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  2. TIL this particular turret with a longer gun (L/54) is actually from a prototype of Type 99A, but it wasn't accepted for production. Compare the pictures below (top: late model of Type 99, mid: production version of Type 99A, bottom: prototype Type 99A) https://i1.kknews.cc/fzehQxqLiHJlY-vD7kgq9zC-QPcGHq7GrA/0.jpg The prototype is also missing muzzle reference system. Source: https://kknews.cc/zh-mo/military/gjzp4rl.html
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  4. This secret was....a hard one to crack and we needed all the help we could get! So we started with the single image: And the 5 lines of descriptions: "A young man dressed in an ancient pilot’s attire and a wizened one-eyed warrior dueling with katanas in front of a Tiger tank on a plain that had no end. An inhumanely tall Viking and a silver-skinned boy crossing a sea on a Drakkar. New York City, entombed in ice. A two-headed dragon dogfighting a Great War biplane, the rattling of Spandau machineguns almost pathetic against the beast’s mighty roar and flame – and yet, the dragon was losing. An army of the dead invading the world of the living under a skull-shaped, alien moon." Based on this, frankly it was a dead end as it could have been anything and how the hell would you guess a single word from the above? Well, simply you couldn't, so Haswell had to ask for more help, which SilentStalker provided: So, from this we started to look into more mythical type aspects and naturally fell more into Norse mythology and and least we had a start....but as before, from the above, we couldn't really get anything concrete that would stick. There were other hints and tips dropped in conversations, - it shouldn't be that hard with somebody who is familiar with SS' lore writing. It was at this stage we heard that somebody from the RU server cracked the code, so we resigned out fates to not being the first to crack it, rather we wanted to know how it was cracked and what the final result was....so we carried on, and we gave more info into the official discord to see if somebody over there could think outside the box and different to our train of thoughts as, we were told a few times that our guesses were well off and we needed to think simpler / differently. And then finally, less than 5 hours before the deadline, a tiny sliver of hope was found.... A two headed dragon, fighting a biplane...And confirmation that it was indeed the source of the image description. 1 of 5 images found. This then lead to more Norse mythology lead us to this image which was confirmed as the Endless Plain: We were close, but something still wasn't there...the penny hadn't dropped, it wasn't clear what we were looking at. Sure, we had these images, but these didn't give us the information we needed to crack that password. With 5 minutes left, defeat was looming closer, and SS, decided that as we'd found some more of the clues, he'd give us 24 hours to submit the final answers, if we didn't crack it, then we never would. 'But that RU player already beat you too it you silly sausage' I hear you cry...turns out, yes they did put the right answer, and then submitted over 100 other incorrect answer...meaning that they didn't understand the code and were just trying to brute force the answer. They didn't win...we still had a shot.. So, the next morning, I set to it, with the first image we found in mind, I started to look for the book it came from...It turns out, it's by a Sci-Fi writer who has made a series called 'Valhala' - a set of stories based in an alternative universe where portals and inter dimensional travel are a thing, along with the Norse worlds (Author is František Novotný) and the cover art, you guessed it, related to those 5 descriptions. For the next 3, maybe 4 hours I spent my time trawling reviews and write ups for the stories to see if I could find something to help us crack this code....I posted in official that I'd found the books, but was having difficulty in finding English versions of them, or anything about them that didn't need to be translated. So SS gave me a link to a copy of the books, which I downloaded, and started to review.....I was struggling...but I kept scrolling...and then suddenly at the end of one of the books...I saw a page that was different to all the others. It wasn't like any chapter I had seen, it looked like German documents from WW2...I skipped past it, then had to go back..why did it look so different...why would that be there...I scroll down... There it is....a copy of the image I have spent the best part of a week trying to crack...It's there...right in front of me...With a key - telling me the letters stood for Norse worlds / lands. From the top - G = Midgard, M = Muspel, H = Hel, N = Niflheim. We had the answer..so we submitted it, SS closed off the form...it was done... But, like all things, it comes at a cost...we don't know what this will be, but it could be bad. The prize for cracking the code - 5000 gold and Samuel Thorpe as a commander
  5. Can anyone transfer the turret model from the Scorpion Kastet to the OT-64 Cobra? I understand that only the appearance of the equipment will change (not the collision model), but I really need it
  6. I kinda like it? I always liked the boxy simplicity of the Type 99, and the idea of modifying tanks always interested me, but on the other end, it just completly powercreep the Type 99A2 we have, and I'm sure it will take ages for them to secretely buff it by.... adding... a module resistance module aaand.... buffing its HP by 300? I would be very surprised if they actually don't "leave it hanging", as I like the thing. Also, Thermos+mine plow=easy rammo. Oh well, it's not like I will play it considering it will be cut into tiny pieces and put into very expensive boxes that are always on sale...
  7. Gonna put an old S-h-a-d-o-w video for you to look at Armored-Warfare Chapter 2 Heroic Help Defend 3 Cap Hes using a m48, but any Dakka machine can do this On the other maps just stay with a mbt, and it'll be ok
  8. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-type-99b Since it's coming by itself, it's a safe bet to say the 99B will likely come before the upcoming BP, or at least not be a focus of it.
  9. So for posterity' sake, I'm looking to take this to Heroics after free XPing the Harimau (I'm sorry but the sub 120mm rebalances butchered the 105mm ready rack). How does the AC fare against the rear of the Protectors now? And where exactly do I plant it on Chapter 2 to not die?
  10. for that you would need to modify the crew voice lines. technically you could slap it in the reload sounds, but it would be the same yell for every reload making it really annoying
  11. Thank you for make this article. I did translate n upload in korean aw forum(there is a link for this page in top of article of course) https://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=armored_warfare&no=8959 If you dont want translate or want post in other place(like only in labs) plz tell me. n once again, very thank you for make this article.
  12. hey question , is there a sound mod when you can hear the loader say rdy or up when the next shell is loaded on MBT cannons
  13. 99B I can accept, after all there is some information (although with ATGM is a bit outrageous), but ZTZ20.... WTF
  14. Youtube reupload of the stream recording (HD is still processing, Youtube is very slow):
  15. Source: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1480186719 ---- Stuff from the stream: SS admits that he always sucks at games that requires skills, because he is too lazy to put in effort into learning them. Chance for Brazilian Osório tank coming is "pretty good" Game development has a lot of inertia; anything that the devs are working on now are decided 6 months ago. Anything that gets decided now won't be coming for another 6 months (or more) The idea of finishing the T-80 progression line or adding any new progression lines is still being considered, but no promises so far. There are still no plans for what to do with SPGs in their current state. There were considerations to make SPGs direct fire vehicles (similar to early test builds for Balance 2.0), but that is on the back burner for now because there are more pressing issues. No plans for T-72B3 Mod.2016 SS personally wants the game to have improved graphics, better sounds, and a new balance system (not another major rebalance, but a system of some sort) VT5 shooting missiles in PvE will be looked into (they should fix that for WWO Wilk as well) No plans to introduce PT-91; will be very similar to T-72M4CZ Patch when? When It's Ready™ Since VE Day (End of WWII in Europe) is coming to an end, they may rename the Object 225 marathon event to something else. Again confirmed that Tiger's Claw is not coming back; "it's easier to create another mission on the same map than to fix Tiger's Claw". No plans for new Italian vehicles, but SS mentioned that they have an unfinished model of Freccia (IFV version of Centauro, plays like the Rosomak, was originally going to be a progression vehicle for Francine before it got replaced by something else in the line) Again no plans to introduce self-propelled mortar carriers When asked about new national skins for T-72M1 (as was intended when vehicle was first announced), SS explains that many of the national variants can be replicated with existing camos and decals, but he is open to ideas for interesting historical skins. Again no plans for solo PvE missions Which company is developing AW now? "It's complicated" Horde mode is back on the table - it's currently in pre-development phase No new PvP maps planned in the near future A new commander system is being considered, but it's not something that SS wants, though he also thinks that the current one needs improvements, and it may get looked at again No new Light Tanks planned for this year Will Heroic Mode get new maps? It's "possible" (note: it used to be a definite "no" in the past), and it's something that the devs can look into No plans for Tier 11, but it was something that was considered as a possible solution to tackle the crazy amount of Reputation and Credits that players hoard. Black Knight (UGV or Challenger) is not coming. The devs did consider a Black Knight Challenger, but it's not interesting enough. There are two possible directions that SS is considering for future Spec Ops: the rise of Black Company or Perihelion stuff. The current direction he has in mind is standard PvE for Perihelion, and Spec Ops for Black Company, but he is open to ideas. Rinaldi and Kopylov are dead offscreen after Burning Grounds according to SS' headcanon The issue where MBTs like Object 195, Strv 2000, and Altay not counting as heavy vehicles in platoon will be looked at again The devs may consider moving Type 99s' ammo rack to the back of the turret The idea of having a weekend Spec Ops chain available in rotation every 6+ weeks is not a good idea, and the devs are also looking into how to bring Plague back. Player made mods are still being tolerated as long as they are derivative works, but if they harm the game's stream of revenue i.e. enabling premium cosmetics even though it's only on the client side but on a wide scale, then they will have to do something about it. Clan war overhaul is also being considered. Problem is how to tackle the issue where top clans will always occupy the top ranking bracket consistently and reap the benefits while leaving the rest in the dust. No plans to return old BPs as playable events SS personally wants a feature where players can create obstacles by modifying terrain (like what WT does) , but he thinks that's mechanically impossible to achieve in AW Custom decal placement feature was tested, but it "broke a lot of things", so it's shelved. No plans to move the game to a new engine BP stuff: The Chinese theme Rise of the Dragon BP is still deep in development, but it will be longer with more prizes and bonus levels (perhaps similar to Warlords of the Wasteland BP with extra ranks and rewards after obtaining the top prize?), but probably not in the way like Wars of the Past BP where players felt they were pressed for time to complete them. Type 99B (Reference image) Fictional variant of Type 99, basically a what-if upgrade of some sort. AW version won't look much like that illustration. It will have dual roof mounted ATGM launchers, and it is supposed to solve the vulnerable ammo rack position that other Type 99s do (perhaps moved to a different location like the back of the turret?). The renderer who made that image is supposedly quite popular in China, and the Chinese operators (publishers for the separate Chinese server) asked the devs to make the vehicles for them. SS personally isn't happy with that decision himself. ZTZ-20 (Reference image) Fictional Tier 10 MBT. AW's version will not have dozer blades, but basically it will be a Chinese Armata with external ATGM launchers. ZTL-11 (basically a domestic counterpart of ST1) and maybe VN17 (IFV version of VT5) are also coming. Shards of the Past: Flakpanzer Gepard Olympics theme Vickers Mk.7/2 (idea was scrapped together with another skin for Object 187 when Russia got banned from participating) Tatooine map (minimap for reference). Many maps were named after Star Wars locations at the time, like Jakku for Al Dabbah (which is what "Tatooine" became eventually), and Coruscant for Moscow. XM723 Pereh
  16. diesel SL 1 and M1 if I'm not mistaken, these are the sounds used by various light vehicles. Yes, you can throw, I'll listen to them. If they match the turns, then I use them in fashion.
  17. The description, and particularly the name of the mission, imply to me that this is a Spec Ops mission and not regular PvE.
  18. I've used warthunder clips for the engines, the full 8 seconds at first and later cut to 2,5 seconds. Still a split second of sound then silence. What do diesel_sl1 and m1 do? I will try to mess with the gas turbines, if it works, I would like to send you my files so you can include them in your mod. Thanks for your help, I'll get back to you once I know more.
  19. Earlier
  20. In fact, in battle with wheeled vehicles, the sound of movement on the ground is not particularly audible. Probably due to the settings that I set in the game. I'll make the sound of the turret turn quieter. Separately, I will upload the file in the message tomorrow. I did not touch the sounds of the gas turbine engine. In fact, they are not the worst, and in my opinion, it is rather difficult to make them qualitatively. The fact is that in the game for diesel engines and gas turbine engines in the file goes to the speed levels. It is important that the sound file is not too short. For me it is about 1.5 - 4.5 seconds. You need to replace each sound file according to the speed. Diesel_F1_int_lp Diesel_F1_lp Diesel_F2_int_lp Diesel_F2_lp Diesel_F3_lp The sound of the exhaust (files exh_lp), which is also divided into speed levels, I did not touch. With the new engine sounds, they sound good. F1, F2, F3 are the rpm levels. 1 is idle and minimum movement. 2 is the average speed. 3 is the maximum rpm/speed. int_lp are the sounds you hear in first person while aiming. lp are those that are outside. For replacement, it is important to pick up files from one engine, and not from different ones. Or the sounds should be as similar as possible to each other. Sounds diesel_idle, diesel_m1, diesel_sl1 work on the same principle. I hope that what I wrote is understandable and accessible given the knowledge of my English And as a bonus, the electric_spindle file is the sound of a hybrid engine. As you can see, it is not divided into rpm levels, and it is for this reason that this sound sounds strange in the game.
  21. Great mod, this basically makes my WIP sound mod obsolete, its just so much better. The only thing I don't like is the new turret rotation sound. One soundclip is a bit odd, its louder than the other ambient sounds, its at 5:10 in your video, its crackin sound, as if you are driving over rubble, maybe that could be tweaked a little by making it a litle less loud. Did you mess with the gas turbine sounds? They sound like they haven't been changed. Also, how did you do the engine sounds? I tried messing with them but they only play for a fraction of a second before they turn completely silent.
  22. you can get it in the BP shop during one. Think it was on sale last week as well actually
  23. There really is such a thing. In general, this is easily corrected by adjusting the volume of the shots. AH! So they are unfortunately bound to the sound level of the shots. A bit annoying, their volume is totally fine.
  24. There really is such a thing. In general, this is easily corrected by adjusting the volume of the shots. I'm very glad that you liked it. It was the lack of good sound in the game that pushed me to create this mod.
  25. I'm just starting out with Armored Wafare. Do you accept users like me?
  26. Awesome! But I don't have the K1A1 yet. When will AW sell it again?
  27. AW 한국 커뮤니티에서 좋은 사운드 모드가 있다는 소식을 방금 들었습니다. 인-게임에 적용하니 정말 멋지네요! 감사합니다! I just heard from the AW Korean community that they have a nice sound mod. Applying it in-game, it's really cool! Thank you!
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