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  1. The term used was 'decent chance' if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, for my personal opinion I feel it's unfair that some players get a major gift while others don't, while doing exactly the same requirements (regardless of difficulty). I'd rather see a difficult mission/marathon in which you can play for a discount on a tank (yes wot style). I know I have 0 chance in those but I'm happy that I know the deal before participating. AW seems a very generous game overall, and I'm quite sure I will enjoy it F2P. Lootboxes are sh!t in my opinion and I will never buy one. Ps. Guess who logged in for at least one battle over the last 35 days but didn't play at all yesterday???
  2. Personally this is what annoys me: "If you collect all 50 crates, you will have a fairly decent chance of obtaining enough blueprints to build it." Based on this thread and discord results I would not call it 'fairly decent'. I understand how this stuff works, but I was hoping AW would be better than that other tank game. Over there marketing BS is through the roof. Here at least the approach of SilentStalker is a very refreshing thing in my opinion.
  3. Wow this is dissapointing... I thought I had a good chance based on some info on this forum. But mainly rental stuff... 17 parts after first 5 boxes for a good start. 28 parts after first 15 (after assembling the special crate for parts). 57 after all 50... 57/100, thats NOT EVEN CLOSE, why would this be described as a decent chance??? Also, come on these mechanics of having regular crates and then special crates which you need 10 to assemble and then open and then get 3-4 parts? lots of clicking and scrolling? Developers think I'm a five year old kid that likes to open boxes??? Anyway, yeah, for me as new player a free tier 9 premium would have been epic (maybe a bit too good). However I was looking forward to it, frankly I find this method quite strange because it is unfair to complete al missions and some players get rewards and some don't... how is that for pi$$ing off your playerbase? With lootbox systems I understand you gamble for a prize, but this just feels odd and very unfair to me.
  4. 5x single part of ZTQ-15, went from 17 parts after 5 boxes to 22 parts after 15 boxes Edit: what are the parts of ZTQ-15 special crates for? I have 15 of those, combine 10 for 1 extra box?
  5. Worked for me, received three rental tanks. Did not check for premium time or boosts, but AW is really generous. Played for 1.5 months or so now and received about the same in premium time. Also very nice you can activate it when you want to!
  6. Euhm, probably a noob question but how many parts are needed, or how does this work??? In game I could not find any info on it. I got x1, x2, x3, x5, x1 I think and also special parts?
  7. Nice, I also just started AW and will check out your videos!
  8. Nice, the crates were already very welcome in my new account! Really good to see I can participate in the event as well even though I'm only at tier 4 yet.
  9. Nice experiment & post Haswell! I guess I'm one of those examples which you describe, maybe aim at (newbie & F2P for now, https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/393-hello-new-guy-here/). I found some useful tips already here. Also I quickly realized how much I still have to learn because half the text I don't understand Most important lesson for me at this point is that I should definitely NOT try to get to tier 10 as fast as possible. With limited game time (~10h/week) there is no point trying to rush because it will take ages anyway. Thats fine for me as part of the gaming experience is to discover new things and unlock stuff! I've played for a bit over a week now and after a few battles in tier 1 (PvP & PvE) I moved up to tier 3-4 (MBTs) and played mainly PvE to get the various modules unlocked. I have some questions for experienced players and I guess here is as good of a place as any to post them... The PvE mode, I quickly started with the hardcore mode as the other was very easy, but hardcore still seems rather simple (in tier 3-4). I do quite alright and usually I'm in the top 3 of my team, depends a bit on tier level of my tank versus other tanks and sometimes you just get a few guys that are too fast and take most dmg. In this thread I notice you guys know all PvE maps and the bot's positions already, after a few battles I also got to know some parts already as well. Does PvE (hardcore) get more difficult at higher tiers? Seems a bit boring if it doesn't to be completely honest. I was thinking to unlock modules for tier 3-5 tanks in PvE and then invest in some equipment (called different here I think) for a few tanks I like to play in PvP. In the meantime I want to unlock some other tanks in PvE (maybe other classes) and get some experience, credits and fun/challenge in the PvP gameplay. Do you guys think this is a smart idea? Today I played some PvP (random) in tier 3 just to try. Since my tanks & crews are still very basic I get outspotted by everyone. I would like to have a bit better viewrange (and/or camo) but does this make sense on MBTs? If I invest in vision equipment, will I spot enemies or is my base viewrange just too low to be effective to spot? Another thing I noticed from your post is that there seems to be quite some optimization which you guys target (to have the most suitable commander for a specific type of tank for example). To what extent are the last few % usefull for average, casual players? If you don't mind not being the best but aim for say top half of your team, can you play with worse tanks&crews or is the disadvantage to great and basically ruining the gaming experience? Final question in the long post, I noticed from your experiment that going up tiers the credit payout gets better. Doest this continue al the way to tier 10, or is there a middle ground for F2P economy (I don't want to put to many WoT references in here, sorry about that, but in WoT you lose credits at tier 9&10). It would be good to know if I should just advance one line to get more credits for other lines or at which tier I should stop. Any advice/tips/comments are welcome!
  10. Thanks for explaining, not sitting still is also usefull in WoT so that's quite natural to me already. At the moment I've only played tier 1 tanks, which mainly seems like point-and-click gameplay, but enjoyable already. The PvE easy mode the main thing seems to be to keep up with your team to get some dmg in. Also I'm reading some helpful and interesting guides on this forum. So far I really like it here!
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