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  1. Had this happen on 1st chapter of heroics - different commander, different tank:
  2. What others see video - What you can see when it happens: It was strange, I've encounted the bug a few times more recently - generally on respawn, but there isn't a single thing that links the games together - different tanks, different maps. Maybe the same commander? Kwon. When it happens, from the players point of view - you get a semi realistic mode - nothing updates on minimap from the point of your death, no enemies have outlines or show on screen: All damage after this point, is not counted towards your final score:
  3. Can advise this doesn't affect Raiding party - unclear at this stage if this means the issue is Heroic's specific, or just single map by map basis
  4. Are you on any unlevel ground or aiming over the side of the tank? I know there has been some bugs with Termi's a while ago where if you aimed over a side of your tank, it then shifted to that side of the aiming circle (so over left side, hits to the left of circle, and likewise with the right)
  5. The STRV also has a quite large weakspot to PISH - it's upper frontal plate is green - While not a major thing, means that it'll be weaker to the ATDU then most other MBT's frontally:
  6. A couple of updates from yesterday (18/6/21) So we are at the same grind level as the last one. While I'm not overly happy (1 less tank) I'm still pleased they didn't wack the price up as has been done with previous years. And from the initial stats: It's not clear in what ways this has been done so anyones guess
  7. Yea from the initial read, it does appear to be powercreeping most other MBT's - will see how it's armor & mobility performs. The comment that it's 40mm on this will do more than the 30mm on the 195 (just damage AFV's and module damage) is worrying, as the 30mm on the 195 can pen any MBT in the rear (195 has mobility to flank and spank) and the turret of the t-15 for example. If rough maths are correct, with the 75% additional pen on the 40mm adds, it means it will get approx 402mm of pen from chain shooting a spot. It's not clear if this will be clip based, long reload etc, but this will likely be enough to pen any tier 10 MBT on the side (in some point or another) when flat on. It also means it can pen some MBTs (Leo, T4, K2) down their flanks when they are slightly angled. I also wonder how powerful it would be in pvp to track a target with the 40mm, force a repair, then do rinse and repeat. If the tank is mobile and has somewhat decent armor, I can see this tank being quite the powerhouse.
  8. Ahh ok, would explain it :) Thought it was a early testing thing.
  9. Seems like a 5s reload on main gun so maybe tier 9 version of the gun...also the tank doesn't have the cage or add on armor packs...so default tier 9 armor layout? At tier 10 that would be a big ouch.
  10. Yes there won't be tech tree progression tanks for a while - see attached image. BP tanks are the 'new progression' tanks. I'm looking forward to the BP - maybe some of these tanks will be fun to play. I imagine that some of them will be quite good in the right hands...just hoping that the front of the STRV 2k isn't like an exp.tank hull - great vs AP, but blows up vs heat / HEP based shells!
  11. While not the highest damage I've ever done in spec ops - it can do damage it's just very dependent on your team not sucking ass. It's ATGMs are fairly high pen/damage when put next to other top downs - also yes, that is a fire on a 490 at the end of a match :D
  12. Sadly, I believe this to be the case as evidenced by the amount of post / issues we see with models being out my .5cm on the tread angle and the 3rd sprocket along being the slightly different shade of metal and the 37th rivet on the side looks like it was .2nm off. I for one play AW for fun..it's not a mil-sim, it's a far more casual / arcade game and I feel it should kinda be like that....fun!
  13. They changed the garage and added an event: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/bonus-missions-end-second-world-war-0
  14. A real shame as from a quick glance...we have gold for BP/Raid entry for tanks there...otherwise it's a case of spending IRL cash on gambling to get new premium tier 10 tanks, or large cost bundles to get it if it's lower tier. Seems that the market is narrowing even further then. Sad times
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