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    1. Introduction Armored Warfare (AW) is an online video game that includes loot box mechanics. Such mechanics function through virtual in-game items under various titles (ie. Loot Crates, Supply Crates) that can be redeemed for randomized selections of other virtual in-game items. The purpose of this study is to determine all the possible rewards and their probabilities of appearing in Platinum Supply Crates. Platinum Supply Crates are desirable due to their overall abundance in availability through completing special operations in Extreme and Hero modes, daily login rewards, weekly contract mission completions and daily battalion contract mission completions. Platinum Supply Crates also offer high value rewards that may be of greater interest to players compared to Gold and Silver Supply Crates, hence this particular study will focus on Platinum Supply Crates only. Figure 1.1: in-game illustration of a Platinum Supply Crate. 2. Method Our experimenters explore the possible rewards and their probabilities of appearing on the AW Public Test Server (PTS) client via the MY.GAMES GameCenter software. The PTS client version as of the time of testing is 0.33.7235. The decision to perform observations on the PTS client and not on the production client is to ensure ease of repeatability for this study. Even though Platinum Supply Crates are abundant in availability, each individual Supply Crate is consumed permanently upon revealing their contents via opening. It is therefore desirable to not consume the stockpile of Platinum Supply Crates of our experimenters, as the time required to build up a significant quantity of Platinum Supply Crates will likely impede future efforts to replicate the study. The contents of each Platinum Supply Crate are examined and recorded in manual tallies by opening each Platinum Supply Crate and redeeming their contents. The method of tallying is at the discretion of each experimenter. Reward drops are tallied separately in order to determine the range of all the possible rewards from Platinum Supply Crates. In the event of receiving Insignia items from Platinum Supply Crates, each set of 10 Insignias are tallied as one item. Insignias are always received in two discrete sets of 10 Insignias, therefore the tallies consider the event of receiving both sets of Insignias as one item. Figure 2.1: in-game illustrations of different Insignia variants. Similar reward drops are grouped into categories to further examine whether the variance in drop probabilities are indicative of unequal weighing. Chi-squared tests are performed in each category to determine the significance in drop probability variances. 3. Results 3.1 Datasets We examine a total of 842 Platinum Supply Crates collected and distributed among two experimenters. The Supply Crates are split into samples of 565 and 279 respectively and first analyzed separately, then aggregated together to determine any anomalies in the variances of their produced contents. 3.2 Results The sample size of opening 565 Platinum Supply Crate and redeeming their contents produced the following tallies: Items Quantity Reputation (50,000) 62 Credits (10,000,000) 27 Premium Time (30 days) 3 Premium Time (7 days) 7 Diamond XP Boost 49 Diamond Intel Boost 41 Diamond Reputation Boost 58 Platinum Commander Insignia 50 Platinum Crew Insignia 73 Platinum Credit Insignia 53 Platinum Reputation Insignia 48 Platinum XP Insignia 66 Gold (13) 31 Gold (17) 24 Gold (19) 28 Gold (23) 27 Gold (29) 16 Gold (37) 17 Gold (53) 8 Gold (73) 4 Gold (113) 2 Premium Vehicle (assorted, 1 day rental) 16 Total possible item categories: 22 Total quantity of item drop events: 565 Figure 3.2.1: table of tallies of Platinum Supply Crate contents with a sample size of n=565. The sample size of opening 279 Platinum Supply Crate and redeeming their contents produced the following tallies: Items Quantity Reputation (50,000) 28 Credits (10,000,000) 8 Premium Time (30 days) 1 Premium Time (7 days) 3 Diamond XP Boost 30 Diamond Intel Boost 19 Diamond Reputation Boost 24 Platinum Commander Insignia 33 Platinum Crew Insignia 28 Platinum Credit Insignia 31 Platinum Reputation Insignia 24 Platinum XP Insignia 30 Gold (13) 16 Gold (17) 12 Gold (19) 11 Gold (23) 13 Gold (29) 10 Gold (37) 1 Gold (53) 7 Gold (73) 1 Gold (113) 1 Premium Vehicle (assorted, 1 day rental) 11 Total possible item categories: 22 Total quantity of item drop events: 279 Figure 3.2.2: table of tallies of Platinum Supply Crate contents with a sample size of n=279. 4. Analysis 4.1 Proportions of Item Drops from Platinum Supply Crates In order to better illustrate the theoretical probabilities of the item drops from Platinum Supply Crates, the proportions of item drops are derived based on the tallies from each of the two datasets. The proportions are recorded as follows: Figure 4.1.1: proportions of item drops with a sample size of n=565. Figure 4.1.2: proportions of item drops with a sample size of n=279. 4.2 Chi-Squared Tests for Categories of Items Several different categories of items can be observed from the item drops of Platinum Supply Crates: rental vehicles, various quantities of Gold, Premium Time tokens, Boosts, Insignias, Credits, and Reputation. Given the similar drop rates between different Boosts and Insignias, the significances of the variances are examined using chi-squared tests. The results are as follows: Figure 4.2.1: chi-squared tests for the dataset of n=565 on the variances of Boost and Insignia drop rates. Figure 4.2.2: chi-squared tests for the dataset of n=279 on the variances of Boost and Insignia drop rates. The variances in drop rates for Boosts and Insignias in the two datasets are determined to be not statistically significant, and that the theoretical drop rates for different Boosts and Insignias should be considered to be equal in each of their categories. 4.3 Analysis of Aggregated Data Given the contextual relatedness of the two datasets, we totaled the tallies from each of the datasets in order to project results from a theoretically larger sample size. The total tallies and derived proportions of item drops are as follows: Items Quantity Reputation (50,000) 90 Credits (10,000,000) 35 Premium Time (30 days) 4 Premium Time (7 days) 10 Diamond XP Boost 79 Diamond Intel Boost 84 Diamond Reputation Boost 82 Platinum Commander Insignia 83 Platinum Crew Insignia 101 Platinum Credit Insignia 84 Platinum Reputation Insignia 91 Platinum XP Insignia 97 Gold (13) 47 Gold (17) 36 Gold (19) 39 Gold (23) 40 Gold (29) 26 Gold (37) 18 Gold (53) 15 Gold (73) 5 Gold (113) 3 Premium Vehicle (assorted, 1 day rental) 27 Total possible item categories: 22 Total quantity of item drop events: 844 Figure 4.3.1: table of tallies of Platinum Supply Crate contents with an aggregated sample size of n=844. Figure 4.3.2: proportions of item drops with an aggregated sample size of n=844. Chi-squared tests are also performed on the variances of different Boosts and Insignias for the aggregated data. The variances in each of the two item categories are found to be not statistically significant. Figure 4.3.3: chi-squared tests for the aggregated dataset of n=844 on the variances of Boost and Insignia drop rates. 4.4 Observations on Quantities of Gold Throughout the tally, it is observed that Gold item drops from Platinum Supply Crates contain fixed quantities of Gold. The probabilities of receiving each discrete quantity of Gold appear to be inversely proportional to the quantities. The only observed quantities of Gold obtained throughout the study are as follows: 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 37, 53, 73, and 113. It is also observed that the available quantities of Gold are all prime numbers, although it is unknown if this has any practical significance. 5. Discussion To our knowledge, this study is the first of its type to examine the probability of item drops from one specific source based on the loot box mechanics in Armored Warfare. Given the abundance of loot boxes in the game it would be very beneficial to players to determine the number and probabilities of item drops from any loot boxes they may come across, particularly if such loot boxes are obtained through transactions involving real currency. Although this is not the focus of our study, value on loot boxes may be derived based on the possible item drops and their probabilities. Platinum Supply Crates in particular appear to most commonly reward Insignias, Boosts and various small quantities of Gold, therefore the value of Platinum Supply Crates may depend primarily on the value of items within these three categories. Some of these items may have fixed monetary values such as Gold which can be purchased with real currency, or Insignias which can be purchased in-game with Gold. The perceived value of the items however may vary from player to player, as it may sometimes be undesirable to further obtain items of which the player already possess in abundance. Given that the perceived values of the items are highly subjective, we have elected to not provide further comments or advice here regarding the worth of Platinum Supply Crates. The results and statistical analyses of this study is only directly applicable to Platinum Supply Crates until new information becomes available, any current extrapolation to other loot boxes may not be accurate. Nevertheless, we hope this study will encourage future similar studies to examine other loot boxes in Armored Warfare, as well as official disclosure on the item drops and probabilities of the loot boxes. Further discussions are encouraged and will be hosted on the ArmoredLabs forum and Discord servers. The forum and Discord server can be accessed with the following links: https://armoredlabs.net/ https://discord.gg/scTRpBb 6. Acknowledgements We would like to thank the ArmoredLabs community for their continuing support and contributions during this study. We express special gratitude to danlambo and Qbicle for their provided data, and dark_demigod for his data analysis. This is study is motivated purely out of casual interest and hobby. We apologize for any silliness and unprofessionalism that may have entailed, as well as any chaos that might ensue.
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    It is done. It took nearly 4 days of grinding it trying to find the optimum path, many many hours of AFK by players....and millions of credits. Each run was around -600k credits and I failed....A lot.... To put this in context, this was the last in 25 runs in 2 days! But it is here. I did it and I am very happy that I actually did it! Here is the video - It's not perfectly captured, but I had just spent the best part of 7 hours grinding at the point of recording. And here is the final results screen to show Demi did 0 damage and contributed nothing to the run, other than being there for hours at a time. I'd also like to reiterate my thanks to those that helped me run this with the multiple hours of AFK'ing!! I literally could not have done this without you're help. Also - World first :)
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    Here we go again... General Feedback The Rock VS Everthing In general, I believe this update messed up more the general Rock Paper Scissors meta despite the intention to restore it. MBTs = the Jack of All Trades, Master of Everything: Firepower: Have the best gun of their tier, with High Penetration, High Alpha and increased DPM (regardless of the nerf from PTS 1 - they are still increased compared to live server) Armor: Changes to Armor means their weakspot became much easier to hide - Most MBT’s weakness is usually their LFP, many more funky weakspot like turret rings are not longer penetrable even with the best APFSDS. Mobility: They don’t feel slow at all - in fact tanks like the ATDU of all things have top-notch 0-Max speed time at ~20 odd seconds which is absurd. View Range is right about the only weakness of this class yet they always fight in close range anyway in the first place, mitigating this weakness for the most part LTs / Wheeled vehicles = The “worse” MBT Firepower: They lost ~5% DPM for basically no compensation. Why? They guns are usually worse than that of the MBTs of the same tier, and their main selling point *is* that DPM. With the increase of MBT DPM, its compounding on the shrinking gap between MBT and LT DPM. Considering the lack of armor of these tanks, I don’t see the rationale behind this change, on top of the mobility nerf it received. Armor: They never had any armor to speak of for the most part. PL-01 also is much less resistant to HEAT now, for some peculiar reason. Mobility: This is the big one. In general, most wheeled TDs and LTs feel much slower than they are compared to live server. LTs seem to handle just as sluggish as the MBTs, while acceleration to max-speed felt inadequate considering how fast some of the MBTs can be now (looking at you, T-14). Turning radius also is not where I would expect agile wheeled vehicles or LTs to be. Wheeled vehicles have horrible acceleration to their max speed despite their theoretical top speed; They never even get close to that even on hard terrain. This isn’t a realistic game and I thought the nerf to their mobility (Vehicles like the SPHINX and the Korent-EM) feels superficial and unnecessary. They just feel extremely unnatural to control compared to live because it feels so much slower and clunky. Having (finally) the disparity in view range is very nice, but I don’t think its enough to justify playing this class over other tanks (especially MBTs). ATGM chip damage I am sure this has been stated many many times, but I genuinely think this is a toxic mechanic for PvE. T-15 and Bradleys dish out so many missiles in short succession that chipping damage alone can deal a lot of damage to you. despite using your armor correctly. Yes - I know that in PTS stage 2, ATGM are not supposed to do much chipping damage to heavily armored parts anymore, but this feels extremely inconsistent. I regularly still take 200-400 damage when T-15s/Bradleys shoot at my thickest frontal armor. You take cumulatively so much more unnecessary damage that you have to rebuild kit much more frequently in many games. ATGMs already have a global increase to their penetration for the most part. I don’t see why there is a need to give them even more power. It's not a fun mechanic and I strongly urge it to be scrapped. Removal of HEAT / ATGM’s Damage bonus I understand the intention here is to lessen the RNG of HEAT (and ATGMs) in general, but the consequence of that is the loss of that High-risk, High reward mechanic, and the differentiation of a good player firing at weakspot vs a less-skilled player auto-aiming their missiles. Now, firing at weak engine decks, or parts without ERA protections are meaningless as they won’t award you extra damage for the extra effort you put in to aim those missiles. Reworked Armor felt bland MBT’s armor in general now feels extremely bland and uninteresting. For the most part, just shoot APFSDS at the lower plate of any MBT and you’ll penetrate it. Previously, there are some fun little quirks to many tanks’ armor that you can fire a variety of rounds to your own risk. There are tiny weakspots on tanks that HEAT can penetrate and subsequently do more damage than APFSDS (e.g. Turing ring of XM1A3, Driver’s hatch on the T-14) - but the tradeoff is that you do no damage at all. That is now completely gone. It discourages ammo diversity and in general makes each engagement uninspiring, as the best tactic for the most part now is to face hug each other so that the enemy cannot shoot at your lower plate. It makes tanks like the XM1A3 incredibly strong because of the removal of most of its weakspot. Tank-Specific Feedback SPHINX Its missile is way too weak compare to the CRAB (which is a Tier 9), which now has better per-missile reload AND 2 more missile to play with 14 second Missile reload and increased intra-missile reload, and very low Alpha damage for ATGM at 750 makes is way too weak for Tier 10 standards Camo-rating falls to near-Zero when firing a missile, pushing it towards a pure scout. Autocannon upgrade is inadequate to make up the difference between the missiles It feels like a downgrade compare to the CRAB Suggestion: Swap its positioning with the Shadow, which makes more sense to be positioned as a pure scout, and instead make the SPHINX the AFV/TD hybrid (according to the graph in the portal article) Give (partially) some of its ATGM power back by either decreasing the reload time on the missiles or increasing the damage of the missiles. Challenger 2 ATDU As of right now, it is a kind of MBT Wilk kind of PISH spamming TD rather than the heavily armored MBT that they should be as outlined. The frontal LFP weakspot remain enlarged compare to live for no apparent reason - It was always supposed to be hard to deal with at the front - its now much less consistent in doing the tanking (and possibly affecting how it reacts to ATGM chipping damage too). Its side Dorchester blocks are completely destroyed, becoming basic spaced armor. I cannot agree with this change on top of the LFP nerf. Its effectiveness against HEAT are a little bit worse than it is on live (~1000mm effective - a lot of Tier 10 ATG can, and will chew through that), while completely useless against any kind of kinetic rounds (~350mm effective when you don't angle it, and ~600mm with a heavy angle, WTF is this "Dorchester block"?). Don’t understand why the insistence of making the ATDU less armored considering it is contradictory to what its positioning in the rebalance. I strongly urge the developers to either give it back the composite armor blocks, or at the very least make it some kind of NERA blocks. It’s absurdly fast and agile for a supposedly heavily armored tank. Suggestion: Option 1 - The Solo Warrior: Retain the current frontal armor profile, but give it back the Dorchester armor blocks on the side. This would make over-angling the tank possible again to compensate for the LFP nerf. Keep the mobility as is in order to allow it to adjust its angling quickly in accordance to the engagement, making it a very tough lone warrior that can hold the line for extended periods of time while being not completely unkillable from the front. Option 2 - The Doom Turtle: Give its Live server frontal armor profile back, but keep the side armor as of PTS Stage 2 to allow for easy flanking. Adjust its mobility downwards in order to make this a frontline doom turtle that would tank extremely well, but prone to flanking and thus require ally support. Abrams Family Contrary to the complete disaster that it is in PTS stage 1, in PTS stage 2 the entire Abrams family has now become the “new” doom turtle with only a small weakspot while the entire front is basically impenetrable. Take the XM1A3 as an example: As of PTS stage 2, there is only a tiny strip of “Lower” LFP that is penetrable by even the DM23 (900mm APFSDS penetration). This is way too overboard now even compared to even the Obj 490 and ATDU. Considering its extremely powerful ERA on the sides that protect against both APFSDS and HEAT ammo, on top of the removal of turret ring weakspot, it is extremely tough to kill one in any angle bar its back. Suggestion: Give the Abrams its turret ring weakness back in a similar fashion to the Lepoard 2AX - instead of the entire turret ring, the section under the cannon would become the weakspot. This makes sure that it is not completely invulnerable when face-hugging, while not being as obnoxious to hide (point your cannon downwards to cover it up) as it is on live server. T-72. T-80, T-90, Object 640 and other T-series derivatives (Excluding T-14 family) As of right now, many T-series tank already have a relatively small LFP portion compared to Western tanks (like the Abrams or the Lelclerc); With the new changes It has the Abrams armor problem but even more pronounced across the whole line. Right now on PTS, that tiny strip of LFP is further divided into a upper portion that is almost as strong as the UFP and a very very tiny strip that serves as a weakspot in the “lower” LFP. This makes them extremely powerful against even higher tier vehicles because its very difficult to hit it even at sub-100m range. Those “Lower” LFP weakspot are still extremely strong, and especially to HEAT rounds. The T90MS as of right now is resistant up to ~1200mm penetration ATGMs, which is absolutely ridiculous and is superior to the T-14 in terms of armor, which is absurd. Suggestion: Weaken the LFP to make it at least penetrable to top ATGMs of its tier, and APFSDS should have no issues going through it. T-series LFP (except the T-14 family) are already very small to begin with. K2 and Type 10 K2 Is effectively the new Type 10 Insane burst damage (2K-3K damage within 4 seconds) potential while retaining above average DPM Resistant to APFSDS from the front (abeit not as good against HEAT) Type 10 Seems a little over-nerfed with both DPM and DPS nerf Its armor was never that great to begin with, and it was the gun and the mobility that kept it afloat. Suggestion: K2: Keep its burst potential as is, but nerf its overall DPM to differentiate it from the Type 10. Adjust its armor profile to make it less resistant to kinetic rounds. Type 10: Increase its DPM by a bit (not to Live server level but partially), but keep the DPS value as is (as in, keep the intra-shot reload nerf as of PTS stage 2) to differentiate it from the K2. As a result, while the Type 10 does not have the DPS potential like it is right now in Live server, it retains its excellent DPM and will be great for extended engagements (and in PvE); K2 will now do more burst damage than the Type 10, but does not compete with it in consistent damage, resembling a hit-and-run play style that suits more to PvP but still viable in PvE.
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    Once again it's time for a new guide. This time it's all about the ammunition in Armored Warfare. Keep in mind that english is not my native language, I try my best to write correct sentences. Aswell I use google translate on my original text to keep the effort a bit lower. So there might be some errors I'm missing. In this case feel free to correct me. This guide is WIP, therefore it does not feature all ammunition types. Additionally especially regarding HE mechanics there are lots of uncertainities. If you happen to know more than me or if I got something wrong, please share your knowledge. Content: Abbreviations How a cannon works Basic ammunition traits in Armored Warfare Kinetic Projectiles (AP) Shaped-Charge Projectiles (HEAT) High-Explosive Projectiles (HE) Special Ammunition: HESH/HEP/PISH ... This guide is still incomplete. It is constantly being expanded with new ammunition types. 1. Abbreviations Since there are many abbreviations regarding ammunition, I made a short list. Please note that there are usually several abbreviations and names for the same type of ammunition, but ultimately they mean the same thing. Only the most important and common abbreviations related to the game Armored Warfare are listed here. AP (Armor Piercing) APFSDS (Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot) HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) HEAT-MP (High Explosive Anti Tank Multi-Purpose) HE (High Explosive) HE-I (High Explosive Incendiary) HEP (High Explosive Plastic) (HEP is the American name, HESH is the British) HESH (High Explosive Squash Head) (British abbreviation) ATGM (Anti Tank Guided Missile) ATGM-TB (Anti Tank Guided Missile Thermobaric) PELE (Penetrator Enhanced Lateral Effect) 2. How a cannon works Before we get to the ammunition, there are some important aspects in real tank technology that you should know beforehand. Each ammunition is fireed by a cannon or a launcher. Let's take a closer look at the cannons: 3. Basic ammunition traits in Armored Warfare All traits of the ammunition description as listed in Armored Warfare are described here. The ammunition description card is displayed in the garage when you move your cursor over the particular ammunition icon. 4. Kinetic Projectiles (AP) Color: blue Typical muzzle velocity: 1000-1800m / s Maximum impact angle: 67-70 ° Strong against: All types of armor (universally applicable) Weak against: high impact angles The kinetic projectiles (AP armor piercing) are a standard ammunition type for almost all vehicles because this type of ammunition can be used effectively against practically all types of armor. The penetration power is achieved purely through kinetic energy, which is why these projectiles are also referred to as KE projectiles (kinetic energy). 5. Shaped Charge Projectiles (HEAT) Color: red Typical muzzle velocity: 700-1400m / s Maximum angle of impact: 65-80 ° Strong against: All types of armor without protection against HEAT, particularly weak armor Weak against: high angle of impact, cage armor, composite armor, ERA, NERA, spaced armor The shaped charge shells, hereinafter referred to as HEAT (HEAT for “High Explosive Anti Tank”), are standard ammunition for almost all vehicles because this type of ammunition, like AP, can be used effectively against many types of armor. The armor piercing effect is achieved by the shaped charge (hollow charge) and therefore does not work with kinetic energy. 6. High Explosive Shells (HE) Color: orange Typical muzzle velocity: 300-1200m / s Maximum angle of impact: none Strong against: very weak armor, high angle of impact, homogenous armor Weak against: strong armor, cage armor, spaced armor, composite armor The high-explosive shells are a standard ammunition type in many vehicles. The penetration is not achieved by kinetic energy, but by the explosion of the explosive that resides in the warhead. That's all for today, I'll try to add more ammo as well as translated pictures ASAP Changes:
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    As I whaled this BP and got my hands on this beast some days ago I'll share my opinion about it in the text below. Of course I haven't played it for ages but I got a pretty good first impression on it in the gamemodes GLOPS and Specops/Heroics. It's truly a piece of art So what are we going to discuss here: How to get it (currently at least) My current stats on it Comparison to some other MBTs Armor My setup Pros & Cons Should I get it? Well let's start then: How to get it (currently at least): In case you lived below a rock for some time regarding AW you might not know what this is about. Basically the STRV 2000 is the ultimate "Northern Wind" Battlepath reward for reaching level 50 in said Battlepath. The battlepath just recently started so if you like the other vehicles you can get there you might consider participating. My current stats on it: So for the people who think stats are a good way to tell if vehicle/player performs well (like me) here the games I currently played in it: GLOPS: The GLOPS Stats As for GLOPS the usual stats you'd want to have a look at are Damage dealt as well as defense efficiency. As for average damage 12776dmg is currently below my average for MBTs. So is the tank trash? No. The reason for this is that most battles I played were 10v10 and 8v8 on the smaller glops maps. In that regard the average damage is about to be as expected. Nothing too fancy like Type 10 damage output for example. Secondly the defense efficiency is a whopping 1.83 (This is better than my Obj. 490 at 1.73) given all those battles were played before the ufp thickness buff this could even get better. Though it's a pretty new tank right now and people usually need some time to learn the weak parts of a vehicle so it might very well dip over the course of time. Personally I didn't feel that it's protection even performed better than my Obj. 490. But it's certainly a well protected vehicle. Game mode specific is bugged unfortunately, but obviously cap all the caps when you're in an MBT in GLOPS. Specops/Heroics: The PVE stats (Mostly Heroics and some solo Specops missions) Well I always have a hard time comparing PVE stats as they are one big mess due to the mixed game modes and difficulties. Anyways this is mostly Heroics and solo Specops. As you can see the average damage of over 40k is pretty high and about 10k higher than my usual T10 MBTs. Let me tell you it's pretty broken wit the 40mm triple shot AC. Given bots are still excelling at being dumb you should not have much trouble putting the 40mm to good use during your reload on the 140mm. Again the Defense efficiency is pretty good, only being surpassed by my XM1A3 and Obj 490. PVP (Random Battles): Unfortunately haven't played PVP yet. But I'll certainly do that in the next weeks. Comparison to some other MBTs: Comparison to single shot MBTs with big calibre guns (all retrofitted) I'm usually not very keen on such comparisons based on the hard facts as it often turns out the vehicles feel differently in battle anyways. And yes I know Obj 195 is not included, as I don't have it and it would not be fair to include it stock. There's hardly much notable differences to see when it comes to armor. Mobility wise the STRV seems to be pretty good. Though I equipped it for good acceleration. Also the Hull traverse is the best among all those tanks which once again seems to be pretty interesting, as to me the STRV felt extremely sluggish in turns compared to the rest of the tanks in here (except for Obj. 490 of course). Viewrange seems to be good as well, mainly because I put augmented optics on it. Aimtime is also worse than it looks like here, as I put a lot effort into reducing it with retros & co (more on that down below). Though the accuracy seems to be not too good which also backs my subjective views on it. It's definitely not accurate at all (Neither with HEAT nor AP). So except for the 40mm AC (which isn't existing in this comparison) there's hardly anything special about it. Armor: Now let the fun begin. There have already been some special people complaining about the armor of STRV 2k so is it really that bad? Let's find out. Given the stats suggest it's pretty good I'll have a look at it with Leo 2AX shells (all distances to target 100m): Vs Leopard 2AX: Front vs APFSDS with 900mm Penetration at 150m distance Side vs APFSDS with 900mm penetration at 150m distance Front vs HEAT with 1100mm Penetration Side vs HEAT with 1100mm Penetration So basically there's the pretty small lfp which can be penned by most stuff which isn't an autocannon. With HEAT we also observe a quite big weakspot in the frontal turret ring (which indeed can be hit during combat (not just by bots but also human players). A hit there results in quite some module damage. Usually it kills your turret drive straight away. On the sides the NERA blocks offer quite some protection, which can allow you to bait your enemy into shooting those parts of armor when trying to get around a corner. Vs AFT 10: As we could see quite some weakspot in the turret ring I was curious about the AFT 10 Missiles: Front vs HEAT ATGM with 1450mm penetration Side vs HEAT ATGM with 1450mm penetration As we can see the turret ring weakspot even grows bigger. I'm near 100% sure a skilled player with such ATGM mobiles could cause devastating damage to a stationary STRV 2k using this weakspot. The sides now turned completely green so basically all you can rely on in such situation is your Hard-Kill APS. Vs Sphinx AC: Now how does it perform against one of the best penetration AC in the game? Front vs APFSDS with 260mm penetration at 150m distance Side vs APFSDS with 260mm penetration at 150m distance About to be expected it's basically impenetrable by the standard ACs in the game from the front. On the sides it kinda looks like the T14, where the back part without NERA blocks is not protected against AC fire. NERA Degradation: Now some people might wonder how it fares when the NERA degraded during battle. Now first of all my subjective view on it based on experience: I hardly noticed any degradation effects on this tank during my battles. No matter if I played PVE or GLOPS. If you know me, you know I usually prefer a W+M1 playstyle in PVE just rushing stuff and getting all the hits possible. So there's certainly no possibility that I just didn't get enough hits during my games with it. In GLOPS I hardly noticed it as well which is probably also because the survival time during PVP games is a lot lower and usually not sufficient to get as many hits required to fully degrade the NERA blocks. Additionally, no sane person spams Ammo into NERA but tries to shoot the unprotected weakspots, which further reduces the risk of NERA degrading during battle. For further information about this topic visit this post (I assume they haven't changed much around NERA so far): I won't post any more armor viewer screens without NERA, but as you'd expect with degraded NERA the lfp weakspot grows a lot bigger and is hard to miss. Same goes for the sides where basically the whole side of the tank gets vulnerable to AC fire. My Setup: Of course a setup is a pretty personal thing usually, I'd still like to show you my current one just to give you some insights and ideas. I went a bit meme at times and there's quite some chance people will disagree with me but it works well enough: Retrofits: Improved gun breech Obvious choice for near any tank I'd say Improved filter systems Mainly due to the fact that I like good mobility. Additionally the engine of this vehicle is in the front which means it will get damaged a lot. With this retro I try to avoid that as much as possible. Augmented optics I use those a lot on my MBTs. It's pretty useless for PVE, but in PVP modes can help quite a bit spotting annoying enemies with better vr/camo values. Air induction precleaner This one I chose because the turning rate of the STRV feels extremely sluggish and slow. As you could see in the vehicle stats comparison it was among the better ones but still felt worse than most. Not sure what causes it but the retro certainly helps. Crew: Commander: Freja Højbjerg Skills: This might be quite a unique choice but as Freja is from Denmark I thought it fits. Obviously there's other factors which lead to that choice so let me explain: Basically with this setup Freja substantially lowers the aimtime. I felt it gave me a better gun handling on the 140mm and also the AC. You could also go with any other standard MBT commander for the STRV but so far I'm happy with Freja's aimtime skills. Driver: Acceleration in offroad and Improved hull traverse speed (Nothing special here, mainly focusing on further expanding the mobility) Gunner: Improved aimspeed and Improved gun hitpoints (Again focusing on aimtime and secondly increasing gun hitpoints. To me it felt like the gun was hit and damaged/destroyed quite a lot times, especially in PVE, maybe due to the giant muzzle brake. It certainly felt a lot more annoying than on other MBTs so I went with a bot more gun hp.) Consumables: Synthetic oil Again to increase mobility, basically replacing medkit. There were some crew deaths during my games (mainly driver) but too little to ditch synthetic oil for it. Surplus spare parts Surplus mainly because of GLOPS Improved fire extinguisher It does burn quite some time when the engine is hit (It's not extreme but I hate burning) Triple PVE Jesus kit For all the PVE tryhards and W+M1 enjoyers like me Special Ability: Override It's currently the only one available but it does its job quite well Pros & Cons: Listed from most important to least important. Pros: 40mm Bofors AC Imagine pairing a Griffin 50mm with an MBT so you can get this. This AC is extremely strong and offers superb penetration due to triple shot mechanics. You can pen most MBT sides, as well as even lfp of certain MBTs (total balans). So obviously anything below MBT levels of protection will get shreddered by it. Armor Now I might get killed by some people but the armor is really good, as long as you don't go full retard and think it will deflect damage no matter how you position. If you know about your lfp and turret weakspot you can do quite some stuff to avoid getting hit there resulting in superb protection against enemies. NERA degradation hardly seemed to be a problem so far. Negative gun elevation With -9° it feels pretty good and allows for quite some hill shenanigans HP pool With 3900 HP it's quite decent and usually sufficient to survive quite some stuff. Cons: Engine in front of tank I just hate it. Every hit potentially killing your engine or setting you on fire. It's not an extreme problem as the STRV does not feel like a torch but it certainly causes a fire at times. Gun handling on 140mm Despite my efforts to keep aimtime as low as possible, it still feels pretty inaccurate and sluggish at times, especially on switching weapon systems. The accuracy of the gun is not good and it will not allow you to effectively hit weakspots at high ranges. Turning rate Contrary to the actually good stats it feels slow and sluggish while turning, especially when turning during slow speeds. Turret position/Vehicle shape I don't regard it as a con but some people might have trouble adapting the unusual shape of the tank. It certainly feels different to play Should I get it?: I personally recommend this tank. If you like its looks you won't be disappointed by its performance once you get the hang of switching between two weapon systems for maximum damage. Generally it feels like a very strong but not blatantly OP vehicle. I still feel like it's too strong but as we are now having a habit of simply powercreeping all the stuff on release of a new tank it's fine It's a great carry tank for solo Specops where you can rely on your AC to finish off secondaries like inf positions fast without the need to take T15. It's quite fun in GLOPS as well due to the ok mobility combined with the AC which for example allows you to perma track enemies as well as flanking them and deal a lot of damage.
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    A very long, but very detailed article from PanzerSofa. Quite a good read if anyone wishes to gain some insight into one part of the dev process. The quote here is auto-translated, so there may be some bits that got lost in translation. If there are any concerns, please consult the source material at PanzerSofa's VK page. https://vk.com/@panzer_sofa-tank-creation-1
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    Hey guys. Yesterday, we had a bit of a discussion about PvE, even internally. And I was thinking, like, what do you guys make of things? The new map and all. So I made a survey for myself (as in, the output will not be binding for the devs, but would help me confirm some stuff). So, those of you who play PvE, could you fill this please (if you don't that's fine, but I would like input from players who do)? https://forms.gle/KJrT5R4ySGcdyzuc7 If you'd share it in the AW communities you're a part of, that would be appreciated. I am looking for as much input as possible. Thanks, guys!
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    This mini project started as an attempt to create a Perihelion-themed camo for the Storyline Campaign. After being advised to "wait a bit" (hint hint) I decided to instead create an alternate variant of the Hades camo, along with a lighter-themed variant based on the Mount Elbrus camo as a companion piece. Elysium (replaces Hades): Tatra (replaces Mount Elbrus): Mod download: https://mega.nz/file/wQonyQJZ#6pScgL6mTx4xBF3gx9DEzFZDV6QGJY5IuVKcCfseCVo Installation instructions: this mod will persist across any future game updates and patches, there is no need to modify any other files. To uninstall, simply delete the files. To use the modded camos, you MUST already own the preexisting camos the mod is based on. Hades camo can be obtained rarely from battalion PvP missions (can be traded within battalions); Mount Elbrus is unlocked when you obtain the Black Sea Hero achievement for completing heroics. For best results, please reduce your dirt levels to minimum in your settings. You can also use the dirt removal mod to remove all dirt completely, bypassing the in-game settings. https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/8298-aw-dirt-remove/ Legalese and stuff: You may freely use and redistribute this mod and perform any additional modifications as you see fit. Please attribute the author (me) when redistributing the mod, and provide the address of this thread as the source of the mod. You may NOT monetize this mod or any part thereof.
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    I will post here some tanks renderings from AW. Some models suck quality (thanks to obsidian) but i tried to get the most out of them. But as I look, images with tanks from AW in the net are almost impossible to find, only old
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    The Global Operations (GLOPS) mode can be overwhelming at the beginning, especially for beginners. A lot happens at the same time and at a fast pace. This guide is intended to help those new to GLOPS to find their way around this very fun and action-packed mode. This is a guide I originally did for AWtactics. I decided to translate it for the forum because I think it is a solid guide to get people started in GLOPS. Also, as this mode is not going to get significant overhauls it should stay relevant. In case you find any errors (of whatever kind) please let me know. Content: Introduction The ticket system and how to win the game The respawn mechanics The secondary objectives (Wildcards) How the cap points work The GLOPS phases The bots List and function of Wildcards The repair points Weather events The spawn 1. Introduction: The game mode GLOPS is a PVP mode (up to 15v15 players) in Armored Warfare. You can only play this game mode starting from Tier 5. All lower tier vehicles are not allowed to enter the GLOPS Matchmaker. Both teams start on a mostly medium to large map with a full ticket account. The team's goal is to bring the opposing team's ticket balance down to 0 (the game is won in this case) before their own account balance does so. The goal of removing tickets from the opponents account can be achieved through various actions in the game. If a player's vehicle has been destroyed, it reappears refilled with ammunition and completely repaired at the spawn point of the respective team after a cooldown and can be used again by the respective player. 2. The ticket system and how to win the game: The core of the GLOPS mode is the ticket system, which ultimately decides which team wins or loses. The ticket system is relatively simple and may be already known from some other games. Both teams start with a certain number of tickets on their ticket account. The starting number of tickets varies depending on the map between 2000 and 3000 tickets. The balance of both teams is recorded in the upper center of the screen and is displayed at all times. This is the ticket display. Your team's account balance is blue and the opponent's account balance is red. The game ends as soon as the balance of one of both teams has dropped to 0 tickets or the time has expired (which happens very rarely). In case the game ends due to time expiration the team with the higher remaining balance wins the game. So it is important to lose as few tickets as possible during the game. How can you remove tickets from the enemy team's account? In order to win the game, it is essential that you remove tickets from your opponent through your actions during the game. The following actions cost the opponent tickets: Kill an enemy player: -25 tickets on the enemy's account Kill a bot vehicle (these are marked in yellow): -10 tickets on the enemy's account There is also the most important element to withdraw tickets from the opponent: the main objectives. The main objectives are cap points , which are scattered around the map. There are 2-4 of those, depending on the map and phase of the game. As soon as one of those points has been completely capped, tickets are continuously removed from the opponent's ticket account until the point is neutral again, has been captured by the opponent or disappears (phase change). That means: Whoever controls most of the main objective caps gains a significant ticket advantage. You should always try to control at least 1 more main objective than the enemy. Of course, the enemy will try to do the opposite. 3. The respawn mechanics: If you are destroyed in GLOPS, the game is far from over as you will be revived after a 30s cooldown. It is important that your team loses 25 tickets each time you die (as described above). While you are dead, you can use the LCtrl key (standard controls) to display an enlarged minimap window and click on one of the available spawn points on which you want to be revived. There are two to three possible spawn points per map, which are located in different places on the map. It is therefore wise to choose a spawn point that is as close as possible to your desired position, which you want to take after your respawn. Important to know for PVE players: In contrast to PVE, respawn in GLOPS is free. The respawn window, which can be displayed/closed with LCtrl. The blue crosses mark the possible spawn points that you can select. Currently the topmost spawn point is selected as the respawn location. You can change your spawn point selection any time again while you are still dead, in the respawn window. Simply display it with LCtrl and click on the desired point. While you are dead, you can switch between your intact allies with the left and right mouse button and see what they are doing (This can be important as you might gain valuable information by doing so). You can also continue to use the chat and ping the minimap. When you respawn you will receive a completely ammunitioned and repaired vehicle (this also includes APS and smoke charges), but you will not receive any new consumables (Cooldowns on multi-use consumables are reset though). As soon as you have spawned again, you are invulnerable for 15 seconds to prevent you from being killed immediately after respawning. 4. The main objectives: The main objectives are your primary goals during the GLOPS game. The main objectives are cap points, which your team must capture and hold. For each main objective cap held, tickets are continuously removed from the enemy's ticket account at a fixed rate. So if you consistently hold more main caps than the opposing team, you will deduct significantly more tickets from their account. In the vast majority of cases, victory in GLOPS only depends on whoever has more of the main objective caps under their control. So there is usually a lot going on in the area of these caps, as they are constantly hard-fought. The main caps are numbered consecutively and shown on the minimap. The status of the main caps can also be seen in the upper center of the screen. Picture above: The status display of the main caps. In this case, cappoint 2 is controlled by our team and cappoint 3 is under the control of the enemy. Cap point 1 is currently still a neutral cap point. Picture below: The main objectives are also shown on the minimap. In this case, all 3 main cap points are neutral. The time it takes to capture a main cap is 35 seconds for a single player (excluding bonuses on the cap time). 5. The secondary objectives (Wildcards): The secondary objectives are caps which, in contrast to the main objectives, have no influence on the ticket balance of your team or the enemy, but instead give you a so-called “ wildcard ” if they are successfully captured. There are many different wildcards in GLOPS, which also have different functions. These are listed and explained further below. These wildcards give you the opportunity to place infantry in bunkers on the minimap (for example), which then fight your enemy. They are therefore generally a useful aid for your team to fight the enemy effectively and to help your team gaining the upper hand in the battle. The secondary objectives, like the main objectives, are cap points, which are marked with the respective wildcard you receive when you successfully capture the point. So you already know in advance which wildcard you will get by capturing the cap point. It is therefore normal that some secondary caps are very crowded and hard-fought, as these contain very strong wildcards such as an airstrike or the AC-130 “Gunship”. Picture above: The status of the secondary caps containing the icon of the respective wildcards in the upper center of the screen. Picture below: The display of the secondary caps on the minimap, which are all located in the southern half of the map. Here an ally is just capturing the air strike wildcard. As soon as a secondary cap has been successfully captured, which takes 20 seconds for a single player (without bonuses on the cap time), the secondary cap disappears and the player receives the respective wildcard. In the event that several allied players cap the same secondary goal at the same time, the player who received the most cap points while capping the secondary goal receives the wildcard (see more on that in the Cappoint chapter). If you have received a wildcard, it will be displayed in your user interface at the bottom left: My air strike wildcard, which I captured before, is marked in red here. To the right of it you can see the expiry time of the wildcard and which key you have to press to activate it. As soon as you have received the wildcard, you have to activate it in most cases (exceptions are explained in the section “Wildcards”). You can do this with the Q key (standard controls). After that an enlarged mini map appears and you can decide with a click of the mouse where the wildcard should be used. If you want to leave this window without using the wildcard, you can do so by pressing the right mouse button (standard controls) (don't worry, the wildcard does not disappear, it can be reactivated afterwards with Q). Attention: As long as you have a non-activated wildcard on your tank, you can lose it in the following 2 cases: Your vehicle will be destroyed before you have activated the wildcard: The wildcard disappears and can no longer be used. The expiry time of your wildcard reaches 0 seconds: Wildcards have an expiry time of 1 minute. As soon as you have captured a wildcard, a timer starts counting down one minute. You can see the timer status at any time on the right side of the wildcard icon (see picture above). Once this minute has passed, the wildcard disappears and can no longer be used. 6. How the cap points work: In order to successfully play GLOPS, it is necessary to understand how the cap mechanics work in Armored Warfare: In order to capture a cap, at least one allied vehicle must be inside the cap point. No enemy vehicles may be in the cap point at the same time. This vehicle now starts to collect points for the respective cap. These points also form the core mechanics of the caps. As soon as the player has collected 100% of the points for the respective cap, the cap point is captured. It is now under the control of your team. You can also lose points you have collected while capping. This is the case if your vehicle is damaged during capping. Module damage is sufficient here. As soon as this is the case, the points you have collected will be reset to 0. You will also lose all of your points if you leave the cap point while capping. Some vehicles that can transport infantry have a module called “Troop Compartment” which increases the collection rate of points for the cap by 25%. There are also some commander skills that can do this. Distribution of points in the cap. In the picture above you can see how the point distribution affects several players in the cap: There are 3 players in the cap. Based on the points collected in %, it can be seen that not all of them entered the cap at the same time. Attention: This distribution is not visible in the game, in the game you only see the total status of the cap, which you can see on the right in the picture. Now an enemy hits the tank with 35% of the cap points and does (at least) module damage: The points collected by this hit vehicle are reset to 0%. This results in a new total of 40%. In order to capture a cap point as quickly as possible, several allied players must be in the cap point at the same time. Since all players collect points separately for the cap, the point collection rate is much higher and the sum of all points that the players have collected in the cap reaches 100% faster. Attention, the collection rate cannot be increased by any number of players in the cap, but reaches its maximum with 3 players in the cap. Each additional player in the cap also collects points, but the collection rate of all players in the cap is then adjusted so that the total collection rate corresponds to the collection rate of 3 players in one cap. So if more than three players collect points in a cap, there is only a more even distribution of points over all players, which can be an advantage if the enemies try to reset the cap by damaging the capping allies vehicles. Cap points can enter the following states in the game: Neutral cap points: Neutral cap points are marked in white. These can be captured by you or your enemies. Caution: Once a neutral cap has been captured, it can never become neutral again! If you capture an opponent's cap, the cap does not become neutral first, but instead becomes an allied cap point when it is successfully captured. Enemy cap points: Enemy cap points are marked in red and have been successfully captured by the opponent. Your team can recapture this cap point. This takes as long as it takes to capture a neutral cap. Allied cap points: The allied cap points were successfully captured by your team. However, these can be recaptured at any time by the enemy. Contested cap points: A cap point is considered contested as soon as at least one enemy vehicle and at least one allied vehicle are in the same cap point. It doesn't matter which side has more vehicles in the cap point. In a contested cap, the collection of points is interrupted for all vehicles in it, but each vehicle retains its previously collected points. However, as in normal situations, those points can still be lost through module damage / destruction or by leaving the cap. Competitive caps pulsate in white and still show the current point score of the cap. Status display of the cap points in GLOPS: Since the cap points represent the most important element in GLOPS, their status is displayed in the upper center of the screen: Status indication of the various caps In the picture above you can see the status of the caps that are currently active. At the moment there are only the three main objective caps 1, 2 and 3 active. Secondary objective caps and the respective status are also displayed here. In the picture above we can see that all 3 cap points are currently still neutral (white). If they are successfully captured, these take on the color of the holding team. Cap point 1 is currently a contested cap point, you can see that the opponent has already collected over 90% of the points for this cap. The two numbers under the cap icon show you how many opponents (red) and allies (blue) are currently inside this cap point. Since cappoint 1 is contested, it has no time indication. This is different with Cappoint 2, where it will probably take another 31 seconds for a successful capture. The status display of the caps is very important for you to see what is going on with the caps, or whether an enemy is trying to capture your cap point. 7. The GLOPS phases: Every GLOPS game is divided into several phases. As soon as a new phase becomes active, the main objectives of the old phase disappear and the main objectives of the new phase become active and can be captured. The secondary goals are also linked to the phases, so special wildcards usually only appear in a specific GLOPS phase, but some do not always have to appear exactly at the time of the phase change and are even randomized to a certain extent. There are usually 3 phases per game and map. The phases are always the same in regard to the position of the main objective caps and are not generated at random. However, it is possible that the phases can occur in a different order on a map depending on the game. This varies per map. The phases are tied to the ticket account balance of the two teams and are displayed on the account balances of the two teams: The display of the ticket balance. If you take a closer look at the account balance bar, you can see 2 black bars that divide the bar into 3 parts. These black bars mark a phase change. As soon as one of the two teams drops below the black bar with their account balance, there is a phase change. Based on the proportions of the bar you can also see that in the example above, the 3rd phase will take the longest in terms of tickets and the 2nd phase is the shortest. The account balance bars start pulsating shortly before a phase change to warn you of the impending change. Phases on the “Panama Canal” map. On the left the main goals of the 1st phase, on the right the main goals of the 2nd phase. Both phases can also occur in reverse order on this map. It is essential for you as a player to be prepared for the phase changes, because the team with a faster reaction usually wins the game or at least gains a significant advantage. With enough experience in the game, you will quickly notice where the new main objectives will appear on the map and you can prepare for them before each phase change. 7. The bots: In addition to your team and the enemy team, there is a third party on some (not all!) GLOPS maps: the bot opponents. The bot opponents are a team that is controlled by the AI. They are marked with the yellow color. The bots attack all players, regardless of which team they belong to. Bot opponents can appear either as vehicles or as solid objects: Bot vehicles: The bot vehicles generally behave like the enemies in PVE modes. In GLOPS, they usually consist of vehicles of the same tier or lower tier of the two player teams. In addition, they usually have a reduced number of hit points. The bot vehicles usually spawn near main objectives or near some secondary objectives. In general, they don't move far from their spawn point. The vehicles attack everything that is within their range and choose their opponents, as in PVE, according to the “aggro level” (whoever caused a lot of damage to a bot vehicle has a high “aggro level” and is accordingly prioritized by this bot as a target). Some bot vehicles at the beginning of the battle. Bot vehicles cannot cap or interrupt the cap process if they are in a cap point. However, they can reset the accumulated points of the cap by damaging the capping player. If you kill a bot vehicle, 10 tickets will be deducted from the enemy's ticket account. The bots spawn in different locations depending on the GLOPS phase. Bot objects: So far there are only bot objects on the “Waterway” (Panama Canal) map. These are pillboxes that are set up at fixed locations on the map and attack all player vehicles with unguided rockets. They work exactly the same as the wildcard pillboxes . Each have 1500 HP and no armor in the practical sense and can therefore be damaged by practically all types of ammunition available. Destroying a bot pillbox will not affect the ticket balances of either team. On the left a fully functional pillbox, on the right a destroyed pillbox with a visual timer. As soon as a bot pillbox is destroyed, a timer starts to count down from 4:20 minutes. As soon as this time has passed, a fully functional bot pillbox will appear again. 8. List and function of Wildcards: This section lists all available wildcards in GLOPS and explains their functions and special features. In general, not all wildcards have to appear within a game or on a specific map. Some are fixed though and bound to phases. Pillboxes Drones Combat helicopter Artillery Airstrike AC-130 "Gunship" 9. The repair points: There is at least one repair point on every GLOPS map. This is a fixed point on the map near your spawn, which repairs you and your allies and resupplies your ammo. These belong to your team which means that no enemy can be repaired at your repair point (and vice versa). An allied repair point. They are also marked on the minimap. As soon as you are within the repair point, you have to cap it, which takes 10 seconds. As in normal caps, the points you have collected can be reset by module damage / damage to the vehicle. As soon as you have “captured” the repair point, you will be fully ammunitioned and repaired (a maximum of 70% of your total HP will be repaired), but your APS and smoke charges will not be replenished. In addition, consumables are not replenished and cooldowns not reset. As soon as this happens, all allied repair points have a one-minute cooldown for you. During this time you cannot have yourself repaired again. 10. Weather events: There are weather events on some GLOPS maps. These have an impact on the general view range in the game. The weather events include snow and sandstorms, as well as fog. Some maps have these weather events enabled by default at the beginning of the battle. For others, chance can decide whether such an event occurs. In this case you will be informed by a popup text in the UI. In general, the viewrange of everything is reduced by 50% in such an event. The weather events are mostly dependent on the GLOPS phases and can also dissolve again (in this case the visibility is 100% again). A sandstorm on the “Desert Crossing” map. On the left the warning of the storm, on the right the actual sandstorm. 11. The spawn: Your spawns (where your team starts / is revived) as well as the opponent's spawn are protected by many pillboxes with 2000HP. An opponent who drives close to your spawn is being attacked by these pill boxes.
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    I made a web version of the rotation tracker: https://aw.nikr.net If anyone have any feedback I would love to hear it.
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    This "Lizzie" skin for 5 lvl MBT Chieftain Mk11 based on a real prototype. I found this camouflage on youtube and decide to create and integrate in AW. Unfortunately, due to UV-unwrap of the model, it was not possible to achieve 100% identity with the original tank. Although I tried )) This skin works only for premium Chief Mk11 and not suitable for another tank. If you want files and materials i can share it, just let me know.
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    Well, since there is no place where all commander builds are compiled together, I decided to make a thread for this... Do note you might be using a different build, which you prefer and feel free to add your own build! Ophelia "shield bitch" kitescu Well let's start with the most hated commander in the game, shield bitch. First a regular build: (Yes, you have one skill point to do whatever the fuck you want) Then the meme retarded build with less hitpoints: Erin "miss ireland" O'connel: The good build: (Thanks hassie) The I am stupid, I should use taco instead build: Alisa: ammo build: Ramming build: Juan Carlos "taco" Miramon: To get quicker to the useful skills: The other build: Some stupid build cursed guy gave me: Douglas O'Reilly Dpm build: View range build: Slightly different: Some combined build: (Thanks seb mon Amour) Sabrina Washington: (got these two from Stratzi, thx) (thx Charlie) Viktor Kirsanov: Got this one from Seb (thx mon amour), should be for module damage, so "sabrina" like module damage build: (thx again). idk, max spread and max module dmg or something stupid like that: (thanks yxlouvia) Freja: (idk whatever this is, Tey gave me) Min spread build: combined module damage build: Aim time build: (thx seb) Vincent "frenchie" Girard: Ioannis "fire guy" Sanna Fire memes: (thx Yxlouvia) Balanced build: Spotting: (Thx again) Rachel "I want to taste my enemy" Kramer: (Thx mon amour) Rashid "atgm boy" whatever the fuck that surname is: (thx) Viktor "I like my troops" Kirsanov: I like my troops build: Aleksandr "I am lucky" Cortez (Yes, I will shame you if you use this) Andrey Zaitsev
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    This part and the paragraph below it, as well as the "looking up, down, left, right" for a WS just screams "WE BELIEVE OUR PLAYERS ARE JUST COMPLETE RETARDS THAT CAN'T EVEN LEARN ANYTHING NO MATTER WHAT SO WE MUST DUMB DOWN THE GAME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE HAHA WE ARE SO GOOD AT BALANCE, YES INDEED, NO NEED FOR TESTING" LFPs were already pretty much an universal WS, before they started destroying game balance with 0.33, this is just a stupid statement... Well, to me, this """"compromise"""" of realism, is very important to make the game appealing to me. If the appearance of the vehicle is the only real part about it, my interest in playing is greatly diminished. Yes, it is the same in high tiers, but as they said, we don't know the values, and it is in a way, at least to me, easier to accept, even if it's certain that most armor and pen values are over the top compared to the real thing. I'm still very much against the high tier balance overall. But we know about the precise armor and pen values of most of the low tier stuff, and seeing them being completely ignored, in layout, shapes, values, is really making me sad. Making armor more predictable ? What a load of BS, having to shoot at a tank hitbox that barely looks like the tank you are looking at isn't making it more predictable. Also why does this model butchering doesn't affect anything eastern really? T series tanks have their round turret actually being round, apart for a bit of turret roof on one T-72 If I recall correctly. IS-7 pike nose is there, but Chieftains and M48 hulls and turrets had to be butchered to great lengths apparently. Welp, too much to talk about this part, better move on... I will just talk about the ammo part here, more precisely the HEAT shells that "can rarely penetrate frontal armor, best used against MBT side armor or light targets", which is complete BS, since only the T series stuff on T6 and the Chief 900 can stop HEAT shells on their LFP, on all the others MBTs, it's pretty much a big chunk of green. Also, low tier HEAT MP will deal up to 245 chip dmg (Taifun HEAT) for a 120mm shell, as if us complaining how retarded that is when it was there on high tier tanks and the nerf to HEAT MP chip dmg that was done never happened. Yeah.... "SOME", of course, not the Fox with 50mm thick plates, not the Leo 1 with 700mm UFP, not the BMP-1 with 200mm turret front, etc... Apart for the VBL and the Jarmila, it seems that every single vehicle has had its armor overbuffed accros the board to their retarded standards. Testing? What does that even meeeeeean? Logic ? What does that even meeeeeean? Welp, the thing has been bugged for years, being a MBT with LT stats, same size and armor as the T-55, might as well go all in right? Once again, retarded arguments... Hey, at least the Rooikat becoming a TD can actually be argued on, it's not a completely illogical retarded change! Even though it's a nerf for the tank, as wheeled gun TD are mostly crap... And the Rooikat lost its decent-ish armor, but we have a TD that can designate now, how original! Much diversity! This is kinda the last nail in the coffin for the game to me really... Well, there were a lot of last nails in that coffin for the past year when I think about it... I'm pretty sure there is a funny quote about still being here and suffering, but can't remember it... Oh well...
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    AW dirt remove.7z
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    The article also included a neat little scavenger hunt leading directly to the secret objective. Here is how it goes (spoiler alert!): Tl;dr the campaign now has -20% difficulty. Special shout-out to LABS for cracking the code!
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    Trying to make some order of things (errors are possible) Simplest and probably profitable thing (because i play premiums mostly) is just spamming T-14-152 -- 200 battles. I may not get reward bonus, but I free of IFV/support vehicle "rules of surprise".
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    It is time, people for another story from your local retarded official staff, Soren! And because i decided to actually do the apocalypse season please help me dear god. But, because i still doesn't want to link, Enigma's legacy and Apocalypse season to the main game story. I will consider the whole Apocalypse and Enigma's legacy as a "What if" crazy fan theory / fanstory The Apocalypse arc start directly after the end SpiritHaven. With the low detail we have, we can assume, that, we take control of a little resistance group. Certainly an American one that helped Ryan in the event of American Dream. (We could also say it's Black Company, but as mentionned in one of the mission chain of the Battle path, the leader of the Lions of Nequiel says that we are the one that tried to put a bullet in his head, so it's very unlikely.) World is starting to collapse, a super volcano erupted and as a last hope, you try to find the Enigma's legacy. Hidden vault that would most likely save your life and the life of your friends. Sadly... those vault are already taken by old enigma's allies, namely, the Project Liberty Militia, the Lions of Nequiel and the National Patriot Activist Army. But there was still a hope. In fact, a last hidden vault with much better tech was still free. To get it, the resistance group decide to work for their old enemies, getting coordinates for the last Enigma vault, saving their life before the worse happened... This conclude the very short prequel of Apocalypse. Sometimes later, when everything start to calm down, we follow our new heroes, Ivo Rinaldi, the old boss of the Liberty militia (surprising isn't it?) and Igor, an old Russian military Major. Together, they created a settlement in the enigma vault for the PLM. The problem? No more ammo to defend their base, this is how the Duo got into a new adventure and where the Events of Plague happened. Plague take place in Gori. After the apocalypse, the whole city is in ruin, except for the old CI base. Igor, with a "freshly" stolen Enigma airship drop Ivo in the castle, begging him to not make any trouble and steal the ammo quickly. Because otherwise the mission wouldn't happen, Ivo doesn't comply, and his greed push him to steal more ammo in the lower part. Chain reaction occurs, the CI base is collapsing, Igor is forced to take off, and Ivo is forced to drop from the base to escape. After successfully escaping the base, Ivo and Igor are quickly noticed by the "local wildlife" as called by Ivo. David Gelovani. Extremely angry of this intrusion, David will proceed to send every last one of his soldier against our two Heroes. Ivo, fighting for his life, end up getting out of the city in one piece. Of course, he does that while throwing some "Thanks for your feedback' memes to Igor and banters against David.Obviously, it doesn't please neither of them. Resulting in a very stressed Igor, and an extremely pissed off David. But with the power of the meme and bad writing, Ivo end up fleeing in the Airship with Igor, in one piece, and with a ton of ammo "for a whole god damn army". David, still angry of what happen, tell Ivo that's this encounter is not the last one, and so, they will meet again. One month later, we follow once again our Meme boy and butthurt Major into new adventures. This time, they get to Panama, to try and steal some fuel for their Settlements. After landing, Ivo see that fights are currently happening, but that also a storm is slowly arriving on the operation Area. Ivo thinking quickly, start blasting enemies one by one with the cheer power of (nerfed) HE memes and Thermobaric T15 double tap abuse, before being interrupted by the one and only Cannibal Hana (yes, it's cannon, Hana did ate Austin) that lost of her sanity and start insulting people. As a pure reflex, Ivo use the power of lies to befriend Hana, by telling her he isn't a raider like the ones attacking Hana's settlements. (and so, ignoring the whole plagues event, definitly a fucking meme boy) Hana without her sanity, trust Ivo and his obvious gigantic stupid lies, while Ivo decide to s i m p on her and push back a whole god damn army of endless bots that can't be penned by HEAT and ATGM because there is fucking water everywhere please help. As a reward for his simpery, Hana offer Ivo a whole train of only 10k HP full of fuel. Ivo go get it in his magnificent moderator camo T15 that definitely look like a magnificent boat in this watery hell. But Hana forgot one detail. Devs are cruel, and so are the bots. The raiders decide to attack the train, with retarded instant reaction mini Terminators and Transport choppers ready to drop them. Major butthurt suddenly remember he exist in this Special operation and decided to be not useful at all Ivo, with his cheer power of memes and try hard, end up loosing all sanity trying to do the "Don't touch anything" achievement, creating a time paradox, and killing every enemies in the maps. (while Hana decided to give you 2 little LT that do nothing except existing) The two protagonist end up fleeing with the precious fuel, while Hana have an edgy Emo moment with the magnus death theme remixed in the background. And this, conclude the events of apocalypse for now. As you can see, i tried to do it seriously, but ended up giving up because of the totally mediocre/bad quality of the story and the total emptiness of it. I hope this doesn't push away some people from reading the second part. Also hope you had a good laugh reading War but in a total retarded meme way. I will now proceed to go back into nothingness until the next chapter (or two chapter) are outs. (and don't worry, i will meme them, unless they give important information.)
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    Hi everyone! A few months ago, I saw Haswell's Rotation Tracker stream on TWITCH. I downloaded his app, but it was too bulky not to bother playing the game. I needed something more compact, so I started developing an Overlay app based on his code. Here you can see results. Updated to version 1.0.1 - Fixed major bug which prevented you to interact with Overlay GUI! You can see all functions in attached video. Direct download link. Link to GitHub release page.
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    My general feeling about the PTS is that the changes reduce or even remove incentives to improve your gameplay and promote a more passive and arguably less enjoyable playstyle. Furthermore, the PTS arguably does not achieve the stated goals of reducing vehicle imbalance. I see this in a few ways that I'm going to list out and explain. 1) HEAT Changes I'm first going to outline how HEAT more or less currently works. HEAT damage is based off of 3 values, the armor thickness of where you're hitting, the RNG damage roll of your shell, and the RNG penetration roll. If the penetration roll is more than the armor thickness, you do damage based on the RNG damage roll (HEAT-MP is an exception). HOWEVER, you get a bonus based on how much your penetration roll is higher than the armor thickness. This means that hitting thinner armor will generally reward you with more damage up to a point. This is where the maximum bonus damage stat on HEAT rounds comes in. With HEAT-MP, you'll deal some damage even if you don't penetrate. What does this mean though? This means that you get more damage for hitting weaker armor. This is an incentive for learning weakspots, being patient by waiting for bots to turn, and practicing your aim which will improve your gameplay. Let's compare this to the current PTS system where HEAT damage is flattened. Learning weakspots is no longer comes with additional incentives to improve your gameplay. The ability to instantly change ammo also makes this worse. Instead of trying to manually find weakspots, you can just swap to AP to lolpen MBTs through their LFP. Speaking of MBT LFPs, 2) Armor Layout Changes Once again, I'll start by explaining how the current armor layouts are generally structured. MBTs will typically come with multiple weakspots from the front. I'll give some examples. The T-14 has a LFP and turret ring. The XM1A3 has a weakspot under the mantelet and a vulnerable hull. The CATTB has multiple strips along the hull front that can be penetrated (with some difficulty) and a viewport on the top of the turret. The ATDU has a weak strip along the LFP and a driver's port weakspot. Notice how tanks mostly have multiple weakpoints that are placed around the front of the vehicle. What does this mean though? This means that every vehicle has a semi unique armor layout that is generally distributed around the vehicle. This means that each vehicle has unique weakspots that you have to work around. It is incentivized to learn armor layouts of each individual vehicle so you can find the weakspots faster. Let's compare this to the current PTS system where MBT armor schemes have been adjusted. If you look though each vehicle, you'll see a pattern. Everything is red except for a green strip along the bottom of the vehicle. The LFP is now a universal weakspot. While this on it's own would be fine, it also comes with a removal of all other weakspots. The T-14 turret ring is now virtually invulnerable. The XM1A3 has lost it's weakspot under the mantelet. The only exception is the Leopard 2AX which has kept its weakspot under the mantelet. There is now less of an incentive to learn weakspots and spend time studying armor layouts because every MBT essentially follows the same formula of weakspots. Speaking of studying armor layouts, 3) Fuel Tank Removal Fuel tanks are one of three fire sources on a vehicle. Considering the RNG nature of engine fires, fuel tanks can be considered to be one of two consistent sources of fire. By studying armor layouts, you can learn where to shoot a vehicle to destroy fuel tanks or ammo racks to set enemies on fire. What does this mean though? This rewards careful aim and experience with the potetial to set fires that can drastically increase a vehicle's damage potential. This is a further incentive for properly aiming shots and targeting modules. With the removal of the fuel tank, it is now more difficult to set enemies on fire since the number of consistent sources of fire has been cut in half. This reduces the incentive to learn module placement as you will be rewarded with additional fire damage less often. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These 3 issues are the biggest ways I can see the 0.33 PTS undermining incentives to improve gameplay. I'm going to move on to how I can see the 0.33 PTS changing the meta negatively. 1) MBT armor With the armor layout changes, the LFPs of MBTs were often weakened and expanded, especially on frontline MBTs such as the ATDU. This will most likely result in more passive MBT play, despite the intentions of the developers. This will be compounded by the AP penetration fall-off at long range. MBTs are incentivized to hold positions where their weakspots are hidden and harder to penetrate at range. This will result in less MBTs being willing to push out and expose their weakspots in order to play aggressively. 2) Chip damage The ability for ATGMs to constantly do damage even on non-penetrations is a massive pain. This once again disincentivizes good play by making it impossible to completely avoid damage. The existence of chip damage in PvE already existed when BMP-3s fired HE and still exists as Ramka-99s still fire thermobaric ATGMs. Chip damage makes constant aggressive play difficult in PvE as you will constantly be losing health whenever you expose yourself to deal damage. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Potential influences on gameplay are all theoretical until all vehicles are released on the 0.33 PTS and such. As such, I won't spend too much time on it and I'll start talking about imbalances I see and gripes I have with individual tanks and mechanics. 1) HEAT-MP vs. HEAT-FS & HEAT-T HEAT-MP might as well stand for HEAT-MyPenis because MBT HEAT-MP is highly inadequate. While the logic of reducing HEAT-MP damage to compensate for damage on non-penetrations does make sense, it is taken too far with HEAT-MP. In virtually all cases on MBTs (mainly NATO MBTs), HEAT-MP will have identical damage to AP. Compared to the massive HEAT damage dealt by HEAT-FS and HEAT-T, HEAT-MP is honestly useless. The best comparison is probably between the 140mm cannons on the XM1A3 and the 99A2-140 which use HEAT-MP and HEAT. The XM1A3 HEAT-MP has 900 damage and 940mm of penetration. Meanwhile, the 99A2-140 HEAT has 1240 damage and 950mm of penetration. Losing out on over 300 damage for the ability to do 180 damage on non-penetrations is a pathetic trade and results in a shell that is about as potent as the semen of an 84 year old man. In fact, the XM1A3 HEAT-MP is also beaten by the Leopard 2AX's 130mm HEAT-T shells that have 1100mm of penetration and 1025 damage. Even if the 2AX and 99A2-140 HEAT shells will not deal damage if they don't pen, this is not an issue for experienced players and only results in the XM1A3 not being a competitive vehicle at higher skill levels. 2) The Tragedy of Darth ATDU Where to start with the poor ATDU. Not only did it lose its frontal protection with the addition of a massive LFP, the side armor is now worthless as well. Whether the side armor is unintentional or not is honestly still up in the air. But possibly the greatest tragedy is the loss of the ATDU's only gimmick. The ATDU used to be the only high tier vehicle with a viable HESH round. Not anymore. The extra penetration the PISH shell receives is not enough to offset the massive drop in alpha damage and the loss of the ability to go through cage armor. Even if the PISH shell can now brute force through a Merkava 4M's UFP, it doesn't matter if the shell no longer has the module damage that allowed it to brutalize ammo racks and other internal modules. During the PTS, I platooned up with 4 other people in various vehicles. The ATDU now ammoracks people more consistently with AP than PISH. PISH is truly PISS now. 3) T-15 Buffed The armor changes in the 0.33 PTS also applied to the T-15. If you recall, turret ring weakspots were buffed on most vehicles. Based on gameplay in both the vehicle testing area and in PvE, the turret ring on the T-15 has been buffed to the point of being impenetrable by 2AX HEAT rounds. Most experienced PvE players will know that the turret ring of the T-15 is the best place to shoot a T-15 for the sole reason that the ammo rack is located directly behind it. While the frontal hull is technically easier to penetrate considering the penetration buffs across the board, you are now unable to reliably light a T-15 on fire from the front which will increase the time required to kill a T-15. Side armor is weaker but thats pretty irrelevant considering side armor was always weak. 4) 10 inch shAFT In 0.32, the AFT has a maximum damage of 1128 assuming you get maximum penetration damage bonus and maximum damage roll. It also comes with 1400mm of HEAT penetration which is the highest HEAT penetration in game. As if this wasn't powerful enough, the AFT-10 now has ATGMs that chunk you for 1200 damage on average with 1500mm of HEAT penetration. Furthermore, these ATGMs will chunk you for 240 damage even if they don't penetrate. Considering you get a magazine of 8 ATGMs with 3.53s between shots and a 34s reload for all 8, the AFT-10 is about as balanced as a paraplegic on a unicycle. 5) ATGM Spam ATGMs are probably the strongest ammunition in the 0.33 PTS. They have the HE effect of HEAT-MP with doing damage on non-penetrations. They get some of the highest penetration values in the game. They get bonus module damage for having HEAT warheads. They can also be manually guided. Even with the numerous APS systems in game, ATGMs will most likely be dominant in PvE and PvP. During the PTS, I platooned up with 4 other people in various vehicles. One of those vehicles was the Merkava 4M firing only LAHAT ATGMs. This sounds ridiculous until you realize that the LAHAT ATGM has the highest penetration at 1200mm and best damage at 690 (besides for HE) of all the ammunition types. This also applies to the T-14's ATGMs which have the same alpha of the HEAT shells despite having 300mm more penetration. And we were making fun of the bots for spamming ATGMs in 0.32. 6) Limited Uptime Probably the biggest bug I've seen is the fact that the 0.33 PTS is only active for 4 hours a day. This is a very strange bug and it is potentially gamebreaking for certain player bases. Literally 2 minutes after I posted this, the schedules got changed. It is now 6 hours a day on weekdays and 3 hours a day on weekends. Whoop-dee-fucking-doo. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would have put in screenshots of vehicle stats but the PTS isn't up right now and I genuinely can't be fucked to wait for it to come back or to dig around on Discord for screenshots.
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    Smudlicko had a history of prior infractions on both the official Discord and within the game. But, more importantly: I don't think any public justification of actions we take on official platforms is required. For any further info, everyone who feels they've been treated unfairly can contact support.
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    Since up-to-date guides for Armored Warfare are few and far between, I’ve decided to contribute a comprehensive crew overview/guide (in spite of how much of the crew system is already common knowledge). Since I will be writing it, the content presented may come off as long-winded and/or excessive. A side effect of university papers perhaps… Apologies in advance if this is the case. On the other hand, if the community here enjoys my transcribed thoughts and opinions, I may decide to create more of these posts/topics. I think the ArmoredLabs forum is an excellent platform and initiative, where perspectives, information, and discussion pertaining to AW can be shared between and archived for players, experienced or not. Note that some elements of my writing will be influenced by personal opinion, so please do not take everything here as gospel. Much of it can be classified as suggestion instead of fact. Any suggestions and/or constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please notify me of any errors and/or discrepancies, edits will be made if necessary. I will strive to keep my posts up-to-date. With that out of the way, here is my AW crew guide: Crew Vehicles in AW (all currently manned) require a [healthy] crew complement to support and sustain combat capability during battle(s). The bulk of the material within this overview is not applicable to commanders. Although commanders are also technically crew members, they employ a skill and leveling system far more complex while also boasting significant/substantial distinct abilities and mechanics; therefore requiring a dedicated guide of their own. When a new vehicle is purchased/acquired, it is assigned crew members automatically, each with specific roles/duties to fulfill in their respective vehicles. Crews will also have skills and attributes related to their position. Skills: Crew skills are selectable performance improvements available to individual crew members. Different crew roles will each have their own respective sets of [unique] skills relevant to their position. Two skills can be chosen for each crew member, with the first skill slot unlocked upon reaching level 2 and the second slot upon reaching level 4. Attributes: Predetermined set of intrinsic competencies relevant to the specific crew member’s function within the vehicle. Designed to reflect a crew’s mastery of the vehicle, its percentage/potency increases alongside a crew’s level of proficiency. Attributes are maxed once a crew attains level 5. Crew Progression: Unlike commanders, which can be moved and/or shared between different vehicles, the other crew members of a vehicle must remain with their respective vehicle. Crew members gain crew experience tied to the amount of base experience (based on performance) gained from battle(s). Consequently, crew experience can be augmented by winning (in PvP), completing [primary and secondary] objectives (in PvE), first win of the day multipliers, and premium account. However, crew experience income can be further increased with certain boosts, applicable insignias, and special event bonuses as well. As a vehicle’s crew accrues experience, their proficiency level will gradually increase. Higher levels will progressively increase their [passive] attributes while reaching levels 2 and 4 will unlock a skill slot respectively. Proficiency is maxed upon reaching level 5. Crew experience required for level up: Level 1 → Level 2: 3,000 Level 2 → Level 3: 17,000 Level 3 → Level 4: 70,000 Level 4 → Level 5: 110,000 Players are also presented with an option to immediately “promote” the crew to level 3 (with credits) or to level 5 (with gold). But this is generally unadvised, as the crew grind is rather seamless and quick, occurring in parallel to the corresponding vehicle grind. Some premium vehicles come with a level 5 crew as standard: Crew in Combat: Similar to internal vehicle modules/components, crew members are modeled with a hitpoint pool and located at their respective positions within their vehicle. A penetrating shot in or around these particular area(s) may injure crew member(s). Whereas modules are [eventually] repaired automatically, injured crew cannot recover without the use of a medical kit or first aid cabinet. Crew Consumables: The three consumables relevant to crew are: Medical Kit: Heals all injured crew members in your vehicle (single use) First Aid Cabinet: Heals all injured crew members in your vehicle (3 uses, 90 second cooldown) Both medpacks feature a passive 15% bonus to crew resilience (crew “durability”). There is no reason not to equip the first aid cabinet over the medical kit (especially if you play GlOps), unless you are particularly low on credits. Energy Drink: Increases crew stats (attributes) by an additional 5% for a single battle Energy drink (and some commander skills) buff crew stats, but this only improves crew attributes, not crew skills. Therefore, vehicles with a manual loader should be equipped with energy drink. A vehicle with a level 5 loader trained with Rapid Fire combined with energy drink would see a considerable 10% increase to its rate of fire (without factoring in any additional crew stat buffs) Crew Configuration: The number of crew a vehicle seats may vary from vehicle to vehicle, from a minimum of 2 (Wiesel) to a maximum of 5 (Some SPGs, AFT-10, etc.). All vehicles require two crew members minimum, specifically: Commander Leader of the vehicle. Guides, instructs and directs crewmen during operation of the vehicle under his/her control. Responsibilities encompass communications, navigation, target acquisition, operating weaponry, etc. A commander injury disables any commander abilities and results in a sweeping debuff to vehicle characteristics, such as mobility, targeting, and firepower, even if the crew member corresponding to that function is still alive/unharmed. Driver Drivers are responsible for mobility; specifically driving and/or manoeuvring a vehicle. They steer and control the hull movement of vehicles, namely forward/reverse movement and turning/rotation. An injured driver will have significant negative effects to speed, acceleration, hull traverse, etc. Attributes: Traverse Speed (+5% max, +1% per level) Self explanatory, the rate at which a vehicle rotates its hull. Expressed in degrees (°) per second. Terrain Resistance (+10% max, +2% each level) How evenly a vehicle distributes its weight to the ground. Better terrain resistance effectively improves vehicle acceleration off-road. Skills: Smooth Ride: Overall accuracy while moving is improved by 10% Use/Function: Better accuracy while firing on-the-move Classes: MBT, LT, AFV (particularly LTs and AFVs) Vehicles: Most LTs, AFVs which are able to fire on-the-move (eg: SPHINX) Battering Ram: Ramming damage increased by 50% Use/Function: Increased outgoing ramming damage Classes: MBT Vehicles: M1A1 Storm, T-80U, Obj 640 Off-Road Driving: Acceleration on off-road terrain increased by 20% Use/Function: Better off-road mobility Classes: All Vehicles: Any vehicle which feels sluggish off-road (eg: Challengers) Spin to Win: Hull traverse speed improved by 5% Use/Function: Improving turn rate Classes: All Vehicles: Vehicles with poor hull traverse/large turning circles (eg: Merkavas) Field Repair: Track and wheel repair rate improved by 25% Use/Function: Decreasing track/wheel repair times Classes: MBT Vehicles: Brawlers and/or vehicles frequently receiving fire The vast majority of vehicles will also feature a gunner. Gunner Gunners operate vehicle weapon systems and it is their task to aim and fire upon targets. Vehicle turrets and/or weapons are manipulated by the gunner. When the gunner is injured, a vehicle’s accuracy and turret traverse speed will decrease drastically, while aim time will increase considerably as well. Attributes: Aim Speed (+10% max, +2% per level) Self explanatory, the time required for a vehicle to minimize its aim circle. Turret Traverse Speed (+5% max, +1% per level) Self explanatory, the rate at which a vehicle rotates its turret. Expressed in degrees (°) per second. ATGM Accuracy (+10% max, +2% per level) The missile guidance stability of a vehicle. Skills: Do the Twist: Turret traverse speed improved by 8% Use/Function: Improving turret rotation rate and target engagement Classes: All Vehicles: 490, MGM, ADTU, etc. Quick Draw: Aim speed improved by 5% Use/Function: Improved gun handling/targeting Classes: All Vehicles: Any vehicle with longer than desired aim time Sharpshooter: Max spread is improved by 5% Use/Function: Improves maximum (best) accuracy. Classes: All Vehicles: Any vehicle which has less accuracy than desired Preventative Maintenance: Cannon hitpoints are increased by 50% Use/Function: Making disabling weapon(s) more difficult Classes: MBT Vehicles: MBTs with easily disabled guns (XM1A3, 490, etc.) Accuracy: Accuracy decay rate while firing is improved by 25% Use/Function: Decreasing weapon bloom after firing Classes: Some MBTs, LTs, and TDs Vehicles: CATTB Some vehicles will also retain a loader, until higher tiers (especially tier 10) where they are largely replaced by autoloaders. Loader Loaders are mostly self-explanatory. Vehicles without an autoloader must rely on a human loader to manually replenish (reload) their armament. When loaders sustain an injury, both vehicle reload speed and weapon/ammunition swap time increases substantially. Hence, loaders are both potential liabilities and/or beneficial assets. An injured loader can effectively disable a vehicle’s weaponry, although (or conversely) loader effectiveness can be buffed with energy drink. Attributes: Rate of Fire (2.5% max, 0.5% per level) Self explanatory, the rate at which a vehicle is able to fire its weapons. Applies to reload times on single fire weapons, both reload and intra-clip reload times on weapons with ready-rack/magazine and the RPM of autocannons. Skills: Rapid Fire: Rate of fire increased by 2.5% Use/Function: Increasing DPM Classes: All Vehicles: All Preparation: Ammo swap speed improved by 50% (Bonus is higher on clip-style autoloaders and large magazine autocannons. Activates only if the number of shells are full.) Use/Function: Improved weapons and ammunition flexibility Classes: MBT, LT Vehicles: Vehicles with longer reloads but decent gun/ammunition Explosive Shells: Module damage increased by 10% Use/Function: Greater module damage Classes: All Vehicles: Any vehicle set up for module damage (eg: Cent 120 w/ Sabrina) Secured Ammunition: Reload speed not reduced when ammo rack and/or breech are hit Use/Function: Eliminating reload penalties for damaged/disabled ammo rack/cannon breech Classes: MBT Vehicles: Any MBT with easily damaged/disabled ammo rack and/or cannon breech (eg: Leopards) Vehicle Expertise: Repair speed increased by 10% Use/Function: Improved module repair speed Classes: MBT, some LTs Vehicles: Vehicles with modules that are consistently/routinely destroyed Safety: Chance of explosion during a fire reduced 22.6% Use/Function: Chance to preventing additional damage from ammo rack explosion Classes: MBT Vehicles: MBTs with vulnerable ammo racks (Leopards, Ariete, etc.) Notable vehicles/lines without a loader: [Most] Russian MBTs [Most] Chinese MBTs AFVs Autocannon [exclusive] vehicles [Most] Missile [exclusive] vehicles Note: Some vehicles may have a crew member assigned as both a gunner and a loader. In this case, the crew member will serve as both roles simultaneously and will have attributes and skills available from both positions. Accordingly, dual-role crew members should benefit from loader skills (trained in Rapid Fire) while their vehicles should also be equipped with energy drink. Interesting fact: Crew members can be customized in AW. First and last names can be chosen from an extensive list of different names originating from various languages and/or nationalities. Crew portraits can also be changed; another likeness can be selected from yet another expansive list of appearances of varying race, ethnicity, gender, and attire. Fin
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    Edit: just a quick disclaimer. The information here represents my current understanding of the agro system in AW. I'm not 100% certain that the information here is completely accurate, so there may be a few things that I either missed or got wrong. If you find something that isn't written here or indicates that some of the information here is wrong, please let me know so I can update it. There was a dev article a while back (almost 2 years ago, right around the time that Heroic spec ops was released) that explained the rules for AI agro. According to the article, the vehicle that the AIs target is based on 2 things: The player in the heaviest and closest vehicle The player with the highest aggro (with aggro being generated by dealing damage to bots and deflecting the return fire according to the article) When an AI has not fired a shot and not been shot at in return, it defaults to the first setting (this can be seen when spotting a fresh AI vehicle, note how they typically face the nearest MBT even when said MBT is behind multiple layers of cover). I believe the equation that determines each player's proto-agro value takes the form of: ProtoAgro = VehicleWeight / Distance This means that a decrease in your vehicle's weight will allow you to get closer to an AI before it targets you. For example, if a player in a 50-ton vehicle is 250m away from an AI, another player in a 30-ton vehicle would need to be less than 150m away in order for the AI to decide to focus on them instead of the player in the 50-ton vehicle, while a player in a 10-ton vehicle would need to be less than 50m away for the AI to focus on them. Of course, this assumes that distance has a proportional effect on which player is focused when in is entirely possible that the effect of weight or distance is squared (placing a larger emphasis on heavier or closer vehicles, respectively). Some tests would need to be done to determine exactly what the effects of vehicle weight and distance are. Once an AI has either fired a shot (and had the shot bounce) or taken a damaging hit, the AI will change to the 2nd setting and focus on whatever player (that is currently in their line of fire) has the highest total of damage dealt to that AI and deflected return fire (I'm not sure if there are any modifiers for the total that change the weighting of the dealt/deflected damage stats). If there are no players in line of fire that have damaged the bot or deflected a shot from the bot, the bot will go back to the first setting. It is worth noting that each AI has a separate agro counter, meaning that agroing one bot will not agro any nearby bots (although they will still try to shoot you if you get spotted and have high agro on them). As far as I can tell, agro will only ever go up, which means that deflecting a several thousand damage worth of autocannon AP from single AFV in an MBT will all but insure that the AI that fired those rounds will never attempt to attack a player that isn't you (as long as it can continue shooting at you). If you break contact with the AI, it will immediately begin attacking the player with the next highest agro total that it has line of sight on (like that TD that got a bit too close and got spotted while shooting up the AI), but will go back to attacking you if it regains contact with you. What does all of this mean? If you want to minimize the damage you take from bots: Let someone with armour be the first one spotted, they can deflect damage and will draw more agro with every shot they deflect Try to shoot at the bot that the tanking player is shooting at, they are drawing more agro from that bot than the others Don't outpace the agro drawn by the player tanking the damage, otherwise the bots you shot up will try to shoot at you instead. It is easier to outpace the agro for a bot with low DPM (e.g. Challengers) than it is to outpace the agro for a high-DPM bot (e.g. Termi or T-15), so pick your targets carefully If you start taking fire, fall back and let the bots go back to shooting at the player who was tanking damage. You can take this time to relocate to a position where you will be less likely to be spotted or will be able to better support your team for the next stage of the mission Conversely, if you're in an MBT and want to minimize the damage your team takes from bots: Make sure you're the first one spotted, any shots you deflect will make the bots that fired them less likely to shoot at your teammates Focus on the bots that need to die, this will make them less likely to shoot at your teammates when your teammates decide to shoot at it Do not break line of sight with the bots if any of your soft-skinned teammates are spotted, otherwise the bots will start shooting up your teammates If a bot starts shooting at someone else, shoot it to draw its agro back to you
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    Hello all. Made this as a little joke. I wanted to make most of them related to the battle path, but was running out of ideas. So some are bp themed, and the others are just your average memes from the game. Have fun completing it. If you win, make sure to tell me.
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    Short and simple, don't even have to unpack anything for this. Navigate to where the garages are stored. There are two folders, one containing "normal" garages and the other one for holidays and other special occasions. Identify the name of the garage you are currently using. For simplicity's sake I'll be using the "simplified" garage to make things consistent. This is named gar_white. Exit the game, rename your current garage to a backup name, then rename the garage you want into what your current garage is called. It would be helpful to backup all the names before you do this. Assuming nothing goes wrong, load back into the game and enjoy your new (old) garage! Note that there's a possibility some of the garages are used purely for debugging purposes, namely gar_eeu_lean or gar_geom_thumbnail. They might not work properly, but you can always revert your changes if they turn out to be broken.
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    I'm just speaking for myself here. But let me place my opinion about this topic as a fairly decent AW player. Just fyi I'm running AWtactics, a german website dedicated to help players become better/understand the game mechanics better. Therefore I'm writing lots of guides and recording/commenting my gameplay videos. Nobody starts as a master in any game: I started with WOT back in 2012 and in the beginning did not really care about game mechanics, tactics and whatnot. So I was what you would call an average/sub average player for some time. When getting to know the game more and more I wanted to get better. I tested various stuff from reading forum guides to joining Clans/Platooning. The forum guides are great in explaining the various game-mechanics and how they work (which is a crucial thing to understand if you want to improve) but they can't really show you how to actually play. For this purpose I joined Clans and teamed up in Platoons. While this certainly helps to improve some of your skillset it did not really had a very strong effect on myself as a player. So what helped me the most back then, you may ask? Videos and Livestreams of very good players (Clanwars of top clans, Tournaments, ...) this way I could actually "see through the eyes" of someone who is good at the game. I could observe how they react to certain situations, which spots they use, how they make armor work. Simply put: How they play the game. So what I did is observe carefully and then try to apply this to my tactics. With time and exercise there was a significant improvement and I went from average to a good player fairly quick. Now what is the difference between videos and platooning up with decent players? In my opinion there is one big difference and that's why I personally think videos are better. While you're in a platoon you can certainly get a better winrate and see where the player goes and how he reacts to certain situations. However, keep in mind that you're distracted while in battle so you can't just sit there and observe the nice plays of your platoon-mate. In videos you have a first-person view and can see the very same the player sees at the moment. In my opinion this is a big and meaningful difference. You just can't learn the small details of wiggling your armor, hiding your weakspots... by playing in a platoon. You need to see when a player uses such tactics and then understand why he did that at this particular time. This is something that's very hard to achieve while in battle in my opinion. (Humans simply can't multitask that good) Why are there little to no players who want to platoon for this purpose? There certainly are people who would do this. But I think noone wants to actually explain you every little detail about what you should do in this moment to be successful. Those people are playing as well so their brain is already being used. So in this situation it is very hard to play and then additionally give meaningful advice. At least I would struggle doing so. Secondly there is lots of stuff nobody can explain to you/show you while in a Platoon/Battle: Stuff like where to aim, what ammo you should use right now, if you should use smoke or just retreat, if you should go for the blindshot, ... There are lots of things we clearly can't tell when in battle without seeing what you see. Yes you could just stick together the whole game, which is possible while driving MBTs, but otherwise not always the best option in a battle. Other than that it as well requires patience. Not everyone wants to put so much effort into that. But I believe if you're able to join a Battalion ther are definitely players you can learn from while platooning. I just don't think that it's the best way because it lacks some "insights". What makes a good player "good": For me there is only one answer: Situational awareness If you master this one you're set to dominate What do I mean by "situational awareness": You know exactly what the enemy does. Same goes for your team. And use it to your advantage You know your surroundings (you know the maps, you know where to take cover, you know where the nearest cover is at all time) You use the minimap to your advantage (If you happen to get rushed you've done something wrong, if you get wrecked within seconds you usually failed too reading the minimap) You know the game-mechanics and how to use them to your advantage You react fast to any changes during the battle and adapt accordingly to gain maximum advantage You take your chances if the enemy happens to provide them I think I forgot half of it but in the end it's all about knowing in advance what the enemy and your team is going to do and adapt accordingly. You don't need those "aiming skills". All you need in this game is to use the actions of your enemies and team to your advantage. This is something you can't learn by platooning. Yes your platoonmate could tell you what you should do now but in the end you need to realize this yourself and draw your own conclusion in order to be successful as a solo player aswell. While watching videos you see the very same situation as the player and can thus start to analyze the battle yourself and see if you're right with your predictions and observations. This can be very valuable. In my opinion you learn this best if you watch videos/livestreams and then try to adapt such details for your own gameplay. Secondly learn out of your failures and carefully observe how enemies/friendlies react to certain situations to use it to your advantage in the future games. So in the end experience as well helps a great deal if you just keep trying out new stuff and learning out of your failures. What I want to add as well and this is very important in my opnion: There is no "right" playstyle. I personally like a very offensive playstyle but there are lots of other players who have way different playstyles and are successful as well - Remember you're not trying to copy someones playstyle but trying to improve your own playstyle by using the tactics you like and tactics that work for you.
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    The English article misses one particular detail: Sabra Mk 2 will fall under Sol Schreiber. This can be confirmed on the Russian article.
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    This is going to be awkward to explain, as I'm going to do something completely out of character and unexpected from me. The response for nominating mod candidates was lower than expected, as I have overestimated the number of active non-EU members we have. Out of the five nominated candidates, only two are (presumably) from non-EU time zones. Given the purpose of this round of mod recruitment is to appoint mods to cover non-EU time zones, I have decided to forgo the formal voting phase and directly appoint our two non-EU mod candidates to their posts. This appointment will take effect on June 30/July 1. Our prospective mod appointees will be @Bob_Magilica and @Nekrosmas, to cover the NA and SEA time zones. This thread will serve as an inquiry process to allow our two appointees to address any potential questions and concerns.
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    For the purpose of this discussion, I shall define "teamwork" as situations where multiple players are required to perform some action in the game in order to complete objectives, and that said objectives will be failed or require more time to complete if the players fail to perform their actions. Note that the objectives do include tasks outside of matches, and might not be shared across different players. With that said, let's break down the illusion of teamwork being important in AW, and explore how the game mostly revolves around selfish play. Why Teamwork Doesn't Matter An example of the illusion held by average players. Imagine you receive a task to obtain 10 Blue Star medals, whereby you will be rewarded by completing the task. The requirement for Blue Star medals is to earn the most XP out of all players in a winning PvE match, so not only do you have to perform well enough to win the match, but you also have to perform better than other players in the match. At some point, your performance become heads and shoulders above all the other players to the point where you can secure victory and top XP by yourself very reliably, regardless of how the other players perform. Is there teamwork involved in this task, in that other players need to help you to get Blue Stars? Arguably not, if you can win matches by yourself and outperform other players. The only actions required from the other players is that they perform worse than you do, such as inflict less damage or gain less kills/assists. Would the task to obtain 10 Blue Star medals be easier if other players are not present to compete against you? Most definitely, assuming your performance alone is sufficient to win matches. If the performance of other players cease to become a determining factor in being victorious, then their presence becomes only an obstacle for you to overcome, to outperform them in order to secure top XP in matches. In other words, there is barely any teamwork involved in the task, the lack of teamwork in fact makes it easier for you to complete your objective. You'd actually need to obtain 30 Blue Star medals, 10 for each mission set in the Battle Path. There are many instances in the game where teamwork is not only unnecessary, but even actively discouraged if some objectives require you to perform better than other players. Take the Battle Path repeatable missions of racking up damage and kills/assists and XP for example, in order to complete them as quickly as possible you will want to perform very well in matches. At the same time, you would also want other players to perform as poorly as possible in order to leave more damage and kills/assists for you. Completing the objectives do not require teamwork or the presence of other players at all. Examples of possible repeatable missions in Battle Paths. Even officially promoted events and contests will often discourage teamwork, since the goals of such contests will usually be to outperform other players. It can be further argued that the game simply doesn't promote teamwork at all, and actively discourages teamwork at higher skill levels. The only "teamwork" involved here would be other players refusing to deal any damage in order to leave more for the competitor. Teamwork By Coercion For there to be instances of good teamwork, there must also be instances of poor teamwork. This not the same as unnecessary teamwork as described above nor about poor execution of teamwork, but rather about poor concepts and implementations of situations where teamwork is forced upon players. Specifically, situations where you are explicitly required to rely on the actions of other players in order to complete objectives. Assist damage has a notorious reputation for its criteria of relying on other players to damage your desired targets. The better your own performance in dealing damage by yourself, the less potential assist damage you can rack up due to you own performance depriving other players opportunities to deal assist damage for you. In order to accumulate assist damage effectively, you must intentionally limit your own performance in ways that force other players to deal damage. For a better explanation, please consult the assist damage guide located here: https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/78-how-assist-damage-works-or-doesnt-work/ Assist damage demonstrates poor teamwork in that aside from preparing specific targets for other players to shoot at (by spotting, detracking, designating), you are at the mercy of other players to deal assist damage for you. Even with careful positioning of the targets so that they present their vulnerable aspects to other players, the rate and quantities of assist damage you accumulate is limited by the performance of other players, therefore intentionally handicapping your own damage dealing becomes essential as you play a waiting game to see how long it takes for others to damage your targets. In this instance, teamwork is forced upon you and other players, and not necessarily in a good implementation. This mission is the nightmare of many players, especially good players. Assist crediting (as opposed to kills) also falls under this category due to the reliance on other players to secure kills for you, and thereby crediting you with assists instead of kills. This is commonly not too problematic as there is only one task in the game requiring assists only, the Support Fire medal. Other players will also likely be inclined to shoot at targets, therefore the limiting factor would rarely be on other players, as opposed to personal performance. The Teamwork medal has a simple requirement of no players are allowed to be destroyed even once in a PvE match. On paper that seems easy, but in practice it requires decent performance on your part as well as relying on other players to also be proficient. The game itself on the other hand do not properly emphasize the downsides of being destroyed and respawning, and sometimes even actively encourage the practice of intentionally respawning through ammo resupplying and advantageous respawn locations. This commonly lead to players simply not caring about being destroyed, thus the Teamwork medal can on occasions become frustratingly difficult to obtain if not all players in a match are proficient enough to not get destroyed, or if they don't care at all. It's not so much about actual teamwork in that players must perform some sort of action in support of each other, but rather a general issue with lack of skill and experience of players. Ironically there is another method to obtain Teamwork medals, but one that can be counterintuitive to the general notion of teamwork. Arguably the worst PvE medal to efficiently obtain. Teamwork and Personal Performance As was said at the beginning, the definition of teamwork here is that multiple players in a match must actively contribute to an objective. On the other hand, if one player performs overwhelmingly and carry the other players to a common objective (ie. victory), but at the expense of other players not being required to anything at all (thus getting low rewards), can this still be considered teamwork from the perspectives of the other players? Returning to the earlier example of Blue Star medals, it hardly qualifies as teamwork if the presence of other players become irrelevant to the desired objectives. This can either be due to other players not having the necessary skill and experience to compete, or certain vehicles in the game massively overperforming compared to others (ie. XM247 York, Terminator series). Therefore this lack of teamwork may not be due to a lack of effort on the other players' part, but rather one player or few players performing so well that others have no opportunities to contribute. In an ironic twist, players would have to perform worse in order for actual teamwork to be present. "Teamwork". The Teamwork medal fall under the same problem: players can either perform equally well and avoid being destroyed in the match, or the players who want the medal specifically can perform overwhelmingly well and prevent others from being destroyed by virtue of removing all threats fast enough. The latter method in essence disregards teamwork altogether in favor of personal performance, much to the irony of the Teamwork medal. Lastly... Actual Teamwork in AW There are few cases in AW where teamwork is actually required, either explicitly or implicitly. A lot of the PvP and Special Operations content will belong to these two categories owing to their general difficulty, making it improbable for single or few players to overwhelmingly carry others to the desired objectives, assuming said objectives do not have selfish requirements (ie. individual damage) that discourage teamwork. Examples of these include various Special Operations achievements, and Heroic Special Operations. Peacemaker is a test of how well players can survive under fire and stress, while defending multiple locations on the map, without destroying enemies. In short, the best way to promote teamwork is to have objectives that are sufficiently difficult and require all players involved to perform with some level of skillfulness. If you've made it this far, thank you for reading my overly long essay.
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    This is the story of Armored Warfare, but put in another way, originally posted on the ArmoredLabs discord by me, i repost here, for those who want to catch up with the story in another way without having to read the "AW, the story so far" Also, this is certainly of grammatical fault and such. Hope this isn't too disturbing, enjoy! Get out the lore book The story start at Black Sea Incursion We follow our Hero Magnus and play as him Everything start when Magnus, at the head of CI security Services have to go and check an important cargo that have been damaged by his men. He goes there with another team composed of some random commanders and Cortez In an unexpected fashion, the city was under enemy hand, none of his troops were actually here and they were attacked by an unknow enemy. Magnus and his troops force their way through the city to try and find somebody, they only find that unknow enemy. As a last move, Magnus try to help and save cortez, but arrive too late and only see the "dead corpses" of the Black eagles units tanks. He flee with some of the cargo. After that, Magnus tell his friend Sebastian about what happened, pissed off, Sebastian order an attack against those that done that, Douglas and his mercenary the Evocatii. The attack is lead by magnus and some of his guys + some light CI support. their attack start and after some moment and destroying an entire city, Magnus and his troop rush toward this city, at the same time, cortez tries to contact him and tell him this whole attack is a big trap. Magnus oblivious, clear the city and fall into the trap. Afterward, Fedor and ISD, called about Magnus breaking an important peace treaty attack the city to try and stop magnus. Our Hero wasn't like cortez, he didn't wanted to stay in hole and hide. He wanted to fight and know what happened. After a long and hard fight, Magnus and his men shoot down O'Reilly AC130 and push back ISD troops. As last favor, Fedor give 1 hour to Magnus, leaving him time to go and get Sebastian when arrived at Gori, one of the well known place that magnus served in and where Sebastian lead this whole trap, Magnus launch and last assault on the fortress, almost getting and killing sebastian. He finish his assault trapped and surrounded in the fortress... there was no hope left... Almost. A strange ally came to the rescue of Magnus, an old ally... that, for the purpose of story telling, i will reveal who he is, it was Blaze, Victor Blaze, it's the first appearance of Enigma in Armored warfare As a follow up, we go to Caribbean Crisis, the players (us) play as Alpha One, we've been sent to an CI chemical plant to find what is happening there. Alpha One run into Magnus Soldiers, they succesfully push back Magnus army and destroy some of their cargo, a cargo of Chlorine. After that, Alpha One, in search of Magnus and his troops, search a Waterway hold by CI, covering their Zubr. They found multiple important files, telling where magnus was and some of his plan. Next step, Jamaica, Alpha One had one goal, stop Magnus at all cost When they arrived, the city and the place where under Magnus hands, the Zubr captain asked for heavy support from CI to destroy magnus' ships and crush their troops. (the guys also didn't lived long, he die because of Magnus aerial support) Alpha one take over the place, Killing and defeating anyone that tried to stop them. Magnus, in the same time, tries to convinces them to join his army, telling them they made a important error... He was right, CI come, destroyed magnus ship, and wanted one thing. clear the place of any witness. This is the moment where the two enemy fought together, Alpha One becoming Dawn and fighting against CI, they escape and Magnus explain to them what happened (BSI story) This lead to Arabian Night, sometimes later, Magnus army gain more forces, more man power, they were ready to enter an open fight and turn the balance toward them. Magnus Army launched an assault again a industrial plant in ElArish, the assault was lead by his elite soldier, Dawn supporter by Willow, they take over the place hold by Evocatii, Sebastian personal guard dogs. In this plant they found something... interesting. something that would change everything, they found biological weapons. Chlorine bombs, the same that was in the Cargo years agos. Blaze talk again to magnus, telling him he finally had his revenge from Batumi (BSI ch1). But this wasn't enough for enough, he couldn't stop here. He needed Douglas to chance the balance definitely, because O'Reilly knew about all of these, all of those scheme, plus, Magnus had the proof to make ISD move again CI. sometimes later, Dawn was up again with Willow, they were tasked to get the Evocatii's Boss, they fought through Basra and Evocatii troops, getting O'Reilly and the final pieces that will lead to CI fall CI, aware of what happened, launch an desesperate assault against the ISD base at Latakia where Douglas was. Once Again, Magnus needed Help to avoid that, Dawn was up again for guard duty, breaking through CI troops to get Douglas and Fedor out of this hell As an unexpected surprise, O'Reilly told where Sebastian was... It was time for Magnus and ISD to give the final strike against CI The story branch in two part, an non canon one, and the canon one, for the sake of story telling, we will do the two way The first way, the "Dawn" way. After arriving at the CI main base, Alpha one decided to change plan drastically, they betrayed their former contractor Fedor and supported Magnus troops. Sebastian needed to die, here and now. Pushing throw the base and killing every single CI puppets they could come against, and learning more about the relation between Sebastian and Magnus, two former friends One became corrupted by the power of Clayburn industries... and the other one, straight into what he trusted. with the help of Dawn, Magnus send Sebastian three feet under the ground. Putting an end to Clayburn industries reign but... this didn't happened. Story took another way... Dawn betrayed their former friend, and decided to take the other path and stick to Fedor plan, those soldier were Alpha One. Not Dawn. They fought through the base, incapacitating most of their enemy, they could learn more about ISD relationship with CI, ISD was just a poor puppet used and abused to sebastian, Fedor and Alpha one put an end to this and arrested Sebastian,trying to escape... We follow the story with Moscow calling Some Year later, an big meet up with the main organization and ISD was made in Moscow, Alpha One was tasked with security with their former Friend Magnus... as you can expect, nothing got into the normal way. the Liberty Militia attacked the meetup, Alpha One, as always, protected the place with success, pushing back the militia but... something strange happened. Magnus was attacked by an "unknow" enemy... nobody knew who they were except Magnus, Enigma was here, after multiple years hiding in the shadows, they took action, they destroyed the Meetup building with one of their Superweapons but also captured magnus and killed our heroes... Alpha One was no more... At the same time, at Salzbourg, the PLM attacked the city, Hana, former ISD member fought against them with their troop giving time to resistance member to evacuate civilian and try to contact another resistance place.. this lead to a little cut into the Moscow calling story American dream happened in the same time as Moscow calling and follow the story of two heroes, Ryan and Austin Everything start when The Lions Of Nequiels attacked an American Resistant base, Ryan that passed by launched an assault to take back what they stole from them and tried to save the civilian, sadly, Austin explain to Ryan that the civilian were took to Denver, the Lions of Nequiel HQ. Ryan made the choice to launch an assault on Denver and clean it from the plague that the Lions was. The assault was successful, Ryan and Austin saved the civilian and the same time learned about where the civilian would have been taken if they didn't do anything to save them. Ryan and Austin launched an assault on the Enigma base they found. successfully holding the place against the NPAA, another Enigma Puppet. They also learned more about Magnus, and the Superweapons that destroyed the Meetup place in Moscow... this weapon was aimed at their base, the same destiny awaited them if they didn't tried to do anything. Nothing could be done from this base... but Austin found where the control of the Satellite Super weapon were. Area 51. Ryan gathered troops and launched an assault against Enigma base in the Area 51... He had a strange feeling when launching the assault, he felt, that it was his last fight. Ryan fought through the base, clock was ticking, time was running low. He rushed through the base, all guns blazing, with the hope of saving of saving his friend and innocent peoples. Enigma, as the last move, sent an Armada to stop Ryan. It wasn't enough to stop the American Hero, giving to Austin the chance to shut down the satellite and saving the US resistance... as a last will, Ryan asked his Friend to take the resistance soldier, douglas and what they found here to Russia, and try to end Enigma once and for all. Ryan died as a Hero, changing the balance of this hopeless war against an enemy far stronger than them Back to Moscow calling, Austin and Hana meet each other, the Resistance grew stronger, but they needed one guy. Magnus. Hana had one plan, but they needed Enigma stealth technology. With some of the troops they had, they launched an attack against an enigma Shipment, the ambush was a success... It was time to get Magnus. Hana and Austin equipped their tank with the Enigma stealth technology and sneaked in Moscow, the resistance was ready, they all waited for this, as the tanks uncloak, the guns started to fire, the battle was in full swing, Hana and her elite troops advanced toward the Moscow prison. Hana had a feeling of disgust and despair... seeing how moscow was transform, disfigured by Enigma. Her will to fight was stronger, once at the prison, she got Magnus and resistance troops out. Time was running out, resistance troops was crushed one by one by Enigma. Obviously, she had a plan, some of the resistance troops took over an enigma airfield, this was their only chance to get out of Moscow alive. Rushing to the airfield, magnus took over some AA turrets, Enigma sent a aerial warship to stop them, but this wasn't enough. The resistance was determined and galvanized by the rescue of Magnus. They shot down the airship and escaped with all the prisoner... Resistance was finallly ready to put an end to Enigma. This lead to the final part of our Story, SpiritHaven 2 or 3 year later, the Resistance arrived in Japan, they were searching for NPAA Leader, James Thodd Literall. Hana Lead the armored assault, Austin stayed behind and took care of the infantry assault. together they found and captured Literall... After beating up the bastard, The resistance knew where the Enigma Main base were, Shikotan, Magnus got there first, knowing the dark destiny that could await him... and maybe the others Wandering into the mist, he fought through NPAA guard. The NPAA troops started to be outnumbering, Magnus knew it. it was the place, Enigma HQ was here. Hana and Austin, worried tried to convince Magnus to retreat and wait for them. But Magnus was determined, he didn't wanted them to sacrifice their life fighting Enigma. He cut the communication... leaving Hana and Austin in the dark. The two resistance leaders rushed back to their base, Hana was convinced something happened to Magnus, she had the feeling he needed their Help, Austin was against the idea, he was sure about it, he betrayed them, he was a god damn traitor... As the fight continue, Hana fought the Enigma troops that seems endless while desperately convincing Austin to do something and help magnus, making him doubt about what he saw, and was he trust. This, surprisingly worked, Austin was up for saving Magnus. Hana, once again, took over an Enigma Airship and picked up Austin at the same time. The duo got to Shikotan... the night was here, the light from the HQ... it seemed like an gate to Hell, AA guns were silent... something was wrong. Hana rushed into the base while Austin were waiting in the enigma airship. This.. unexpected guest surprised not only Magnus but Blaze himself. The unexpected Temperament of Hana gave a chance to Magnus to finish Blaze once and for all. Our two heroes fought not only what it seems like an unlimited amount of Enigma troops but the Enigma Flagship, and creation armed to the teeth that could transport planes and tanks almost everywhere... Blaze was in there, and the only way to get him was to shoot down the flagship. With the help of Hana, Magnus shot the engine down... the impressive aerial ship was falling, marking the start of the end for Enigma. Hana and Magnus rushed in the Flagship. Ready to meet his destiny, Magnus left Hana to cover him, rushing toward the control room, killing any Enigma soldier standing in his way between him and Blaze. While Hana defended him, she could only hear shots and some bribe of talking. Hana started to worry, but also understand... Magnus will die here, it was his destiny. Shot echoing in the communication.. silence.. and the final order of Magnus. "Harper, get Hana, and get out of here! it's an order!" He accomplished his mission, stopped Enigma, and tried to protect this twisted world. Our two other heroes just had time to escape... Hana, looked at the Enigma HQ, going into dust, she had a last glance of sadness at the Magnus' tomb... "Farewell, Magnus." The surviving members of the resistance and their leader was now into the Unknown, no one knew what was next... And this, conclude the Story of Armored Warfare. (and no. I will not add Enigma Legacy Story >:( )
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    Hello all! Today will show you how to add shaders to AW. I want to thank Haswell for telling me about the program. This is very simple to install and easy to use. Important notes: - Some shaders, once enabled in game, may not let the game start after shutting it down, getting an error from the launcher. I don't know if the same happens on steam, but assume the same will happen. So I recommend testing. Enable some shaders, and then try to restart the game. To be able to start the game again, you have to uninstall the shaders, with the same program, and turn the game on again. After you can reinstall the ReShade. Update: Still not a fix, but bypasses the uninstall/reinstall thingy. If aw crashes with reshade the second time you launch it, go to your aw installation folder, bin64, and move the following files out of there(DO NOT DELETE THEM, ONLY MOVE THEM ELSEWHERE): https://imgur.com/DwEZqYZhttps://imgur.com/DwEZqYZ After, launch aw and close it again. You can now place the files back in bin64 and launch aw with reshades. This saves all presets and saves time reinstalling. Not a total fix, but works for now. - You should expect some fps drop, but a few enabled should work just fine. - Shaders affect UI. I have not found a way to not to. There are shaders that seem to target UI , but haven't found a way to make them work. Any help is appreciated. 1 --) First, we need the ReShade program. Just scroll down and you should find a large button: https://reshade.me/ 2 --) After downloading, just double-click. You should see the following: Click on the large rectangle ( 1 -> ). If you dont see Armored Warfare in step2, the you have to Browse it ( 2 -> ). A new window should open. Go to your AW folder and find bin64/armoredwarfare.exe ( 3 -> ). Just double click the exe file. 3 --) After selecting the exe file, you should get this image: Directly click on "Direct3D 10/11/12". 4 --) After you can select the shader packs you want to use. Feel free to use whichever you want. Per pack selected, a new window will appear afterwards with specific shaders you want to install. After the shaders download and instal, you can start the game. The shaders will be stored in the same folder as the exe file. Also, after successfully installing, you can change the shader’s folder path, and a few other settings. Uninstal and Update: If you want to uninstal or update the shaders, open the ReShade program like normal. Follow previous step 1, 2 and 3. After step 3, you will be asked if you want to uninstal or update. Click "uninstal" to delete all shaders, or "update" to re-download more shaders. Congratulations! You can now start the game. If you did not uncheck the "tutorial" box, you will be presented with a very small tutorial. To open the ReShade menu, you use the "Home" button. You can change this in settings. Just backspace and press the new key, or combo of keys. I also recommend adding a key bind to turn off shaders, "Effect toggle key" option. First option is to open/close the shader menu, and second to enable/disable the shaders. The following is where most modding will happen. May look different depending on what packs you selected to download, but the fundamentals are the same: The shaders you enable and edit will be saved in a preset. Currently, they are in "DefaultPreset". If you want to create a new preset, click on the + sign, top-right, and write its name. To activate a shader, click on the small box left to the shader name. When you press it, new info pops in the bottom part: In this example, I activated the "Vibrance" shade, that makes the colours pop more. In the bottom, new setting specific to each shader will be visible. Each shader will have different settings. They enable you to change how they affect the game. After selecting all the shaders you want to use, click on "Performance Mode", bottom right. This will "unite" all shaders together, which should make them run more efficiently. If you want to edit/add/remove etc shaders, just uncheck "Performance Mode" and do whatever you want to, but check again after. All should be done by now. There are a few others things in the ReShader, but these are the fundamentals. If I forgot something, I will edit this post. The following images are just a small compilation of the capabilities of this, to either make the game better looking, or something unique and fun. Have fun modding. And a small note, careful with the amount of bloom. Keep switching "Performance Mode" on/off to see how it affects the graphics. Memes: Edges only: Borderland/Anime outline: Blur and DoF: Several graphic shades:
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    This topic concerns the Thunderbird Bundles being sold on Black Friday. Specifically the three of them on the web shop marked with limited stock. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/offer-black-friday-0 If the stock counter looks phony to you, you're right. Examining the statements of limited stock reveals that they are literally just static text without any update functions. I'm not well versed in the laws of Netherlands, but conventional wisdom suggests this is probably skirting a bit too far with the law. I submitted a report to the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) anyways, this wouldn't hurt them if My.com is doing nothing wrong, but in case they are doing something wrong this can be considered a slap on the wrist. In case other people want to follow suit and also submit reports, here's my message for reference: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/Kasuobes/6a6331be9b2ad25e2c8d8fade8779437/raw/eb1aaef17ac8cbdb6d11b1021a5746ded0a1ef00/gistfile1.txt The Dutch Advertising Code can be found here: https://business.gov.nl/regulation/advertising/ BIG EDIT: ACM replied to me that misleading advertising is outside their scope and advised me to contact the Advertising Code Foundation (SRC) instead. Link to their online complaint form: https://www.reclamecode.nl/klacht-indienen/ Yes, it's also in Dutch. Not a big deal, Google Translate works.
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    Title says it all - 11 kills, tier 4 but I've come to learn there isn't that much difference in skill across the tiers with a lot of older players playing lowertiers. This match means that my Shilka is now level 3 flagged - It's a nice little addition to a fun tank :)
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    Imagine SPHINX lieutenants' view range. It can even spot you from another PvE mission!
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    Actually it's not an API but it's works like one. It parses player data from statistics page on armata.my.games and returns data in python dictionary(it's some kind of JSON). In order to use this library you need basic knowledge of Python and cookies from armata.my.games(because website just won't give page with statistics if you are not authorized) You can get library itself at it's github repo: https://github.com/lookandhate/ArmoredWarfareAPI There are actually instructions how to install and some examples. For now you can retrieve player stats from all 5 gamemods(including legacy Lords of War mode) and even specify tank if you don't want overall statistics.
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    Hello! I here decided to share screenshots of my old experiments on lighting on the Vista map. I have always disliked the hazy lighting on this map, so I decided to do some experiments. Original lighting: Noon with default fog: Unsettled late evening: Noon with customized lighting:
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    Source: https://old.reddit.com/r/ArmoredWarfare/comments/j4ovel/just_a_little_something/ Can confirm codes from both lists work. There are over 900 codes on each list, if you're unlucky enough to nab a used code just try another one. Backup read-only copy of the two lists in case they go poof or vandalized, since the originals weren't protected: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16ZV0PzjsLDwvv7VgXeHtBINZiRvXwEPP/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o0EY6ciKon2EjmK5TIKUAZ8kNDFAeH-q/view?usp=sharing Edit: code can be redeemed at your profile page on the AW webpage (log in first): https://aw.my.games/en/user
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    The requirements/mechanics should be identical to EL with one exception - the boxes are going away, there will be a normal BC shop instead
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    Apparently it's possible to meme your way through heroics
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    This makes me think of something... Why not release the lootboxes for sale from the start and offer the players the missions as currently implemented to get those crates and tell them that you're extra generous with the amount of boxes you can get for free because anniversary etc. Let the "normal" anniversary event have the BVP as main reward with some prem time and insignias or whatever (I mean that's a generous award for doing barely anything at all even I managed to fetch those ). I think that would have pissed off less players while making them look better in the end. Quite sure loads of players would have still done all the missions to get the crates and maybe be less salty bec there's no need for an empty promise.
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    ATTENTION: DEVS CAN PROHIBIT USE OF PROGRAM ANY TIME. SO IF IT HAPPENS I WILL UPDATE THIS POST WITH INFORMATION ABOUT IT'S FUTURE. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR GAME ACCOUNT BAN/YOUR PC BURNING DOWN. SO IF SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS - IT'S ALL ON YOU. Sup everyone. Today I'm releasing first Beta version of program that will broadcast your current map to your discord playing status. So far it shows only PvP and GLOPS maps only in English(i.e you can't set Russian level name due some SDK problems). To start program just double click on exe, you can download using link below (it does not matter do you launch it before or after starting the game). If you have found bug, either create an issue on github or write about the bug down below in this theme. Known issues so far: 1) PvE maps displays as NULL Some examples Download Create an issue
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    That's certainly BS. I don't know where all this salt is coming from, but according to your hate for PVP I suppose you're rarely (if ever) playing PVP in AW. Therefore I'm quite curious how you come to such a conclusion. I struggle to believe that PVE is a fairy-tale land with no toxic players whatsoever (as long as you're in a multiplayer game there will be toxic players, no matter what game or mode you play). Same goes for removing random battles and PVE for example. GLOPS would be way easier to balance Press X to doubt. Seems like I'm not an average PVP player then. Honestly, I think the game should head more towards PVE as well but removing entire modes from the game is not a solution at all. There's still a PVP playerbase around (if it only consists of "toxic garbage" remains yet to be proven )
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    Regarding the PvP focus... initially (we're talking 2011-2012), the considerations were basically twofold. Apart from the obvious stuff mentioned by you guys above (players themselves being the content): 1) PvP is interesting for streaming. Nobody wants to watch the same PvE missions over and over but skilled PvP, now that's more like it. Essentially, with some very specific exceptions that we did not classify for at the time (MMORPG - hardcore raiding), you don't get a big audience by streaming PvE. They hoped to grow the content creator community this way. 2) In the beginning, they specifically hoped to expand the playerbase by inviting harcore PvP clans from WoT over (aka "unicums"). The rationale was that these clans had established fanbases and very little churn. If they crossed over and the PvP environment was interesting enough, they'd form a very stable playerbase core. The fact that I don't generally like PvP elitists is well-known and I was advising strongly against 2) for a few reasons. For one, hardcore PvP players rarely (almost never) take into account the needs of wider populace. They want as much skill-based gameplay as possible (logically, they want to show their skilly), which tends to lead to very niche gameplay that's not interesting for anyone else. WoT specifically became successful because it offered very casual experience in the beginning. But, more importantly, hardcore playerbase isn't instant noodles. It doesn't come pre-packaged by taking it from somewhere else. It has to grow from the roots. Easy come, easy go, they say - and this is one of the biggest cases where I was proven right. The logical happened - these clans (like RSOP and a few others) did come over, they kinda enjoyed the game, but soon started having demands that were incompatible with the vision of the game as a casual experience. Their demands were not met and so they left. The rest packed up when PvP first on the NA server and then on the EU server collapsed. Of course the whole shitshow with Obsidian didn't help. Regarding the streamers, this too practically collapsed in the west with the demise of PvP queues. The most harmful thing here was the death of the NA PvP queues because most - if not all - great streamers we used to have (who weren't paid) were Americans. This is important because... let's face it. Everyone wants to listen to people with pleasant voices and good English. Streamers are mostly entertainers, they don't even have to be good players (see Jingles for example). When the Americans and English went, the community contributor scene mostly collapsed. We still have dedicated streamers, even good ones like Spitfire, but their views are generally very low. The same happened with the Russians to a degree, only not as bad because their PvP never truly collapsed. But all "influential" (and I am using that loosely, we're talking about guys with single and low thousands of views per video) people on their side are old players (Zuberg, Snake, Chavez mostly). There's nobody new and our playerbase is too small to grow a truly big influencer. Influencers are results, not reasons games get successful. So why am I telling you all this? Because making games has a LOT of inertia. The Mail.ru development team was tuned to this kind of thinking, that's the people there were around when the direction was kept and the people who are around now are the veterans of that era. AW is a five year old game now (a decade if we're talking the initial development phase, which was very long). Changing directions is very, very very hard. Plus you have guys who are good at what they do, with years of experience, at this. At PvP tuning. This all came together in the 0.33 rebalance.
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    As I am a bit bored I'd like to assemble a List containing vehicles that are currently OP or at least very strong. I'll just list the vehicles that come to my mind. If you'd like to propose a new very strong/OP tank, feel free to use my format below. Of course in this list I'm not talking about stock vehicles, but about fully equipped vehicles for maximum abuse. I note in which modes it performs exceptionally well (because some vehicles are balanced for one mode, while they're not in all the others). I aswell use the "OP-Level" To indicate how OP it is: OP-Level : Description Just a bit too strong : Good players can take advantage of it, but it does not necessarily need a nerf Normal : Would need a nerf, but does usually not compromise the game experience for other players Ridiculous : Needs some serios nerfs. Compromises the game experience for other players Player-Level: Description Low Skill : This vehicle performs good even in the hands of a noob Average : This vehicle at least needs an average player to perform as described Pro : This vehicle needs a fairly decent player to perform as described Ok let's start: LAV-150 Tier: 2 Class: AFV Premium: No "It might not seem like it but this little buggy can do some serious damage" Modes: PVP/PVE OP-Level: Just a bit too strong Player-Level: Average Remedy: None DPM is everything in the low tier bracket (As you only face Bots regardless of PVE or PVP). This tank basically only gets limited by its low ammo capacity. Other than kinda shitty VR it provides everything necessary to control the battle. M113 ACAV Tier: 3 Class: TD Premium: No "The classic newb-stomper mostly used by people who aren't competitive in the higer tiers" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: less camo, less HEAT dmg and pen This ugly toaster with a gun on a stick is the worst you can face as a PVP newbie in AW. Its great camo combined with its ridiculous HEAT round that belongs to T5 and not T3, makes it the preferred vehicle for low skilled sealclubbing platoons. M50 Ontos Tier: 4 Class: TD Premium: Yes "HEP and 6 recoilless guns seem to be a great combination" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Pro Remedy: increase salvo reload, and make it useful for longer ranges Probably not the vehicle that pops up first on a list of OP-Vehicles in AW, but it surely is. Its HEP ammo deals a great amount of damage in close range. With the six guns you're able to deal a whopping 3k dmg within 2s. Sounds fun. Yes it is actually but not for the enemy. Begleitpanzer 57 Tier: 5 Class: LT Premium: Both "The baguette Panzer" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Just a bit too strong Player-Level: Pro Remedy: None If played correctly it is a force to be reckoned with. TOW ATGM with 57mm gun is no Joke. With its great mobility a skilled player can easily defeat better armored opponents. Type 74 Tier: 5 Class: MBT Premium: Yes "Simply compare it to a Leopard 1A5" Modes: PVP/(PVE) OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: reduce turret armor, reduce camo This tank is everything the Leo 1A5 wanted to be. 3 round ready rack with a decent burst of 1.5k damage already makes it strong compared to the MBT competition. What sets it apart is the combination of a good turret armor with an adjustable suspension, which allows for some good abuse if you know the maps. VBL Tier: 5 Class: AFV Premium: Both "The buggy of doom - Statpadders choice" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: less camo, slightly nerf weapon systems This is the statpadding vehicle in AW. Again it seems to have similarities to the M113 ACAV as it features ridiculous camo and overall spotting capabilities. On top of that it features two very capable weapon systems. Use the auto cannon for the PELE memes or just stick to the strong ATGM launcher. Best results if combined with OPhelia or Erin. XM247 Tier: 5 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "I guess you can already smell the scent of P2W" Modes: PVP, PVE, GLOPS OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Low Skill Remedy: reduce AP pen, remove PELE, reduce HP This is a good example of why 210mm pen on a tier 5 auto cannon is not a good idea. This is simply P2W, there's not much else to say about it (Just wait until it gets available in the shop). Definitely one of the tanks that can easily ruin your day in AW. C13 TUA Tier: 6 Class: TD Premium: No "Awww. Such a cute tank... I mean seriously. Just look at it!" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Just a bit too strong Player-Level: Average Remedy: remove infantry, slightly increase salvo reload Most people hate it because of the long ass reload animation. But let's get real here: It is damn strong. The nearly double shot mechanics deal high burst damage. It's got infantry which grants you an extra damage boost while doing nothing at all. Great mobility and spotting capabilities make it a preferred TD for tier 6. MT-LB S8 Strela Tier: 6 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "Noo you can't just delete an MBT within seconds... Haha rocket pods go brrrr" Modes: PVP, GLOPS OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Low Skill Remedy: disable OPhelia for this tank, prohibit troll platoons, restrict matches to max 1 strela per team This is the choice for troll-platoons in the T5-7 bracket. Its super duper high burst damage combined with HEAT MP warheads make it annoying in PVP. But things get even worse if you end up in GLOPS with those things as enemies. It's easy to dominate every GLOPS battle with this dpm monster and a good reason to not play GLOPS in this tier bracket at all. OPhelia gives this vehicle an even higher buff making it one of the most broken tanks in the whole game. Scorpion Kastet Tier: 6 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "Some people use to hate it after its ATGM were nerfed a bit" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Pro Remedy: increase ATGM salvo reload, reduce ATGM pen If you ever felt useless just imagine being a Sabre. This thing basically renders all other spotting AFVs in tier 6 obsolete. Its a small target featuring superior mobility (it goes as fast in reverse as it does in forward speed) and spotting capabilities. What really sets it apart is the weapon system. It features two very strong ATGM with high pen and damage. The ATGMs are amongst the most agile ones in the game and make it quite easy to abuse it for shooting over obstacles while staying behind cover. Its auto cannon is not to be messed with and only limited by the low ammo capacity. Seon'gun-915 Tier: 6 Class: MBT Premium: Yes "If this is what devs deem to be balanced we're doomed." Modes: PVP, GLOPS, (PVE) OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: increase waepon switch time, increase ATGM salvo reload, reduce mobility, remove tandem warhead May I introduce you to the tank that renders all other MBTs in tier 6 useless? Kim would be really proud of this. Merging two weapon systems that would still be good on their own is not really my perception of the term "balance". Featuring strong and agile ATGM in combination with the gun allows it to be the burst king of the tier 6 MBTs. Featuring OK armor combined with ridiculous LT-level mobility it leaves much room to use ridiculously abusive tactics. Taifun 2 Tier: 6 Class: TD Premium: Yes "The HEAT turtle" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Just a bit too strong Player-Level: Pro Remedy: slightly reduce camo and HEAT damage If used correctly the Taifun can become a serious pain in the ass. Featuring high damage HEAT and quite fast reload. It not only possesses nice firepower but as well good camo and mobility. A very special vehicle that is appreciated by good Players. BWP 2000 Tier: 7 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "OP since day one, but nobody really cares" Modes: PVP, GLOPS OP-Level: normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: remove infantry, increase missile salvo reload An overall great spotter with very strong weapon system. The ATGM don't look amazing on paper but in the game they are devastating. As this vehicle received infantry it's OP state is even worse than before. Type 90 Tier: 7 Class: MBT Premium: Yes "This is the vehicle that makes the Leopard 2 cry in the night" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: reduce LFP armor, reduce accuracy, increase reload The MBT of choice in tier 7. It's like a leopard 2 but it does everything better. Active suspension allows for some nasty plays as the only weakspot is the LFP. If you happen to be hightier you'll face plenty of tanks that cannot even pen your LFP. Ramka 99 Tier: 8 Class: TD Premium: No "Awful grind. But it just gets better with every module unlock." Modes: PVE OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: reduce DPM While it's not really a super duper PVP/GLOPS vehicle PVE is where it really shines. Only surpassed by its brother the mod. 2017. The insane DPM combined with capable ATGM and armor make it a good choice for PVE. BMPT 2017 Tier: 8 Class: TD Premium: Yes "Invincible sidearmor? check. Way too high DPM? check. OP? check." Modes: PVP, PVE, GLOPS OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Low Skill Remedy: drastically reduce sidearmor, reduce DPM So you want a Terminator mod. 2000 or Ramka 99 but better? Then this is the vehicle you've been waiting for. Featuring invincible sidearmor and good armor in general it's guaranteed to bounce a lot. With 4 strong ATGM (that would better belong to T9) and 2 high DPM auto cannons it is perfect for some occasional PVE carry or some troll platoon in PVP. Dragun 125 Tier: 8 Class: LT Premium: No "Is it a good idea to put a 125mm gun on a BMP?" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Just a bit too strong Player-Level: Pro Remedy: none This is how a MBT gun on a LT feels like. 125mm gun with fast reload and high damage is not something to mess with. Featuring excellent mobility infantry and spotting capabilities it is one of the best T8 LTs. Griffin 50mm Tier: 8 Class: AFV Premium: No "An auto cannon that easily pens MBTs frontally" Modes: PVP, PVE, GLOPS OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: reduce pen, reduce camo This is the Terminator for people with tight budget. It's auto cannon featuring a high basepen of 240mm (which even scales up for the two following shots) makes it the deadliest auto cannon in tier 8. The excellent elevation angles combined with an unmanned turret allow for decent hulldown tactics. The tacticam system boosts the camo considerably making it a capable spotter aswell. K21 Tier: 8 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "Basically a Marder but faster" Modes: PVP, PVE, GLOPS OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: reduce AP damage An AFV that mainly relies on its auto cannon. High penetration and damage make it chew easily through enemy metal. Its mobility compensates for the lack of armor and the top-attack ATGM are a good measure for special occasions. Again a quite capable spotter that renders its progression tree competition useless. M-95 Degman Tier: 8 Class: MBT Premium: Yes "120mm with sub 5.5s reload? Seems legit" Modes: PVP, PVE, GLOPS OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: increase 120mm reload, slightly reduce mobility The chad of the tier 8 MBTs. Superb mobility with a sub 5.5s reload 120mm main gun make it dominate the other MBTs. Just FYI it's got decent armor too! If you know how to use HEAT you can buff your damage to exorbitant levels. Marder 2 Tier: 8 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "The PELE spitter" Modes: (PVP), PVE, GLOPS OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Low Skill Remedy: reduce PELE efficiency It's like the K21 with a bit less mobility and no ATGMs. It's autocannon is where it shines. Brute DPM and PELE ammo make it a superb damage dealer. Capable armor against aut-cannons and a decent amount of HP make it quite a solid tank. Pindad Tier: 8 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "If Satan was a vehicle this would be it" Modes: PVP, GLOPS OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: implement a min range of 65m for the launcher, disable OPhelia for this tank, prohibit troll platoons, restrict matches to max 1 Pindad per team The older brother of the strela is clearly the most toxic vehicle that's in the game currently. Its HE salvos deal more than 1.5k dmg to MBTs frontally and obliterate anything that's not on a MBT level of armor. Its curved missile trajectory allow for ridiculous plays making you nearly invincible while dumping your salvos. If you want to piss off your enemies and make them ragequit this is the vehicle for you. VCAC Mephisto Tier: 8 Class: TD Premium: No "My favorite missile dumpster" Modes: PVP, GLOPS OP-Level: Just a bit too strong Player-Level: Pro Remedy: remove hard-Kill APS, nerf triple 360° smoke A vehicle that requires some skill to make it work. But when it does it can easily do solo PVP carrys. The doubleshot ATGM launcher with HEAT MP allow it to oneshot lots of AFVs and TDs and deal significant damage to other targets. Its superb mobility combined with a great spotting potential make it a perfect choice for players who like to control the battle. AS21 Tier: 9 Class: AFV Premium: No "Double mortars - Double fun" Modes: PVP, GLOPS, PVE OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: reduce armor against auto cannons, reduce VR The alpha infantry carrier. The double mortar makes it one of the more annoying enemies to fight. Featuring super strong armor against auto cannons and a very strong auto cannon as armament it is already a very strong tank. It's viewrange is very good compensating for the lack of camo. B1 Draco Tier: 9 Class: TD Premium: No "AA gun versus tanks" Modes: (PVP), GLOPS, PVE OP-Level: Just a bit too strong Player-Level: Pro Remedy: none Dealing 2.5k dmg with one salvo you really don't want to have one face your side armor. It's not as easy to use as other tanks but patience will be rewarded with this tank. Good players are able to perform very well in it. Leclerc T40 Tier: 9 Class: TD Premium: Yes "So you want to increase your WR without any effort? This is the perfect vehicle for it" Modes: PVP, GLOPS, PVE OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Low Skill Remedy: nerf DPM, reduce HP You miss the Termi 2017 from tier 8? Don't worry My.games got you covered! A vehicle that's often taken as a prime example for the definition of OP or P2W. Featuring a ridiculously strong auto cannon in combination with good mobility and strong armor it allows for easy and brainless rush-tactics. Best results in PVP/GLOPS are achieved in a triple statpadder platoon best combined with OPhelia. Stryker ADATS Tier: 9 Class: TD Premium: Yes "Feels like the Hellfire, just more mobile and better versatility" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: nerf salvo reload of ATGM We all love the Stryker platform. But the ADATS takes it to another level. Six very strong and fast ATGM fired in fast succession combined with good mobility is all you wish for as an ATGM lover. For increased versatility it features kinetic rockets to finish off enemies or deal with some noob AFV who tries to rush you. CATTB Tier: 10 Class: MBT Premium: Yes "Y u nerf mah CATTB. I paid good money for it" Modes: PVP, GLOPS OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: remove double tap, reduce LFP armor against AP, reduce mobility The prime example of how to easily start a shitshow. The prime example of how to not nerf a tank. The prime example of why you can't balance double tap MBTs. Its armor is still at ridiculous levels against AP if used properly. The double tap makes it deal 2k damage within the fraction of a second. C'mon you could've forseen this :( T15 Armata Tier: 10 Class: TD Premium: No "The holy grail for russian bias believers" Modes: GLOPS, PVE OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Low Skill Remedy: nerf DPM, remove active APS, remove infantry The king of PVE for sure. If you ever need to carry hard. This is the vehicle of choice. Featuring superb dpm, strong ATGM, strong armor and decent mobility it's the kind of tank that doesn't have any disadvantages. Type 10 Tier: 10 Class: MBT Premium: Yes "Yet another BP vehicle. Very suspicious" Modes: PVP, GLOPS, PVE OP-Level: Normal Player-Level: Average Remedy: nerf salvo reload, add penalty to insta ammo swap, remove partial reload, reduce camo This one seems to be better balanced than our fellow CATTB. It still features ridiculous burst damage with a salvo reload of 2s and a magazine of 4 shells. Partial reload allows for a very fast reload time. Its strong armor combined with the very good mobility will make it one of the meta tanks in Tier 10. Object 490 Tier: 10 Class: MBT Premium: Yes "The invincible door wedge" Modes: PVP, GLOPS OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Average Remedy: nerf LFP armor, drastically reduce side protection against HEAT This post apocalyptic fantasy tank is the wet dream of people who like armor. If played properly it is invincible frontally. If you use HEAT as your main ammo, you're out of luck today. Its ability to drive even with broken tracks and its superb speed in general make it a top tank to mitiligate damage and block important paths. Shadow Tier: 10 Class: AFV Premium: Yes "I am invisible" Modes: PVP OP-Level: Ridiculous Player-Level: Pro Remedy: reduce camo, increase camo penalty for shooting If you ever faced a capable Shadow player in PVP, you know that it can be abused to ridiculous levels. It's nearly invisible and a superb spotter. It's weapon system is capable to deal the damage needed at the right time in the battle.
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    https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/storyline-campaign-episode-1-results-0 Morale to the fuckin moon baby! Also more than a hundred to the ep2 tally
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    A story in pictures: Not shown: I started off the reroll spree with 54k coins. Got lucky with a few big coin drops, but I was still bleeding coins slowly until I found Shield Bitch.
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    So they actually kept the "You won't get ZTQ-15 parts in ZTQ-15 crates" mechanics even when buying crates for real money. That's scummy even for game industry. EA or Activision would be proud. e: just checked the event text, it says This vehicle is available via Loot Crates, which drop ZTQ-15 parts. However, it turns out it they do not actually always drop that.
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    To be fair, while not intended - I still think it should remain as it stands. Some peeps want the classic visuals and don't want to see all the new skins or camos.
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    First of, this is written to get vehicles, but, when you modify the file type, can be used on all models files of Armored Warfare. The unpacking part should be clear, just, that instead of "just" the one textures file, you need way more (resources.pak number 6-10,15-22,24-40 all contain vehicles for example, and then you dont have the textures. at all. so no normal maps or anything, just the encrypted models). After unpacking, you take this tool from the Link and combining it with a .bat file that contains cgf-converter.exe *.cgf cgf-converter.exe *.chr cgf-converter.exe *.cga and then you execute that bat file, after which you can find all the unlocked dae files in their respective folders, and these you can just import into for example blender For the textures, you need the attached files from the archive to stitch them back together, then you have "normal" dds files, but older versions of paint.net may not open them. <More on texturing here, once i figured that out for sure> AW Rip Tools.zip
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