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  1. I don't quite understand what you wrote.
  2. Anyone can change the BMP-2 turret for a turret with a Scorpion "Kastet"? You don't need to paint vehicles - I'll set the camouflage I need in the in-game editor myself
  3. The request is still valid. Anyone can do it?
  4. Тут Z-танчики не в почёте) По своей публикации по моду на Т-80Бв "Ставрополь" помню))
  5. Can anyone change the turret from the BMP-2 to the turret with the Scorpion Kastet? I just want to get something similar to the BMP-1U in the photo below You don't need to paint. I'll do it myself, in the hangar with in-game paints and camo
  6. This mod changes the standard appearance of the T-80B with dynamic protection to a real-life nominal Russian tank T-80BV "Stavropol", participating in the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine Attention - I am not the author of the mod. I just published this work. The author of the mod prefers to remain anonymous. This post is not politically motivated. Just a historical visual on the tank. Nothing more https://cloud.mail.ru/public/b26Y/TnBb3sYBE
  7. This mod allows you to turn a normal tier 5 T-64A into a Ukrainian T-64A Attention - this mod was not made by me. I just decided to publish this work. The author chose to remain anonymous https://cloud.mail.ru/public/SbYk/97LaZwALK
  8. If it's possible, can anyone make a similar camouflage for the T-64A tier 5? I tried to do it in the in-game editor, but it didn't work... If possible, can you add the emblem of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in addition to the camouflage?
  9. Can anyone transfer the turret model from the Scorpion Kastet to the OT-64 Cobra? I understand that only the appearance of the equipment will change (not the collision model), but I really need it
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