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  1. As reported to support - currently I suspect due to the drone introduction - you can deploy a single unit of inf on the move:
  2. As of 07.02.24 - The news article has been removed and it leads to a 403 error. No official comments on why it was removed
  3. I mean, if you come here expecting support, you'll likely not get the reaction you are after. MBT with very good armor - it's like all other MBT's with weak lower front plate. The fact you've already stated that you have a lot of paid for content means that you're either lying, or an idiot. Or both.
  4. " I'd say with the event, there is something there, however the current idea just seems terrible. It would promote the worst possible behaviours in pvp. It would force non-pvp players into matches, causing agro for everyone and just creating huge amounts of toxic abuse. Time gating and reserving a specific game mode to make tanks more powerful, will not go well. All that will happen is the highest performing players will just extend the gap between the next level of player. The original HADES idea was scrapped for this very reason, but now it seems to be making a come back in a worse way. The event would be aimed at highest performers / vets with all of the tanks, and would make newer players suffer even more. Imagine trying to explain to a new player that they will simply just have a worse tank, because they weren't playing when this event was on. Given the recent track record of the devs, it's highly likely that any sort of balance would be thrown out the window and will just break more tiers of the game, ruining fun and engaging experience for even more of the playerbase. If you took the idea and expanded it, then I would be interested - remove the following and it COULD be a start: - Time limit - Game mode specifics - Tank limitations (if tanks dies can no longer be used one) Given we don't have specifics on how it would work (if it's upgrades on specific tanks, or if we get to chose which tanks to apply it on etc) I can only suggest how I think it would or could work. I figure it might be worth combining the ideas behind it, with something like the Raid or Battlepath. All figures changed / examples etc Make it so there are missions that we can grind towards in any mode, but make them get the 5x pvp booster from the BP. This way, pvp players can speed through with their meta and do it how they want, regular or casual players aren't excluded or forced to do something they don't want to. Make them a chain of missions - requiring a specific tree or tank to grind. E.G. You want to upgrade your Chally 1? You need to farm 400k damage in PvE to unlock a token for it. With that token, you use it to unlock X upgrade. This would be a bit like the old WoW token system for raid dungeon armor. Once you've completed a chain of missions, you get to unlock the commander. Or have it so you complete chains of missions like the BP mission chains, and follows an elite mission chain for the commander. "
  5. Newest article about (possibly) upcoming event: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/developer-diary-future-events APR 24TH | 2023 Commanders! With the Eclipse Battle Path released, it’s time to take a look at the future of Armored Warfare. We’re of course not sitting on our hands idly and apart from fixing various bugs and addressing the game’s issues, we’re also already preparing a number of interesting events and features for the second half of this year. Today we’d like to tell you more about one of the direction we’re considering and ask for your opinion. One of the notable issues of Armored Warfare is the fact that its progression system is a one-way street. Once player leave lower Tier vehicles behind, they rarely get back to them unless they are really fun to play, which – by definition – only happen to be vehicles with rather special mechanics, vehicles that are too strong or vehicles that are otherwise standing out. This event (we internally call “Dead Pool”) is supposed to remedy that. The dealers are opening a betting pool to see which mercenary companies survive the longest. Very simply put, at the beginning of the free to play event (which is planned to last a few months), player vehicles will receive a “license token” for each of their vehicles. These “licensed” vehicles will then be able to earn a special new currency in matches (Dealer Tokens, using the same rules as Credits or XP) that can be used to unlock very valuable prizes that include: Unique vehicle upgrades (new, more powerful ammunition for example) New Commanders Additional Retrofit slots Additional Active Abilities And so on. For each one, a player has to play roughly 50 average matches. Sounds too easy? Right, there are several catches. Every time your vehicle gets destroyed, that vehicle will not be available for this event any more until its end (you’ll only be able to use the vehicles to earn the new Currency in the following rounds of the event) The event is only available for PvP without respawns (Random Battles) In other words, if you die in every match, you’ll need roughly 50 vehicles (regardless of Tier) to unlock one reward. Higher Tier vehicles will unlock more currency per match (the same way they make more Credits) so owning more of those will give you an advantage. As they get knocked, you’ll be forced to resort to lower Tier vehicles. And that’s pretty much it. To survive throughout the event and unlock most, let alone all prizes, you’ll need a large amount of tanks and a high survival rate. What do you think about this idea? Good? Bad? Ugly? Let us know in the form below, please, we’ll be sure to take your feedback into account: Thoughts, feedback etc down below.
  6. Not sure why the hate on pve to be honest. Without it the game would have been closed a long time ago. Let peeps enjoy what they want. If you don't like it, fine don't play it. Your comments though, do appear to be an admission of presumed guilt and basic sperging out. Please, seek some help.
  7. It in fact doesn't have the Chinese HEAT shell. It has the same stats as the t-14 HEAT shell, with 1007 (or 1006 depending on skill build) max roll: T-14 shell -
  8. So apparently the ammo bug is effecting all the current reward tanks from the BP (the new ones released with the BP, not ones brought from the shop. So basically all current tanks from the pvp are trash in pvp simply for having the inability to change ammo - and devs kept saying they can't balance tanks differently for PVP/PVE...smh... Also: Seems future BP tokens are also broken.
  9. So far 2 bugs have been discovered with the ZTL & ZTZ in pvp modes so not sure how these ones slipped passed the QA testers. https://youtu.be/0LYJVY5OOxg The ZTL, when in pvp and you fire, sometimes (I'd say around 75% of the time) gets stuck saying it has no ammo left, after a couple of seconds the reload starts. This means that while it's reload is displayed at say 5.6s, in game playing it's more like 8s+. Next is the ZTZ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX2o_zhfrJM This simply just can't fire and can't switch ammo types. Not really sure how these two bugs passed QA testing, considering the BP was held due to the ZTZ being flat out broken, yet it seems it was never tested in pvp? The alternative is that it was tested in pvp, and the devs pushed a different version of the tanks which introduced these bugs.
  10. From 10th October 21 - Current patch : So it's had a buff to pen, quite a lot of a buff for no patch notes
  11. It's everyone's fave time of the year, what has changed in recent patches that isn't in any patch notes! The list is a little slow to be created as, well I have been busy! But what we have seen / is known: Low tier Smoke launchers got changed - I can't upload the image, however on 20th Feb my Chief Mk2 had an 80s reload on it's smoke launchers. Now it is 25s. This change is across the board I believe (not sure if all MBT's or all low tiers) What I strongly suspect has been changed, however can provide 0 proof of: Low tier HESH module damage or low tier ammo rack HP. The reason I feel I can say this, is because I no lifed the shit out of the Chief Mk2, in pvp, for a perhilion event. I played around 130 matches in it in the space of 3-5 days in Feb 22. I can fairly easily say when and where you could aim and ammo rack certain tanks with 1 shot. Now it takes 2-3 shots directly on the ammo rack to turn it red. There is no difference between it and the AP shell for the amount of shots to ammo rack. You can still knock out modules, however it's not as consistent. This means that knocking out enemy tanks is a lot harder with HESH as it deals reduced damage due to thick armor (50% in some cases). The only plus side of this nerf (and it's very much looking for a a glimmer of hope in a pile of wet shit) is that it does make it 'easier' to crew kill tanks, as now, because the damage of HESH is so low, the reload rate is so bad, and the module damage is crap, you are more likely to crew kill tanks simply because of the amount of rounds required to kill the target, you'll likely luck out and kill the crew before removing all the tanks HP.
  12. I showed my GF some of the questions and methods of responses (the pips / sliders) as she works in Data / data analysis....Yea, whatever answers come out of the survey are likely not going to show much of anything or will be massively open to interpretation. Felt like it was asking very specific questions over certain things, but not enough options to provide specific feedback related to certain points. The questions also seemed odd - for example, how much do I spend on f2p games on average? £0. However, with AW I have spent maybe around £500 in total and, if it had things for me to grind towards or wasn't such a blatant cash grab like loot boxes, I'd likely continue to spend more, but that's not what the question wanted so what was the point of asking me how much I would spend on other games? My besoke answer at the end was pretty much - the game is constantly being charged in undocumented ways, which is silly as every patch we the players have to find out of things have changed, if they are we are told they are wrong. There is no solid direct in the game development as we keep getting told things are going to be one way, then switched or stopped, then switched back. Tank balance is all over the place with various tanks being massively overpowered / high performing, and just left to sit there for months killing entire aspects of the game (T-15k platoons in glops for example, often having 2 or 3 full platoons per match). Other tanks just left to sit in the garage getting worse and worse, simply by being older and not being changed for years.
  13. This secret was....a hard one to crack and we needed all the help we could get! So we started with the single image: And the 5 lines of descriptions: "A young man dressed in an ancient pilot’s attire and a wizened one-eyed warrior dueling with katanas in front of a Tiger tank on a plain that had no end. An inhumanely tall Viking and a silver-skinned boy crossing a sea on a Drakkar. New York City, entombed in ice. A two-headed dragon dogfighting a Great War biplane, the rattling of Spandau machineguns almost pathetic against the beast’s mighty roar and flame – and yet, the dragon was losing. An army of the dead invading the world of the living under a skull-shaped, alien moon." Based on this, frankly it was a dead end as it could have been anything and how the hell would you guess a single word from the above? Well, simply you couldn't, so Haswell had to ask for more help, which SilentStalker provided: So, from this we started to look into more mythical type aspects and naturally fell more into Norse mythology and and least we had a start....but as before, from the above, we couldn't really get anything concrete that would stick. There were other hints and tips dropped in conversations, - it shouldn't be that hard with somebody who is familiar with SS' lore writing. It was at this stage we heard that somebody from the RU server cracked the code, so we resigned out fates to not being the first to crack it, rather we wanted to know how it was cracked and what the final result was....so we carried on, and we gave more info into the official discord to see if somebody over there could think outside the box and different to our train of thoughts as, we were told a few times that our guesses were well off and we needed to think simpler / differently. And then finally, less than 5 hours before the deadline, a tiny sliver of hope was found.... A two headed dragon, fighting a biplane...And confirmation that it was indeed the source of the image description. 1 of 5 images found. This then lead to more Norse mythology lead us to this image which was confirmed as the Endless Plain: We were close, but something still wasn't there...the penny hadn't dropped, it wasn't clear what we were looking at. Sure, we had these images, but these didn't give us the information we needed to crack that password. With 5 minutes left, defeat was looming closer, and SS, decided that as we'd found some more of the clues, he'd give us 24 hours to submit the final answers, if we didn't crack it, then we never would. 'But that RU player already beat you too it you silly sausage' I hear you cry...turns out, yes they did put the right answer, and then submitted over 100 other incorrect answer...meaning that they didn't understand the code and were just trying to brute force the answer. They didn't win...we still had a shot.. So, the next morning, I set to it, with the first image we found in mind, I started to look for the book it came from...It turns out, it's by a Sci-Fi writer who has made a series called 'Valhala' - a set of stories based in an alternative universe where portals and inter dimensional travel are a thing, along with the Norse worlds (Author is František Novotný) and the cover art, you guessed it, related to those 5 descriptions. For the next 3, maybe 4 hours I spent my time trawling reviews and write ups for the stories to see if I could find something to help us crack this code....I posted in official that I'd found the books, but was having difficulty in finding English versions of them, or anything about them that didn't need to be translated. So SS gave me a link to a copy of the books, which I downloaded, and started to review.....I was struggling...but I kept scrolling...and then suddenly at the end of one of the books...I saw a page that was different to all the others. It wasn't like any chapter I had seen, it looked like German documents from WW2...I skipped past it, then had to go back..why did it look so different...why would that be there...I scroll down... There it is....a copy of the image I have spent the best part of a week trying to crack...It's there...right in front of me...With a key - telling me the letters stood for Norse worlds / lands. From the top - G = Midgard, M = Muspel, H = Hel, N = Niflheim. We had the answer..so we submitted it, SS closed off the form...it was done... But, like all things, it comes at a cost...we don't know what this will be, but it could be bad. The prize for cracking the code - 5000 gold and Samuel Thorpe as a commander
  14. I wanna know what the SOREN text is that's mentioned in the shitposter jpg.
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