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  2. You can use DDSUnsplit utility. Just put in in the textures' folder and execute .bat-file. After that u can use any image viewer (for example Irfan Viewer with pluings) or Photoshop with Nvidia DDS plugin.
  3. Arto Cuz wheels uses textures from "wheelse" folder not "wheels" (its for suspension).
  4. I am trying to open some files from AW but i just cant find a working program that would allow me to see textures and skins maps
  5. Have you unwrapped the wheel textures for Rooikat? The mapping in Substance doesn't line up with the original textures.
  6. Last week
  7. More models! KF51 Panther: https://www.mediafire.com/file/o9g29efi0hgfi4x/kf51_panther.zip/file AbramsX: https://www.mediafire.com/file/r58oyty4fcefbcb/abramsx.zip/file T-90 Burlak: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4h30hcgun56z6dn/burlak.zip/file (this vehicle uses materials from T-90 folder) CV90-120 Ghost: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2mrg8gzjbf0jvi3/cv90-120.zip/file
  8. There is another infantry bug where if you lost all of your available infantry, it is not possible to redeploy them by refilling ammo (default key "Q"). However it is possible to deploy infantry again if you respawn.
  9. Where and how do I install this mod? The Voice of War new update! Version 1.8
  10. Earlier
  11. Thanks for the kind words! Means even more from a pro like you. :) As for texture format... Because I just don't know about such things, hah. The faults of being self-taught and just going on the fly.
  12. it's very simple: some people don't need competitors. If fans create content just as well as profi, this can raise questions among prods: why we pay a full-time designer if amateurs can create content just as well, and in some places even better. Another amazing work by Arto! PS: Arto, why u dont use BC1 format for saving your textures, it can save SO much disk space.
  13. As reported to support - currently I suspect due to the drone introduction - you can deploy a single unit of inf on the move:
  14. Comments from SS on official Discord server: "At this moment we are discussing two solutions for Boxer/Puma. Either wait for proper airburst (think KF41 and the article) or we rebalance the firepower around PELE", or even both as an option. KF41 Lynx Prototype not being shown on Encyclopedia (except for those who own it, be it permanently or temporarily i.e. rental) is still a known outstanding issue. Other notes: An "OUT OF DRONES" icon and message appear on the UI when respawning. This has something to do with the upcoming Drone mechanic for public testing, but implemented incorrectly with bugs. The actual test is not yet available. The KF51 Panther appeared in Encyclopedia and was reportedly playable in test range shortly after update for a brief period of time, but it is now invisible to players. Probably part of the changes made to address a bug that increases the rate of fire on some vehicles, the Retreat ability now has -10.71% rate of fire debuff when activated instead of -80%
  15. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0110-now-available
  16. SS now has an answer on the article's disappearance (source):
  17. As of 07.02.24 - The news article has been removed and it leads to a 403 error. No official comments on why it was removed
  18. Bump: Updated with a new preview.
  19. hey man, is there any chance you have a backup of the commander voice lines?
  20. A pack of Desert Storm skins for M551 Sheridan, AMX-30B2 and Centurion AVRE. Includes new elements for Sheridan - an MG with a shield and a newer type 152mm gun. Download: AVRE - https://www.mediafire.com/file/d6r38nnhqjj7293/avre.7z/file Sheridan: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7t601nu02udn72j/m551.7z/file AMX 30B2: https://www.mediafire.com/file/j5dqtsxm1o5egep/amx30.7z/file If you like my work and would like to see more content in the future, consider supporting me with a one-time donation on Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/arto9 Every dollar helps and is appreciated.
  21. As Flamu says about Lesta and their similar attitude to feedback from the World of Warships players, “features of post-Soviet management.” This problem is relevant in all three games about tanks and similar projects from the same developers. For some, the situation is a little better, but overall it’s the same swamp.
  22. Welcome Kokopelli, retirements says nothing, at the Siba clan we are more or less retired. (think that our clan member Veldmaarschalk > 75 years young with its own twitch steam). Have fun, Godspeed.
  23. Welcome ScarecrowActual, great introduction. Send my regards your father for his service. have send you a friend invite, and see you in the field. Have fun, Godspeed.
  24. New player and to this community, with 96 hours in the game at the time of this posting, hoping to meet new people to play with regularly who enjoy armor as much as I do! I primarily play MBT with my highest tier being the T7 MaA2 Abrams, but have also done a RU MBT line up to T6, and a few other random lines to collect Desert Storm/Gulf War era Soviet tanks, as well as struggling to work my way up to the Bradley. Just a little about me, father was a USMC AAV7 mechanic during the Gulf War, so I ended up reading a lot of the Marine Corps magazines from that time that he saved, and grew a love for military equipment in general. When I got my first console(PS2), I played a game called Conflict: Desert Storm with my little brother, and it features missions that heavily used Soviet MBT's and BMP's, as well as the ability to play one mission with the Bradley. From there, my interest in US armor grew and WW2 games led me to also admire the M4 Sherman variants. Eventually I made it to Battlefield 3, and the mission Thunder Run sold me completely on playing tanks almost exclusively in games(including BF4, BF1, & BFV). I also played a lot of World of Tanks, but stopped years ago after the HE nerf that made my Sherman 105 derp days less enjoyable. When Squad came out, I played armor in that game almost exclusively, and was quite capable with the right crew members as a gunner, or commander. Recently I found a video on this game(AW), and decided to give it a shot, and I have enjoyed it greatly. Whilst it still has a bit of that grindy feeling that War Thunder and WoT has, it is considerably less so since a lot of tanks are much more fun, and in general I feel like mechanics of the game are more streamlined/fun. The fact of that it also has PvE also greatly reduces the feeling of being completely outmatched/paired with a bad team/having bad luck. That, and guns actually being accurate helps immensely. So far I have only played PvE, working my tech trees up and enjoying the feeling of being nearly-immortal in the MBT lineup especially. I have 306 matches played with a win rating of 97%, and survival of 69 percent so far. Anyway, sorry about the wall of text. Just wanted to make myself known and welcome anyone to shoot me an in-game friend request @ScarecrowActual if you wanted to roll out together! :D
  25. Think that what SS is saying on Discord (as you displayed in your responds), is the main issue why the game does not improve. They only want to hear their own opinion and are surrounding themselves with "always agree". Bit like the old communism system. "The party is always right, and we think for you, because we know what you want (in game)". Thanks for all those very nice skins Arto. Really appreciate it. And when AW/ SS can't handle critic (Apparently, they can't make the difference of whining and critism for reason that we want the game to improve, because we like the game), then it says something about them. (and the future of the game). But please provide us with the nice skins. Your works is (at least) my gameplay much more fun).
  26. Notes on today's patch: Splash damage does not work, be it for regular HE shells, programmable HE's air burst, or thermobaric ammunition. According to SS on official discord server, "They were trying to adapt splash to work on drones but broke everything" but the feature in testing didn't work, and worse it somehow made its way to the live server. Despite saying so on the patch notes, there are no visible listed achievements in association with the new AS90 contract There are reports of players respawning all the way back at the beginning if they die at any stage of the Spec Ops mission Rate of Decay
  27. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0100-now-available
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