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    Well, since there is no place where all commander builds are compiled together, I decided to make a thread for this... Do note you might be using a different build, which you prefer and feel free to add your own build! Ophelia "shield bitch" kitescu Well let's start with the most hated commander in the game, shield bitch. First a regular build: (Yes, you have one skill point to do whatever the fuck you want) Then the meme retarded build with less hitpoints: Erin "miss ireland" O'connel: The good build: (Thanks hassie) The I am stupid, I should use taco instead build: Alisa: ammo build: Ramming build: Juan Carlos "taco" Miramon: To get quicker to the useful skills: The other build: Some stupid build cursed guy gave me: Douglas O'Reilly Dpm build: View range build: Slightly different: Some combined build: (Thanks seb mon Amour) Sabrina Washington: (got these two from Stratzi, thx) (thx Charlie) Viktor Kirsanov: Got this one from Seb (thx mon amour), should be for module damage, so "sabrina" like module damage build: (thx again). Freja: (idk whatever this is, Tey gave me) Min spread build: combined module damage build: Aim time build: (thx seb) Vincent "frenchie" Girard: Ioannis "fire guy" Sanna Fire memes: (thx Yxlouvia) Balanced build: Spotting: (Thx again) Rachel "I want to taste my enemy" Kramer: (Thx mon amour) Rashid "atgm boy" whatever the fuck that surname is: (thx) Viktor "I like my troops" Kirsanov: I like my troops build: Aleksandr "I am lucky" Cortez (Yes, I will shame you if you use this) Andrey Zaitsev
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    It is time, people for another story from your local retarded official staff, Soren! And because i decided to actually do the apocalypse season please help me dear god. But, because i still doesn't want to link, Enigma's legacy and Apocalypse season to the main game story. I will consider the whole Apocalypse and Enigma's legacy as a "What if" crazy fan theory / fanstory The Apocalypse arc start directly after the end SpiritHaven. With the low detail we have, we can assume, that, we take control of a little resistance group. Certainly an American one that helped Ryan in the event of American Dream. (We could also say it's Black Company, but as mentionned in one of the mission chain of the Battle path, the leader of the Lions of Nequiel says that we are the one that tried to put a bullet in his head, so it's very unlikely.) World is starting to collapse, a super volcano erupted and as a last hope, you try to find the Enigma's legacy. Hidden vault that would most likely save your life and the life of your friends. Sadly... those vault are already taken by old enigma's allies, namely, the Project Liberty Militia, the Lions of Nequiel and the National Patriot Activist Army. But there was still a hope. In fact, a last hidden vault with much better tech was still free. To get it, the resistance group decide to work for their old enemies, getting coordinates for the last Enigma vault, saving their life before the worse happened... This conclude the very short prequel of Apocalypse. Sometimes later, when everything start to calm down, we follow our new heroes, Ivo Rinaldi, the old boss of the Liberty militia (surprising isn't it?) and Igor, an old Russian military Major. Together, they created a settlement in the enigma vault for the PLM. The problem? No more ammo to defend their base, this is how the Duo got into a new adventure and where the Events of Plague happened. Plague take place in Gori. After the apocalypse, the whole city is in ruin, except for the old CI base. Igor, with a "freshly" stolen Enigma airship drop Ivo in the castle, begging him to not make any trouble and steal the ammo quickly. Because otherwise the mission wouldn't happen, Ivo doesn't comply, and his greed push him to steal more ammo in the lower part. Chain reaction occurs, the CI base is collapsing, Igor is forced to take off, and Ivo is forced to drop from the base to escape. After successfully escaping the base, Ivo and Igor are quickly noticed by the "local wildlife" as called by Ivo. David Gelovani. Extremely angry of this intrusion, David will proceed to send every last one of his soldier against our two Heroes. Ivo, fighting for his life, end up getting out of the city in one piece. Of course, he does that while throwing some "Thanks for your feedback' memes to Igor and banters against David.Obviously, it doesn't please neither of them. Resulting in a very stressed Igor, and an extremely pissed off David. But with the power of the meme and bad writing, Ivo end up fleeing in the Airship with Igor, in one piece, and with a ton of ammo "for a whole god damn army". David, still angry of what happen, tell Ivo that's this encounter is not the last one, and so, they will meet again. One month later, we follow once again our Meme boy and butthurt Major into new adventures. This time, they get to Panama, to try and steal some fuel for their Settlements. After landing, Ivo see that fights are currently happening, but that also a storm is slowly arriving on the operation Area. Ivo thinking quickly, start blasting enemies one by one with the cheer power of (nerfed) HE memes and Thermobaric T15 double tap abuse, before being interrupted by the one and only Cannibal Hana (yes, it's cannon, Hana did ate Austin) that lost of her sanity and start insulting people. As a pure reflex, Ivo use the power of lies to befriend Hana, by telling her he isn't a raider like the ones attacking Hana's settlements. (and so, ignoring the whole plagues event, definitly a fucking meme boy) Hana without her sanity, trust Ivo and his obvious gigantic stupid lies, while Ivo decide to s i m p on her and push back a whole god damn army of endless bots that can't be penned by HEAT and ATGM because there is fucking water everywhere please help. As a reward for his simpery, Hana offer Ivo a whole train of only 10k HP full of fuel. Ivo go get it in his magnificent moderator camo T15 that definitely look like a magnificent boat in this watery hell. But Hana forgot one detail. Devs are cruel, and so are the bots. The raiders decide to attack the train, with retarded instant reaction mini Terminators and Transport choppers ready to drop them. Major butthurt suddenly remember he exist in this Special operation and decided to be not useful at all Ivo, with his cheer power of memes and try hard, end up loosing all sanity trying to do the "Don't touch anything" achievement, creating a time paradox, and killing every enemies in the maps. (while Hana decided to give you 2 little LT that do nothing except existing) The two protagonist end up fleeing with the precious fuel, while Hana have an edgy Emo moment with the magnus death theme remixed in the background. And this, conclude the events of apocalypse for now. As you can see, i tried to do it seriously, but ended up giving up because of the totally mediocre/bad quality of the story and the total emptiness of it. I hope this doesn't push away some people from reading the second part. Also hope you had a good laugh reading War but in a total retarded meme way. I will now proceed to go back into nothingness until the next chapter (or two chapter) are outs. (and don't worry, i will meme them, unless they give important information.)
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    Title says it all - 11 kills, tier 4 but I've come to learn there isn't that much difference in skill across the tiers with a lot of older players playing lowertiers. This match means that my Shilka is now level 3 flagged - It's a nice little addition to a fun tank :)
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    Hello everyone! This time I managed to assemble the T-90A Burlak - it was a very complex model in terms of details. I hope you like it :)
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    https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/maintenance-april-15 PvE changes look a bit irrelevant, I'm struggling to see who would actually play standard difficulty above tier 2.
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    This goes back to a suggestion that I made long ago where VR shouldn't be a "universal constant". Vision should behave differently for different classes, and I don't just mean varying ranges. For example, MBTs should be able to return fire when something shoots them. They should get reciprocal targeting that they cannot share with others on their team. The specialness of TDs could then be that the effectiveness of an MBTs "return fire" ability is diminished against TDs. Other tweaks could be done. Maybe AFVs are particularly good at spotting vehicles that are just sitting there (i.e. "anti-camo"), while LTs are particularly good at spotting vehicles when they shoot (i.e. "anti-aggression"). Or maybe "spotting" itself is interrupted if you shoot - i.e. you can spot, or you can shoot, but you can't do both at the same time. (In which case "spotting" itself would be an extended-VR ability similar to the "better VR when not moving" abilities that some vehicles already have.) VR as implemented is pretty boring and causes all kinds of strange behavior as you've noted. But it seems like it would be easy to fix.
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    Probably something in this order Phase 1: http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?ioannis=A1A2A3A4B1B4C4D4 Phase 2: http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?ioannis=A1A2A3A4B1B4C4D4E4F4G4G5G6 Phase 3: http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?ioannis=A1A2A3A4A5A6B1B4C4D4E4F4G4G5G6 I use this build - spotting, crits, fire, but this can be inappropriate waste of points on empty cells and perks which full benefit works for certain vehicles and ammo only. http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?ioannis=B1B2B3B4C4D4D5D6E4F1F4G1G2G3G4
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    Sup guys, I came here to share my music pack with the community. Feel free to leave a comment with your music recommendation. I will add it on the list in the future update :) Also feel free to visit our korean AW community. https://m.dcinside.com/board/armored_warfare 디씨 암ㅡ페아 갤러리를 사랑해주세용 ------------------------------ Special operations 1. Caribbean crysis "Serpent" - Elephant Music (Magnus"s theme) "The Prophet'' - Black Hydra (start theme) 2. Moscow calling "V Main Menu Theme (Extended Version)" -Cyberpunk 2077 OST (Intro) "Badlanders" - P.T. Adamczyk (Attack) "Wushu Dolls" - Marcin Przybyłowicz (Defense) "In the face of evil" - Hotline miami 2 soundtrack (Bossbattle) "coronation" - Project wingman soundtrack (Death of alpha one) 3. Arabian night "Archange (Extended)" - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (Boss fight) "Offline" - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (Start theme) "Lost Kingdom" - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (Intro) "Magic spear II (extended)" - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (Defense) "Magic spear I (Extended)" - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (Attack) - cutscene "Our Brothers Have Seen It All" - Zakhar Antonov (defeat) "Charge Assault" - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (start) "Black Mesa Soundtrack Blast Pit 3" - Joel Nielsen (ship missile strike) "Immediate Music - Triumph (Huge Epic Choral Uplifting)" (win) 4. American Dream "Amazing Grace" - Wolfenstein New Colossus (Start) "Blazko kills the Nazis" - Wolfenstein New Colossus (Boss fight) "Terrorbillys gonna getcha" - Wolfenstein New Colossus (attack) "Muddy waters" - Wolfenstein New Colossus (Defense) "The red sun" - Homfront the revolution (Intro) "American Defeat" - Warthunder (Defeat scene) "Two step from hell" (Victory scene) 5. Black sea incursion "Zero" [Digitally Re-Mastered Extended Remix] [Original HD - ] Ace Combat Zero Ost 6. Plague "We've got hostiles remix" - Black Mesa remix (Attack) "Forget about freeman remix" - Black mesa remix (Defense) "Ascension" - Black mesa soundtrack (Loading screen) "Black Mesa theme remix" (Start theme) ------------------------------------- PVE battle ( pick one) "Surface tension" - Black mesa soundtrack (pve_ambient) "Motorized" - Red alert 2 (pve_ambient) "Razormind extended" - Payday 2 (pve_high) "Allied Combat Theme 1 Mixed" - Red alert 3 (pve_high) "Wanted dead or " - Payday 2 (pve_low) "Calling all units " - Payday 2 (pve_med) MW3 Overlord quote for insurgency(only coop alpha ver.) - First enemy contact - Objectives succeed - Objectives failed ----------- Global (pick one) Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Team Leaders Victory Voicelines (victory) Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Team Leaders Defeat Voicelines (Defeat) "LRSSG Briefing I" (Extended) - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (Global_worldmap) "Blow it up" - Red alert 2 (Global_worldmap) "444th Air Base" (2nd half) Extended - Ace Combat 7 Soundtrack (Global_base) "Grinder (extended)" - Red alert 2 (Global_base alter) "I will crush you" - World of warship (PVE loading screen) "Friend or foe" - World of warship (PVE loading screen) "Duty calls" - World of warship (PVE loading screen) "We shall fight" - World of warship (PVE loading screen) "Dead Silence" - World of warship (PVE loading screen) "Endless Crash" - World of warship (PVE loading screen) "Unforgiven" - World of warship (PVE loading screen) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Update log (0330) -added new bgms for BSI and Arabian night -added new bgms for Moscow calling -Replaced original music for objectives to MW3 Overlord quotes Update log (0403) -small adjustment on Arabian night music selection -added cut scene music's for Arabian night. Update log(0404) -Replace bgms for Plague (still searching) - added alternative selection for "worldmap" , "garage" , and " pve_ambient" (You can change them in the folder) - Other tracks for Caribbean crisis will be updated in the future. - will be updating this music pack unless I rage quit this game :P ----------------------------------------------------------------- Download link https://drive.google.com/file/d/15Kvcv428iyFn5KDFiJvT03l_1GE3Lbw8/view?usp=sharing PS. If anyone knows how to adjust pve, and pvp.xml for music folder. Please let me know. Peace V pve.xml
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    Well we have had some realistic battles haven't we? And yes, I accidentally tk-ed someone as well:
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    Well, since there are no (good) vids of AW shit I decided to record a bit of my gameplay... And well, someone told me I needed to create a topic, so here we are.... Anyhow, let's start of by some war shit: And since it was BSI last weekend we also have some BSI: But ofc t8 and OP premiums also exist: Some (crap) heroix run, couldn't even blindfire the arties first try... Anyhow, I digress. This was me giving Soren what he deserves: And some stupid ranked match where I did 11k dmg and it still was a draw: (Yes, I might need to unlazy myself and actually make thumbnails)
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    My viewpoint is solely based on T9/10 in platoon as well as solo. My overall rating is 6/10 Initial impression: First time I queued in solo at the day it was launched. Unfortunately I was afk for the first 2-3min. It basically resulted in me trying to figure out a way to get to my teammates (And yes this actually took longer than than the match lasted ). If you wanna have a good laugh I suggest watching the vid: https://streamable.com/lp962g To be honest I don't see a reason to implement any invisible barriers like those marked on the picture - As far as I can tell it would not break the mission in any way but open up more possibilities and potentially help people who load in late etc. Visually the map looks good and I did not notice any performance issues on it so far. Map design from a gameplay perspective: If you thought it would get any better after plague you're wrong. It's the same old cramped corridor map. Though that's mostly a problem in the city area. The red marked areas are cramped in a bad way leaving too little space for 5man platoons to fight. It's simply not fun if you get rammed or blocked by your teammates constantly in those areas: The only cramped corridor map in PVE that was done right in my opinion is Olavsvern Base in Arabian Nights Chapter 4. This map was pretty good in terms of distributing the cramped areas at places where not much combat was happening. Thus reducing player frustration significantly as the main parts of the fights usually took places in corridor areas which support 5 players at once. Additionally providing alternate routes for players to split up further reducing this problem. On this map it's unfortunately not the case. The problem gets even worse once you need to manoeuvre around all the tank wrecks blocking the way. The rest of the areas are fine in that regard. As in most parts of the map the enemies lower plates are slightly submerged in water it makes combat with HEAT warheads frustrating and difficult at times. Tthe infantry placement in the City buildings make the use of a dakka tank nearly necessary, as a lot of tanks still do not have enough koax MG elevation to engage the infantry leaving only other options like HE from the main gun. Mission objectives: Again at the start of the mission some useless capping of supplies. At least there's some enemies defending it now which is a big plus compared to Plague. Cleaning the city objective is fine apart from the cramped areas and unreachable inf for some tanks. The last objective to protect the train is where the problems start. First of all as a solo player it's very frustrating that the most difficult part of the mission only starts at the end of the mission. This is a big problem as you need to redo 9min of the mission (If you're fast) in order to just get to the point where the train escort starts. The increase of difficulty is pretty hefty compared to the first 9min where you basically do not do much. This time is just a bit too long to only find out whether your random team is up to teh task or not. Regarding the helis it's basically a hard requirement to shoot those down as their deployed inf wrecks the train very fast. Would be good if those are marked targets so people get the importance of those targets instead of just adding them to secondary mission requirements. Again it's necessary to have at least one dakka tank on this map in order to deal with the helicopters and all the infantry during the train escort. As a solo player T15 or something along those lines is mandatory anyways if you want to have a reasonable winrate. Difficulty & Achievements: The difficulty for T9/10 is fine. Though as already mentioned the increase of difficulty is pretty steep once you need to escort the train. Easily doable in a full platoon but currently hard as solo player even in T15 and the likes. But I believe this will even out a bit once the randoos start to learn, which usually takes a lot losses but eventually happens. Rush achievement: The rush achievement is ok and pretty easy to do in a full team. No train damage achievement: This one is a bit too much based on luck in my opinion. Problem is that the spawning infantry is pretty unpredictable and inconsistent in terms of when they open fire (At least it appears to me like this). Some shoot right on spawn making prefire nearly necessary, while some have at least enough delay to safely take them out. Secondly some are very hard to spot forcing you to know the locations and blindfire. I'd suggest to implement a small delay before infantry opens fire. This would make it less frustrating and less dependent on luck. Vehicle achievements: Probably aimed at the ultra diehard PVElite players with way too much time. So I won't even bother. Story: Not really worth mentioning in my opinion as the quality is definitely not good. Storywriters basically decided to nuke the most interesting characters out of the picture (Magnus for example) while focusing on Ivo and that russian commander which are annoying at best. We don't know anything about them and their beliefs or goals, which makes it hard to understand their actions. Needless to say the whole new lore is beyond boring in my opinion. The whole Apocalypse raiders vs settlers or whatever it is lore is just boring and an unworthy successor to the corporate stuff which at least made a bit more sense to me.
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    One other problem is how the game deals with drawing vehicles and infantry. If they are out of your teams visual range, the game will not draw them. Even if the AI fires they are still invisible until you are within you team detection range. The AI also has better vision range that it's player controlled counter part, i.e. an AI Leo has better sight range that a player Leo. Also the AI tracks targets before they are in their visual range. The game will not spawn in AI tanks and infantry until just a moment before it is needed, so scouting ahead or trying a rolling barrage from arty will not work, both of witch are legit tactics IRL.
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    Like wise, if you see a map that you don't like. What I see that sucks about this is if the map rotation gets to run a course and there are back to back maps that everyone hates, that is going to be a waste of time, just wait it out to que up when the next map comes up. It'll suck if you have a booster running because then you waste such of your time on it waiting out a map.
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    OPhelia is even viable without the fantasy shield. It would be funny if we gave all the bots OPhelia as commander then see how fast PVE only players start to change their opinion People are not asking devs to totally nuke her but it was obvious from the start that her shield ability would be massive cancer in PVP modes (obviously bots don't give a fuck) and give their users a big enough advantage which warrants her use on nearly every vehicle. It doesn't take a mastermind to come to this conclusion even before she was implemented. It's well beyond me how such an ability passed testing (They probably didn't test it in PVP). A counter OPhelia commander is just as dumb as OPhelia herself. In this case you'd also force players to equip this commander on near every tank just to counter the flood of OPhelia users in PVP. It's like with the CATTB. You could easily balance that vehicle by removing double-tap but the devs just insist on having it. As a consequence the vehicle is now nerfed to the ground just because it needs to keep this double-tap feature. It results in every player being unhappy regardless of owning a CATTB or not. Because first it was OP as fuck and now it's absolute trash. Same goes for OPhelia if you don't deal with her main problem (the shield) and just adjust everything else to somehow make it fit into the game it results in inherently flawed solutions which in the end lead to everyone being unhappy. As a nice side effect you render all other commanders nearly useless in PVP. Naturally this game has more PVE players because lots of them are frustrated wot or wt PVP players. It's understandable that it's more fun to win near 100% of the games compared to the usual 40-50%WR you get in wot pvp for example. At the same time decisions like adding OPhelia don't help the PVP players in the slightest and drive more people away at the cost of the players who paid money to get this advantage. It's usually small decisions which lead to people abandoning PVP or the entire game but we had lots of those and to me it's not really surprising that we had quite a long period of 5v5 Skirmishes before merge. It's also apparent that the near death of EU PVP at the time was probably one of the factors which led to the merge. At this time I was quite sure the PVP side of the game would die. If they actually want to keep PVP modes there's no point in telling them they're a small minority and suggesting their opinion on things should not be taken into consideration. One thing I can say for sure as a player who plays all modes available in this game, is that balance decisions have a way higher impact on PVP than on PVE. Main reason for this is that PVE is not competitive at all. You don't have any human enemies and therefore bad balancing and unfair game mechanics have less impact on the player experience. For example you can have a look at recent problems like the 152mm nuke HE. A huge pain in PVP but not at all in PVE (Bots don't care if they get nuked for 3k hitpoints on the first hit to the front). Or the Obj 490. Absolute joke in the hands of a bot but once you face a good PVP player in this you'll start loosing your mind because it's basically invincible with proper angling (still after all the nerfs). At the same time there's obviously also a shitload of issues in PVE which need to be fixed. But to me personally it's more satisfying to win a PVE game with 3 shilkas in the team and do near no damage compared to loosing a GLOPS game against a triple T15 stomp platoon and do near no damage as well and get killed a dozen times in the process. Obviously both situations are cancer and need fixing but I'd rather be in the PVE match if I could choose.
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    AW dirt remove.7z
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    Hi everyone! A few months ago, I saw Haswell's Rotation Tracker stream on TWITCH. I downloaded his app, but it was too bulky not to bother playing the game. I needed something more compact, so I started developing an Overlay app based on his code. Here you can see results. Updated to version 1.0.1 - Fixed major bug which prevented you to interact with Overlay GUI! You can see all functions in attached video. Direct download link. Link to GitHub release page.
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    Damn that's cool. Gotta get my missed old garage back for some nostalgia I checked out all the options: Gar Folder: gar_season_02 = Arabian Nights gar_season_03 = Moscow Calling gar_season_04 = American Dream gar_season_05 = Spirithaven gar_outdoor = Old premium garage gar_base = Old garage gar_geom_thumbnail = Dev debug/testing garage (not working) gar_eeu_lean = Dev debug/testing garage (leads to gamecrash) Promo Folder: gar_china = chinese new year garage (old-premium garage style) gar_china_spring_festival = chinese spring festival (nearly same as gar_china with some more red colors and different texts) gar_china_unniversary = Not quite sure what event this was (Alabino style with big screens, some gifts as well old premium garage style) gar_holiday = Crashes game gar_holiday_02 = Hallowheen garage gar_holiday_03 = christmas gar_holiday_04 = some russian holiday gar_holiday_05 = Same garage as gar_china_unniversary gar_holiday_06 = Breaks the game gar_nevada = Breaks the game @Haswell Would you mind if I share this on AWtactics? It is a fairly easy "mod" so I think lots of people would be happy about it.
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