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  2. Don't know if general mods need a mod installer, since they come “pre-packed” with the correct folder structure. Install is as easy as starting the game client, klick the dropdown menu next to the play button and select “open game client folder” and copy-pasting the mod in /localization/#your language pack#. An Installation manager like Aslain's Modpack (World of Warships) might be interesting with a rising mod count, to pick and choose different parts out of mods. E.g. a mix of sounds from multiple sources or only certain vehicles from a pack like Merkava Urban Warfare Modifications.
  3. Hi, since a lot of mods are present in this forum and some people can have difficulties installing them, I had an idea about creating a mod installer. I know it is possible to retrieve post from here and then extract the necessary information to list, download and install the mods. This can be done through the API of the forum and storage providers. First, do something like that is already in development/exist ? And if not would it be useful to some people ? Secondly, would the admins of the forum be okay to give access to some part of the API (to read the posts) ?
  4. You don't need to copy the .mtl file anywhere, because the attachment line already calls for the same file in the same location, that you copied without understanding.
  5. I wonder if they still bother to address the incorrectly issued coupons from the loot crate, before the BP starts?
  6. After successfully removing the mudguards, I decided to do a little brainstorming and it hit me! I thought, what if I can do what I want to see for several long years, just making small changes in mod, guided by logic. And I decided to try. What was my shock from the fact that, as a result, everything turned out the first time and worked just perfectly! I launched the game and was skeptical about this, but everything worked out. I am very happy! Which is where the next guide comes from, hehe. B) How to return the cage to the M1A1 Abrams engine? Answer: it's not difficult to do this, using the files of this mod, of course. And so in order: 1) In the "M1A2" folder, copy the "m1a1_cage.mtl" file and paste it into the "M1A1" folder. 2) In the folder "M1A2" we find the file "m1a2--xm1a3.cdf" and open it with an editor. 3) Find the line: <Attachment Type="CA_BONE" AName="cage_hull" Rotation="1,0,0,0" Position="0,0,0" BoneName="hull" Binding="Objects/vehicles/mbt /m1a1/m1a1aim_era_cage01_hull.cgf" Material="Objects/vehicles/MBT/M1A2/m1a1_cage" PA_ReceiveCustomization="1" Flags="0" /> We copy this line completely from beginning to end, after which we close the file. 4) In the folder "M1A1" open the file "m1a1--m1a1.cdf" and then paste the copied line so that the line "<!--MOD END-->" is one line lower. 5) After inserting the copied earlier line, we need to find "/M1A2/" in it and just change the number "2" to the number "1". After such editing, close the file and save the changes. Easy, right? The result should be a line: <Attachment Type="CA_BONE" AName="cage_hull" Rotation="1,0,0,0" Position="0,0,0" BoneName="hull" Binding="Objects/vehicles/ mbt/m1a1/m1a1aim_era_cage01_hull.cgf" Material="Objects/vehicles/MBT/M1A1/m1a1_cage" PA_ReceiveCustomization="1" Flags="0" /> After such a procedure, you should have an M1A1 Abrams in the game with a cage on the engine, which will be synchronized with the selected paint and camouflages. It will be on the tank regardless of whether dynamic protection units are installed or not. Not critical. The main thing is that she is. I've missed it ever since after "Obsidian", some unknown developers who didn't even have a name began to remake the vechicle in the game. (and sad and significant decisive changes in the game took place in the spring of 2017) Just in case, I’ll throw it off completely as it’s written in my “m1a1--m1a1.cdf” file, but you should consider that I removed everything else, since at the moment for the M1A1 Abrams I only needed a cage for the engine and nothing more ( ideally, of course, to return the authentic model of the tank at the time of the end of 2015 - the beginning of 2016, but this is probably completely fantastic) I have it written like this: <CharacterDefinition> <Model File="objects/vehicles/mbt/m1a1/m1a1--m1a1.cga" Material="Objects/vehicles/MBT/M1A1/M1A1_Hull" /> <AttachmentList> <Attachment Type="CA_BONE" AName="antenna02" Rotation="1,0,0,0" Position="1.2823913,-2.0999532,2.5238092" BoneName="antenna02" Binding="objects/vehicles/vehicles_common/antenna_short.cdf " Flags="0" /> <Attachment Type="CA_BONE" AName="antenna01" Rotation="1,0,0,0" Position="-1.1534978,-2.1744652,2.6110883" BoneName="antenna01" Binding="objects/vehicles/vehicles_common/antenna_short. cdf" Flags="0" /> <!--MOD START--> <Attachment Type="CA_BONE" AName="cage_hull" Rotation="1,0,0,0" Position="0,0,0" BoneName="hull" Binding="Objects/vehicles/mbt/m1a1/m1a1aim_era_cage01_hull. cgf" Material="Objects/vehicles/MBT/M1A1/m1a1_cage" PA_ReceiveCustomization="1" Flags="0" /> <!--MOD END--> </AttachmentList> </CharacterDefinition> So far, I haven’t really thought about whether it’s really possible to “move” cage engine on the M1A2, M1A2C or M1A1 Storm using the method described above. Don't know. I do not know yet, I have not tried, I have not checked. It seems to me that something else will need to be changed there in the "m1a1_cage.mtl" file itself, to prescribe something so that this engine cage is relevant not only for M1A1 and XM1A3.
  7. I'm here and I'm in a positive mood, later it will become clear why. To begin with, I want to express my gratitude to Arto for this mod (pack?), despite the fact that not all of his author's ideas in mod I personally liked, despite the misunderstanding that arose in the discussion of this mod - thank you Arto! My knowledge of modding "Armored Warfare" is absolutely non-existent, so I certainly could not create the mod on my own in the way I wanted to make it. However, thanks to Arto's mod and his hint to a person in a discussion of another mod (how to remove a specific element that I didn't like in a mod for a tank's appearance), which I paid attention to today - I was able to eliminate the "extra" (in my opinion) and give the necessary to that particular tank, which I wanted the most. And although it currently does not look so authentic (due to the fact that the tank models were spoiled by the developers), I am glad at least for this opportunity. Thank you Arto and thank you to all those who make mods for this game. It's really cool and it's important! And so, I want to share here small guides (perhaps it will be useful to someone), there will be only two of them. A) How to remove mudflaps from the stern near the rear rollers from the tank? Answer: very simple. In the folder "M1A1" we find and open the file "m1a1--m1a1.cdf", then we need to delete the line completely: <Attachment Type="CA_BONE" AName="mudflaps" Rotation="1,0,0,0" Position="0,-0.05,-0.21" BoneName="hull" PA_ReceiveCustomization="1" Binding="objects/vehicles/mbt/xm1/phisical_detachparts_hull.cdf" Flags="0" /> After deleting the line, close the open file with the editor and agree to save the changes. That's all. This can be done with any of the tanks in this mod if you want to remove the mudguards. The main thing is to open the desired file with the name of the tank you need and find the desired line there, and then delete it completely and save the changes. I did this first on XM1A3 because in this version of the mod I didn’t like only mudguards in it, otherwise it was very coolly redone. Let's make the Abrams great again!
  8. Type 99A and Type 99A2 are also my favorites and even though they are not very popular I play them from time to time. And it happens that I play only on them and for quite a long time. A few years ago, I remember playing for several hours every day in "Global Operation" at a time when these tanks had the best dynamics among all MBTs and at the same time their armor in the forehead was quite confident. Few people could confidently penetrate the forehead, it was not even necessary to especially move or twist the tank body. Of all the chinese MBTs, I like these two handsome men: 99A and 99A2, they are really cool, both in appearance and in their characteristics. Perhaps not the best and most comfortable tanks at their levels, but they will find their lover. So what am I on about? Oh yes, mod, for my favorites, yes, thank you, thank you very much and special thanks for the opportunity to choose from different options: so far I have chosen a simple option with tanks at the stern of the tank, that's enough for me for now. Thank you. Then, of course, I’ll try options with camouflage and dumps, probably even. The ability to choose is really great, everyone can choose the one they like best. This is great. Thank you very much buddy!
  9. American MBTs were good even at low tiers at the time of balance 1.0, it's a pity that time is long gone and I believe that in spite of everything we will never see such an interesting balance (adequate for a game of this kind) in this game. It's sad, it's unfortunate. However, I'm here to express my admiration for the work done and indeed the listed tanks began to look much better. I like. I might even dust off some of them in my hangar and go out random, hehe. It would be interesting to see something similar for the Abrams line of tanks, including a change in the design of the basket on the turret in the manner of how it was all this time before the release of 0.34, when all the Abrams tanks became ... became sad. For example, pull out the spare roller from the basket and attach it to the steel bars of the basket itself, even at the same level where the spare roller is now, also remove these square inserts (which are especially disgustingly placed on the M1A1 AIM) from the back of the tower / basket. I don't know where they saw exactly the same appearance on the tanks that they made in the game as a result. There are plenty of different elements in this mod that can be used to transform Abrams tanks, adhering to history (I would like to).
  10. Last week
  11. I just want to raise some awareness on just how much work is involved with modding in ERA, especially in rotation and positioning. Bloody good job.
  12. Another one of my favorites got an interesting visual mod! Thank you! This is good work. I don’t know if it’s possible to attach some body kits in the form of bags or boxes / canisters (based on historicity), but the option when there is nothing superfluous that could cause a cringe suits me too.
  13. The Samurai's Honor Event started today, August 12. The event has 15 days to run and 17 stages to complete. This means it is impossible to complete the event and obtain the type 74 tank. This must be an error. In prior events AW has always given us a few more days than needed to complete the event. Why would they bother with an event that is impossible to complete? On second thought; as it turns out, the event runs until August 28. This should give us enough time to complete the stages. The only error appears to be in the game where the counter, on the event screen, indicates only 15 days remaining on a 17 stage event.
  14. Presumably so people who live outside of EU time zones don't get screwed over and can still get the Type 74. It should be noted that the Type 74 will (probably) also be available in the BP coin shop, so even if you miss it this time you can still get it later.
  15. It is worth pointing out that the emblem of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a completely custom decal, with its own model attached to the vehicle over the infrared red light. As a result the decal also appears on the T-64AV Hunter because it shares the same model with the T-64A.
  16. New Event: Samurai's Honor Apparently, the Rewards are sooooo premium, that you will miss one for every other day you don't play…
  17. This mod allows you to turn a normal tier 5 T-64A into a Ukrainian T-64A Attention - this mod was not made by me. I just decided to publish this work. The author chose to remain anonymous https://cloud.mail.ru/public/SbYk/97LaZwALK
  18. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0389166-now-available
  19. If only it had a bit of meaningful armor.
  20. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_CiEJnWgvjjzxpBLc34yiT1F0xUniFln/view?usp=sharing
  21. The Nork, refitted to be a little more suitable for the modern battlefield. Gunner sight replaced with a more modern one, leading to the removal of the IR searchlight Relikt ERA fitted to the sides Merkava chains added to the turret bustle (physics enabled) Extra fuel tanks fitted on the rear Jerry cans and a fire extinguisher added to the rear of the turret Here be download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QUcFJR-iHrOuPDGPMlhYq2rmOwZTRnnr/view?usp=sharing Drop the contents into your localization folder, enjoy.
  22. Replaces being spotted, respawning and refilling your ammo with the top gear trio https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ep14wXlBiCA8NZrpGMXuhVS2VNA4xV1w/view?usp=sharing throw the files into localisation/english/sounds/interface
  23. small new update to improve on AC sounds of both calibers
  24. Here is a short video tutorial on how to create a simple sound mod for Armored Warfare. I know there is already a video pinned, however I found the video quality to be too low to see most of the text, so I made my own. I hope this will be of some use to people. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.
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