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    Hi so I make one skin as fan of the gopnik style for TOS M1. If you have any suggestinons of to upgrade it hit me up in comments. Remake v 1.0.1 Link => https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aYTGQwU5bwkIbEL24A33nagi5bv5J7Ml/view?usp=sharing To install it put the object folder into your localization folder usually English folder. Old version Link => https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iE6t9ggJw1Mp0tCiVaNd6efTsG7NMn4X/view?usp=sharing To install it put the object folder into your localization folder usually English folder.
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    This is a mod for the TOS-M1. Not perfect but I think it's good enough for not having Adobe Substance Painter or another program like it. Some weird red tiny red spots but... yeah. Anyway. Criticism is alright. I don't think I'll put any effort into making the mod more "clean". Again talking about the random red spots. Maybe in the future when I get motivation again? Install the mod into the proper location in the English folder. The supplied .zip starts with the object folder assuming you have never installed a mod before. Link: Download Link for TOS-1M Mod Edit: The flaming decal is a concept from Starsiege/Starsiege Tribes. Specifically Harabec Weathers (Phoenix) and the "Children of Phoenix" in Tribes.
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    The world is diverse. Everyone has different likes and interests. I will not impose my values on anyone. People who like these mods will use them, and those who don't can look at them then turn them off. This is a normal thing. But one thing is for sure, the community is moving in the direction of prosperity. If you don't think this is good, you can try to make a better one. Many guide are here. When you post it I'll give you a good review.
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    New UPDOT is up! ↑↑
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    preview enjoy https://drive.google.com/file/d/19VQLRfvd60rzpZv1CR_mGO2Agu7Bzzzo/view?usp=sharing
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    Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-artillery-overhaul Several comments and replies from SilentStalker on official Discord server: Regarding the potential burst damage from a 4-shot clip PLZ-05, "Well obviously that's going to need tuning. Like, removing the PLZ clip or making it more manageable." He turned down the idea of scrapping the class and relabelling SPGs to TDs, saying "TDs come with some design expectations, like high accuracy." (Side note: the idea of a class merge, specifically combining LTs and TDs into Fire Support Vehicle or FSV class, had also been rejected before) Having both indirect fire and direct fire modes is also a no-no, "Because we specifically do not want indirect mode in PvP." TOS-1M Buratino's 220mm rockets somewhat influence SPG's future direction It's not possible for SPGs to behave differently between game modes; "I don't know the details, I am not a programmer. But assigning more than two POV to a vehicle breaks the game." Overhaul is still at proposal stage, "right now it's basically a "we'd like that" stage, nobody started working on nit." "The change is not supposed to appeal to the players who are perfectly fine with the way it is. It's meant to appeal to other players who don't have SPG vehoces yet and maybe make them more active." "There are more reasons for the overhaul than that. For example, SPGs actually actively decrease low-Tier retention of new players. They decrease its average because arties now suck on most maps." The idea of changing artillery into direct fire only had been tested in Balance 2.0 PTS before: The results were apparently not up to expectations, and this idea was dropped. In Update 0.19 SPG as a class was limited to PvE only, and bot SPGs were removed from all existing maps at the time (Spec Ops was not out yet, as was Desert Path which had a chance to spawn an SPG in an off-grid location in relation to a specific secondary objective). Illumination (free spotting in a designated spot) and smoke shells as well as counter-battery pings (the ability to see the approximate location where an enemy SPG fired a shot on the minimap) were also removed. From an anecdotal experience, the SPGs' firing arc was greatly reduced, and the splash radius was also made smaller since then. SPGs were reintroduced to GlOps mode in 2020 together with smoke shells. White Phosphorous shells were added instead of illumination shells, but for some reasons they do not help reset cap in that mode (they should) as they would in PvE even to this day. These utility shells now have very high firing arc, almost mortar-like. At some time high calibre HE shells dealt tremendous module damage, and while this was a problem mainly associated with high tier MBTs, SPG also benefitted from this, but it was largely reversed for Update 0.35. Otherwise they more or less played the same since 2017's Update 0.19: relatively low firing arc, small splash radius, map/terrain restrictions, and generally low utility caused some players to re-adapt and play such vehicles in direct fire mode, and this is the direction that the developers are currently going for.
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    Simply swaps the default AT Squad and Mortar voicelines to equivalents from Company of Heroes 2, using Rangers squad and AEF Indirect Weapon Team respectively.
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    nice work!
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    I love the T-62M but I really can't understate how much I hate the camo that it has. I would be very thankful if someone could make a skin for it that replaces its' current camouflage with... ANYTHING, really.. as long as it's realistic. A replica of any real vehicle would be perfect, but I'd be fine with even just giving it a normal russian green paint. Just as long as it gets rid of this obnoxious gray and yellow camo that it has in-game.
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    Thanks to TobiichiOrigami. He taught me how to do sound mods and eventually after a whole day of suffering because of how BS the audio files are designed in the game. I eventually did it. However it is not perfect. 76mm will be using 105mm sounds in WoT because of how the game assign different sounds to an unknown selected group of tanks. Not very straight forward indeed. And 152mm will sound a bit hollow when scoped in due to unknown sound processed stored in unknown places even if its using modded sounds. Small calibers - 75-90mm and some ready rack tanks will be using the 105mm sound from WoT (Cant fix it, its how the game works) Medium caliber. MBTs with 105-130mm will be using the 100mm caliber sound from WoT High caliber. 140-152mm will be ofc. Using the 152mm caliber sound from WoT. https://mega.nz/folder/Y6RwXS5C#SuO8DQWn2754VBbjrmlgcw All credit goes to TobiichiOrigami. <3
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    allso das spiel macht keinen spass mehr nun haben se uns die sound mods auch genommen spiel ist deinstalliert
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    Look at that! That's so disgusting. I reallly hate Otaku.
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