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  1. So - news dropped on it -https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/development-wars-past-battle-path top tier reward has been pushed back 10 levels, it now costs an additional 70k bp coins to get the final reward. It's 120 days long, and SS has said it is intended to reduce the time between BPs & raids.
  2. I did have a tin foil hat moment yesterday thinking about the lack of rebalance in this patch. I was thinking that I wonder if this is a way to then make further changes to tier 7-10 that would have caused massive uprising from the playerbase, but would now seem 'ok' given the 1-6 shit show. Also - powercreep on old tanks is still very very much alive: Altay - 640 - T80B & VT4 below
  3. Interesting it's intended that some tier 1/2 MBT's now have more side armor than tier 10. There is also a power drop between tier 6 & 7 tanks now, generally only getting better now at tier 8 or 9+. The British tanks are a great example of this - the HESH at tier 1-6 actually has reasonable pen and damage given all of the armor changes*, however at tier 7, it then becomes weaker and at tier 9 it's worse than the AP shell. *Now crew killing becomes a must in some situations - tier 3 pvp when the enemy MBT has 3k+ HP and your shots are doing 300-400 (if they pen) is just stupid as you'd need approx 80s to kill a full HP tank if every shot penned (if your tank has an 8s reload). The alternative is to drive a tier 2, which has 9k DPM and a sub 3s reload and just rip everything to shreds. *Afterthought* Still not explained why ammo swap has been added across all types of tanks on tier 1-6, where as tier 7+ it's limited. A case of clearly Devs not knowing what changes they are making to the game? Also ADGS appears that it might have had it's armor changed as now it's gun mantlet is between 7-800mm thick?
  4. Confirmed that HP change was intended, just for some reason not in the patch notes: This also doesn't really explain the thought process behind this - remove HP from a component across all tanks, because at some point in the future, you plan to increase the hp it gives and this reduction would just keep the HP value the same. Things have discovered in this patch - some tier 6 tanks are now just flat out better than tier 7. Some lower tier tanks are better armored that tier 10 tanks. This patch just makes everything more of a mess then it was before.
  5. Other undocumented changes include - reduction in higher tier MBT's HP pool, while increase in T-14s. I believe T4 lost 300, ATDU and most others had 100 knocked off. Fun fact - tier 1 Sherman has more HP than tier 7 object 187 (might be my set up, I was just looking at hp pools in the carrousel). There also is a world where now tier 6 Russian MBT's have better HEAT than the 640? I can't remember it's exact figures, but the stats on that ammo used to be tier 7-9 equal. What's also worrying is, we don't know what we don't know. At this stage there could have been armor changes to high tier, or changes to commanders skills - we'd have no idea!
  6. I'm annoyed because there was a lot of scope for what could have been from this. :(
  7. Known issues on launch: RU voice over on intro video (on launch?) Dirt in match slider doesn't work Armor inspector is broken:
  8. I only tend to use her in my MBT's for heroics in ones that are a little weaker / easier to pen. For me, the rebuild (Jesus kits) are used once the shield pops so that's my safety net. To be clear, sit around, doing my think, Ophelia shield pops, I then pop the rebuild kit so I'm back to full hp after the shield expires (maybe a bit less if I take a few shots while shield is up - strange interaction with that). The other times I use her are for meme tanks in pvp - the MT-LB S8 for example so I can ensure I get all of those rockets off and cause as much damage on my suicide runs. I don't use her in the pindaddy though as I found that Sabrina works better in that for the wrecking of enemy tanks (plus you can use it in glops)
  9. And rather randomly, they added in a weakspot frontally to high pen heat - it's an unlisted change and one that wasn't there previously afaik. Can confirm this with the k2 HEAT shell, yesterday (pre-patch) was red in that area. Today after patch, it's orange.
  10. Had this happen on 1st chapter of heroics - different commander, different tank:
  11. What others see video - What you can see when it happens: It was strange, I've encounted the bug a few times more recently - generally on respawn, but there isn't a single thing that links the games together - different tanks, different maps. Maybe the same commander? Kwon. When it happens, from the players point of view - you get a semi realistic mode - nothing updates on minimap from the point of your death, no enemies have outlines or show on screen: All damage after this point, is not counted towards your final score:
  12. Can advise this doesn't affect Raiding party - unclear at this stage if this means the issue is Heroic's specific, or just single map by map basis
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