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  1. I think it might be a throwback to the previous story line events: https://aw.my.games/en/about/lore/storyline-campaign Where each player picked a side and 'played' for them. Maybe they'll do this to see what direction storyline (or spec ops?) goes? Don't know how they could. Perhaps a soft reboot of the franchise story line wise, or a prequal?
  2. I agree with a lot of what Teykey has said - overall it's a good mode with a lot of fun in it. AFV's / very mobile tanks do come with a high risk / reward type playstyle as one thing they can do is speed behind enemy lines from early on and deal a lot of damage while confusing the enemy. I mean getting hit for 2.5k 30s into a game, from behind was an interesting experience, that player was then able to kill 3/4 other tanks on my team because nobody expected that kinda play....so I adopted it in the next few games, picked a sphinx and got some good results : While not the highest damage I had, it was enough to confuse the enemy to the point where they'd either turn to face me - getting shot in the back - or let me farm them for damage. Interestingly enough in the same game, the player that killed me used big brain moves - one of our players was also in a Merk and left the game @ launch. So after killing me, he went and pretended to be afk in our base near our teams AFK merk. I sat and watched one of my team, for some unknown reason, fire 4 shots into our friendly merk (from 5m away) and then get booted for team killing. The enemy merk was killed after a while, but it was enjoyable to watch some high level thinking! One thing I do think needs to be considered is some tanks can perform well with no possible come back - the example that springs to mind are 2 recent AFV's / TDs brought into the game. The Khrizantema-S & Stalker. Simply because they are designed to sit behind rocks and nuke things from a distance: The only reason I died was because I ran out of ammo so was just circling around a Merkerva on the cap...and as the last player, I physically couldn't do anything against a Merk capping so just accepted my fate. In most of the games I played in these, it was a case of driving to a point where I could safely shoot things and just nuke em down. The double Thermobarics on the Khriz are awesome as nuking down anything it can see. And when they pen, it's extra crispy for the enemy tank :)
  3. I have to say, some skills I never thought would be a thing in AW are now in this mode. Knowing armor models and ammo types is a huge bonus if you have this to hand - quick switch ammo is really beneficial. ID'ing models from a quick glance and cross checking map & scoreboards gives you a big advantage as you can remain hidden, know there is an enemy passing you and then nuke it. I've had a few great games in it, a few ones where I'm knocked out quickly....but overall it's actually a fun pvp mode. Things I like - the render distance cap being removed. For me I'm never sure why this was added in the first place and with it removed, it makes pvp better imo. All tanks not being spotted does bring a higher level of skill into the game generally, and makes things like camo actually be worth equipping (with flags being a killer). Smoke now acutally needs to be used with a brain. No more popping smoke for instant invis as it will only block a direction (bar 360 smoke) so if you pop it the wrong way, you'll still be spotted. Knowing maps and advanced positions you can push and when to push them, can make you really powerful. Things I don't like - the team killing, it is an issue. I have team damage disabled, but I've still managed to team kill with a stray ATGM, instant booted from the match :( I've also had a match where there was 1 enemy left, a wiesel, which had disconnected, but my team being...well...my team, decided that they should shoot at anything they saw. There were 8 of my team in the enemy spawn area and until this point, we'd lost 2 tanks. My team decided that the only way to check if the other MBT's and Termi's they were looking at, was to shoot them.....so we lost another 3 tanks to team killing. Yep...I was lost for words. The maps do turn into camp fests in general as everyone is visible, so pushing up is difficult. This can cause matches to stretch out. Bushes not turning transparent when you go in them. Not sure why this was changed, but it means if you want to hide in a bush, you need to have your optics sticking out, or else you just can't see anything. I know SS hinted that there are aspects that could come to future game modes, with the natural assumption this could be some kind of adaption to ranked. So what would I like to see - the removal of render distance caps (when combined with standard spotting) so then advanced scouting would have a use for ALL of your team, not just those within 798m of the target. No HP bars, or spotted things on minimap - I'm enjoying this at the moment, it's fun and new. Would it work long term? I'm not sure. Some form of team damage work around - I appreciate this makes it more realistic, but if we were going for realism, tanks had FOF (Friend or Foe) type things to designate them, so possible light tweaks so that a friendly would have some form of indicator or outline if you moused over for a second or two? As I play more, I'll add more stuff. But for an April fools type thing, I'm enjoying this mode :) I just wish you could complete missions in it!
  4. Gah hadn't thought of that :(
  5. Where that Type 10 (?) is in the red circle, I had the train being shot there from the cap point at the end (like around F2)...rather frustraiting as we couldn't get anywhere near to clear it as every was being perma tracked and shot from invis spots. That was a tier 8 battle!
  6. Perhaps in future more abilities to unlock them? Like...50m credits?
  7. I've played it 3 times now, overall it seemed ok. Very linear, the fact you need to do plague before hand is a big drain for me. Level lay out is nice, great re-use of an old map - really enjoyed how much it changed. One negative comment that I would have - it's very corridor driven which in itself isn't bad, however it's flooded in the north....and you kill tanks in the corridors, so it can be very slow to move around corpses and water, and sometimes you need to spend time pushing dead tanks out of the way in order to get around corners which is frustrating. It slows it down quite a lot.
  8. Title says it all - 11 kills, tier 4 but I've come to learn there isn't that much difference in skill across the tiers with a lot of older players playing lowertiers. This match means that my Shilka is now level 3 flagged - It's a nice little addition to a fun tank :)
  9. Known issue since .33 - will be interesting to see how the HE changes work in .35 . My current thought is that it's counting the track areas as armor and if it can pen tracks, its then penning the inside of them and by a process, the tank itself. you can also pen the side strip that you're aiming at, all down the side for full pen HE even though armor viewer states its 1500mm+ of armor!
  10. Yea I agree. Most of the recent tanks have been better PvP performers than pve.
  11. I've not played the T90 in quite a while, but this does seem quite good change to a standard / reskinned tech tree tank. I think it will be an interesting tank and dare I say it, from first glance this could be a nice 'improved RR' system that could be added to the CATTB for a balance tweak?
  12. I mean, yes those long standing players with lots of gold it's not going to be much use to us...Maybe enough for a BP or 2, for new players certainly its better...but ultimately a premium currency with only limited uses (no more tanks for gold) means it does have limited uses. If it is gold discounts, I might pick up some - depends on how good it is!
  13. I recon it will be a high damage, ok ROF (similar or better than the ATDU). Weak armor is it's balancing, perhaps ok on it's own, but in a platoon of 3 it will nuke down a single tank easily. I think that's going to be the power of it. I dunno though, just guessing!
  14. I'd argue you could say the same for certain skins (Warmaster) or tanks in general. I've been flamed/abused for owning a rare premium tank before. Just because there are idiots out there, wont' stop me from enjoying playing that tank. Yes it's an Ego thing and some players (Flavio most likley) will love the idea of them to flex. I'll enjoy it because it gives me something to aim for in battles, or be proud of achieving. In same games I already get focused by the enemy so it won't really change anything for me per say and I don't see it being a major issue.
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