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  2. @Azdule FPS rate limit both in nVidia and AW should be set to reasonable value, the value which keeps the system away from temporary CPU jittering and excessive power consumption (on Intel it may be caused by Turbo mode).
  3. These seemed to have helped me out - the Low Latency specifically - changed that and next match seemed VERY smooth. I'm sure it's unrelated, but my ping was 30 higher
  4. Good to hear that loot boxes are not long for this world. I don't like and will not support gambling in games. Just put you wares out there with a price on it. If I want that item and I find the price reasonable I will buy, if not I will move on.
  5. The game doesn't focus much on fighting infantry, or deliver said infantry to specific point to archive sort of "point territorial conquest". Also there no need to support MBT in the same way as it is envisioned in IFV usage doctrines. Every vehicle simply has to fight other vehicles. At the game start and for a while Termi and T-15 were AFV, Kurganets simply belongs to place, where T-15 already is, adding infantry didn't change much things.
  6. Meh, vehicle class designations in the game are pretty arbitrary and hardly consistent, there is zero reason why a TD can't do AFV things when they both rely on vision control, mobility, and constant DPM by virtue of long periods of uninterrupted fire. See my squishiness dichotomy post for more reasoning: https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/61-the-squishiness-vehicle-dichotomy-getting-away-from-vehicle-classes/ This comment in the article irks me greatly, because it's yet again a case of vehicle class dictating suggested playstyles. It's understandable though that the articles have to be dumbed down for the average players; more advanced and experienced players should learn to steer away from this mental priming in order to play vehicles to their fullest potential. SS explained this in great detail as well back in the 0.33 rebalancing plans thread:
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  8. I have never understood why an as-designed IFV is classed as a TD in Armored Warfare.
  9. Full article is up: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-kurganets-25
  10. I'm glad to hear lootboxes are going away, but part of me is also worried that the prices will be comparatively higher than the cost of number of boxes required on average to get enough parts (or get lucky). The EL boxes had a rate of 12500 coins for 10+1 boxes, assuming an average of 2 parts per box it cost 50+5 boxes (62.5k coins) for the Hunter. I'm pessimistically estimating 70-80k coins for the Kurganets. Nevertheless, the lack of gambling mechanics is well worth the price increase. No more "maybe" or "almost" getting the reward, you either get it or you don't and there won't be luck involved.
  11. Huh....so that's different. Is it because there will be only the mission tanks and no gamble ones, or is the gamble one being replaced by straight out purchase option?
  12. Wait....Are you saying no hunter style loot boxes?
  13. The requirements/mechanics should be identical to EL with one exception - the boxes are going away, there will be a normal BC shop instead
  14. I suspect that this BP will be around 10% more grind than last time. My worry is, Devs will see how much money they make and make it that much harder to complete than last time. Plus with all the BP boosters you get, it means doing them more means you have more ability to grind so can 'afford' to grind more. The one thing they don't take into account is time...While They keep increasing the levels it'll require, they keep the length around the same until 1 day you need be Eskobar on a top 100 event - play 18 hours a day, every day for the duration to get the top rewards
  15. Given the vagueness of the marketing for this new content. Based on the previous realities of the last couple rounds of marketing promises turning into actual content that is "meh" at best. I am worried about this next "shoe" that will be dropping later this year.
  16. Is it possible that there can be a 2nd set of testers for this? Afaik there are only Russian super testers, which sure we can join, but have to speak Russian to do so. Might be a good idea to have some more players testing this out across the board?
  17. All is good, an off-topic comment here and there doesn't hurt as long as not everything becomes off-topic. They LOOK like the slabs found on the T-15, which are now effectively useless thanks to 0.33 armor changes. I can't imagine the Kurganets getting ERA sides when the T-15 doesn't, since that will mean the Kurganets gets better overall protection than most things. Are those mini rockets on the pop up launcher?
  18. Each "season" lasted roughly 6 months before SH, give or take a month or two. I doubt the Stalker will go away this soon, I'm guessing you have until February or March to get it done. Probably until the end of the BP. Don't count on it. The last BP having specific vehicle requirements was a planned marketing move to promote the new vehicles, even if the execution was horribly grindy. Maybe this time they won't make it so grindy?
  19. Last week
  20. It was criticized by many for being so repetitive, but previously it wasn't that good for new players either. Some missions could be done best in 490, CATTB (or AFT-10) in time of their apex. Another example - so called "high caliber" missions you would need either premium MBT70 or one specific tier 10 non-prem (like XM1A3, AX etc). I think it is not "forced" BP tanks are to blame, but very similar and repetitive missions. And here is another explanation, devs choose dull and simple rules to avoid difficulties for themselves - when these missions were unique many players experienced as much issues in BP as number of missions, in addition different vehicles could interact differently to mission objectives.
  21. Some reactions: 1. As a newer player who started during Sprithaven, how long did seasons last previously? Will the Spirithaven missions get added to the weekend rotation of PVE maps? 2. When "every vehicle becomes irreplaceable" , will we still get respawns in PvE??? And will the "Q" key still give us a reload if every round of ammo counts? 3. Likewise, if a player goes AFK or gets blown up, is the whole mission doomed? I think this is what distinguishes Heroics from non-heroic SpecOps... might be hard for casual players. 4. If the Apocalypse comes in late November, it means we might have about a month to finish the Spirithaven contracts. This might influence how much gold one might want to put towards the next crate to finish it (more gold if you are close, no gold if you are far away from finishing). 5. For those of us with limited awareness of global events, Russia Unity Day = ~4 November, Polish Independence day = ~11 November, Black Friday (after US Thanksgiving) = 27 November. 6. I hope new BP doesn't require BP tanks to complete BP missions. 7. Update 0.34... I wonder if this will bring a low-tier rebalance... hmmm. Definitely interested to see how all of this becomes manifest. QR
  22. Uh oh BP in December. I seriously do hope this one will be less grindy... Otherwise, this will be "fun" I really wonder why people aren't pushed away yet by all these grindy timed events...
  23. The screenshots look nice BP already in December. Hope for some more updates on this in the future like rewards and such.
  24. Only hard to balance in PVE and maybe even GLOPS (But that mode is off the table anyways). Hard to balance in PVE bec dpm is king and bots are dumb (generally speaking). In PVP you can balance such tanks quite well (eg. if you show your sides or ass towards it you get shredded otherwise not really). We'll see how it performs once it's in the game. Maybe CC's can do a review in advance?
  25. Finally we get to see new specops. I hope next specops doesn't involve shooting turrets for days with no rewards like current one.
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