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  1. This secret was....a hard one to crack and we needed all the help we could get! So we started with the single image: And the 5 lines of descriptions: "A young man dressed in an ancient pilot’s attire and a wizened one-eyed warrior dueling with katanas in front of a Tiger tank on a plain that had no end. An inhumanely tall Viking and a silver-skinned boy crossing a sea on a Drakkar. New York City, entombed in ice. A two-headed dragon dogfighting a Great War biplane, the rattling of Spandau machineguns almost pathetic against the beast’s mighty roar and flame – and yet, the dragon was losing. An army of the dead invading the world of the living under a skull-shaped, alien moon." Based on this, frankly it was a dead end as it could have been anything and how the hell would you guess a single word from the above? Well, simply you couldn't, so Haswell had to ask for more help, which SilentStalker provided: So, from this we started to look into more mythical type aspects and naturally fell more into Norse mythology and and least we had a start....but as before, from the above, we couldn't really get anything concrete that would stick. There were other hints and tips dropped in conversations, - it shouldn't be that hard with somebody who is familiar with SS' lore writing. It was at this stage we heard that somebody from the RU server cracked the code, so we resigned out fates to not being the first to crack it, rather we wanted to know how it was cracked and what the final result was....so we carried on, and we gave more info into the official discord to see if somebody over there could think outside the box and different to our train of thoughts as, we were told a few times that our guesses were well off and we needed to think simpler / differently. And then finally, less than 5 hours before the deadline, a tiny sliver of hope was found.... A two headed dragon, fighting a biplane...And confirmation that it was indeed the source of the image description. 1 of 5 images found. This then lead to more Norse mythology lead us to this image which was confirmed as the Endless Plain: We were close, but something still wasn't there...the penny hadn't dropped, it wasn't clear what we were looking at. Sure, we had these images, but these didn't give us the information we needed to crack that password. With 5 minutes left, defeat was looming closer, and SS, decided that as we'd found some more of the clues, he'd give us 24 hours to submit the final answers, if we didn't crack it, then we never would. 'But that RU player already beat you too it you silly sausage' I hear you cry...turns out, yes they did put the right answer, and then submitted over 100 other incorrect answer...meaning that they didn't understand the code and were just trying to brute force the answer. They didn't win...we still had a shot.. So, the next morning, I set to it, with the first image we found in mind, I started to look for the book it came from...It turns out, it's by a Sci-Fi writer who has made a series called 'Valhala' - a set of stories based in an alternative universe where portals and inter dimensional travel are a thing, along with the Norse worlds (Author is František Novotný) and the cover art, you guessed it, related to those 5 descriptions. For the next 3, maybe 4 hours I spent my time trawling reviews and write ups for the stories to see if I could find something to help us crack this code....I posted in official that I'd found the books, but was having difficulty in finding English versions of them, or anything about them that didn't need to be translated. So SS gave me a link to a copy of the books, which I downloaded, and started to review.....I was struggling...but I kept scrolling...and then suddenly at the end of one of the books...I saw a page that was different to all the others. It wasn't like any chapter I had seen, it looked like German documents from WW2...I skipped past it, then had to go back..why did it look so different...why would that be there...I scroll down... There it is....a copy of the image I have spent the best part of a week trying to crack...It's there...right in front of me...With a key - telling me the letters stood for Norse worlds / lands. From the top - G = Midgard, M = Muspel, H = Hel, N = Niflheim. We had the answer..so we submitted it, SS closed off the form...it was done... But, like all things, it comes at a cost...we don't know what this will be, but it could be bad. The prize for cracking the code - 5000 gold and Samuel Thorpe as a commander
  2. I wanna know what the SOREN text is that's mentioned in the shitposter jpg.
  3. Interesting - with your years of studying armor tactics, did it explain the real life HP pool of tanks and how does that compare with AW's values? I always thought the ATDU should have more HP in game as in real life I think it has 100k rather than 3.5k...
  4. Found out the Begleitpanzer 57 has had ammo buffed - it can now carry 450 rounds rather than the 120 (?140?) it had pre-patch.
  5. So - news dropped on it -https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-wars-past-battle-path top tier reward has been pushed back 10 levels, it now costs an additional 70k bp coins to get the final reward. It's 120 days long, and SS has said it is intended to reduce the time between BPs & raids.
  6. I did have a tin foil hat moment yesterday thinking about the lack of rebalance in this patch. I was thinking that I wonder if this is a way to then make further changes to tier 7-10 that would have caused massive uprising from the playerbase, but would now seem 'ok' given the 1-6 shit show. Also - powercreep on old tanks is still very very much alive: Altay - 640 - T80B & VT4 below
  7. Interesting it's intended that some tier 1/2 MBT's now have more side armor than tier 10. There is also a power drop between tier 6 & 7 tanks now, generally only getting better now at tier 8 or 9+. The British tanks are a great example of this - the HESH at tier 1-6 actually has reasonable pen and damage given all of the armor changes*, however at tier 7, it then becomes weaker and at tier 9 it's worse than the AP shell. *Now crew killing becomes a must in some situations - tier 3 pvp when the enemy MBT has 3k+ HP and your shots are doing 300-400 (if they pen) is just stupid as you'd need approx 80s to kill a full HP tank if every shot penned (if your tank has an 8s reload). The alternative is to drive a tier 2, which has 9k DPM and a sub 3s reload and just rip everything to shreds. *Afterthought* Still not explained why ammo swap has been added across all types of tanks on tier 1-6, where as tier 7+ it's limited. A case of clearly Devs not knowing what changes they are making to the game? Also ADGS appears that it might have had it's armor changed as now it's gun mantlet is between 7-800mm thick?
  8. Confirmed that HP change was intended, just for some reason not in the patch notes: This also doesn't really explain the thought process behind this - remove HP from a component across all tanks, because at some point in the future, you plan to increase the hp it gives and this reduction would just keep the HP value the same. Things have discovered in this patch - some tier 6 tanks are now just flat out better than tier 7. Some lower tier tanks are better armored that tier 10 tanks. This patch just makes everything more of a mess then it was before.
  9. Other undocumented changes include - reduction in higher tier MBT's HP pool, while increase in T-14s. I believe T4 lost 300, ATDU and most others had 100 knocked off. Fun fact - tier 1 Sherman has more HP than tier 7 object 187 (might be my set up, I was just looking at hp pools in the carrousel). There also is a world where now tier 6 Russian MBT's have better HEAT than the 640? I can't remember it's exact figures, but the stats on that ammo used to be tier 7-9 equal. What's also worrying is, we don't know what we don't know. At this stage there could have been armor changes to high tier, or changes to commanders skills - we'd have no idea!
  10. I'm annoyed because there was a lot of scope for what could have been from this. :(
  11. Known issues on launch: RU voice over on intro video (on launch?) Dirt in match slider doesn't work Armor inspector is broken:
  12. I only tend to use her in my MBT's for heroics in ones that are a little weaker / easier to pen. For me, the rebuild (Jesus kits) are used once the shield pops so that's my safety net. To be clear, sit around, doing my think, Ophelia shield pops, I then pop the rebuild kit so I'm back to full hp after the shield expires (maybe a bit less if I take a few shots while shield is up - strange interaction with that). The other times I use her are for meme tanks in pvp - the MT-LB S8 for example so I can ensure I get all of those rockets off and cause as much damage on my suicide runs. I don't use her in the pindaddy though as I found that Sabrina works better in that for the wrecking of enemy tanks (plus you can use it in glops)
  13. And rather randomly, they added in a weakspot frontally to high pen heat - it's an unlisted change and one that wasn't there previously afaik. Can confirm this with the k2 HEAT shell, yesterday (pre-patch) was red in that area. Today after patch, it's orange.
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