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  1. Would it make any difference if we upgraded the chassis? I mean, you'd still be stuck with a paper turret...
  2. Judging by the popularity of battle paths and battle coins in general, I feel that it's still very useful. But I haven't run the numbers to see how much LESS profitable it is. Not that it matters, the shop wasn't made with BC purchases only in mind.
  3. What makes you say that? Not everyone got a gazillion gold from B20/globserver compensations.
  4. Yup. GLOPS lags are a known (and serious issue) that affects everybody. We've been investigating it for weeks now, since the beginning of winter. So far, no luck as to what's causing it.
  5. Battle Coin coupons are a bet of sorts - in case you don't like the current BP's vehicle layout (for example) and you know that in cca half a year you won't have that much time to grind and now you do, you can bet on the next BP vehicle pool being to your liking (it won't be Russian, I can say that much) and purchase your future access this way. Not very effective, but it is an option.
  6. We do not generally comment on player infractions.
  7. Fun fact, the Kraken skin concept was one of the few actual community skins. It came from one of the mods, Eisenherz. The result is very much based on his work, although the final design was of course done by our developers.
  8. Like I said, it was the same model, just a different name.
  9. Uh, there was never a 2A7 in the game. It's always been the same tank model, but with different names. And at some point the gun was remodelled from 140mm to 130mm.
  10. Says who... But I am not at liberty to discuss contractual obligations.
  11. Well, not really nice, because the shop crashes the fucking server. How this got live, no idea. Some bugs are just weird or impossible to catch in testing environment.
  12. Nah. The shop crashes the server. It will return with the same offers.
  13. Might be worth repeating that AW is really not My.com. I know it doesn't make a difference to you, but it does for us. Different people for the operator. I am literally the only person left from the original team the game launched with. My point is... different people make different mistakes. For example, we no longer have huge problems with sale composition fuckups or sale launches. That was caused by a process that was specific by My.com. Personally, I think things are smoother now on the operator side.
  14. Eh. You'd be surprised how many times a fuckup is just a fuckup. Like... most of the time. In fact, despite our "reputation", I don't remember EVER seeing (or participating in) something really insidious. These weird cases were always a result of a whoopsie or generally a dumb idea that backfired (granted, sometimes it was REALLY obviously a bad idea). We're not a tech giant... and neither is My.com, for that matter.
  15. Server generally runs on GMT and the intended GMT was 1 AM. I guess someone calculated MSK from that and then back to CET and then to GMT incorrectly, losing 1 hour in the process. Oh well. At least it runs normally.
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