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  1. If you expect radical changes, I am afraid you'll be disappointed.
  2. Simple. This was the original intention but it slipped through the cracks when the plans were drafted. Happens when a few people deal with a lot of things. Ironically, you should be happy - most funding goes to the actual development of the game, not a massively bloated operator infrastructure some other companies have, or lavish corporate parties.
  3. Well, the marketing intention behind this event is obvious. You do have a chance to get the vehicle from it or you can wait and then buy the remaining crates for money when they are available to get the vehicle. Not exactly the most subtle or cunning plan.
  4. Honestly, this is way beyond my paygrade, I am not a programmer. So when a developer tells me it's a massive pain in the ass in CryEngine, I have no choice but to believe this to be true. On the other hand, I know for a fact that CryEngine is really hard to work with, I've seen some snippets of codes with examples that made me facepalm. So who knows.
  5. What, I am young... on the inside. Ok, fine then. "Your opinion does not correspond to the data we have acquired."
  6. This is the part that is extremely complex - pathfinding.
  7. - OMG this feature is SHIT the game is DED we HAET u U retrdz Y U SO FAIL REEEEEEEEE - Feature is actually really successful and significantly improves player engagement - Bruh... picardfacepalm.jpg
  8. The plan is to make them move actually :) BRAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIINSSSSSSSS Thank you. That's what we were going for.
  9. MBT missile spam is a bug that will be fixed soon.
  10. It is what it is, I suppose. But as long as new features and ideas keep coming, the game will stay fresh and alive.
  11. It works fine on the dev server. Exactly as described.
  12. You mean this one? This was not really a skin, rather a separate Sabre vehicle made for an intended cooperation with Razer back in 2016 or so. Since the cooperation never happened, the vehicle was scrapped and removed (we aren't authorized to use Razer's logos ofc)
  13. You measured the value on how this particular sub-set of the community sees it. For a old veteran of 5 years who's been with us through Balance 2.0, it's boring. For a new player? Oh boy. New players may try finding AW's Reddit and the lists came from there. What bothers me more though is that the list is in our My.com format, including bundle names. This is internal stuff. As a pre-caution, we may have to disable every single older bonus code, including the Alienware ones. Who knows what sort of stuff's flying out there. Would be a shame (players often recommend these as "invite codes"), but this could be really dangerous to us.
  14. Welcome to economy 101 :) And then people wonder where all the marxists who claim that prices should defined by labor used in the creation of the product come from.
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