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  2. Just realised that URL was the wrong one for both post. They should now be correct.
  3. site is not working. check it plz.
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  5. It's been a while, but CSB has now been updated to include new stats and skill trees seen in 0.34. Link: http://csb-hype.5v.pl/ A few things to note: Only English, German, and both Chinese languages are up to date and fully translated. The other languages are only translated up to 0.30 or before. Recommended builds are disabled for now because the old ones are really outdated. You can suggest some here and I will forward them to HYPE for future updates. Andrey Zaytsev's levels 1-2 values for Fixed Position IV skill are at 10%. They might get reverted back to the old values in the future . For reference, the game now rounds that skill's values up or down to the nearest integer, so it can look rather confusing. Freja HĂžjbjerg's Lone Hero skill is currently incorrect; it should activate when there is no friendly vehicles nearby, not enemies, but for some reason this is what's written in the game as well (it was correct before). I've asked HYPE to change this for a future update. Similar to the point above, but even though the game has updated some of the old skills' descriptions, they may actually be incorrect. One such example is Rachel Kramer's Fury Fire, which states reload speed would increase when HP is at 50% or below, while it should be 50% or more. That's the problem with copying descriptions directly from the game, so we may have to carry out tests in the game to verify them if necessary. There may be other errors in the latest build so please do let me know if you do spot any.
  6. You get a 30 day rental from completing buttalion contracts, the one you assemble from the parts is permanent.
  7. Wait... what? Hades vehicles are rental only? You go to all the trouble to get 100 parts, and all you get is a rental??? Oh wait... it says Tier 10. So the Tier 9 Hades vehicles are permanent, but the Tier 10 vehicles are rental-only? I'd love to get a Terminator 2 Hades... but I don't have any yet because I don't do enough of the contracts to collect the parts.
  8. I ordered my new rig from Alienware (which is now owned by Dell) and paid MSRP for my RTX 3080. Large companies that sell turn-key systems are getting what they need, it's just the DIY market that's having problems. I.e. if you want to buy a whole new computer you can get basically any card you want. But if you only want the card you're going to have a tough time finding one.
  9. I have Ioannis up to MSgt and he is a good spotter in AFVs; the bonus is just a few yards, but sometimes that's all the edge you need. The promotion system beyond LT is going to have me grinding a bunch of secondary people now, too, so will have to move Rashid, Rachel, and Phil up in the next phase.
  10. Bumping now that it's official. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-new-hades-vehicles
  11. I don't know about anybody else but the prices for Gpus especially are outrageous 1500+ US for a card that has a MSRP of 300. and on top of that nobody but scalpers have any GPUs in stock.
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  13. This is pretty decent setup for 1080p@60fps I ran i5-760 with GTX 460 for almost ten years, had FX/water/particle options disabled I got stable 60 fps even in GLOPS where people claim they can't reach 25 fps even on 3-4 yo setups. Also these newer nvidia cards have fast sync option on board which in combo with 60 fps limiter makes wonder (even on CP2077 which made all RTX 20xx series obsolete).
  14. That's very similar to my current system (see above) so you shouldn't have any problems. That said, if you're going to upgrade at this point I'd upgrade both - your CPU and GPU are both very old (as are mine) so it's probably best to upgrade both to keep their generations similar.
  15. ahhh commander selection the bain of my game existence LOL. definitely have Ioannis who I have never run and Miramon is Carlos his first name? if it is he is a low time commander for me, one of the Sargent levels I think. currently I have Freja at Lt, Philip has the xp for Lt but is still promotion locked and Sabrina is at 2 Lt. and currently being run on almost everything to catch up and run to Col first after advice here on the forums. that's going to be quite a while for me. Thanks for the info. Thanks knutliott as well for your info
  16. Well... no, not all of them. At least not with the kind of vehicle that you'd be willing to risk in the red circle. That spot is really only "safe" for MBTs because one of the spawns of bots charges straight toward it. And another spawns close to it but then heads South. So while you could probably technically spot everything from there in an AS21 with Juan Carlos as your commander, that same AS21 would get overrun by that 4-bot spawn that heads right for it. There are at least 2 spawns that I can remember off the top of my head that are all the way to the east on that paved North-South road. (Not the perimeter road, the one that heads South into the city.) I doubt that you'll be able to spot those spawns from the red circle with an MBT, but maybe with just the right config. I suspect that people go en masse to that circle because it's really safe in an MBT, and it's far enough to one side that it's even reasonably safe for everyone else. It's especially safe if you have teammates who are roaming around in the fields attracting attention, which seems to also be pretty common. It also has really good line of sight to pretty much the entire fight in the north fields, so as long as you can deal with the 4-bot spawn that rushes that position it's an excellent spot until you have to enter the city. The green circle is also pretty safe, but requires that you be reasonably good yourself and at least have an idea of what the spawn timings are like. Some of the time you need to be on the north side of that circle in order to have visibility, but at other times you need to be tucked into the safety of the corner on the south side of that circle when bots are rushing toward you from the north. So you have to move around and react to where the bots are, but it's a really good spot for an MBT once you learn it. Once the last spawn of 4 bots from the north has been dealth with you can move up onto the road and start working your way south into the city, but be aware that you'll have bots exiting the city toward you for a while so you'll want to be cautious until that has stopped happening. Really the best option, team-wise, is to have one MBT in the red circle and one in the green circle, and everyone else sniping from the red and green squares along the western hills.
  17. It's not a bet or a scam. It's what I said it is - the only way that you're allowed to transfer BC from one BP to the next. You shouldn't be buying them until you've literally purchased everything else that you might possibly want from this BP, at which point the BC you're earning are worthless anyway because they expire at the end of the BP. These coupons allow you to at least transfer some of your BC into the next BP, but at a steep cost because AW doesn't want you "finishing" the next BP before it has even started. They already have tons of problems with producing new progression vehicles because so many players already have sufficient Reputation to simply buy their way through them as soon as they're released. I don't think that they've ever explained it in any great detail. It's basically anything that obviously helps your team from an algorithmic point of view, so I would assume that yes capture points count as effective combat time. "Holding a gap" might be very important for your team, but unless you're getting spotting damage or doing actual damage it doesn't count. From an algorithmic point of view, you're just sitting there. I suspect that simply keeping bots spotted also doesn't count - your teammates must be using your spotting (i.e. giving you spotting damage) for it to count. Otherwise you're just sitting there doing nothing.
  18. My understanding is that AW is primarily CPU dependent provided you have a reasonable GPU. For what it's worth, I'm running AW on a GTX 770 graphics card. That's over 7 years and 5 generations old if you've lost count. Until it started having heat problems (presumably due to the age of the card and the fact that I never turn off my computer), it was able to run AW on High settings at 60 fps. I'm now running everything on Medium to give the card a break. So AW doesn't really need much in the way of a GPU. The CPU in this computer is an Intel Core-i5 4690K which is almost 7 years old itself. I did just order a new system, though, which will get me caught back up with nearly-top-tier systems. Core-i7 10700K CPU with an RTX 3080 graphics card and 32 GB RAM.
  19. So what counts as effective combat time? [BCs are awarded "for each minute of effective combat", plus multipliers for winning and being at the top of the team list.] I figure it is some combination of shooting/reloading/moving/spotting/damage dealing, but can't quite figure it out. And it seems like mech infantry can deal damage, but don't really contribute to effective combat time by themselves. For example, I have no idea if takeover time contributes to effective combat time... so at the end of a match, is it better to sit on the cap, or look for that last straggler tank (which might be movement, but not active combat, particularly if someone else finds the straggler way far away from you.) DVC, QR
  20. I really like the commentary here. Perhaps the harbinger discussion is a bit different than the spotting retro discussion. The issue of timing is one I hadn't consciously thought that much about; the combination of where to be when is very helpful. I am still struggling to do better on maps like Zero Hour and Raiding Party because there is a lot of driving around, so maybe less room for error if you have a slower tank and want to be in position on time. We get some information about positioning from watching replays, but it's harder to optimize timing by observation. This is much more productive than the frustration often vented in global chat, where people complain about being teamed with a bunch of noobs that do not understand the map. Newer players like me are indeed trying (and dying repeatedly) to figure these things out by trial and error... so wisdom from the masters is very welcome. DVC, QR
  21. What do you currently have? There are a mix of different players that have different specs and the FPS is bad in certain maps / areas no matter what specs you run because the game is on the Cryengine and isn't optimised. If you have overall bad FPS on everything, there is another thread with some tips on improving it
  22. You can afford Miramon or Ioannis Sanna early with not so many perks leveled to improve spotting capability.
  23. They are nice, but they should not be costing more than twice they are worth. And there's a 500 BC coupon for 4000 BC right now in my shop offers, as a special offer no less. This is not a bet SS, this IS a scam.
  24. title says it all. was wondering if upgrading 1) cpu only 2) gpu only 3) cpu and using current gpu 4) both cpu and gpu would change fps
  25. dfnce & knutiott ok so from the red circle you are telling me that with the right commander and vehicle you can spot all the bots eastward from the top of the map to the area near the east west road?. because from that position I can't with my current vehicles and commanders. if the answer is yes then that is much more helpful for me. can either of you hazard a guess as to why people go en mass the the red circle? please just don't say because they are bad players. why is this decision unsound because it seems to offer both cover and decent sight lines. has the changes in bot aggressiveness made the difference? at what tier and how many matches did it take for you to decide that the red circle is not that great? if you went that way in an mbt what do you consider adoptable damage to receive. asking the last question to see if I am in general too afraid of taking damage . are my ramblings making sense? Oh and one other thing if the questions warrant making a new thread should it be moved?
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