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  1. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/rise-dragon-battle-path-part-4-marines We are again at the conundrum of a tier 9, even if a shitty tier 9, being very likely cheaper than a tier 7 and tier 8. I will also note that this will again be the cheapest and easiest way to get into heroics.
  2. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/rise-dragon-battle-path-part-4-marines I don't like the blue too much even if it made sense IRL, bright blue camo just looks gnarly in the game.
  3. First rounds of questions are closed, second round begins now! Questions selected for the first round:
  4. SS is looking for some feedback regarding commanders. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdlYE3J2hqtZ4DFErTzOjXlIytkcGD5-3Pna-0eUdW0hB8DJg/viewform To give a full design doc on the poll would be way too long, so I just summarized some of the key issues I see with the current commander system: 1. Too many useless skills. Their effects are either too minor to make any significant gameplay difference for their investment cost, or are overshadowed by other commanders with better skills entirely. All skills, even with different tiering, should have some noticeable effects and significant use cases. 2. Too many commanders overlapping each other and competing in the same niches, and subsequently powercreeping each other. All commanders should be useful in their intended roles, and there are more than enough roles still unfilled in the game for the currently less useful commanders to be overhauled towards. 3. The grid-based skill system is littered with the illusion of choice, despite the many possible skill builds on each commander there are very few variations for useful builds. This relates to the problem of too many useless skills. Consider adopting a more linear skill system, with limited branching for skill build variations while keeping the variations also practical and competitive. 4. Commanders take a very long time to progress through their levels, costing just shy of 19 million XP to fully level up. This makes the commander system the longest, most tedious and potentially most expensive grind in the game. Shorten the grind, reduce the number of skills on each commander but also make them more significant. 5. The chain of command mechanic, when operating in tandem with the already extremely long commander progression, only serves to make the initial grind to fully level two commanders even longer. If you want to keep players invested in the game, try a different mechanic that doesn't force such long grinds on players while giving very minimal return.
  5. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-ztl-11 It's basically the ST-1 at tier 9, very very bland and boring. No really, even if the ZTL is somehow a monster at DPM it will still suffer due to the rest of the vehicle being average to subpar. View range and camo looks middling at best, not to mention it has wheels which automatically makes it less mobile than the ZTQ-15 and Ghost. Meh.
  6. Reposting from Discord: TheGreenTank: In the short term, are there any plans or 'drawing board ideas' to revisit AI issues? Such as the AI spawn tables (e.g. the presence of the 'fragile' and 'superior' vehicles breaking tier balance and no longer serving the original purpose of providing target variety, as the game has more than enough vehicles now), AI spawn locations and objective priorities (e.g. where they appear, where they move to), AI movement behavior (e.g. spinning and turning in place for no particular purpose), AI targeting behavior (especially regarding ATGMs), the quantity and characteristics of "Lieutenant" spawns (e.g. Ghost Hunter...)? In a similar vein, are there any plans to update and revamp the PvE missions that have remained untouched since their original iteration in 2015-2016? Including mission structure, objectives and side objectives, size of the maps used, and the quality of the maps themselves? How possible is it, if at all, that the physics modeling in the current game engine will be revisited, improved upon, or even redone if necessary to reach a higher standard? In the longer term, how committed is the current team to maintaining the Wargaming-style tier-grind-ad-nauseum model, where there's little goal of the game besides reaching an arbitrarily high number of games in a given period of time? Do they have any ideas on what else they could try with the game that are at least on a drawing board? Or building it into a new title if necessary? Fuchsin Pfeffer: After the successes regarding various Air Defense vehicles being added, and especially due to two being tier 9 and a single tier 10 (not forgetting the various low tier ones), is it within the potential future plans for trying to look into additional Air Defense vehicles e.g. Gepard, Marksman, and etc. And more specifically did you expect them to have done as well as they have, or did you expect them to add little to nothing? Data-Zero: Are there any plans with SPG's/artillery in general?
  7. Object 640 HEAT shells also got penetration buffs, from the former 870mm to the current 950mm. Occurred some time in the past two months.
  8. Some questions copied over from the AL Discord: Fuchsin Pfeffer: In Regards to ATGM systems such as the TOW and MILAN systems on turreted vehicles, is there a distinct difficulty in having a secondary moving turret on the first? E.G. Milan launcher moving up or down with the gun ala Terminator turret system Stratzi: Did the last raid perform as expected? How did it perform and will we actually see another one in the future? IvoDS: How many levels is the new BP going to be (like the T-15K or the previous BPs)? Simolens: What vehicles are gonna be added in the BP shop? Azdule: Are there any plans to have an overhaul of balance to older tanks? Currently they seem to be left behind with the constant increase in abilities and features of the new shiny premium tanks, making tech tree tanks either very niche or obsolete Are there plans to actually bring the balance of the game to be consistent across the board, or was it intended that the game balance is split between low and high tier? Examples of this are tier 5/6 tanks being better armored, higher dmg/pen, top speed, VR than tier 7/8's. Also things like fast switch being applied to all lower tier tanks, but only a few types of tank at high tiers When can we stop having to actually double check every patch to see what errors have slipped in (stealth changes)? Is there something we can do to highlight these issues, other than reporting to you, you escalate, we then get told we are wrong? If you could go back in time and change a single 'thing' in the game (rebalance patch, decision, idea, lootbox etc) what would it be any why? If you could add any single tank to the game, no questions asked, fingers clicked and it's done and as you imagine it, what would it be any why? *And why is it a tier 11 Maus* Do you think the game will get to a point where there are tier 11 & 12 ? Qbicle: Some of the documentations on game mechanics are like armour and ammo are either somewhat hard to find or are outdated on the official website, and given that there's probably no relevant devs around to ask due to changes in dev teams, is it still possible to go over them again in the future? Some of them are not fully understood by players, and it feels like it's up to us to figure them out ourselves.
  9. So... this is something that probably came way too late, but here is going to be a hopefully productive project for the AW community. In collaboration with SilentStalker, I've decided to start a regular Q&A feature between the community and the AW staff. The rules are simple: post questions here that you would like SS to answer, every month (or sooner if there's high demand) I will select 20 questions to forward to SS for him to answer and I shall publish his responses. Everybody are free to ask and/or repeat as many questions as they like, and I'll try to select the questions that would give us the most informative and discussion values. If you find some interesting questions from various Discord servers, feel free to repost them here too. Tips: don't ask closed-ended, yes or no question. It's boring to see a bunch of "will X be added to the game?" questions. ---- The cutoff for the first round of questions will be July 11, or sooner if we get a ton of questions. I will post in this thread to indicate the cutoff for this round and the start of the next.
  10. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/rise-dragon-battle-path-part-3-rapid-development The camos look nice, but I'm starting to see a trend here with the skins: they are literally just flat base paints with some decals baked in. I have to question why the "545" isn't just a decal, even if the default decal placements are very shoddy.
  11. Probably identical to the 99A2-140. Not terribly exciting to be frank.
  12. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-ztz-20 I have the strangest feeling right now, that the still unreleased 99B will end up powercreeping the ZTZ-20 or compete very heavily with it. ZTZ-20 looks very much like a PvP-oriented tank since WP does very little in PvE, but at the same time it just looks so... boring. I just have so little excitement at the prospect of another 99A2 clone.
  13. What's this, a vehicle review? After so long? Yes, because the 225 actually interested me enough to review it. The 225 could be obtained through the 3 week long mini marathon event, where you had to achieve 3 wins every day in any game mode for 17 days (out of 21 days allotted). It's a fairly easy task and a lot of people already got the 225. As of the time of this post there are still 4 days remaining, if you haven't had time to play for the past three weeks... you might be able to get the 225 in the BP coin shop hopefully. Forgive my potato graphics. Firepower: very competitive With 880 alpha HEAT and 680 alpha AP, the Object 225 sits at the higher end of tier 6 MBTs in terms of single shot damage just above the usual 125mm guns. What sets the 225 apart is its very fast reload even with the higher alpha, barely 0.2s longer than the T-72B and pushes its DPM to a very competitive 7.7k with my config. This is even comparable to the Merkava 2B and XM1, both of which do boast higher DPM but with far lower alpha. In terms of gun handling, the Object 225 has the usual Russian depression and elevation angles, more than enough to handle most terrain in the game and not restricting at all. Its accuracy is slightly lower than its peers (possibly a mild attempt at balancing), but not enough to make any significant difference in practice. The long aim time on the other hand is very noticeable, but it looks worse on paper than it actually is in practice. I personally don't feel the need to improve the aim time any further beyond the usual gunner skills, but you do you. Tip: if you feel cheeky you can also load some HE shells for rear shots and high damage memes, since the 225 also has the mobility to take advantage of flanking tactics. Protection: good enough even for aggressive play Frequent players of Chinese MBTs will be no stranger to the frontal armor profile of the Object 225. Decently strong upper plate, weak lower plate, keep wiggling and try to seek hulldown positions. Or you can just use your overwhelming firepower to remove enemies before they can damage you too much. Upper plate resistant up to 750mm pen AP, somewhat weak turret ring against 900mm pen HEAT. Keep in mind these are already some of the highest penetration values you will face at tier 6, so the armor is actually very reliable in practice against most enemies. Lower plate starts being iffy against 450mm pen AP and 750mm pen HEAT, just try not to get shot at there. Note the ammo rack on the right lower quadrant. Mobility: pretty good for something with such a big gun and armor Thanks to its gas turbine engine, the Object 225 has excellent mid-range acceleration compared to vehicles using diesel engines. While the performance on paper doesn't look too impressive compared to the T-80B and XM1, the 225 also includes the Override ability for a short but very significant acceleration boost. This is most useful in short sprints and allowing the 225 to gain a flying start over its peers in drag races. Smart use of the Override ability can make the 225 one of the most mobile MBTs at tier 6. Vision control: there shouldn't be any reason why I should be commenting on this, and yet here we are. The Object 225 matches the Merkava 2B for having the highest view range out of all the tier 6 MBTs, but that's not the reason I'm talking about vision control here. The camo is why I'm here. That's right, you can play the 225 like a grown-up Sheridan if you want to. Obviously it won't be the most effective at this role, but there are PvP memes to be made here. Misc. recommendations: Commander: whichever MBT commander you prefer. Cortez for 1k alpha memes. Erin for camo memes. Crew skills: Driver: terrain resistance, hull traverse Gunner: aim time, turret traverse Consumables: gas, repair kit, med kit. The usual. Retrofits: breech, filters, optics. Also the usual. Conclusion: a very good tier 6 MBT that is also strangely well-balanced in this day and age.
  14. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/community-survey-armored-warfare I wonder what good the survey will do this time...
  15. This mod upgrades the T-62 chassis to the T-62M1 standard (basically T-62M without missiles) by adding applique armor to the hull front and sides. Rear fuel tanks are also added to the existing mounting points for better eye candy. Mod download: https://mega.nz/file/cBhW0STR#qLd-qis_sZgOkdBTpW4D0WMyik9c7tpJsAOyV1FvPRE The base T-62 model also receives the turret greebles from the Tiran 6, enjoy your extra storage and non-functional dakka! Because the Tiran 6 already has ERA covering the front hull, I decided not to add the applique armor on it as to not cover the ERA. Instead it receives a set of Storm-styled mine plows (taken from the Type 99B) to differentiate it better from the T-62M1: The actual T-62M also received fuel tanks, because why not? Vehicles modified: T-62 Tiran 6 T-62M IT-1 Mod download: https://mega.nz/file/cBhW0STR#qLd-qis_sZgOkdBTpW4D0WMyik9c7tpJsAOyV1FvPRE Installation instructions: this mod will persist across any future game updates and patches, there is no need to modify any other files. To uninstall, simply delete the mod files. Legalese and stuff: You may freely use and redistribute this mod and perform any additional modifications as you see fit. Please attribute the author (me) when redistributing the mod, and provide the address of this thread as the source of the mod. You may NOT monetize this mod or any part thereof.
  16. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/rise-dragon-battle-path-part-2-building-pla
  17. Some more info from SS. All the proposed characteristics sound pretty useless to me, or that they are very PvP-oriented. Still no info on the ZTL-11.
  18. The inscription probably got moved to the hull from the chassis because it was on the ERA blocks that could be destroyed. I'm more bothered by the fact that the skin is incredibly bare and boring, it's just a flat base paint with three Chinese characters on it. @boymahina123 made this awesome edit of the promo pic.
  19. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/rise-dragon-battle-path-part-1-wartime-china At least now we know for sure what the BP vehicles will be. Also, more info from SS:
  20. @HetzerGonnaHetz As requested, my mod of Tobiichi's mod: https://mega.nz/file/MUYGASpQ#v2iF0ZIiJEoGMTg89ZDtwDB7cYF6Y-jBCZg4qE8fwgQ
  21. As the title says. The sideskirt model used is from the Magach 7C, boxes and other greebles from the M60A1 USMC skin. I'm fairly conservative when it comes to model modding, as I personally don't like it when models stray too far away from their actual hitboxes or lead to visual confusions. Vehicles modified: M48 M60 M60A1 M60A2 M60A3 Magach 5 Magach 6B Magach 7A Magach 7C M60-2000 Sabra Mk. 2 XM247 M48 GAU-8 Mod download: https://mega.nz/file/BcYzlb7I#fJGOVvSL_koMvdLwHmcI85sIHqnxMa3pZ8RJhRpvqrg Most of them look the same so I won't bother posting every single screenshot. Installation instructions: this mod will persist across any future game updates and patches, there is no need to modify any other files. To uninstall, simply delete the mod files. Legalese and stuff: You may freely use and redistribute this mod and perform any additional modifications as you see fit. Please attribute the author (me) when redistributing the mod, and provide the address of this thread as the source of the mod. You may NOT monetize this mod or any part thereof.
  22. Some new renders, courtesy of PanzerSofa: https://vk.com/wall-102237486_281648?lang=en
  23. As confirmed previously from the Chinese leak, the next BP will be Chinese-themed. Still no dates though. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/summer-dragon In case anybody is wondering if the 99B will be included in the BP:
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