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  2. Is the environmental water sound corruption in the Panama Canal Mission, wich my comrades and i face since month a common thing? If it is a common thing, maybe this work could help. I unpacked the "resources-0023.pak" from the "gamesdk" folder into the "gamesdk" folder using the 7-zip program like previously mentioned. Then i deleted the original resources-0023.pak. When unpacked there is a folder "sounds" and in that is one called "environments". Here the file "amb_ocean_water.fsb" seems to be the origin of the sound corruption. I renamed it to "old_amb_ocean_water.fsb" Now i can hear the rain and other sound crystal clear.
  3. Some elder scrolls math can be found here https://awru.my.games/node/5423/ What comes into X stat calculus: Vehicle base value for stat Vehicle modules, visible in Upgrade view Different types (not versions) of retrofits, like stacking accuracy or aiming time work this way. No reload :( Commander perks to improve X stat Reload: Crew with loader member + perk for reload + commander perk for improve crew skill/consumable effect + consumable itself, only makes sense for crew with reload member.
  4. I was crying for this topic for many years.
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  6. i think it has something to do with there servers , latley my buddies and myself have seen in game partial disconnects and times when we cant long into the server at the authentication .
  7. I love the MERDC camos, but I would have preferred for this to use something else as a base. I could already use MERDC 2 (desert, red) on the M113 if I wanted to... That said, it looks nice!
  8. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/eclipse-skin-banger
  9. It's "Compound" as you've listed it, but as Arto said you can't stack IBL with GB. Hint: if they have the same icon, they can't stack.
  10. Improved barrel lining is Gun Breech v3 technically. You cannot stack them, just like you can't stack breech v1 and v2.
  11. I've been considering going down the Leclerc line to get the Improved Barrel Lining alongside Gun Breech v2, but I'm not too sure how percentages are calculated here, if it'll have diminishing returns or not. What's the formula for additional percentages? Do these stack/compound, or do these only add/subtract from the base value? Below are some formulas I've thought of: Stack: base(retf%) * (retf%) Compound: base(retf% + retf%) Add/Subtract: base +/- (base(retf%)) +/- (base(retf%))
  12. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/developer-diary-t-80um-1-bars It's been nearly 3 whole years since we last had new progression vehicles. Back in February 2022 community stream, SS mentioned that he wanted to complete the T-80 progression line, T-80UM-1 Bars on tier 8, T-80BVM on tier 9, and Object 292 on tier 10. It is likely, but not definite, that this will actually be the plan.
  13. I stand corrected. In previous posts, they referred to the actual cosmetic unlock as “the flag slots”. Might be that it is poorly worded / translated and your point regarding 9999 Gold ~ 25000 BC holds some merit. However, there was also a flag reward in the Perihelion story event and getting 25000BC at rank 59 of 60 in the over progression part of the BP is fairly inconsequential in regard to the previous necessary grind. I guess we have to wait and see here.
  14. Weird, I thought I'd already caught and fixed that. Fixed now, at least. It's 3 missions every 3 days, which is 180 missions in 180 days. Each of those 3 missions is worth 700 BC, ergo 180 * 700 = 126,000 BC. You can also pay 200 gold each to skip them if you want, which is a BC:Gold rate of 3.5 and is one of the best ways to "buy" BC available. You think they'd actually award 25,000 BC in compensation for a single flag that normally costs 50 Gold? Pretty sure this is an unlock for the ability to use flags which is normally 9999 Gold. It may also include a flag, but the 25k BC part has got to be the flags unlock.
  15. I yet to see myself if these and some other reward coins (like from 51-58 chest) intended for same BP or they "next BP".
  16. Some corrections: (Levels 51 to 60) 10 × 18.000 BC = 180.000 BC Those missions were on a 72h reset timer, so 3 every 3 Days, given the reset stays the same. In 180 Days = 42.000 BC, IF you get them all done and don't miss a single one before each reset. It's a flag, not the slots.
  17. Summary of the mechanics so far (at least that I've seen): Eclipse Battle Path Needed Battle Coins: Ranks: 6,000 per rank through rank 50 (49 ranks) = 294,000 Ranks: 18,000 per rank 51 through 60 (10 ranks) = 180,000 65 parts at 350 each (only buy Rare offers or better) = 22,750, but probably closer to 20,000 Total to rank 50 including parts vehicle: around 314,000 - 317,000 Grand total to rank 60: 496,750 that's effectively a maximum, and will probably be closer to 494,000 from likely savings on parts purchased at better-than-Rare prices. Available Battle Coins: Repeatables: 180 x 700 = 126,000 Challenges: 10 x 8,000 = 80,000 Mission chains: 3 x 10,500 = 31,500 I heard 31,000 on the official Discord, which isn't divisible by 3 mission chains. So I've rounded up. Store (reasonable daily average): 180 x ~135 = 24,300 This assumes no re-rolling, because re-rolling is almost always a net loss. Don't be lured in by the few lucky people who score big - it's gambling, and it greatly favors the house. Total Available BC: 261,800 That means that to just get to rank 50 and the parts vehicle you’ll need about 52,000 coins from grinding. A decent chunk of that will come from coins earned simply doing the repeatables unless you spend gold to bypass too many of them along the way, but you’ll likely still need to use boosters which average around 2,500 each in PvE. (To avoid using boosters would require you to average a little over 14 missions per day for 180 days at 20 BC per mission.) Getting the Jaguar will require an additional 180,000 BC for a total of about 232,000, which is a pretty crazy grind or an expensive amount of whaling. To put it in perspective that’s an additional 9,000 missions at 20 BC per mission, which is 50 extra missions per day for a total of 64 missions per day. Or it is ~9 x 25k BC purchases at 10k gold each which is 180,000 gold. Even buying the largest gold pack repeatedly (24k gold for 100 EUR/$$) that’s 750 EUR/$$. The Jaguar is not a free-to-play reward; you're going to have to pay for it one way or another. Other notes: You can also earn 2 x 500 BC certificates each week by doing the weekend Spec Ops. 180 days = 25 weeks = 25,000 potential BC to help offset the massive grind to get the Jaguar. Since it is reasonably easy to set up platoons to grind through these, it’s highly recommended to do so for this BP. If you participated in the original Perihelion event, you will already have several prizes that are being given out in this BP and will receive a total of 22,000 BC in compensation when you reach the appropriate ranks. Rank 59 in the overprogression ranks awards the flags unlock, which normally costs 9999 Gold in-game. If you already have flags unlocked, you will instead receive 25,000 BC which is enough to instantly unlock rank 60 and get the Jaguar.
  18. Removes the hexagon texture from all Titan skins for a cleaner look
  19. Apologies for the bump, but apart from a request for reupload (I'm unable to access VK), may I know if there's an antiskid texture for the Type 90 as well? I just recently bought the tank in Asian week, and I can't help but notice the absence of it when compared to the Type 16. Main reason why I bought the Type 90 was for the Japanese camo, and that I own both Type 90 and 16 Tomica models. :)
  20. Welcome to my twitch channel.
    I am streaming for fan the game ARMORED WARFARE and other games. From the Czech Republic.

    Twitch:  https://www.twitch.tv/topm1959


  21. The whole branch of Abrams models is wrong, only the old developers promised to fix it, the new ones don't give a shit even more than the old ones
  22. I agree. Frankly, I think devs need to fix Abrams modeling more.
  23. https://www.leonardodrs.com/sitrep/q4-2017-defensive-protection-systems-and-technologies/us-army-decides-on-aps-for-m1-anti-armor-threat-protection/ https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/15030/highlights-from-the-showroom-floor-at-the-armys-biggest-arms-expo-and-conference
  24. The DEV have to do " something" if it is on development in Graphics, or new maps, or a new tank line (yeahhh know that we have already a lot and it will be hard to develop a new line), because we as p(l)ayers want to be challenged. And not only want to buy things. Otherwise, the game will goanna lose players (See it in my players friend list in game, there is hardly any "friend" left (this weekend 3 out of 110 played). But also know that a " free to play game" does not exist. The Owners needs to make money in order to develop the game. But hardly develop in game cost you p(l)ayers and then it will be a vicious circle. And somewhere or somehow this has to change.....
  25. Got the same feeling as Zafir is mentioning: Right… I believe it, when I see it… Really wouldlike to have the info on Are those limitation that premium tanks are excluded, or are it just premium tanks, and which tanks will be on the list? I really would like to know which tanks are gainable. Also, in our clan there is some doubt that the entry fee will be equal to last one. Hope we get some info in a few days. And yes, seeing is believing. Godspeed.
  26. "The Russian Federation, having fully recovered from the Soviet Union era that ended in 1997, is a rising power once again" lmao this was written somewhere in 2020 and wasn't updated since. But this seems like a step in a right direction, some fresh air because BPs were getting stale.
  27. Let's play War Thunder. War Thunder's game system is still developing a lot. But what is this? Only BP and premium vehicles added... I used to love this game. But let me be honest now. This game has no future. This game won't make any good progress in the future. Developers only chase money. They have no intention of attracting new users. They just thinking of robbing old users of money. This is really disgusting. Look at the graphics of this game. Honestly, when the game was first released in 2015, the graphics were better than WOT and WT. But now? WOT and WT continue to develop graphics and sound to this day, but this game is not. The graphics and sound of this game are really bad. Honestly, it's poop.
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