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  1. 99B I can accept, after all there is some information (although with ATGM is a bit outrageous), but ZTZ20.... WTF
  2. unzip has a fix function, and once it's fixed, it's ready to use.
  3. You did a great job, this MOD is really cool, I like it!If you don't mind I'd like to reprint it to my local community and I'll credit you and the author
  4. Because the game will do some of its own color adjustments. But it's too much trouble to delete code like this, So you can do this by adjusting the exposure and the grayscale factor. I prefer -1 exposure and 0.6 grayscale. Of course, there is also the possibility, as Tahax said, the color format's , so a lot of things still need to be studied.
  5. This is a texture problem with the model, you know, this model is pre-2017.
  6. To localization\english\objects\vehicles\mbt\leopard2-140, Use notepad to open the. CDF file. Delete the code <attachment type="CA_BONE" aname="aps" rotation="1,0,0 " position="-0.615,-1.5,2.4" bonename="turret" <="" span=""> Binding="objects/vehicles/mbt/leopard2-140/leopard2a7_aps_turret_leopard2a7-120.cgf" Flags="0" PA_ReceiveCustomization="1" /></attachment>
  7. Version 2.0 has been updated, Fixed Normal T15's Cannonbase problem. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UfiK5tXdYIWZC5_6WnoiWDRNsUL2Mcs8/view?usp=sharing If you have installed it before, please go to the localization\english\objects\vehicles\td\t-15\textures\new\cannon delete the ID file (leaving the ID1 file).
  8. Have you ever wondered to paint your vehicle with whatever you like? This guide will help you make your own unique vehicle skin. To do this we also need a file PhotoShop(of course we need this) The DDS plug-in:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_1JK1l5vQfz5Blfcuy8fyNUL0X1xnYjW/view?usp=sharing DDSunsplit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MJSr6KtNsdwoOH5QfQAIu3f7S2mAppnX/view?usp=sharing Unzip your game files. You need to unzip the .pak file. So you can find the vehicle file you want in the mess of game files. Find the vehicle you want. They are in unzipfile\objects\vehicles. You can see the various vehicle type folders. Take the Type 10 tank for example. You'll find lots of files, models, texture configurations and textures. So first of all we're going to pull out these we need files in.MTL format. we can on objects\vehicles\mbt\type10\textures\new to find Texture files for each part. Take the turret for example.All we need is the AO files to do the work. When we Unsplit the files we have a complete DDS. Then we first put these files (DDS,MTL) here. (just like the MOD setup method before) Now it's time to edit the.MTL. Again, take the turret for example. We add another %CAMO_AS_COLOR to the position of the part we want to edit.(It allows the game to read the tile directly,or other,It will work anyway.) Then drop down to find this Change its path to that of your DDS file.(no need to change.tif) When you're done, open the game and make sure it works. Now, look, the file has been read Let's edit the DDS file, the texture of the AO file allows you to determine the location of the model, but this time we just simple coloring. That's it! Then let's coloring the other parts and putting them together. Done! If you don't want to add a bunch of camo_AS_colors to the MTL files for various parts, you can go to the Materials folder and find the MTL files for unique skins. They are usually edited(also DDS) and you just need to change the texture loading path.
  9. You can create anything you think.That's interesting. These are my friends use imagination to create things. Like Metal MAX's Red Wolf(I knew the Red Wolf tank was supposed to be merkava, but the STRV2000 was better in the game) or transformers Brawl
  10. Update: Machine gun Use notepad to open you are using the model of the MOD(type99a--hull.cdf). Write the following code to the file <Attachment Type="CA_BONE" AName="detachpart_turret1" Rotation="1,0.15,0,0" Position="0.5,-0.1,2.9" BoneName="turret" Binding="Objects/vehicles/SPG/plz-05/plz-05_cannon02_mgs.cgf" PA_ReceiveCustomization="1" Flags="0" /> <Attachment Type="CA_BONE" AName="detachpart_turret2" Rotation="1,0.16,0,0.6" Position="0.55,0.05,2.5" BoneName="turret" Binding="Objects/vehicles/spg/plz-89/plz-89_detachparts_turret_plz-89.cgf" PA_ReceiveCustomization="0" Flags="0" />
  11. Based on the Meritorious Warrior 99A It is recommended to use the following MOD together preview camo only preview Download:https://drive.google.com/file/d/11eOj73V96hXpzix-jsxB0ak-47c_Hipi/view?usp=sharing enjoy!
  12. If you find that your turret's hit box is missing, don't worry, it's just a local game situation (because you changed the local model), in normal games, hits are calculated by the server, the only difference between you and everyone else is that you have to use your own memory to hit.
  13. Looks like everything but hull still can wrok.I take Revo's hull hope you don't mind. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TlScTp4IQ4p3mrxvASAsY_XbxB6ix_mh/view?usp=sharing
  14. Unfortunately, the A7 model has been replaced by AX in 2017, so there is no A7 file in the current game file.
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