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    There is now an initial version of the AW modloader uploaded on GitHub. Important: Bugs are to be expected, even though most stuff should be ironed out by now. Use at your own risk. After testing a first release will be made (probably in a new thread) which should be working well. The program does what the name says: Load Mods into the program Manage mods by activating/deactivating them for the use ingame Version control of mods Collision detection of mods Important stuff first: - Source Code (MIT): https://github.com/TeyKey1/AW-Modloader - Supported Plattforms: Windows 7-11 (32 & 64 Bit) (Currently only win10 64Bit is tested) - Supported Languages: English, German (Other languages can be supported as well but for this I need help see https://github.com/TeyKey1/AW-Modloader/issues/1) - Supported Installer Languages: English, German, French, Polish, Russian - Download of the program: https://github.com/TeyKey1/AW-Modloader/releases/tag/v0.1.0-alpha - Issues: Report here or (even better) https://github.com/TeyKey1/AW-Modloader/issues Making mods compatible with the modloader Generally lot of mods should already be compatible with the modloader. Though theres some mod distributions with an incompatible folder layout. The expected folder layout for a compatible mod is as follows: MyFancyMod.zip => sounds/ weapons/ ... weapons/ ... Generally the archive needs to represent the folder structure that is required inside the localization/<language>/ folder. ThisIsWrong.zip => localization/ <language>/ ... This does not work for example as the modloader directly inserts the file into the correct localization folder already. modinfo.json In order to attach more information to your mod that the modloader can use you can create a modinfo.json file. Using this file you can achieve proper version control of your mod in the modloader. The file needs to have the following JSON data (The modinfo.json is not mandatory but recommended): { "name": "My mod name", "author": "TeyKey1", "version": "0.1.0", "injection": "localization", "info": "This is an awesome mod info\nIt contains all the best tank colors\n\nmore info here: https://armoredlabs.net" } Parameters: name The name of your mod author You, probably version The current version of your mod. This needs to follow Semver injection Currently only "localization" is supported, so leave as is info Some info text about your mod. Can be multiline using escape characters The modinfo.json file needs to reside in the base of the mod archive: MyFancyMod.zip => sounds/ weapons/ ... weapons/ ... modinfo.json
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    3 updates within 7 days. Most of the changes are BP-related. The following patch notes are in chronological order. ---- Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0389199-now-available ---- Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0389213-now-available Note: BP coin tokens compensation is an ongoing fix; some people still haven't got theirs fixed as of 15th September ---- Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0389214-now-available Unrelated note: The Namer is "back" for the second time and it can be found on the Global Vehicle Directory (aka Encyclopedia) at the moment.
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    preview Hope you like it Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Uxv678cH0kj2WpGkxJKjSkf8Z2bogq_G/view?usp=sharing
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    I tried to improve the appearance of Magach 6B Gal Batash lvl 5 MBT. Now it looks a little better, in addition, it will be possible to paint it in any color, as well as apply any camouflage. You can download this mod from Yandex disk. The .exe is a regular WinRAR archive and you can easily extract it the desired folder from there and copy it to your localization folder.
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    @Vadim I know how to alter decal in game. The main issue is decal position in the T-72M1 isn't good as T-72A. That's why I want a skin instead. Also my PC unable to do a skin mod for some reason.
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    I polished my previous M1 addons a bit and decided to rerelease them as a collection. List of changes: Every Abrams model now has physics-enabled mudflaps from XM1 M1A1 uses Storm's camo net and turret props M1A1 AIM uses Storm's turret props and is reskinned to a desert color instead of the Liberty skin M1A2 uses Warhammer turret props M1A2, M1A2C and XM1A3 use CROWS and an additional .50 cal on the cannon base (credit to @TobiichiOrigami) XM1A3 now also uses M1A1 AIM's engine cage. Image gallery: https://imgur.com/a/JafVnwx Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11eEA8qaC-JoRi4EpaohCavCRWw1zLhyP/view?usp=sharing To install, simply drop contents into your localization\<your language>\ folder.
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    This mod was originally made by Arto, but he's a lazy butt so im uploading this on his behalf Link to download is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FSbOWVgruB-vVqON7ITrGRncNSrCFa6G/view just throw it into your main game directory The mod replaces the PL-01s hull with that of the Anders, and the turret with the K-21 XC-8s, together with some other tweaks.
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    New update has been released!
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    https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-lynx-skyranger Interesting concepts, but the combo of mechanics just don't feel as exciting as they sound on paper. Unless the KEM have very fast reloads, the lower damage than they already do on the Brosat will make them fairly useless even if they end up having high penetration. They would also serve no utility otherwise, as they are effectively just missiles with low damage and possibly low penetration too. The blinding laser sounds novel on paper, until you realize the game already have mechanics for reducing enemy view ranges for years now. Shooting at commander sights and/or killing the commander on the target vehicle will blind them far more effectively than using the ability, not to mention its limited usefulness in PvP. Programmable HE has been absolutely useless ever since they were introduced in the game. Nobody praises them, or complains about being used against them, or even uses them actively. This is a gimmick in the game that exists without much purpose or use. In short, I see it as yet another dakka vehicle in a tier range already saturated by dakka vehicles. Maybe it will be better than it sounds, but I don't have high hopes.
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    no, the panels are fixed to the CV90 hull. My first idea was to replace the PL-01 with CV90, I can replace everything but the suspension - however the PL-01 suspension is actually nothing like CV90, despite being built on top of one irl. Blame Obsidian's modelling on that I guess. Either way the CV90 doesn't fit on the suspension.
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    would it be possible to attach ghost CV90120 panels to emphasis the camo system it and the PL-01 share?
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    Hey guys, I found a new bug in Centauro. I made a GIF for the results caused by this bug and put it in the attachment. This bug is like this. The conditions are T7-T10, TD and Ready Rack. Switch the ammo once when it is fully loaded, then shoot, and then switch to another ammo and shoot. In this way, you can see a Centauro with a firing speed similar to that of Draco.
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    my hero i cant belive it man, thanks so much! now my abroooms are almost perfect only thing that is messing with me and you cant unsee it once you do is that turret is a bit offset, its nothing with the mod its the damn game... just look at the tank front and look at it from the side in your garage the turret is a bit offset to the back xD
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    If at least one person was useful to my mini guide, then I definitely did not waste my time in vain to share it here. Buddy, if I understand you correctly, then you asked about the removal of the machine gun near the main gun of the tank, right? For M1A2 tanks (relevant for all three) you need to open CDF file with the name of the tank you need and completely delete the line: <Attachment Type="CA_BONE" AName="detachpart_turret1" Rotation="1,0,0,0" Position="0.01,2.5,2.3" BoneName="cannonbase" Binding="Objects/vehicles/mbt/cattb/cattb_guns02_turret_cattb.cgf" PA_ReceiveCustomization="1" Flags="0" /> After deleting the line, close the file and agree to the changes. For M1A1 I found only one way: go to the M1A1 folder and then seek and destroy the file "m1a1_cannonbase_m1a1_m256.cgf"
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    Bro this shit is fire thanks alot! Mod is amazing but those mudflaps were annoying me aswell and not having them now is relief from gods. Now did you figure out how to remove m2 browning from the main gun? I'd keep it on most variants but i dont really like it on m1a1 and m1a2...
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    Currently trying out some new frameworks and libraries and such modloader thingie sounds like a simple thing which covers all the stuff I want to try out in those libs and frameworks so might as well do something useful. So in case my endeavor turns out semi-nice I might share it
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    This "Lizzie" skin for 5 lvl MBT Chieftain Mk11 based on a real prototype. I found this camouflage on youtube and decide to create and integrate in AW. Unfortunately, due to UV-unwrap of the model, it was not possible to achieve 100% identity with the original tank. Although I tried )) This skin works only for premium Chief Mk11 and not suitable for another tank. If you want files and materials i can share it, just let me know.
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    Thank you for the tutorial, now I can make a mod with easier process.
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    Good afternoon! I want to apologize in advance. This text was typed using Google Translate as English is not my native language. In this post, I would like to share with you a mod called Voice of War! The mod was originally made by me for the VKontakte group and was a kind of exclusive. This modification replaces a huge number of sounds that the player can hear in battle. This was done for greater immersion in the gameplay and enjoyment of what is happening. What does this mod change in the gameplay? - Replaced ALL shooting sounds. 6 sounds were taken from Vadim's Weapon Sounds mods and the very first BATTLEFIELD Gun Sound mod (I used some other files because these guys made the best sounds for the game. All copyrights belong to the authors of these mods and sound files. I do not claim authorship) ; - Replaced the sounds of diesel engines with new, more realistic ones, as well as the sound of a hybrid engine with a more believable one (previously, the sounds of diesel engines have already been posted here as a separate file); - Changed the sound of the turret turning from third person to more realistic; - Replacing the sound of the air suspension with a realistic one; - Replacing the sound of shooting a smoke screen with a realistic one; - Replacing the sound of reloaded tanks with a realistic one; - Changed the activation sound of some mechanical parts, such as the radar and the landing ramp (landing hatch); - Replaced the sounds of movement of tank tracks; - Replaced most of the sound effects of impacts, penetrations into the player's tank when viewed from the 3rd person to realistic ones; - Changed the sounds of ricochets of ARMOR shells and bullets from vehicles; - replaced the sounds of the movement of wheeled and tracked vehicles on various surfaces, namely on asphalt - primer and various types of off-road (sand, snow, earth); - Replaced the sounds of shells hitting snow, earth and sand with more effective ones; - Replaced the sounds of explosions, as well as replaced some of the effects used in PVE missions (from the effects, the sounds of a flying helicopter, its shooting, as well as the passage of jets overhead for more immersion); - Replaced the sounds of equipment exploding when destroyed (including the player) with realistic ones. Now it's more like what you might hear while playing Battlefield 3; - Changed the sound of target acquisition when using a homing ATGM (Spike, Javelin, etc.). Audio consists of the standard game and target acquisition audio from Battlefield 3; - Replaced the sounds of firing grenade launchers and mortars with realistic ones; and much more! This version of the mod is adapted and universal for foreign users, since all files in Russian have been cut out. Download link: New link 05.08.2022 ver. 1.2 Version classic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y-KWgZn2JO3tFRsVYTWQY2huJRMbhRkQ/view?usp=sharing Version realistic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mUiEAPxjTyBQHs4s19ezxJn52D6gRv7E/view?usp=sharing Version realistic alternate: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12qQ0D8YqY6Fjkv9HKFfLTy_V0KxYJqJc/view?usp=sharing PS Unfortunately, in this version of the patch, the old detection sound was mistakenly returned. For those who are critical, it is possible to install the patch attached below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MMp_59rbMCo7vuHhKW2DEGiChUudhEsH/view?usp=sharing File for those who find the sound of the turret turning loud (old ver.). https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GoNeJJNuAI2w2xp1ydOSuEBPAJyza83h/view?usp=sharing If you wish, you can use my sound files in your mod, but with a link to the author. As a fan of realism, I also recommend installing: Upd 24:05:2022 Good day! I decided to share with you a new update of the mod. What's new: - Voiceover of the countdown before the start of the battle; - Sounds of collisions with tanks and various surfaces; - The sound of ATGM firing from the 1st person; - Reworked the sound of firing light tanks from the first person; - Changed some more environmental sounds; - In this version, the test replaced the sound of light; - Test replaced the activation sound of the ability "Acceleration"; - Replaced the sound of machine gun firing from a third person, with a clearer and better quality; - The standard sound of the explosion of ammunition after the death of bots and other players has been slightly improved. Now, during the explosion, you can hear how the cartridges in the tank explode; - Improved the sound of Shilka firing from a third person. Added a small echo after the shot and the sound of falling shells (the model has implemented the ejection of shells from the fighting compartment). - Completely new sound of the diesel engine. The sound is taken from a real tank diesel; - New sound for gas turbine engine; - A completely new sound of the gasoline engines that is used on the AMX-50, Scorpion, Scorpion 90, Ontos and other vehicles with a gasoline engine. The sound is taken from a real tank engine; - New firing sounds for MBT; - New sound for reloading vehicles with a loader; - Separate reload sound used on tank destroyers; - Implemented a separate sound for the firing of the K153 machine gun for the first and third person; - Improved caterpillar movement sounds. The clanking became more pronounced; - New reload sound for vehicles with autocannon; - New first-person shooting sound for vehicles with up to 50mm caliber autocannon. - Replaced the sound of hits and penetrations of the player from the first person; - Changed the sound of turning the tower from the first person. Perhaps something else. 05.08.2022 It's time for the release of the new patch 1.2! What will this patch bring new? - Reworked recochet sounds. Now they have become better heard in battle and they have become much clearer; - New sounds of firing light tanks; - New sounds of tank destroyers firing; - New sound of ATGM penetration; - New sound of the APS; - New sound of ATGM jamming systems; - New sound for disabling the APS and jamming systems from the 1st person; - New sound of the radar; - New sound of ATGM reloading; - Updated sound of the hybrid engine. and much more. In addition to this, there are additional 3 versions of the mod. Now everyone can choose a variation to their taste. What is their difference? 1. Version, this is the classic version of the mod with more arcade sounds; 2. The version uses more realistic (in my opinion) sounds of shots and the operation of various gun mechanisms; 3. Version is almost the same as version 2, but with a slightly different sound of MBT firing from the 1st person. What's included in the Realistic Shooting Sounds version? - New firing sounds for autocannons up to 50 mm caliber; - New MBT firing sounds; - New firing sounds for autocannons caliber 50mm and above. New hybrid engine ver 1.2: New sound of the radar: New sound of ATGM jamming systems and new firing sounds for MBT and new firing sounds for autocannons up to 50 mm calibe:
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    Well, first, I'm glad you like it. But because of this mod production is quite tedious (different voice files add up to nearly 800). I've already done two (this is one of them) so I don't usually spend too much time here.But Fortunately, I am currently working on a new voice pack (again GUP but other characters). But I only do it slowly when I think I want to do it, so the progress is slow.
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    Thanks to TobiichiOrigami. He taught me how to do sound mods and eventually after a whole day of suffering because of how BS the audio files are designed in the game. I eventually did it. However it is not perfect. 76mm will be using 105mm sounds in WoT because of how the game assign different sounds to an unknown selected group of tanks. Not very straight forward indeed. And 152mm will sound a bit hollow when scoped in due to unknown sound processed stored in unknown places even if its using modded sounds. Small calibers - 75-90mm and some ready rack tanks will be using the 105mm sound from WoT (Cant fix it, its how the game works) Medium caliber. MBTs with 105-130mm will be using the 100mm caliber sound from WoT High caliber. 140-152mm will be ofc. Using the 152mm caliber sound from WoT. https://mega.nz/folder/Y6RwXS5C#SuO8DQWn2754VBbjrmlgcw All credit goes to TobiichiOrigami. <3
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    all I see is a dead game they won't get profit from fixing the game as they don't care about a long run, they also don't mine our feedback (rarher banning us for it) so expect only continuous cash grab and even more bugs. Obsidian must be laughing out hard and I'm too tbh karma is for free hahahah
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    Been using this mod, there's some catch here. Small calibers - 75-90mm is currently using the 120mm WoT Medium caliber. 105-130mm is 100mm WoT (making it a lighter sound) Which is should be vice versa.
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    Armored Warfare BATTLFIELD Gun sound mod V.1.0 Including Cannon sound MG sound Smoke grenade sound Preview Download here Enjoy ! All sound credit to EA/DICE
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    Simply swaps the default AT Squad and Mortar voicelines to equivalents from Company of Heroes 2, using Rangers squad and AEF Indirect Weapon Team respectively. Download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E5eLaaXt9ezB7qYccGFcfFeY70n5yl-N/view?usp=sharing Install instructions: Simply drop the dialog folder into your localization language folder, ex.:
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    Synthesized using War Thunder sound clips Most main cannon sound Machine gun sound Sniper rifle shots mortar sound Small caliber cannon ATGM sound And more Preview Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6ne3fRd5P8 Download:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_5nYcPiJU9bZ7tl1LSA9z9-8YL5Qtmnp/view?usp=sharing enjoy!
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    This wasnt for the RU players, i know this was From EU players and EU server. There is no way RU players can sell parts and get real money that i know of. CLICKER IS NOT A EXPLOIT 90% of users use CLICKER in this game chinese EU RU players too. DOING 3 CLICKS 24/7= EXPLOIT? People should stop crying seeing 5 year old players having millions ))) They have millions because we play a lot and have been playing for a long time. The shop BP is very easy to get Coins just roll 24/7 Developers should know that 90% of playerbase is using Clicker they have been using it first day when BP Shop came out. This is NORMAL POLISH Players from Nasty ARE starting to say that modding the game For EXAMPLE : SOUND MODS FLAGS REPLACEMENT AND ETC. is bannable. AHA There is 3 ways to stop the crying and the stupid shit 1. REMOVE BP SHOP OR NERF IT TO THE GROUD. 2. ADD ANTI CHEAT INTO A DEAD GAME. 3. SILENCE THE NOOBS. ALSO DELETE PVE, MOST USLESS MODE AND THIS MODE IS KILLING THE GAME MORE (+ having what 4 modes you can play in pve right or is there more) ALSO DELETE GLOBAL OPERATION 10X10 YOLOYING TRASH. ONLY MODE SHOULD EXIST IS PVP 15X15 DEVELOPERS AND EVERYONE WORKING ON THIS GAME LOVES PVE AND NEVER WAS A FAN ON COMPETITIVE GAMEPLAY ALSO THIS IS WHY THEY FUCKED UP AFTER THEY DID THE BIG REBALANCE DRUNK PLAYERS OR THE OLD PEOPLE HAD DIFFUCLTY SHOOTING PIXEL SHOTS.
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