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  1. Just slapped some random things onto some tier 10 mbts This might make your game run like poopoo Put into localization folder https://sharemods.com/bu4bmbi6r7bj/English.zip.html https://imgur.com/a/6woMt6x
  2. That wheel is the same detachparts group as the commander cupola. So you're basically stuck with it unless you want to remove the sight models
  3. open the cdf files with a text editor and just delete this line
  4. Re-girths the XM1A3 cannon, idk why they made it a pencil but kept the Chinese Knockoff. Adds the storm plow to the m1a2c and xm1a3 Adds mudguards to the m1a2, m1a2c, xm1a3 adds the leopard RCWS to the m1a2c and xm1a3 adds the iron fist and trophy system to the m1a2c and xm1a3, instead of the cardboard cutouts we get in game. https://sharemods.com/fw2y4p0px9o8/m1a2.zip.html If anyone can get the M1A1 AIM rear cage to work can you let me know, my game data is from last year and I'm unsure if it got corrupted Also can someone upload an image, it only lets me upload 0.07MB T_T
  5. Merkava Warmonger Fully loaded. Just activated some of what Haswell has already put into the code, added a range finding heavy machine gun as well as both active protection systems in tandem. This assumes you use the next generation hard kill system. https://sharemods.com/7pib97z656pv/merkava4--merkava4m-bp8.cdf.html
  6. I did these before I knew how to correctly mod, new version thats much much smaller. edit: returned the ztz99b plow and replaced its aps with the pl-01's https://sharemods.com/ej7i1w81cr7o/ZTZ_cheeks.zip.html
  7. Gives the ZTZ-20 and ZTZ-99B two massive personalities as well as cage armor Replaced the mine clearer with the cage, but yes you can have both ZTZ-20 is a bit smaller so the parts don't line up, but it always felt too short. https://sharemods.com/67jrc46suxby/ZTZ_cheeks.7z.html Put into localization and what not.
  8. Tried replacing the mods 130 with the old 140, however the texture on the guns base is messed up. I added the .mtl files to the zip but is there a specific place where materials are matched with their models?
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