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    Apparently it's possible to meme your way through heroics
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    Full article is up: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-kurganets-25
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    To be fair, while not intended - I still think it should remain as it stands. Some peeps want the classic visuals and don't want to see all the new skins or camos.
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    This makes me think of something... Why not release the lootboxes for sale from the start and offer the players the missions as currently implemented to get those crates and tell them that you're extra generous with the amount of boxes you can get for free because anniversary etc. Let the "normal" anniversary event have the BVP as main reward with some prem time and insignias or whatever (I mean that's a generous award for doing barely anything at all even I managed to fetch those ). I think that would have pissed off less players while making them look better in the end. Quite sure loads of players would have still done all the missions to get the crates and maybe be less salty bec there's no need for an empty promise.
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    Source: https://old.reddit.com/r/ArmoredWarfare/comments/j4ovel/just_a_little_something/ Can confirm codes from both lists work. There are over 900 codes on each list, if you're unlucky enough to nab a used code just try another one. Backup read-only copy of the two lists in case they go poof or vandalized, since the originals weren't protected: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16ZV0PzjsLDwvv7VgXeHtBINZiRvXwEPP/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o0EY6ciKon2EjmK5TIKUAZ8kNDFAeH-q/view?usp=sharing Edit: code can be redeemed at your profile page on the AW webpage (log in first): https://aw.my.games/en/user
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    The requirements/mechanics should be identical to EL with one exception - the boxes are going away, there will be a normal BC shop instead
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    OS: Windows 10 Home, version 1809, 64 bit Game Version: 0.33.7410--2020-10-16_03:16 Brief Description: There are only 4 tier 9 unlock tokens available for Wolfi vehicles, but 5 possible tier 9s to unlock. Steps to Reproduce: Navigate to Sophie Wolfi dealer in vehicles screen Check there are 5 possible tier 9 vehicles available for unlocking (via tier 9 unlock tokens) and purchase. M1A2C Leopard 2A6 Centauro 120 B1 Draco CRAB Check there are only 4 available tier 9 unlock tokens in tier 8 vehicles. M1A2 Abrams Leopard 2A5 Bradley FV VBR Check other tier 8 vehicles with no tier 9 unlock token available. Leopard Evo M1128 MGS Dragun 125 Result: There are only 4 available tier 9 unlock tokens for Wolfi vehicles, but there are 5 tier 9 vehicles available. Expected Behavior: There should be sufficient tier 9 unlock tokens (at least 5) to unlock all tier 9 vehicles for Sophie Wolfi. Fixes/Workarounds: None. Other Notes: M1128 MGS and Dragun 125 previously had tier 9 unlock tokens available. Tier 8 vehicles with tier 9 unlock tokens: Tier 8 vehicles without tier 9 unlock tokens:
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    Okay this was worth preserving.
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    I can understand that people are pissed over this but I really don't get why people would expect anything different from them at this point. To me the intention of this was obvious. And the term "fairly decent chance" is just another advertising slogan. As you said it depends on ones interpretation. In this case I strongly agree with @knutliott. Maybe I'm a bit more sceptical about such claims because I'm playing this game since quite some time. I know what some their promises are/were worth (AGDS exclusivity for example) so I usually take such stuff with a grain of salt. Additionally it's not the first time they're giving away free lootcrates to encourage people to buy the rest. Happened a lot when they introduced new vehicles obtainable via lootcrates. I fully understand people being mad because they thought they would get the tank given the wording (which definitely is misleading as most advertisements are basically). But why would so many people (especially the long term players) expect anything different from the start? They're doing such stuff since quite a long time now with "promises" and lootcrates. I'm not sure when the first Lootcrates dropped but it was certainly more than two years ago: For reference: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/last-chance-type-99a2-140-loot-crate (Here they were providing free boxes as well for example. And I can remember that people were equally pissed about that like the situation we're in now) Obviously people were angry (me too btw) and everyone was like "short term cash grab" and "you'll piss off so many customers". Yet here we are. This happened like every time we got a new lootcrate or any other "new marketing sorcery" (german community for example is always salty as fuck when they do something like this. Even more than what I experience from the english community). So more than two years later they are still doing "cheap cashgrabs" and it seems to work very well. Because if you repeatedly continue to do something that does not work out as expected over a period of more than two years I'd call you insane. And my.games or whoever is in charge of that certainly isn't. So given that I expect my.games not to be insane it's a logical conclusion to say that what they are/were doing is working well enough despite all the hate they're getting for it. And yes. Near 100% certain that it'll be lootcrates to complete the ZTQ Please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to defend anything they're doing. I absolutely despise the whole Lootcrate stuff (I made my mistakes as well in this regard). But to me after all these years their intention is obvious hence why I don't get that so many people were expecting to get a basically free ZTQ for near zero effort. I can understand that they are pissed because they didn't get the tank. I would be too, if I wasted my time on this one with the expectation to get the tank with 100% certainity. But the outcome of this should have been obvious from the start (at least to me personally). After all they need to earn money too and there's nothing wrong with that. In the end the customer decides if the product is worth it or not. If players don't want to spend money they get a fairly decent game free of charge which is quite fair if you think about it (and you can actually play this game without being pressed towards buying premium stuff, unlike some other games).
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    I think some perspective would be nice right now. The clan code gave everybody 1k gold and 30d prem time, that's essentially 14 euros worth of free stuff. Even though old and experienced players will scoff at them for being mostly worthless in practice (and rightly so) and likely won't be purchasing them anyway, newer players may see them worthy enough to shell out real money for. I'd love to debate the actual value of in-game content, but that's a topic for another thread. There are nearly 1000 codes that gave out content worth at least 14 euros, let's be generous and say 50% of players who claimed the codes might have bought them with real money had they not received them for free. That is at least 7000 euros lost in potential sales. Make no mistake, the game and company wants your money more than wanting to be your friend. While I don't agree with the practice of drying up freebies for players, disabling the codes is in fact in the company's best interest to preserve their monetization strategies and profits. SS works for the company, it's his job to respond to this potential sale loss in the best interest of the company. I don't expect anything less from any employee loyal to their company, especially when they are just doing their job. If nothing else, the concern that the codes may be internal leaks alone is enough justification to disable them. It's fun while it lasted, congrats to those who snagged the codes in time.
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    OS: Windows 10 Home, version 1809, 64 bit Game Version: 0.33.7410--2020-10-16_03:16 Brief Description: Customization toggle in gameplay settings do not match description of setting. Steps to Reproduce: Equip some sort of camo/skin on your vehicle of choice Ask another tester to do step 1 Ensure you have customization toggled to "off" in gameplay settings Ensure partner tester have customization toggled "on" Go into a match together Check appearances against each other Result: Tester with customization "off" will not see any skin/camo on either players. Tester with customization "on" will see skin/camo on both players. Expected Behavior: Description of setting should properly reflect result, stating all customization will be disabled if toggled off . OR; Customization toggle should only affect the appearance of the user's own vehicle and nothing else. Fixes/Workarounds: None. Other Notes: Issue is applicable in all gameplay modes. Disabling customization will also remove skins or camos on PvE bots that may use them. Test with camos (Haswell has customization toggled off): Test with skins (Haswell has customization off):
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    Some renders of LAV-105 that was announced in february of 2017. Also i applied special "Winter" camo. This vehicle was supposed to be a non-progression high-tier tank destroyer. I just added some smokecaps for vanilla model.
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    You can get skins also from those special crates.
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    An option to have either a 2nd launcher or an autocannon might have been nice, though that might have just made it even more obvious how OPAF the Terminators are. If the theoretical 2nd launcher operated independently of the 1st - meaning it could reload while the 1st was firing and vice versa - then it probably would have been good. They could even be set up as separate weapons with separate ammo loads, and that you'd have to toggle between them to use them just like you currently do with the missiles and the AC. The more I think about it, the more that sounds really cool.
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    Thank you everyone for the great comments and ideas!
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    And this is really the crux of the issue. This was supposed to be an Anniversary celebration, yet a fairly high number of players are coming away from it disappointed. That doesn't make for a very good celebration. Yup. I understand that AW needs to make money, but loot boxes are a predatory scheme. They prey on people who are susceptible to gambling and are a generally shitty way for a company to make money. The problem is twofold: making money with lootboxes is trivially easy, and enough people will stupidly buy 100's of $$ or EUR or GPB of them to keep the company going. In most games it works out okay for everyone else, but AW seems to be so lazy that they're gearing everything toward the "whales" or "wallet warriors" or whatever you want to call them. Which makes the game less appealing for everyone else, and the sad fact of the matter is that the whales need the FTP players just as much as the FTP players need the whales. One group (the whales) provide income for the company, while the other group (the FTP players) provide the community that is absolutely necessary to keep a game going. AW still tries to coerce people into playing game modes that they don't want to play, and still sets up very basic, very obvious money grabs. Both of those practices suppress the FTP community. I'm sure AW would try to say "but we have lots of players" but that's obviously not the case. PvP and GLOPS are only available for maybe 6-8 hours a day due to the lack of population. Even PvE queue times are starting to climb... they're still good because they're measured in seconds, but they've doubled over the last several months at least during my gaming hours.
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    The raid missions should have just been like BP challenges (made smaller) or the repeatables (made a bit bigger).
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    Yeah, the event (and the lootboxes) could have been handled better if the devs wanted to introduce people to the lootbox system with a positive experience. The example I'll give would be to have the BVP-80 come in lootboxes instead of the ZTQ and make sure that players are all but guaranteed to get enough lootboxes (either through sheer volume of lootboxes, or through tweaking the odds to be more favourable) unless they only do no more than ~70% of the event. For the players that either have very bad luck or didn't complete the enough of the event, making the BVP parts tradeable would give those players an incentive to join an active clan (if they aren't in one already) and would provide a demonstration of the trading function. I'm sure there are other ways that the devs could have done it, however we ended up with with an event that should have been seen as generous but instead left a bit of a bad taste in the players' mouths.
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    Just like before, in PvE the raid gives a benefit to full platoons where 4 players allow one teammates to reach his "alternative condition" task without obstructions. In such case 1 point is given once per 5 missions at average. 10 pve missions (or 2,5 hours) daily through all month translate into 60 completed PvE raid tasks in worse case, and some missions grant free tokens, or missions can be combined to do them in parallel, or players in platoon can agree not to interfere to do different objectives. Teamwork. In random PvE, it may take 15-30 runs to reach basic "of x10 times" conditions (being in top in something or be very accurate shooter).
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    Personally this is what annoys me: "If you collect all 50 crates, you will have a fairly decent chance of obtaining enough blueprints to build it." Based on this thread and discord results I would not call it 'fairly decent'. I understand how this stuff works, but I was hoping AW would be better than that other tank game. Over there marketing BS is through the roof. Here at least the approach of SilentStalker is a very refreshing thing in my opinion.
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    I think most people's main beef with this lootbox is the assumption that every crate would give at least 1 part for the ZTQ. Instead that part could be replaced by a prem tank rental. So it becomes even more disgusting RNG which makes or breaks people's chances of hoping to get the thing without having to spend a dime. The funny thing is I wonder how they'll rig the purchase lootboxes so that there may be a greater chance to get rentals in place of the parts. It's easy for them to do dishonest work in the name of profit. Will they do it? Hopefully not, but they absolute can if they wanted to.
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    oh 5 man full arty run is going to be up soon
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    Yeah, that one is a bug. If you look at the Evo/Revo armour model and look at the rear section of the side armour, it is 80mm raw thickness and does not seem to gain any effectiveness from angling against any shot in the game. If someone could test this in the proving grounds or custom match, it would be very helpful. Edit: can confirm that this occurs on the Evo in proving grounds, I managed to pen the rear side armour at an angle of over 85 degrees (I had to hunt for pixels to find the spot I could pen, but I could pen it) With the Type 99: With the Ramka: Notice the tracers from the AP shots ricocheting off the side armour after they penetrated and did full damage....
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    My second set of crates (+10, 15 total now) brought me from 9 parts to 19, and that includes 5 received from the "special" crate that I assembled. I received a ridiculous number of useless, stupid, 1-day rentals. In other words, I'm averaging less than 1 ZTQ-15 part per crate, and 5 per special crate. Yes, special crates drop a minimum of 3 ZTQ-15 parts (as opposed to 1) and cannot drop useless, stupid, 1-day rentals.
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    Yes. Not sure if the rewards differ from the normal ones.
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    Your first proposal is called skill-based matchmaking. AW had it for PvP for a while, and from everything I've heard it was horrible. At the very least it was bad enough that they discarded it and have said repeatedly that they have no plans to re-implement something similar. I also have experience implementing skill based systems, and from my experience they're much much more difficult to implement for multi-player games when some players can be grouped (i.e. platoons) while others are not. Your second proposal is somewhat more workable, provided the back end allows for it. The main thing to consider is that it absolutely 100% chance will slow down matchmaking. Some allowance could be made in this system to increase the rank of vehicles that are in platoons, but the reality is that this whole proposal only changes the meta, it doesn't fix matchmaking. The real problem with PvP (which includes GLOPS) is something that Flavio has said many times. If you're not using a meta vehicle every single time you play, you're hurting your team. You can complain that the other side had 6 x Type 10/CATTB/T-15/whatever the current meta is and your side didn't, but unless you were in one of those meta vehicles then you were part of that problem. Asking the matchmaker to "balance the teams" is another way of saying that you want the matchmaker to correct for your poor choice of vehicle. As I recall, and not including off-peak play times, there are basically always enough players to populate a match. Delays during peak playing times are caused by the matchmaker waiting for someone more appropriate to queue up, or for someone to have been waiting long enough that loosening the parameters makes them qualify for the current match. So unless I misunderstand what you're suggesting, this is already how the matchmaker works.
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    I like the 2nd suggestion as an option to balance Glops (and PvP in general) matchmaking. Yes, it might take a bit longer than the current system, but any matchmaking system will usually require a bit more time to make a fair match compared to an one-sided match. However, I'm not entirely sure what the current situation is respect to the internal workings of the matchmaker (especially with regards to the average time to get a match vs. the amount of time waiting in queue before the matchmaker loosens the matchmaking parameters and allows for a more one-sided match) so I cannot say whether or not implementing internal vehicle scores would have any effect. Another possibility (if it hasn't already been implemented) for improving the matchmaker would be to make it so the timer for when the matchmaker can loosen its parameters does not start unless there are enough players to populate a match (this should help prevent the matchmaker from randomly cobbling together unbalanced teams the moment there are enough players to populate a match).
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    The game should also offer some sort of Follow Me or Move To command for infantry units. Once infantry is disembarked it is stupid to use enter-and-exit from vehicle to move it for another 10-15 meters.
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    Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-october-1 Looks like high tier HESH and PISH are getting a nerf again (understandably, but hopefully not by too much like how they used to do with PISH balancing in the past). After initial response and saying they won't add Battle Hardened preferential MM, they're now going to implement anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BMPTs are getting simultaneous firing back on the twin autocannons, but there's still no mention of different RoF between BMPT 2000's AP and HE rounds (I reported this way back in PTS1). ---- BTW when did tanks start firing ATGMs again? Was this from Sept 24's patch? I'm pretty sure that they were not supposed to use them at 0.33's launch, yet it's going back to 0.32 status in that aspect.
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    Several universal camouflages from an ordinary AW player.
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    You need 100 parts total to "build" the vehicle. You need 10 parts of special crates to build a special crate. Both "builds" are done from your inventory in the Goods section. Find the parts where they're listed and click on the wrench to combine them.
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    Hi everyone) I here decided to slightly improve that barracuda camonet for the Leo 2a5, using old textures from OE. How do you like this idea? Why mail.ru dont use all of those old textures?
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    I still haven't seen anything about how they are going to treat BH for tier 9 and 10 vehicles if they do it. Not having to deal with a +2 as a tier 10 makes BH kind of pointless.
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    Join me on the 3rd of October in a celebratory stream for the 30 years of German reunification where I am going to play all the German vehicles of Armored Warfare. Also Get the chance to win up to 3 German vehicles, a Kampfpanzer 70 tier 6 premium MBT, a Leopard 2AV Predator tier 6 premium MBT and a Marder 2 tier 8 premium AFV for 14 days. The stream will start at 17:00 CEST and last for 6 hours.
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    In GLOPS you get the infantry back if you go to the repair zones after respawn. Havnet tried to 'refill' infantry when they was dead and my tank is still alive.
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    Yes, you can probably purchase these insignia and boosts for gold, but ideally they have to be used like with 200-300% efficiency, plus proper gold price should be like 30-50% of what is cheapest ratio always available for 100 euro pack (24k gold). And in general don't forget that a lot of this stuff drops from containers for variety of activities (daily logins, SO, contracts), so active players can rightfully say that such items are not worth spending gold at all. Best use of such stuff is combo of Premium + x2 daily (and x4 SO) + event boost + 2x boost + insignia in case of new player one paid 12h platinum + free 2h which is drop from Silver, Gold, or Platinum chests. Maximum benefit is possible when progressing multiple lines, so boost applies to multiple x2 daily runs bonuses for first victory. Also, in theory if you are playing PvE, you should never enter missions with low base XP gain and/or high risk of failing them. Bundles are typically high price tag, their content has to be analyzed individually for what they offer. Certain items may obsolete over time and some items are collectibles without good use in game. If you just need premium tank to earn credits, gold option tier 6 MBT prem with good DPM is sufficient. Probably some bundles may tease with different kinds of boosts, so their combo is truly powerful, but i am not sure such are available anymore (like Platinum/Gold AW or Gold Battlefield), I think there is only Platinum Battlefield.
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    Some interesting items from crates today.
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