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  1. Depends on ones interpretation of "fairly decent chance" i suppose , as someone who runs a fairly successful business ( my definition of fairly successful not AW's thankfully ) , i understand "how such stuff works" , i also understated that pissing off a large percentage of your customers, for a short term cash grab, is not a smart business plan long term, and good will goes a hell of a long way to making nice profits, lets see how this plays out, if peeps can buy parts outright, to complete the tank, that's seem fair to me, but i guess it will be casino crates, You may also want to consider that this covid crap has people a bit more touchy and on edge ,than they normally would be, my city has been locked down for the last 200 days, people are over it and getting pissed off by stuff, that normally wouldn't worry them, but i'm happy we are keeping you entertained,
  2. So drop $50 or more on a slim chance to get enough parts? I'm sure some people will, and when they have spent money and still don't have enough parts, the backlash will be massive,
  3. 64 parts and 9 special crates , is what I finished with , whooptyfuckingdo
  4. Tried a heap of both lot's just now, none worked,
  5. Seems decent, well worth playing the missions to get it, std turret is a good balance , twin 30's is easy to run out of ammo , Dpm slightly less than the Yorky, but much more mobile, i prolly won't play with this set up thou, because as with the York, i feel bad going into T5 and just mowing the enemy down , must be a bit disheartening for newer players, missile boat setup not bad either, all round a solid lil tank at T5, One weird thing i did notice, when running the 6 x missile setup, if you tick the the best available ammo box, the better of the 2 missiles is greyed out,
  6. Being from Australia, I don't have a dog in EU/Rus/NA fight, i think if you looked at bad players per capita by region, it would be fairly even,Ruskys stand out because of Cyrillic names, and the shear number of them playing ,crapola player Bigdik69 (made up name) could be from anywhere, so his country doesn't get brought into it, peeps need to remember if it wasn't for the Rusky population, we prolly wouldn't have a game to play,
  7. Take the guess work out of it matey, change it to your time zone and away you go, https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/cest-to-aest-converter
  8. it handles well, accelerates ok, high top speed and quick reload, good armour for AFV and a good view range, but dpm is crap, takes forever to kill anything, it's not a bad tank but it isn't anything special either, can be fun and can also be frustrating,
  9. Tell me your stats and i will tell you if he is better than you or not,
  10. Some great in depth post's on the PTS changes, thanks peeps
  11. So i downloaded the PTS, only to relies it's only open 1am-5am in my time zone (GMT+10)
  12. 2nd time i have seen your riddle about the Type 10, if you don't want to tell people your "little secret" , then why even mention it? personally i like the Type 10 and think it's good tank,
  13. I have only played 10 Glops matches in 5 years for a 40% win rate, will try and play some more to see if i even out my winrate, Edit, if i can get battles, GMT + 10 isn't the best time zone for Euro games,
  14. Yeah its a road to nowhere, only way to get the T9 Lec is by going thru the VCAC milk truck, i honestly thought i'd never make it, but ended up really enjoying the VCAC, it is a long grind thou, but worth it,
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