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  1. You don't want to replace the model file directly, instead you'll want to use the attachment system in the .cdf to use 140 instead of 130. Swapping models is a big can of worms.
  2. A ton of different voices at different volumes and different filtering, as if there were 30 people in the same tank, using different radio equipment... Sorry man, I recognize how much work modding the voice lines is, but this is garbage to listen to.
  3. Small but significant and probably final update.
  4. If you provide me with the relevant voice files and an english translation for them, sure.
  5. Maybe you'd understand better if you read the name of the topic or the section of the forum we are in. But maybe that's too "big" for you.
  6. Because we, the modders, are not the developers? We do not have access to the tools that they use? Jesus fucking christ.
  7. It isn't possible to import new models into Armored Warfare as of right now. Even if it was, what you're requesting is basically making a whole new model and textures from scratch. You know... things people get paid for. Please do some research before you ask.
  8. No, because a netting model does not exist for the CR2 in the game.
  9. Possibly? I have not noticed a slowdown on SSD.
  10. You don't have to do anything with mods when the game updates because we're using the localization system to effectively inject new content. You don't have to reinstall mods ever unless they change the file system someday.
  11. No support for adding into a.xml, sadge
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