts, such as the radar and the landing ramp (landing hatch); - Replaced the sounds of movement of tank tracks; - Replaced most of the sound effects of impacts, penetrations into the player's tank when viewed from the 3rd person to realistic ones; - Changed the sounds of ricochets of ARMOR shells and bullets from vehicles; - replaced the sounds of the movement of wheeled and tracked vehicles on various surfaces, namely on asphalt - primer and various types of off-road (sand, snow, earth); - Replaced the sounds of shells hitting snow, earth and sand with more effective ones; - Replaced the sounds of explosions, as well as replaced some of the effects used in PVE missions (from the effects, the sounds of a flying helicopter, its shooting, as well as the passage of jets overhead for more immersion); - Replaced the sounds of equipment exploding when destroyed (including the player) with realistic ones. Now it's more like what you might hear while playing Battlefield 3; - Changed the sound of target acquisition when using a homing ATGM (Spike, Javelin, etc.). Audio consists of the standard game and target acquisition audio from Battlefield 3; - Replaced the sounds of firing grenade launchers and mortars with realistic ones; and much more! This version of the mod is adapted and universal for foreign users, since all files in Russian have been cut out. Download link: If you encounter errors while extracting the archive, try using an alternative link: File for those who find the sound of the turret turning loud. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GoNeJJNuAI2w2xp1ydOSuEBPAJyza83h/view?usp=sharing If you wish, you can use my sound files in your mod, but with a link to the author. As a fan of realism, I also recommend installing:
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    Source: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1480186719 ---- Stuff from the stream: SS admits that he always sucks at games that requires skills, because he is too lazy to put in effort into learning them. Chance for Brazilian Osório tank coming is "pretty good" Game development has a lot of inertia; anything that the devs are working on now are decided 6 months ago. Anything that gets decided now won't be coming for another 6 months (or more) The idea of finishing the T-80 progression line or adding any new progression lines is still being considered, but no promises so far. There are still no plans for what to do with SPGs in their current state. There were considerations to make SPGs direct fire vehicles (similar to early test builds for Balance 2.0), but that is on the back burner for now because there are more pressing issues. No plans for T-72B3 Mod.2016 SS personally wants the game to have improved graphics, better sounds, and a new balance system (not another major rebalance, but a system of some sort) VT5 shooting missiles in PvE will be looked into (they should fix that for WWO Wilk as well) No plans to introduce PT-91; will be very similar to T-72M4CZ Patch when? When It's Ready™ Since VE Day (End of WWII in Europe) is coming to an end, they may rename the Object 225 marathon event to something else. Again confirmed that Tiger's Claw is not coming back; "it's easier to create another mission on the same map than to fix Tiger's Claw". No plans for new Italian vehicles, but SS mentioned that they have an unfinished model of Freccia (IFV version of Centauro, plays like the Rosomak, was originally going to be a progression vehicle for Francine before it got replaced by something else in the line) Again no plans to introduce self-propelled mortar carriers When asked about new national skins for T-72M1 (as was intended when vehicle was first announced), SS explains that many of the national variants can be replicated with existing camos and decals, but he is open to ideas for interesting historical skins. Again no plans for solo PvE missions Which company is developing AW now? "It's complicated" Horde mode is back on the table - it's currently in pre-development phase No new PvP maps planned in the near future A new commander system is being considered, but it's not something that SS wants, though he also thinks that the current one needs improvements, and it may get looked at again No new Light Tanks planned for this year Will Heroic Mode get new maps? It's "possible" (note: it used to be a definite "no" in the past), and it's something that the devs can look into No plans for Tier 11, but it was something that was considered as a possible solution to tackle the crazy amount of Reputation and Credits that players hoard. Black Knight (UGV or Challenger) is not coming. The devs did consider a Black Knight Challenger, but it's not interesting enough. There are two possible directions that SS is considering for future Spec Ops: the rise of Black Company or Perihelion stuff. The current direction he has in mind is standard PvE for Perihelion, and Spec Ops for Black Company, but he is open to ideas. Rinaldi and Kopylov are dead offscreen after Burning Grounds according to SS' headcanon The issue where MBTs like Object 195, Strv 2000, and Altay not counting as heavy vehicles in platoon will be looked at again The devs may consider moving Type 99s' ammo rack to the back of the turret The idea of having a weekend Spec Ops chain available in rotation every 6+ weeks is not a good idea, and the devs are also looking into how to bring Plague back. Player made mods are still being tolerated as long as they are derivative works, but if they harm the game's stream of revenue i.e. enabling premium cosmetics even though it's only on the client side but on a wide scale, then they will have to do something about it. Clan war overhaul is also being considered. Problem is how to tackle the issue where top clans will always occupy the top ranking bracket consistently and reap the benefits while leaving the rest in the dust. No plans to return old BPs as playable events SS personally wants a feature where players can create obstacles by modifying terrain (like what WT does) , but he thinks that's mechanically impossible to achieve in AW Custom decal placement feature was tested, but it "broke a lot of things", so it's shelved. No plans to move the game to a new engine BP stuff: The Chinese theme Rise of the Dragon BP is still deep in development, but it will be longer with more prizes and bonus levels (perhaps similar to Warlords of the Wasteland BP with extra ranks and rewards after obtaining the top prize?), but probably not in the way like Wars of the Past BP where players felt they were pressed for time to complete them. Type 99B (Reference image) Fictional variant of Type 99, basically a what-if upgrade of some sort. AW version won't look much like that illustration. It will have dual roof mounted ATGM launchers, and it is supposed to solve the vulnerable ammo rack position that other Type 99s do (perhaps moved to a different location like the back of the turret?). The renderer who made that image is supposedly quite popular in China, and the Chinese operators (publishers for the separate Chinese server) asked the devs to make the vehicles for them. SS personally isn't happy with that decision himself. ZTZ-20 (Reference image) Fictional Tier 10 MBT. AW's version will not have dozer blades, but basically it will be a Chinese Armata with external ATGM launchers. ZTL-11 (basically a domestic counterpart of ST1) and maybe VN17 (IFV version of VT5) are also coming. Shards of the Past: Flakpanzer Gepard Olympics theme Vickers Mk.7/2 (idea was scrapped together with another skin for Object 187 when Russia got banned from participating) Tatooine map (minimap for reference). Many maps were named after Star Wars locations at the time, like Jakku for Al Dabbah (which is what "Tatooine" became eventually), and Coruscant for Moscow. XM723 Pereh
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    Mod (should) change the sound of all the weapons in the game, except KEMs (version KEM sounds is in the comments. You need to first download the base mod). This includes main guns, autocannons, machine guns and ATGMs. The ATGM sounds were taken from TobiichiOrigami's sound mod, as I was too lazy to deal with the ATGM soundfile shennanigans. It also changes out the sounds for all three infantry dismounts, highly recommended with Arto's infantry dialogue mod The sounds used come from WT, Squad and Gunner Heat PC. Installation: just throw the three files into the localization/english/sounds/weapons folder. Update 25.04.2022: Increased volume of ATGMs and added smoke launcher sounds from the Battlefield sound mod. Link is here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/gsm525xldqgeydl/with_smoke.7z/file Update 23.04.2022: overhauled the autocannon and main gun internal sounds, with the help of Takumi, to be more consistent and overall sound much better, and added a new reload sound for most tank guns. Update 17.04.2022: updated the mod so now the GAU sounds are also replaced. The external sounds and all the mechanical stuff is from Arto's AC overhaul, as I never got mine to work. Thank you for letting me use your audio. The internal firing sounds are new however, and use Battlefields A-10 sounds. Video with the new internal sounds for most MBTs: thing.mp4 Makeshift preview here, internal sound for the 105mm guns is at around 38 seconds, if you want to compare with the new sounds: Version 17.04.2022 for legacy purposes: https://www.mediafire.com/file/60euqm3k6gko7ia/Vadims_sound_mod.7z/file Version:23.03.2022 for legacy purposes: https://www.mediafire.com/file/50rji69cpgah3jo/Vadims_alternative_sound_mod.7z/file
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    For all your skirt and fishnet needs. Vehicle gallery: https://imgur.com/a/WBgalrn 1.1 additions: https://imgur.com/a/TYXEM14 1.2: https://imgur.com/a/6dLFE8V Download v1.2 here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pKq4gISMJ_mKKdu-b-lFc3aZURFncUQP/view?usp=sharing Installation: Unpack and drop the contents into your language localization folder. If you don't like any particular vehicle skin, simply delete that vehicle's .cdf file. Leopard 2A5 and OF-40 also need to delete cannonbase and cannon files. (Note: Not the entire folder: Several, like Leopards and M1s, have several variants stored in the same folder.) Included in the mod are: Leopard 2, Evolution, Revolution and Panzer 87-140 (hull camo netting - takes paint) M1, M1A2, M1A2C Abrams (hull camo netting - takes paint) and M1A1 Abrams (full camo netting - hull, turret, cannon - takes paint) T-14 Armata (foliage, netting, torn fabric on cannon) T-72 Ural (fabric on side skirts, hull front, cannon - fabric does not take paint) VT-4 (foliage, netting) V1.1 additions: Leopard 2A5 receives the Barracuda camo net by default and takes paint OF-40 receives the Barracuda camo net by default and takes paint ERC-90 receives additional decorators from the Daguet skin T-72 Ural receives torn fabric on sideskirts and cannon V1.2: T-55M1: now has side skirts T-62: added turret props from Tiran 6 (storage box, crew gear on turret rear, MG) Object 187, T-90 and T-90A: added camo netting and bushes from T-90A Motherland, covering hull, turret and gun. Slight but acceptable clipping issues on Obj 187 and T-90 T-90A Burlak: added hull and cannon camo netting from T-90A Motherland M60A3 SLEP: added crew gear stashed inside the turret cage armor from Rough Rider skin.
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    This is not my work, it's part of PanzerSofa's sound overhaul! A while ago now PanzerSofa released a very comprehensive sound mod, called Voice of War, for Armored Warfare, that changed most sounds in the game. The overall mod pack was very mixed, with some sounds being fantastic and others quite awful. It also changed crew voices to Russian, which is pretty much useless for non-Russian members of the community. So I have decided to take the engine sounds and post them here separately, where they can be used to complement other sound mods, such as my Weapon mod, or Artos mechanized infantry voices mod. Again, this is not my work, I'm not claiming any ownership of these, it's just a small part of PanzerSofas's mod I've been personally using, and thought the rest of you guys might also like. It changes the sounds for diesel engines (and maybe hybrid engines, I haven't checked), the turbine engines are left unaffected. Link to the Engine sounds: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ocdn4lgk62ticf4/Engine_sounds.7z/file Installation: throw the vehicles folder into the sounds folder, like so. Link to PanzerSofa's mod: https://vk.com/panzer_sofa?w=wall-102237486_280585 Links to other mods mentioned: my weapon sound mod: https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/48729-vadims-weapon-sounds-mod/ and Arto's CoH2 infantry VO mod: https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/48502-company-of-heroes-2-voicelines-for-infantry/
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    Simply swaps the default AT Squad and Mortar voicelines to equivalents from Company of Heroes 2, using Rangers squad and AEF Indirect Weapon Team respectively. Download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E5eLaaXt9ezB7qYccGFcfFeY70n5yl-N/view?usp=sharing Install instructions: Simply drop the dialog folder into your localization language folder, ex.:
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    Have you ever wondered to paint your vehicle with whatever you like? This guide will help you make your own unique vehicle skin. To do this we also need a file PhotoShop(of course we need this) The DDS plug-in:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_1JK1l5vQfz5Blfcuy8fyNUL0X1xnYjW/view?usp=sharing DDSunsplit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MJSr6KtNsdwoOH5QfQAIu3f7S2mAppnX/view?usp=sharing Unzip your game files. You need to unzip the .pak file. So you can find the vehicle file you want in the mess of game files. Find the vehicle you want. They are in unzipfile\objects\vehicles. You can see the various vehicle type folders. Take the Type 10 tank for example. You'll find lots of files, models, texture configurations and textures. So first of all we're going to pull out these we need files in.MTL format. we can on objects\vehicles\mbt\type10\textures\new to find Texture files for each part. Take the turret for example.All we need is the AO files to do the work. When we Unsplit the files we have a complete DDS. Then we first put these files (DDS,MTL) here. (just like the MOD setup method before) Now it's time to edit the.MTL. Again, take the turret for example. We add another %CAMO_AS_COLOR to the position of the part we want to edit.(It allows the game to read the tile directly,or other,It will work anyway.) Then drop down to find this Change its path to that of your DDS file.(no need to change.tif) When you're done, open the game and make sure it works. Now, look, the file has been read Let's edit the DDS file, the texture of the AO file allows you to determine the location of the model, but this time we just simple coloring. That's it! Then let's coloring the other parts and putting them together. Done! If you don't want to add a bunch of camo_AS_colors to the MTL files for various parts, you can go to the Materials folder and find the MTL files for unique skins. They are usually edited(also DDS) and you just need to change the texture loading path.
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    This was a massive pain to get working properly. Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vVuLU_lqCnth_IKD29cENMdK7vVCvRvq/view?usp=sharing Note: I switched the folder names around by accident. The invisible APS folder has APS visible and the other way around. Drop the contents of your desired version into your localization folder. Some caveats: The gun sleeve is a little too short, creating a gap between the cannon base and the sleeve. Nothing I can do about that. The netting does not cover the ERA module or the APS. The only thing I can do about it is making the APS invisible. The ERA problem can be avoided by simply not mounting it. The netting takes camo colours, but in visibly darker colours. I am not sure if I can do anything about it. Works on ADATS too. (hull only)
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    Do you miss that? And I referenced Tusk II to add machine gun on cannonbase. Download:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v9gdL2ZFWjYDjd8DpWKW4qyWDCFjxZM3/view?usp=sharing enjoy!
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    It was a first attempt to invoke the game model. 99A 99A2 99A2-140 enjoy! Download:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hZ26O9OQdCKS449HnxCJZXBqYKNZvsyt/view?usp=sharing
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    This secret was....a hard one to crack and we needed all the help we could get! So we started with the single image: And the 5 lines of descriptions: "A young man dressed in an ancient pilot’s attire and a wizened one-eyed warrior dueling with katanas in front of a Tiger tank on a plain that had no end. An inhumanely tall Viking and a silver-skinned boy crossing a sea on a Drakkar. New York City, entombed in ice. A two-headed dragon dogfighting a Great War biplane, the rattling of Spandau machineguns almost pathetic against the beast’s mighty roar and flame – and yet, the dragon was losing. An army of the dead invading the world of the living under a skull-shaped, alien moon." Based on this, frankly it was a dead end as it could have been anything and how the hell would you guess a single word from the above? Well, simply you couldn't, so Haswell had to ask for more help, which SilentStalker provided: So, from this we started to look into more mythical type aspects and naturally fell more into Norse mythology and and least we had a start....but as before, from the above, we couldn't really get anything concrete that would stick. There were other hints and tips dropped in conversations, - it shouldn't be that hard with somebody who is familiar with SS' lore writing. It was at this stage we heard that somebody from the RU server cracked the code, so we resigned out fates to not being the first to crack it, rather we wanted to know how it was cracked and what the final result was....so we carried on, and we gave more info into the official discord to see if somebody over there could think outside the box and different to our train of thoughts as, we were told a few times that our guesses were well off and we needed to think simpler / differently. And then finally, less than 5 hours before the deadline, a tiny sliver of hope was found.... A two headed dragon, fighting a biplane...And confirmation that it was indeed the source of the image description. 1 of 5 images found. This then lead to more Norse mythology lead us to this image which was confirmed as the Endless Plain: We were close, but something still wasn't there...the penny hadn't dropped, it wasn't clear what we were looking at. Sure, we had these images, but these didn't give us the information we needed to crack that password. With 5 minutes left, defeat was looming closer, and SS, decided that as we'd found some more of the clues, he'd give us 24 hours to submit the final answers, if we didn't crack it, then we never would. 'But that RU player already beat you too it you silly sausage' I hear you cry...turns out, yes they did put the right answer, and then submitted over 100 other incorrect answer...meaning that they didn't understand the code and were just trying to brute force the answer. They didn't win...we still had a shot.. So, the next morning, I set to it, with the first image we found in mind, I started to look for the book it came from...It turns out, it's by a Sci-Fi writer who has made a series called 'Valhala' - a set of stories based in an alternative universe where portals and inter dimensional travel are a thing, along with the Norse worlds (Author is František Novotný) and the cover art, you guessed it, related to those 5 descriptions. For the next 3, maybe 4 hours I spent my time trawling reviews and write ups for the stories to see if I could find something to help us crack this code....I posted in official that I'd found the books, but was having difficulty in finding English versions of them, or anything about them that didn't need to be translated. So SS gave me a link to a copy of the books, which I downloaded, and started to review.....I was struggling...but I kept scrolling...and then suddenly at the end of one of the books...I saw a page that was different to all the others. It wasn't like any chapter I had seen, it looked like German documents from WW2...I skipped past it, then had to go back..why did it look so different...why would that be there...I scroll down... There it is....a copy of the image I have spent the best part of a week trying to crack...It's there...right in front of me...With a key - telling me the letters stood for Norse worlds / lands. From the top - G = Midgard, M = Muspel, H = Hel, N = Niflheim. We had the answer..so we submitted it, SS closed off the form...it was done... But, like all things, it comes at a cost...we don't know what this will be, but it could be bad. The prize for cracking the code - 5000 gold and Samuel Thorpe as a commander
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    Fuel Tank with Camo grass,Dozer Blade Fuel Tank with Dozer Blade Fuel Tank with Camo grass If you are using 99A2140's Desert camo MOD, Updated new version to fit fuel tank camouflage 99A2-140 Desert camo 2.0:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fQ9VAWRKkbIyXUZXgTaIMWGZgWQ8ofg8/view?usp=sharing Fuel TANK MOD for all 99A:https://drive.google.com/file/d/19yhwXdcGSujIk5sAyZN4gAI_oFQm4FX1/view?usp=sharing Enjoy!
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    Feel the wrath of the constantly defeated AI! just for fun
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    I was inspired by these T72B3 pictures. And then after a lot of trial and error and retry, I made this. Download:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JzwPUUFbn2x_q35TCLbGwd7Z48zFkgiO/view?usp=sharing Hope you like this!
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    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sA-UzQpa3DQpQvtbkAQX20VC0Y-hKyws/view?usp=sharing And I should remind you that changing or removing armor only changes your local visual model and does not change your collision volume.
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    All credit to PanzerSofa. All info and pictures are sourced from PanzerSofa: https://vk.com/wall-102237486_276536 Modified installation procedure for non-RU players:
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    (정식판) 아머드 워페어 한글패치 v38.8749(22년 3월 24일) 0.38.8749 패치노트 * 아머드 워페어 0.38.8749 변경사항 적용 버전 * 오타 수정 * 일부 번역 개선 (3월 27일) 추가 수정사항 : 옵션 파일 - 전차병 이름 한글화, 한국인 전차병 이름 한글화 모드가 추가됨 알려진 문제점 (Known issues) * 맞춤법 ^_^ * 오타 ^_^ * 오역 ^_^ (그래도 번역 개판 쳐둔 영판보단 하나하나 실험해서 바꿔놓은 한패가 더 정확한듯) * 폰트 ㅎㅎ 오타, 오역 신고용 한글화 모드 디스코드 https://discord.gg/5gY4scNydD 오타, 오류 신고가 아니라 오역이나 번역투가 문제라면 가급적 [X]가 [Y] 했는데 [Z] 어떨까요? 방식으로 신고해주시면 감사하겠습니다. -------------------------------- 1920x1080 해상도 / 기본 폰트 기준으로 맞춰져 있습니다. 타 폰트에서는 버그가 있을 수 있습니다. 버그 발생시 제보해주세요. -------------------------------- 아머드 워페어 한글패치는 특정 소속 인원 대상으로 만든 한글패치가 아니며 공개용 모드이고 누구나 사용할 수 있습니다. 한글패치 개발진과 아머드 워페어의 권리를 소유한 회사(Postmeta Games) 외에는 소유권 및 권한을 주장할 수 없습니다. ----------------------------------- 다운로드(Download) 차량명 영문판(월탱 같은 느낌) -차량명 한글화판으로 변경하려면 차량명 한글화판을 덮어씌우면 됩니다. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JrwMxKl0EBCzJS-dTQM_n0nbq4KHQl72/view?usp=sharing 차량명 한글화판(차량명이 발음 또는 번역으로 한글화되었으며 일부 차량의 명칭이 수정된 판) - 차량명 영문으로 돌아가려면 영문판으로 덮어씌운 뒤 Vehicle_name.xml을 삭제하면 됩니다. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TU6qiFLYtLLb2MVG4tjxbXQ-7ni6fqI7/view?usp=sharing 옵션파일(option files) 옵션용 폰트 묶음집 (Additional Option Ponts)(마음에 드는 폰트가 있다면 한글화 모드 업데이트시 libs 폴더를 빼고 덮어씌우면 사용 중인 폰트를 유지할 수 있습니다.) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hQD2NYYskfHeUMzspc6YUYrioz1vxo7U/view?usp=sharing 전차병 이름 한글화 옵션파일(Crew Name Localization - ALL)(모든 인명을 한글화시킵니다. 마음에 들지 않으면 Crew_firstname과 crew_lastname 파일을 삭제하면 됩니다.) 단순 음역으로 처리한게 아니라 각종 [뉴스]와 [블로그]에서 일반적으로 한국에서 부르는 이름을 찾아보고 안 나오면 [구글]에서 한글화된 이름을 찾아보고 그래도 안 나오면 [인명 발음을 불러주는 사이트]에서 찾아서 귀로 듣고 살려보려고 했으며 그마저도 안 나오면 -> [영어식 발음]으로 음역처리를 했습니다. 여기에 영문 스펠링은 다르지만 한글화시켰을 시에 서로 동일한 발음을 보이는 이름의 경우에도 해당국의 발음적 특징을 과장해서 바꿔보거나 하는 방식으로 어떻게든 서로 다르게 만들었습니다. 물론 이래도 확실한 것과는 거리가 멀기 때문에 평소 본인이 사용하던 전차장의 이름이 이상하게 나오거나 번역이 중복되는게 있거나 하면 디코나 댓글로 제보 해주세요 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1em7RTLnLQWd3ZmRaZC44Btqj3mGLSIvN/view?usp=sharing 한국계 전차병 이름만 한글화 옵션파일(Crew Name Localization - Korean Crew Name only)(마음에 들지 않으면 Crew_firstname과 crew_lastname 파일을 삭제하면 됩니다.) 기본 한글화판의 영문 이름이나 전체 이름 한글화 모드에서는 국적별로 따로 정렬되는 기능이 없고 abc 또는 가나다 순으로 정렬되어 나오기 때문에 한국인 이름을 찾기 힘듭니다. 극한의 컨셉 플레이를 원하시는 경우 한국인 캐릭터 설정을 짤 때 이 옵션 파일을 사용하면 게임 내부 데이터적으로 한국 이름으로 정해진 이름들만 한글화되어 아래쪽에 따로 묶여 나오므로 게임 내에서 이를 이용하여 저장해뒀다가 이름 파일을 삭제하여 기본 영문 이름이나 한글화 전차병 이름 모드를 덧씌워 되돌리는 용도로 쓰기 좋습니다. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1inlWGKZ6LK0iD7Lcvd6naqEzS0cNcbYB/view?usp=sharing ---------------------------------- 설치 방법(installation) For install, You need check here (Korean)/설치방법은 다음 글을 참고하세요 you can install it by unzip in Armored Warfare MyCom\localization\english (steam users are use different location.) https://gall.dcinside.com/mini/board/view/?id=hangle&no=63 암호(password) ---------------------- Specific 특징 * Hand written Translation, not use(At least no CCCV) Translator. / 번역기를 사용하지 않고 손으로 번역했습니다. * Some New functions which are not in english version. for example, there r vehicle's ammo rack type description on armor description. /영문판에는 없는 몇몇 기능들이 추가되어 있습니다. * Fix wrong texts of english version. / 영문판의 오류를 수정한 부분이 많습니다. 실험 후 변경한 부분이니 영문판과 다른 부분은 한글판이 맞습니다. * Made for Easy understanding. For example, Burst rate of fire increase 50% is not make it half but lots of people misunderstand it. so in korean traslation mod, there is additional information like 'which mean if your magazine/ready rack's basic cooltime for each shot is 4sec, burst rof increase 50% mean not making it 2sec but (4/1.5) sec / 쉬운 이해를 중심으로 하였으며 일부 햇갈리는 부분은 추가 정보를 제공하여 혼돈되지 않도록 했습니다. 예를들어 급속사격 속도 50% 증가 업그레이드의 경우 기본 4초 탄간 쿨타임을 2초로 줄이는 것 처럼 보일 수 있으나 실 메커니즘은 4초 나누기 (1+0.5)로 계산됨을 서술해두어 햇갈리지 않도록 되어 있습니다. * Made by 'Find what is not translated in game' -> 'Change it in xml', way so very precise.(Not just open XML, Change everything and just check in game n little fix way. its more harder n slower but better) /게임 내부에서 번역이 되지 않은 부분을 찾은 뒤 파일을 두고 그 부분만 한글로 번역하는 방식으로 만들었습니다. 그냥 영문판 전체를 켜놓고 다 번역한 뒤 게임 내부에서 나오는지 확인하는 방식으로 만든게 아니라서 느리지만 더 정확합니다. option font is AW Basic Font + Naver Fonts 기본 폰트 파일은 아머드 워페어 기본 영어/숫자 폰트에 네이버 계열 폰트를 덧붙인 버전을 사용합니다. 오픈 라이센스 사용권 정보는 다음과 같습니다. https://help.naver.com/support/contents/contents.help?serviceNo=1074&categoryNo=3497 option font is AW Basic Font + google notosans(kr)/ 구글 노토산스 which is open license. 옵션 파일로는 아머드 워페어 기본 영어/숫자 폰트에 구글 노토산스를 덧붙인 버전을 사용합니다. 오픈 라이센스 사용권 정보는 다음과 같습니다. https://www.google.com/get/noto/ ------------------------- Additional Translation of AW information (번역) 아머드 워페어 스토리라인 / (Kor Translated) Armored warfare Storyline https://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=armored_warfare&no=5527 (번역) 아머드 워페어 차량 고증정보 모음(일부 링크 날아감)/ (Kor Translated) Armored warfare Vehicles n other Articles(Some missing) https://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=armored_warfare&no=5528
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    no customize version: can customize version: Download:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kik4Vt5c0Bl2tofm1kZW2-862MGlpYvc/view?usp=sharing enjoy! Dozer Blade MOD for all 99A.7z
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    Update v1.2: The Thick & Bushy Changelog: M1A1: added Storm's MGs to the turret as well as other misc props New additions: T-55M1: now has side skirts T-62: added turret props from Tiran 6 (storage box, crew gear on turret rear, MG) Object 187, T-90 and T-90A: added camo netting and bushes from T-90A Motherland, covering hull, turret and gun. Slight but acceptable clipping issues on Obj 187 and T-90 T-90A Burlak: added hull and cannon camo netting from T-90A Motherland M60A3 SLEP: added crew gear stashed inside the turret cage armor from Rough Rider skin. Gallery of 1.2 changes: https://imgur.com/a/6dLFE8V Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pKq4gISMJ_mKKdu-b-lFc3aZURFncUQP/view?usp=sharing
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    Question: There's only one .cdf file between the Evolution and Revolution - do they run off the same file? As is habitual for me, I took the liberty of using replay mode to capture some angles the garage doesn't have
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    Great mod, this basically makes my WIP sound mod obsolete, its just so much better. The only thing I don't like is the new turret rotation sound. One soundclip is a bit odd, its louder than the other ambient sounds, its at 5:10 in your video, its crackin sound, as if you are driving over rubble, maybe that could be tweaked a little by making it a litle less loud. Did you mess with the gas turbine sounds? They sound like they haven't been changed. Also, how did you do the engine sounds? I tried messing with them but they only play for a fraction of a second before they turn completely silent.
  23. 1 point
    AW 한국 커뮤니티에서 좋은 사운드 모드가 있다는 소식을 방금 들었습니다. 인-게임에 적용하니 정말 멋지네요! 감사합니다! I just heard from the AW Korean community that they have a nice sound mod. Applying it in-game, it's really cool! Thank you!
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    Because the game will do some of its own color adjustments. But it's too much trouble to delete code like this, So you can do this by adjusting the exposure and the grayscale factor. I prefer -1 exposure and 0.6 grayscale. Of course, there is also the possibility, as Tahax said, the color format's , so a lot of things still need to be studied.
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    A simple reskin for the M1A1 AIM to not be as Free and American. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_vFFqMoOJ-p1YpcUJcCm793qF4DmizDH/view?usp=sharing As usual drop the contents into your localization folder.
  26. 1 point
    this is quite time consuming and labor intensive
  27. 1 point
    Because the newer mod installation procedure takes advantage of the CryEngine file loading order with localization, updates won't be necessary UNLESS the original assets are altered significantly.
  28. 1 point
    It's not ideal as it doesn't have all the bendy lines of the original NK camo, but maybe someone more competent can make a more true version. Still better than the PS filter of original 152, no? Ignore the bushes and barrel fabric, it's part of my other mod. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EhEar0TxWOrlHkC2kx4KJBGQRrWTzMjV/view?usp=sharing Just drop the files into your localization folder.
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    preview Download:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C3dh_CEUEbjVsG3DKEQ6O4H9U6dmbrTC/view?usp=sharing enjoy!
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    Thank you so much!
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    Update: Machine gun Use notepad to open you are using the model of the MOD(type99a--hull.cdf). Write the following code to the file <Attachment Type="CA_BONE" AName="detachpart_turret1" Rotation="1,0.15,0,0" Position="0.5,-0.1,2.9" BoneName="turret" Binding="Objects/vehicles/SPG/plz-05/plz-05_cannon02_mgs.cgf" PA_ReceiveCustomization="1" Flags="0" /> <Attachment Type="CA_BONE" AName="detachpart_turret2" Rotation="1,0.16,0,0.6" Position="0.55,0.05,2.5" BoneName="turret" Binding="Objects/vehicles/spg/plz-89/plz-89_detachparts_turret_plz-89.cgf" PA_ReceiveCustomization="0" Flags="0" />
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    I'm genuinely really happy to hear you like my mod this much man! I'll take a look at the reload callouts tomorrow and see if what I can do about it. Crew sound modding in general is possible, and not particularly difficult, as fair as I am aware. However Arto has expressed it's really quite tedious, so I'm not sure yet if I'm going to go there. That said, you never know.. As for the engine sounds, you'll see tomorrow
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    I appreciate it man Quick new update, i made an alternative version of the mod that also changes the Kinetic energy missile sounds. You can download it here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/txgwzm0qr0tisog/alternative_KEMs.7z/file Just replace the components.fsb from the base mod. Sound demo:
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    Looks like everything but hull still can wrok.I take Revo's hull hope you don't mind. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TlScTp4IQ4p3mrxvASAsY_XbxB6ix_mh/view?usp=sharing
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    Wow! This sound mod is now getting closer and closer to "Definitive Edition"! I look forward to your work in the future! Thank you!
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    Should be sorted now, though i didnt test it. redownload the mod via the new link
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    hmmm, Unfortunately, once it's used it doesn't lose unless it's applied to some skin
  39. 1 point
    Sorry for bad quality and audio. Hope this can let people know how to mod sounds in AW.
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    New update out, if you're using this mod, be sure to re-download it.
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    T15 plus with drone T-52 So interesting
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    Based on recent feedback, I'm here to give a unified answer. Some people have asked me are these model mods have collision models and hitbox, and mY answer is no, they are just visual models, there are no any collision model changes. About the fuel Tank's collision model. That's answer Dozer Blade also no collision model
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    It doesn't come from Storm's, Unfortunately, I can't detach those models. They're from K153, CATTB, Shadow. And I need to say, splicing these models together and moving them to the desired location without a good tools is tiring but should be well worth it.
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    Kinetic Energy Missile - the ones used by the MGM-166 and the AAWS-H Bradley
  45. 1 point
    Don't worry I know, he's been an amazing help already while I was making this
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