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  1. tahax

    Renders of tanks

    damn... then i have to delete that message
  2. tahax

    Renders of tanks

    thanks TeyKey1. They are actually cousins, so it's no surprise that the Oplot without sideskirts confused you :)
  3. tahax

    Renders of tanks

    as one wise man said: there is no limit to perfection and i keep working on my rendering method.This time the victim was the BM Oplot without his sideskirts.
  4. tahax

    Renders of tanks

    Hello all! I haven't posted anything here for a long time, but it's time to fix it. I continue to improve my rendering method with the example of XM1. Bonus: XM1 Fox
  5. tahax

    Renders of tanks

    I did it 3 years ago :)
  6. tahax

    Renders of tanks

    Hi everyone! ) This time i would like to show you the Sprut-SD with realistic camouflage, created based on the rehearsal of the May 9 Parade and the Army-2018 exhibition. Hope you like it
  7. tahax

    Renders of tanks

    Hello everyone! This time I managed to assemble the T-90A Burlak - it was a very complex model in terms of details. I hope you like it :)
  8. knutliott just keep in mind that these 7% refer only to the western segment, there are MUCH more pvp players on the russian segment. and do not forget that 90% of vehicles are balanced specifically for pvp
  9. leeke88 we need link to your community site or forum )
  10. gamedata contains critical info and can not be opened now
  11. tahax

    Renders of tanks

    Hi everybody! I keep improving my renderin method, this time I used a Keyshot and worked a little with the lighting. I hope you will like this images ) Also I authorize in advance to use all these renders, for example, for your YouTube videos.
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