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  1. Hello! I here decided to share screenshots of my old experiments on lighting on the Vista map. I have always disliked the hazy lighting on this map, so I decided to do some experiments. Original lighting: Noon with default fog: Unsettled late evening: Noon with customized lighting:
  2. tahax

    Renders of tanks

    exactly )) ps: rosomak uses the same chassis as the wilk
  3. tahax

    Renders of tanks

    Poland stronk today! :) Polish experimental wheeled tank presented at MSPO 2017 - Rosomak with Hitfact turret. Hope u like this )
  4. tahax

    Renders of tanks

    Another vehicle removed from AW - BMP-3M Dragun-100. This render was made not by me, but by my friend, and I would like to share this excellent work with you. I think he did a great job!
  5. More screens of those 152-mm monsters, estimated prizes for the battle path. Object 195 And Object 490A
  6. Everything was bought by Putin! :D
  7. tahax

    Renders of tanks

    Haswell yes.
  8. tahax

    Renders of tanks

    Some renders of LAV-105 that was announced in february of 2017. Also i applied special "Winter" camo. This vehicle was supposed to be a non-progression high-tier tank destroyer. I just added some smokecaps for vanilla model.
  9. hahaha, nicely done )
  10. tahax

    Renders of tanks

    Several universal camouflages from an ordinary AW player.
  11. Silentstalker I am just changed custom texture map in some mtl of Leo 2A5. Also i add camo_as_color in some string. Thats all, nothing complicated. It is also quite easy to plant this camonet on Leo 2a6 (not E version). All the necessary animations can work on this tank too (just need to modify some .cdf)
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