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  1. Welcome! Be sure to also join our clan Discord server (https://discord.gg/Zrq6sxBPAr) to keep up with our latest news and information on ranked! Completely optional, but highly recommended.
  2. This is why the BP coin shop got changed.
  3. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-041-now-available
  4. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-ebrc-jaguar
  5. Good sound mods are one thing I simply cannot play without now, I already forgotten what vanilla sounds like.
  6. It's still there, just not showing up every day and subject to the 2hr long rotation cycles. Here is an excellent guide by @Vadim
  7. BP will very likely be extended by at least 10 days.
  8. Nothing much actually changed for the game in 2022. no major rebalance passes literally just one single new map (Wages of Sin) that is honestly quite good Perihelion reboot that had no in-game integration BP bonanza Premium vehicle spam That's about it. Maybe 2023 will bring something worth being truly excited.
  9. Because for the most part, historical wars have not been heavily focused on tank combat. In the few occasions where there were major tank action they also didn't last long enough to fill out a whole narrative over a few months. Historical-themed maps can work for sure (but limiting vehicles you can play has its own issues too), but this won't work for a full length BP. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure there weren't any T-72s in Vietnam. Reenacting historical battles with non-historical vehicles feels weird to me. One thing I do want to see is the contract system featuring more lore elements, so the missions don't feel like they exist solely for gameplay. Every BP we've had so far did not feel like there were a lot of lore involved, no doubt about that. I think all the lore elements got removed from BPs after SH (the Asian BP), so we ended up with grindfests that had nothing to do with the lore itself. It would be nice if future BPs return to actually having lore involved so they don't feel like cheap cashgrabs. One thing I do want changed for BPs is their investment cost. Currently they are strictly pay2grind or paymore2grindless, it would be nice if BPs can be separated into free and paid tiers so that players who are only interested in the lore can still participate, and if they want more rewards such as high tier premium vehicles and the coin shop they will need to pay for access.
  10. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/armored-warfare-two-worlds
  11. Turns out the new map is NOT in the game yet.
  12. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/update-040-now-available
  13. Coming in mid-November, if it doesn't get delayed for one reason or another. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-centurion-avre
  14. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/historical-camouflages-british-mcdcs The camo itself isn't too interesting, but now we know the next contract will be British-themed with a British vehicle most likely. Other than that, not much info. It goes without saying that you should get your Arjun soon before it goes away.
  15. Interesting note is that the actual game build is still 0.38.9291, not 0.39 as the patch notes suggest.
  16. Some updates to the exploit problem: https://awru.my.games/news/7423.html Also some changes to the next BP:
  17. An update after so long. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/developer-diary-wages-sin-pve-mission
  18. 5 skins for German Unity Day New historical German winter camo Osorio confirmed to be anniversary reward vehicle Camo: Skins:
  19. They are added, just not mentioned in the patch notes.
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