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  1. works fine on my end.. decals-0000.pak is unencrypted so 7zip should have no issues opening it
  2. New alternative version up. Internals are kinda fucked, but I really don't have the energy to sort them out. Use if you like them better I guess.
  3. Project Wingman OST is godlike Good work man
  4. Most people here don't realise this, but crew voice modding is absolute hell. This took an insane amount of work and effort to do. By the way I didn't make Voice of War, I'm responsible for some interface and weapon sound stuff, but VoW is not one of them :)
  5. Update out (yes, again) This time internal sounds for large caliber autocannons got tweaked a bit
  6. Update out! It's your lucky day if you wanted better MG sounds!
  7. You mean how Arto has already done months ago?
  8. Im happy to hear you enjoy it Unfortunately coax all uses the same sounds. Can't separate them by caliber
  9. Update out! Only time you would need to reinstall the mods is if you wanted to grab the newest version. Which isn't required anyway
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