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  2. wenn ich auf download gehe funktioniert es nicht bitte einen neuen link setzen
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  4. Whne will the damn BP end ? , i think this is the longest one to date
  5. I was wondering if it was possible for someone to mod all the Abrams models(maybe others if it isnt too much work) with Kontakt-1 bricks ? Mainly because of the memes
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  7. In light of the recent wave of spambots repeatedly defeating the forum's ant-bot measures when registering their accounts, we are implementing a separate passphrase system that will act as a another layer of defense. We apologize for the inconvenience for actual, human users trying to register. The current registration passphrase is: Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times. Please input the passphrase when prompted by the account registration screen: If you are experiencing any difficulties registering your account, please inform us at ArmoredLabs Issues & Feedback (https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/forum/26-armoredlabs-issues-feedback/)
  8. BP is now extended to 16th November. As for overprogression loot crates at ranks 51 to 58, I've attempted to compile a known list of reskin premiums for sake of reference.
  9. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-06020-now-available This patch introduces a new bug where missile reticles no longer show penetration indicator colours properly - it's usually just white. The launcher reticle (not necessarily the aiming reticle) may also appear in a seemingly random location and flicker about at times.
  10. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-boxer-crv More info on upcoming "Exile" BP: Boxer (Tier 9 AFV) will be available at Rank 20 Puma (Tier 10 AFV) will be available at Rank 31 One more Tier 10 vehicle as the final prize (SS said it's not Piranha) When asked on official Discord if release date is in November or later, SS replied "November looks like, yes"
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  12. Some final impressions Leveling mechanics - grindy and repetitive, as usual Samuel Thorpe commander failed promise to deliver, again Over-progression boxes loots mechanics again non-transparent just like in Age of Rage BP. Support was polite to get me one more container when one of them tossed coins. Many nice new additions in BP shop like camos and new vehicles. I didn't touch these for 30k and above. Speaking of usefulness of some vehicles i got in this BP - number of games and some results (PvE only, includes SO) obj 287 (111 games, 21.8k avg/d) Buratino (35 games, 30.9k avg/d) Gepard (30 games, 29.7k avg/d) Sphinx Monster (22 games, 29.9k avg/d) EBRC Jaguar (14 games, 30.5k avg/d) MPF LT (11 games, 36.6k avg/d) Kornet-D1 (11 games, 24.4k avg/d) Ottomatic (8 games, 37.1k avg/d) Chieftain Mk 6 Leader (4 games, 15.0k avg/d) Gadiuka (2 games, 18.7k avg/d ) PS. Digital pixel commodity with correct price
  13. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-puma New BP name is "Exile", and it will have three vehicles, with the Puma being the second reward vehicle, and another Tier 10 vehicle being the final prize (but not in the way how EBRC Jaguar was introduced as overprogression reward for Eclipse BP). Regarding the Puma: The Puma has been a highly requested vehicle for some time, though SS commented in the past that he wasn't sure how Puma would play "differently from other generic boxy IFVs". That said, Puma has been mentioned in a few of the Eclipse BP's diary entries. According to SS on official Discord server, it will have regular infantry compartment (i.e. 4 AT troopers or 1 mortar trooper).
  14. It's amazing, I've been waiting for this version for a long time.
  15. I got all three (Afghan Camo #1, Afghan Camo #2, and Pakistani Camo) from the latest event, and they appear on my camo list as well as search result in customisation screen.
  16. Regarding the Afghanistan camouflage, the latest version (mountain) of event camouflage is acquired, but not listed in my camouflage (owned) listing. Do others have the same (missing) issue? Godspeed
  17. Source: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-0605-now-available
  18. I made this post a while back in April in the Eclipse BP thread. It's not an individual list, but rather a list of the sets of Reskinniums. It's probably not complete... it's just the list that I was able to come up with at the time. Each of these sets has 4 (most of them) or 5 vehicles, with the exception of Reaper which only has 2. But this should still represent ~60 known reskinniums, and does not account for any of the singles like the T-80U Spacewalker. Thus my belief that there are probably close to 80 if not 100 reskinniums available in the game.
  19. And those " Re-skinned" for 18.000 battle coins. In my opinion a real disgrace and an insult for the active players. Would have been better to get a special tank / item / commander etc., on those 18k battle coins boxes, and in my personal believe confirming the thought of "only interested in money grabbing." Lost opportunity for the game. Godspeed.
  20. I have a question about the Ophelia's skill Rally1, does it mean that the speed is increased when over 30 kmh or that the hull traverse rate is increased? I find "increases hull speed rate by" ambiguous. Anyway I recently bought her in the Battle Path shop (she costed me a lot of BC but I feel that are well spent BC) and I am still grinding her. I am planning a different build where I favour acceleration, she gets a 17.58% increase if spotted and on offroad environment and on repair speed, she gets a 45% increase if below 50% HP at the cost of not Having Rally or Bersek skills. A faster repair speed can save you if you are low health and the repair consumable is spent or in cool down time, this can be true both in PvP and PvE, but before I go for that route I want to be sure about what Rally1 really does.
  21. It works great. Thank you very much :D
  22. There's one more layer, the m1a2 folder.
  23. Oh, no! I would like to keep the wheel alright, just removing the box which clips. :D Der Link im ersten Post führt zum Download der Modifikation.
  24. s Report post Posted Wednesday at 01:00 AM Merkava Warmonger Fully loaded. Just activated some of what Haswell has already put into the code, added a range finding heavy machine gun as well as both active protection systems in tandem. This assumes you use the next generation hard kill system. https://sharemods.com/7pib97z656pv/merkava4--merkava4m-bp8.cdf.html wie installiere ich es
  25. Members 8 8 posts Report post Posted Wednesday at 08:19 PM https://imgur.com/a/BWmxCzg kannst du daraus einen Mod machen ist sehr schön
  26. Hi How do I install the mod if I have a Game Center, my friend who has the game installed via steam, the mod works great, but it doesn't work at all for me via the Game Center. E:\GameCenter\Armored Warfare MyCom\localization\English\objects\vehicles\mbt
  27. That wheel is the same detachparts group as the commander cupola. So you're basically stuck with it unless you want to remove the sight models
  28. Is it possible to put commented notes in the .cdf, to label each line for the object it represents? Would like to exclude the line, which adds the stowage box clipping into the spare road wheel.
  29. Looks very impressive. You made the XM to the new level, the devs will be jealous if they see this, lol.
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