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  1. Fulfilling the request of HetzerGonnaHetz, iam posting this visual mod for the T-90MS. This is what the tank looked like during tests in Kuwait. You can download this mod from Yandex disk. The .exe is a regular WinRAR archive and you can easily extract the desired folder from there and copy it to your localization folder.
  2. Are there any plans to introduce skins from the community into the game?
  3. Some reworked antiskid textures for Tier 10 MBT Type 10. You can donwload this mod from yandex. You sould unpack exe with 7-zip or WinRar and put it into your localization folder. Have fun!
  4. That exe file can be easily opened by any archiver, Winrar or 7-zip.
  5. Historically correct camouflage from exhibitions and trials for the Arjun MBT. You can donwload this mod from yandex.
  6. I never liked the way the "biathlon" T-72B3 was implemented in the Armored Warfare, so after the recent texture rework of this tank, i repainted them to make them more authentic. The skins themselves are not exact copies of the real ones, but only collective images from the competitions of 2014-2016. I did not paint a regular tank! You can download this mod from Yandex disk
  7. you need rubberraw_painted instead of rubberraw_01/02
  8. this happens because of srgb, try in substance painter or smth like that
  9. this is quite time consuming and labor intensive
  10. what frankenstein is that? hahaha
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