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  1. Additional note: I suggest lowering the brightness of the custom decal by ~75%. The game cranks up their brightness for some reason so they tend to look way too bright otherwise
  2. its not exact, but you can make something very similar ingame already, with a little decal modding https://imgur.com/a/Bgluflb If the GDR emblem isnt in-game already you can make it a thing yourself
  3. I mean yes, but idk why youd want that lol
  4. This mod was originally made by Arto, but he's a lazy butt so im uploading this on his behalf Link to download is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FSbOWVgruB-vVqON7ITrGRncNSrCFa6G/view just throw it into your main game directory The mod replaces the PL-01s hull with that of the Anders, and the turret with the K-21 XC-8s, together with some other tweaks.
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