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  1. Hi dfnce, Yes , I don't use Windowed mode..it was only for the game settings screenshots.. Thanks and best regards
  2. Hello all, I wanted to ask you regarding the actual FPS in the game, how much FPS you get during PVP and what settings you have set? With the max settings set, and a good PC - I only get since last 3 updates [something like this] around 90 in PVP, and some 100 in PVE - but there also not all the time. Before these major updates, I used to have here also 200-250 fps in game [regardless pvp or pve] I have 1GB Internet speed from the local internet provider, don't have other issues regarding fps in other games, graphic card driver updated all OK. For ex - in wot I used to have up to 200/210 - there all max out settings too. I tried all the settings possible, installed Nvidia Geforce Experience, but there AW cannot be selected or detected, made speed tests on the actual network connectivity..no change at all.. Any idea what I have to change to get more FPS? As mentioned on this PC only MAX Settings were used! Maybe you can share your opinions as well, so I would know if only on my PC the problem exists , or to other players same issue is present. Of course any advice is highly appreciated. Here are the specifications of my PC: * I use Fullscreen mode - in Screenshots appears windowed as I made the Screenshots with Sniping Tool. Thanks for advice and support if possible. Have a good evening!
  3. Hi, sorry for being off topic - I have the K1A1 - but I dont see the hydraulic system or what had before..was it a change or smth? I know that was something like Type 90 or Chally 2 system..am I wrong here? pls reply if you know what to do. thanks and regards
  4. War Thunder has the best sound of all online tank games !!
  5. can SS maybe send some info here, if indeed sound issue will also be ever regarded - as most players request this improvement? I have also started this topic, on this forum and also on the old one AW..seems every time this gets no response whatsoever.. If you search AW on youtube, you can see videos from 2015, with Abrams M1A2 sounding very natural..what as been changed that all sound the same now? I would be glad if any of the voted Moderators on this channel will reply . vielen dank SS fuer deine Rueckmeldung. Regards all!
  6. That would be truly awesome!!! I would add as future possibly improvements: add tank barrel circles/stars etc based on player statistics while playing both PVE/PVP; sound of the engine to be more realistic; Thank you!
  7. Please help me, the game enters battles in PVE automatically!! I only see reconnecting as in the image, and find myself in other PVE missions, stuck without exit..simply I cannot do anything
  8. Hi, While playing PVE battle, i ve noticed some lags in game..after few minutes tank went to a wall and stuck there. Ping was 130..so no high increases of 500-900 ping. I said, ok, let me shut down the AW engine, restart PC and return to game. After returning to game, i had the possibility of "rejoin battle". I did rejoin, after displaying the message Reconnecting, instead of allowing me into battle [what remained of it], I entered the menu. I once again restarted the game, this time does not load more than 88%..so I only see the Black panther image.. I ve run verification and game fix, hoping that would eventually solve the issue. After this check, i enter the game again. I discover that I entered in another battle without knowing, but there I cannot do ANYTHING at all. Anybody knows what Shall I do? Need help pls. Please help me, the game enters battles automatically!!
  9. you were right Sir!! i changed the keys to others, and now all is ok again!! thanks for your knowledge!
  10. Hi, Do you also have this on your in game tank Information display? Why do I see Backslash and Apostrophe written there? I ve opened a ticket for AW Support..dont know if somebody from there would bother to investigate..
  11. Yes, War Thunder is far in front regarding the sounds of a proper tank engine!! and everybody enjoys when real sounds are heard from the tank you maneuver.. is sad that in AW i hear the same can sound each time..but i hope one day this will be improved! Maybe there is a chance to adress this topic to SS [if he is still a game moderator] - I dont use Discord from 1 year and i dont know who's who anymore..
  12. Hello everybody, I am asking myself when game Devs will also check the sound produced by tank engines in this game...I do not know if it has ever been upgraded or modified, but is awful.. Every tanks sounds the same, in my opinion. [of course who has better knowledge can contradict me] and it would have been nice to hear the exact sound of a tank in game as in reality..[so many tanks are in museums kept in good conditions], why they do not try to improve the sounds? :-( I have noticed that some low tier tanks that the machine guns from the turret are missing, or only some parts are left [ Sho't Kal Dalet tier 4 or T62M] I would like following game aspects to be improved one day: 1. to have the possibility of painting the already premium tanks in normal camo; 2. to be able to add marks on the gun based on some experience; 3. more GUI options to be added, and more graphic details also to be available; 4. some maps definitely need some HD improvements as well as the old vehicles in the game; This ideas came to my mind and I cannot share them on the game chat as nobody listens..I thought here somebody would read this and also share their opinions! Thus being said, I salute you all and see us on the battlefield! P.S: I would like to open a new thread regarding GAME Iron/NATO/EU boxes, as I want to invest again some money in the game! Bye and have you a pleasant Sunday!
  13. I find K21 not easy to play with especially when firing rockets, not used to that..so i keep only T9 French TD for now to give it a try..
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