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  1. Really have my doubts of this BP, based on: * Only the Tier X looks decent (both other are crap.... and I have them both). * Gaining coins is much harder. * The older players in my friend list are hardly playing, and what is playing are " not the most skilled players". Lots of Non clan players. * More and more I get the feeling that " some players from a specific area of this planet" are favored in the game (last game 3 of those players were standing in the cap circle, I was in TD in the back (full cammo, correct commander etc), but AI only shoots me and the Leo (from Germany) in front of me. But not on the players in the cap circle.... strange......
  2. Maybe I oversee it in your post, but BC form bought access to the BP and of the " weekend missions", will not open (they work on a fix.... soon....)
  3. Personally, I really like Chinese tanks, so hope that this one is worth the effort.
  4. all I read are promises, just promises...... But I can't play (or would pay) for promises.... Think that it really would be time that AW starts fulfilling their promises and start to deliver. In our clan we are losing players who lost their patience regarding improvements, balance and new maps.
  5. Same here, please don't...... But you can also see the bright side. See very often that 1-2 players die in the first 2 minutes of the (PVE) game, especially in SpecOps. and those kinds of players are improving. They last nowadays for about 3-4 minutes. So, a 100 % improvement.
  6. Thanks for this info, and why I'm not surprised with (again) a " issue" on a coming BP?? Looks to me that we are going to face more " unrealistic items". This because this is apparently accepted as a " solution" in case om misbalance or " no pool to gain out" . Pity to read such things. But the future will tell us.
  7. Yeahhh the same thing I heard by WoT.... the tinfoiled hat discussion was there for... about... 3years. And afterwards was it indeed possible with the " warpack" cheats. And some may be called " aimmods" or there were " radar mods" or whatever, but for me those " mods" who give you an advantage, are quite simple one thing: cheats. So for me the sever-side authentication is a nice item, but certainly not " bulletproof".
  8. Have read the Q&A with SS, but am I the only one who thinks we hardly get any answers ? personally I came here / to this forum to get more info to still remain confidence with the game (due to the fact that I got more and more worries about several issues in the game and the future of this game). Items I see, and which worries me are: 1) Players leaving the game, with as latest " record" yesterday evening about 19.00 CET with only 1 person online in my friend list of about 120 friends. Clan members of my own clan, who hardly play anymore. 2) Toxic behavior in the game with a lot of RU language (easy to read with filter, it is just *****, you *******). What will be more and more if the western players are leaving. Reporting is useless, reporting mechanism does not work, sending tickets are way to much work, and when you send a replay they want screenshots, and when provide screenshots they want.... including all info of my computer / videocard etc) 3) Get the feeling that there are more and more cheats present (aim mods, lag mods (more and more is misfire after the first 3/4 were hits, but hardly the last one),radar mods (they shoot and hit targets who were never open or spotted) are in use.... And if you address it then I get the " tin foiled hat" reaction as in WoT in the past. 4) Have the feeling more and mote that AW rather loses the " old player base" then listen to them. Same with the Q&A. We, as players, express our feeling but hardly any reaction or answers (yes, we are thinking / working on it, or soon... / maybe...are other items to address (but still got the " trade button" and the new game center), but what about the known game issues ? When will those been addressed and for example a timeline of fixing. Yes this all worries me (a lot) and makes that I hardly invest any real money in the game (which I know does not help the future of this game).
  9. Yeah seen it, but really don't understand why we need that. (are there not more important items to focus / fix for the game). Eisenhertz said a lot of people asked it (have > 100 ingame friends but nobody did asked for it). And as said the RU players have Lootdog, so they wont have requested this button. So, for me, another cash grab button, fully useless in the game.
  10. Looked today, but still 2 x 500 are from former BP still present. Hope that it will be fixed before next BP grinding.
  11. Think that you better work around it. This because if you wait for them to fix it...... think your grandchildren will have the pleasure of the fix. Is already three / four updates known, but never fixed. ( But we have a trade button now.........instead of a good fix (of several issues) what I really don't understand)
  12. Same here, my mate said exactly the same (and is working as a senior data annalist)
  13. To me it looks that I have every evening (yeah I'm one of those people who have a job....) about 6 H to complete the event day. Missing one and no tank / gold ...... mentioning gold because......... , think if you have the tank you get some gold ????
  14. Sry, but my "cup of team". Some cammo I really don't like. But who does.... have fun and good luck achieving it.
  15. Looks very great. Thx for this huge effort.
  16. Have the same feeling. Gone from a regular (10 games a day) to about 3 or less. My personal opinion is that I get the feeling (more and more) that " the eastern part of EU" is been favorite in the game. Also got the feeling more and more that cheating /Aim mods etc are active in the game. The fun is leaving the game (for me at least), and with that my wallet closes. But wont say that is would have been better with obsidian, simply because we never will know..... And yes all my thoughts may be called a " tinfoiled hat" thinking, but that was said in the WoT forums, before it was proven in WoT that cheating / favouring was present. And personally I think that AW is making the same mistakes.
  17. This looks very, very nice. Thanks a lot.
  18. What I find the most disturbing thing is this is going from 2020 (first post) till now (and yes been there, seen it, had same issues), and NOTHING has changed. Some clans / battalions / players wont do secondary Block your shot. Push you (in the moment of firing) Have the same language when you block obscenity in the chat (******************, you *****************, mother*********) Are very goooood in kill stealing (but unfortunally in nothing else most of the times). Don't shoot helicopters / pillboxes etc (simply don't count, so why should they) Only use " high output" tanks. (spotting is for a pussy in a MBT). Personally I see it day in day out and, but if the game mechanism does not change and keep them rewarded, nothing gonna change.(and personally..... cant blame them...they play in a " most effective" attitude.)
  19. " many players are fairly content just turning the game on, play a few matches and that’s it. Such casual players have no desire to immerse themselves in a game world. I too share this concern but to be fair, even my opinion is biased and mostly based on the fact that such loyal players (“retained” is the term used in the game industry) are far more inclined to... you guessed it, support the game with their hard-earned cash" But maybe ask why such casual player wont p(l)ay more ? Why they are not " driven" to play the game more then just a few games, and pay for the ingame items. Why are my approximaly 110 ingame AW friend (yes... still find it hard to believe I have friend.... ;-) ) just about 6 online. Had some battalion members who vent their opinion on a way " which was not the most polite", but did addressed some real core issues. It is not always what AW thinks it is the best for us, but more then that, also what we as p(l)ayers want.
  20. Fully agree with you Zafir, Last game today also. A lot of " Z" spamming. Tickets have no use ( send replay when you send a screenshot and a screenshot if you provide a replay). Maybe, and thats my own opinion, AW should act if they want to keep the image of a " non political game".
  21. Thanks for this. Tried it as soon as I saw it. But does not work fully for me (will be mine lack of knowledge of 7zip) Can open the file and see then the decalbattalion.files. Made my own decalbattalion.dds image. But cant copy it into the opened 7zip file. (gives a " not implemented" faillure responds). Can you pls tell me what I'm doing wrong ?
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