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  2. i test drove the avre last night , is it just me or does it seem like the damage from the shell isnt enought or maybe its the explosions and gun sound perhaps . it just doesnt seem quite right.
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  4. As a former 19D scout trainer I have been overall happy with the game. It has been faster paced and with better economics compared to World of Tanks that I started playing in closed Beta. As to mission types, MechWarrior 5 could be something to study as I have played various MechWarrior games since MechAssault on the original Xbox.
  5. I have had it happen several times, but I was not tracking round count, so I thought it was my finger twitching which at age 70 can happen.
  6. Last week
  7. Was sitting on a tier 9, cause i knew this. Still dident come up (sunday i spent 1 hour 20mins just watching the rotation, and watching YT, still no Sins)
  8. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0401-now-available Actual build version is 0.40.21; the game is finally out of 0.38. Updates 0.39 and 0.40 were technically 0.38.9291and 0.38.9314 respectively. The Centurion AVRE is available for test drive. On the other hand, this update is known to cause mid-game crashes for a number of players. SS is now aware of this issue.
  9. Note, that respawns have been supposedly fixed. Other than that, guide is accurate
  10. I would like to see some more game modes or mission types. Currently every mission is still capture the flag. You are either on offense or defense. I was playing mechwarrior 5 and thinking that some of those mission types could be adapted for AmoredWarfare and not just in campaign mode. Need these modes in PvE. Like city defense or destruction. Target assassination. Post cataclysmic game world seems to be similar to post succession wars inner sphere. Could mesh well with the improved story lines there are looking for.
  11. It's still there, just not showing up every day and subject to the 2hr long rotation cycles. Here is an excellent guide by @Vadim
  12. Yep, you just got unlucky with map rotation. But I think it is like Perseus, Raiding Party and some other maps only in T7-10 queue, it can't be played in T6 and below.
  13. I'ved spend more then 3 hours over the last week, just doing other things on my other screen waiting for Wages of Sin. Its never come up for me. Is it still in the game?
  14. I mean, what grind? This BP is pretty fine as grinds go, I'm at rank 55 without spending a dime and casual play.
  15. Here's more on the T-64AV https://cloud.mail.ru/public/Zanv/qWsESVam2 https://raigap.livejournal.com/932023.html a machine gun model instead of a Browning is a Ukrainian Browning: Snipex Laska K-2 (allegedly because there is no model of it in the game) They are already standing on the T-64BM2
  16. No support for adding into a.xml, sadge
  17. I have been able to cut a new release which is considered stable. You can download the new version of the program here: https://github.com/TeyKey1/AW-Modloader/releases/tag/v0.1.0 I have done some major internal changes which make the app considerably more responsive during loading states. Also featuring actual loading indicators and other cosmetic fixes. Stuff I did a while ago but just did not find the time to actually release until now. Changelog: As there seems to be not too much interest in this tool and I do not have time to maintain it further, this is very likely the last release. It should still work well for general mod management (especially if you have a large amount of mods which you want to activate/deactivate/delete frequently) in the future, so do not hesitate to try it out if you think it might be helpful for your use case. Also, if anyone wants to take this project over or expand it, feel free to do so. Source is MIT licensed and available on Github
  18. By editing textures of the tank you're trying to make the skin for. Decals are easier. Tutorial is here:
  19. Well it works pretty much the same as modding decals - have correctly named file in correct folder(s). Issue is AW has an insane amount of voice lines, so a) you can't replace them all with something fitting, as GHPC doesn't nearly as many voice lines. And b) it's incredibly tedious as you need to replace every single file manually. For thousands of files.
  20. BP will very likely be extended by at least 10 days.
  21. Nothing much actually changed for the game in 2022. no major rebalance passes literally just one single new map (Wages of Sin) that is honestly quite good Perihelion reboot that had no in-game integration BP bonanza Premium vehicle spam That's about it. Maybe 2023 will bring something worth being truly excited.
  22. In former times, AW was always good for a surprise. New tank lines, new maps, sometimes new mechanics. Now coming back after a looong period i found that models look much worse than before, maps i got used to disappeared, gmeplay is now more boring, they shortened the action ? in fact it looks like, only new tanks arriving are those premiums, you have to buy... Realy sad to see, just thought to give AW another try, but things seem to worsen ?
  23. How can i add the voicelines in to the game? I need a tutorial.
  24. OS: Windows 11 PRO, 64 bit Game Version: Latest Brief Description: The BC (5) you should receive when > 3 minutes in queue, or > 5 minutes (10) is not working. Steps to Reproduce: When in queue make screenshot (start amount BC) End game make screenshot (note received BC) Start next game and at finishing it make screenshot (note received BC) You will see that the promised BC are missing. Result: The mentioned BC will not be given (system is not working) Expected Behavior: Want to receive the BC who were promised Fixes/Workarounds: None. Announce to everyone this breakdown is existing. Other Notes: Informed Support with evidence, got a " shitty" responds and some BC as " gift", but system is still broken. SS has requested QA to make an investigation (provided extra evidence as prove).
  25. Hello, want to do some skins and markings. Any explanation somewhere? Thanks
  26. It's literally just a GitHub repository from like 6 years ago my guy, there's nothing to really elaborate on. Here's the link, knock yourself out. https://github.com/nokillnando/ACFAwSounds If you want to use 100% old sounds go ahead, modding your game to do so isn't hard. But there's a reason I didn't just use old sounds.
  27. But this can be done with the help of standard pixel camouflages, suitable background colors for them and the flag of Ukraine - is this a joke or is it? A much more interesting idea would be a set of skins with tactical white crosses on tanks and yellow insignia on their details, but just don't accidentally draw a Finnish cross from the time of BT-42 and anime about girls and tanks)
  28. This camouflage mod will allow you to turn your favorite AFVs into the Ukrainian fighting machine. Hope at least somebody like it. What you need in your inventory: Spanish camo How to install: copy this file to your localization folder. English.zip
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