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    This mod is pretty unorthodox compared to the others. It is a mod changes some of vehicle's name and description (including change description when change a skin of some vehicles) aimed to make some vehicles to make it become more ''accurate''. Since it is designed to be used for my personnel use (I post it here solely due to friend's request), it might not totally historical accurate, as I change mainly the vehicles that I use often. Still, a creative suggestions are welcome. These pictures are a few examples of mod (there are more changes than these). If you find it interesting you can try. PS. The mod need to be updated every time the game add more vehicle/skin, which I'll do but will take time (might take a few days for a large updates such as new BP). localization.zip
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    Have read the issues with the sound mods (and noticed it ingame) and I'm really missing the better sound from the sound mods. Is there any news regarding what will be possible and or when would we (pls, pls) con have a updated sound mod(s). I really miss it.
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    Inspired by this picture source: Preview Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UXsp5Uw60Doz5PQMb-vJLKGJvBKo7gvs/view?usp=sharing Enjoy!
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    Source: https://armoredwarfare.com/en/news/general/update-0130-now-available The website transfer was originally scheduled to occur last week, but the devs had to revert back to the original domain during maintenance. "aw.my.games" now redirects to "armoredwarfare.com" The Russian portal has moved their domain from "awru.my.games" to "arwar.ru" 2 weeks earlier The blue "Play" button may not appear on MY.GAMES launcher. Click on "Armored Warfare" on the left sidebar, then the blue button should appear near the top-right corner of the launcher. There are reports that Steam players cannot play the game, because the sidebar is inaccessible Not in the patch notes, but there is a new Modern British Contract achievement series added to the game, and it is reportedly not working at the moment (i.e. you don't gain progress in the achievements even if you complete any contract missions after the update, and it is not retroactive).
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    Shall see I'm debating remaking it from scratch
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    These clean files are dated 2022 Dec 27 (might be a bit earlier), the last versions I have backed up before everything got encrypted. Have fun! localization_en_xml.7z
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