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  1. Type 16 MCV skin based on Type 16 MCV Japan Ground Self-Defense Force camo Download here Enjoy!
  2. M1 Abrams skin based on M1IP with 3 tones NATO CARC camo Download here Enjoy!
  3. Type96B skin based on ZTZ96B No.399 Tank Biathlon 2017 Download here Enjoy!
  4. Maybe I will do autocannon sound too but I can't find an appropriate sound for it right now. For 130mm+ sound, It's the problem with the game sound parameter. Developers set it too low for some reason, so I can't fix this one
  5. I use TeamQfG FMOD FSB Extractor to extract FSB files. And I use Fmod soundbank generator and Aezay FsbExtractor to rebuild the file.
  6. Armored Warfare BATTLFIELD Gun sound mod V.1.0 Including Cannon sound MG sound Smoke grenade sound Preview Download here Enjoy ! All sound credit to EA/DICE
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