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  1. oh yes i forgot about the 99a2, goddamn it lmao. its sad because there is only a way to not get shit on by bots, and its to camp, even if it was already an option because of chip damage. there is nothing much you can do about this because bots always find a way to pen you after the last rework
  2. that's why the atdu gets auto penned by every bot even when you slightly angle. the example picture was taken using k21 top AP as a reference. this spot has around 700mm of armor and its the first place where bots aim on the tank. the tank became almost unusable after 0.33 and pish nerf. sadly its the worst mbt at tier 10 for sure.
  3. i think the era placement was never fixed because they forgot about it, i think it was in obsidian era as well so they had a lot of stuff going on at that time
  4. i cant stand the era on t80b turret, its placed too high on the cheeks. its my favorite tank and i get sad every time i see it. cant wait for them to fix it
  5. ss said we get fps drops because our pc are too weak, but i got 3 pc with more than enough power to run this game on ultra, and my main pc can run every game at 4k ultra at 60fps except this game, no matter the resolution, but when multiple bots with 900rpm autocannons fire i drop to mid 40 fps and some times even mid 30. my main pc has a 6950x and a 2080ti and i get this problem, the one at work has a 7700k and a 1080ti and has the same problem, and my laptop with a 6700 and a 980m suffer the same. a lot of people i know got the same problem so its not our pc fault but the game. and the game suffer with sounds as well with autocannon, the audio engine almost dies and start crackling, in all of my pcs and again im not the only one suffering from this. i was disappointed by his answers about this matter. and obviously im sad we wont be getting any progression tanks, but i understand why, people got shit ton of free xp and can unlock everything immediately, one way to fix this is by removing free xp above a certain level, people wont be spending it on anything so there wont be any losses.
  6. this problem still persist with 0.34. and its even worse because they overbuffed termi and ramkas autocannon rate of fire to 900, so now we got not only one tank that breaks the game engine, but three
  7. for the record, ramka got 900 rof as well now, so its even worse than having two guns firing at the same time basically
  8. i like this kind of surveys tbh. its always good to ask the playerbase about their point of view, i hope we will get more of them in the future
  9. i get autopenned and clipped when i try to play an mbt like its supposed to be, almost unplayable. so idk and chip damage is now like 300 every shot
  10. yes its the altay, you can see what tank it is tho is not that difficult lol
  11. so, it got buffed ac rate of fire in 0.33 and now it can autopen basically everything from the front because of buffed atgm penetration, plus it can clip everything thanks to buffed damage. these are some of the tanks that will get autopenned by t15 now. and the rest of lower tiers are even worse, from t7 to t10, pve is almost impossible because of this. plus thanks to 1k rpm on autocannon, it can melt every afv, lt and td in less than 5 sec, and you have no time to hide because of broken dps. altay xm1a3 leclerc t4 cattb
  12. the only problem with this, its the tier. t4 are useless
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