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  1. It only affects vehicls powered by gas turbines (T-80, M1 Abrams and due to a bug the Type 90)
  2. The textures are still black for me. Maybe it's because I am running the version with a fixed skin?
  3. It should be updated already, unless mega messed something up.
  4. Replacing the M1 exhaust sound with silence does not fix the issue. I think its another sound. the 1st person sound has been boosted.
  5. I'd like to but I had trouble replacing the diesel sounds for some reason. I tweaked the T-80 version, it should be better now.
  6. Very nice, looks great!
  7. Something broke the mod, the added stuff is now all black:
  8. New version uploaded, a T-80 mod included.
  9. Not sure if thats posible, there are 3 sounds, a turbine and a fan sound. I didn't touch the exhaust sound. Not quite sure how it works yet but one is pitched by the game when a higher RPM is reached. That means very little control over the sounds itself. Version one is actually using Warthunder sounds. I still haven't found the interior sound but I want to replace that too.
  10. Yes, That has crossed my mind. I just finished this version first. When I've done a T-80 mod, I'll share it here. Which version do you like more by the way?
  11. This is a simple gas turbine sound mod and is based on the Voice of War mod: https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/52001-the-voice-of-war/ There are two versions of it, one which tries to mimic an M1 Abrams and one that imitates a T-80. legacy version https://mega.nz/file/oyBlkJ4Y#lebtoUr_zM_W76QaiNGcZH_jvrrpjueoRws01g6yhJQ key: lebtoUr_zM_W76QaiNGcZH_jvrrpjueoRws01g6yhJQ new version https://mega.nz/file/gqoWiDgS#3zxbrLXoQmC9AnKdZk7_497BNaLkJykAcoKgwcE3N0w key: 3zxbrLXoQmC9AnKdZk7_497BNaLkJykAcoKgwcE3N0w I have marked both versions in the zip, rename it and then replace the vehicles.common file in the localisation folder. Feedback is appreciated! Changelog: Sounds for M1 version overhauled, legacy version is archived 1st of june T-80 version added 3rd of june T-80 version tweaked 4th of hune 1st person sound tweaked
  12. The Type 90 has a gas turbine now. I don't know if that's becuase of the mod or if thats a bug in the game.
  13. Is it possible to remove the wepaon station on the turret? Love the mod.
  14. Great changes! Not a fan of the spotting alarm sound and the gas turbines though. Did you change the gun sound for 1st person too? Which files do I have to modify to change the gas turbine sound? I'd like to give it a go.
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