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  1. No, the mods will not return. Also hi Leproux, you know you can just see all my posts in my profile to downvote them all at once, you absolute mongoloid?
  2. Thanks for reminding me to nuke the google drive links instead :)
  3. Despite your efforts, a second thread does not make the turret fit the turret ring.
  4. Arto


    The turret ring doesn't match.
  5. You're looking for leopard2a7_cannon_rm130.cgf from the leopard2-140 folder. Unless you're also using my 2AX mod, which nodraws the original gun via .mtl files and uses a renamed copy for location readjustment. Then you want to use leopard2a7_cannon_130.cgf
  6. I mean... kind of. I did that twice already with the Leo 2AX into 2A7 (far easier, same hull after all) and the PL-01 into Anders mutant (similiar enough suspension). The issue is - you cannot replace the suspension and somewhat more obviously you cannot change the turret location. So for a full visual replacement you need to find not only something that has the suspension line up close enough, the turret location also has to match.
  7. oh yeah, mudflaps are cringe and unhistorical btw
  8. Improved barrel lining is Gun Breech v3 technically. You cannot stack them, just like you can't stack breech v1 and v2.
  9. Removes the hexagon texture from all Titan skins for a cleaner look
  10. Restores the cut Barracuda skins for M1128 MGS, LAV-600, Wiesel TOW and Wiesel HOT. As an extra Stryker ADATS also gets hull net. Takes all base paints and camo.
  11. You don't want to replace the model file directly, instead you'll want to use the attachment system in the .cdf to use 140 instead of 130. Swapping models is a big can of worms.
  12. A ton of different voices at different volumes and different filtering, as if there were 30 people in the same tank, using different radio equipment... Sorry man, I recognize how much work modding the voice lines is, but this is garbage to listen to.
  13. Small but significant and probably final update.
  14. If you provide me with the relevant voice files and an english translation for them, sure.
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