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  1. so, you just repost what AW already posted?
  2. Hi all, I wanted to post here a thought of my own regarding this future game.. I have noticed that in the last 1.5 - 2 years [or more], in the game updates there has been no new stuff added [except endless bp tanks], nothing new regarding style, new features or something like this. The other games have added plenty of new features, but at every update I see corrections of the new BP tanks characteristics, solving "minor" issues and stuff like this. Last new feature in game as I recall was the soviet MBT shell ejection [or maybe i am wrong]. Anyway, i cannot see in the game new features at all. I only see the same sound [with so much issues], same old maps [some of them], same design in all. I mean, the game is only focusing in developing new Battle Path vehicles, and completely disregards the rest, or we need to wait some more years to see a new feature/improvement in game/tanks/ designs? There are plenty of stuff that can be added in game starting from more customization of vehicles, introducing some events based on old conflicts with tanks, new mechanics, perhaps crew 3D redesign and so on..i am here since 2016, and I was enjoying every update in the last years, but now is different and I do not understand why..Am i the only one complaining about this, and all is working in the good direction or some budget cuts are preventing this game to raise to the top? Lets be serious, the new GHPC started from scratch ~ 3 years ago, and is developing massively. How come that a game that is on the market for more than 8 years cannot bring something to make the player say: "hey, this is a real game improvement and this feature is great"!!!?? Who might want to read this, kindly share your opinions as well, as I want to see also from different perspective what is to be done in this game. [ Easy - uninstall for good and forget about it, or remain thinking that day may come]. Regards to all
  3. Are until year end any plans of improving the sounds or rework graphics in game? Will be possible to revisit low tiers 3-5 and improve them in terms of visual or to add more options on them? Will be the old maps ever reworked in 3D?
  4. VK holding denied the sale of the gaming division My.Games - Aroged I think this is either fake news in war context, or April Fools day.
  5. nice job done by him. I like the camo a lot. I hope it will not infect my PC with some viruses...
  6. You also need to add the following: very bad texture of the maps that are old [ the very first in the game] FPS dropping to 20-25 when multiple AI's are firing simultaneous - sound disappear at that time Garage looks as from a 2000 game and UI settings are useless
  7. ok, seems there are M60A3s with ERA and non Era versions..as TeyKey showed me. thanks for the info!
  8. Hi all, I dont play low tiers very often, but I ve noticed 2 strange things on M60A3: 1. it has a misplaced ERA plate on the left side of the tracks set; 2. tank looks different than the minimised icon, as it has ERA on the turret. Why nobody tried to correct this tank as they struggled with T72 B? The game would be more realistic if some major corrections of the tanks will be made....Why nobody sees the flaws in this already 6 year game so far? 1. tanks model corrections 2. sounds total overhaul 3. maps total redesign I feel sorry for this, but the confidence in this game starts fading away month by month..year by year... happy Holidays to you all!
  9. Hi everybody. I wanted to hear your opinions as well, with regards of your FPS in game. My actual situation: yesterday evening, in the Plague Spec Ops, at the end of the battle , when all bots were firing simultaneously at me, FPS dropped to 35-40 and the game moved as it was in slow motion. When I start any PVE battle, at the very beginning - FPS display is: 150-160. As bots are appearing it dropps to 80-90-100 fps. Is this a normal behaviour? I have all graphic card drivers updated, set the proper Nvidia Ctrl panel Settings, with Max Performance, Gsync and so on. Configuration: Chip type: GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM In game all is running on MAX , my settings below: Screen- Generic PnP Monitor [ how can I change this, if this is not my actual monitor]? Anti Aliasing - MSAA 2x [ should be changed?] Vsync - Off FPS limit in battle - is 200 - as my max rate of the monitor is 240 Hertz FPS Limit [other] set to 60 Dynamic Scene resolution is set to - off 3D Render Resolution is set to max 1.00 I have created a ticket to Support, provided them all the info requested, router model etc. Internet Speed in my country is very high, i measured it yesterday as well : Download 933.4 Mb/s, Upload 498.1 Mb/s. I wonder what is your FPS in PVE when AI's are entering the scene, to know if I have to change smth on my PC, or not. Thanks for any advice! Regards all!
  10. Hi dfnce, Yes , I don't use Windowed mode..it was only for the game settings screenshots.. Thanks and best regards
  11. Hello all, I wanted to ask you regarding the actual FPS in the game, how much FPS you get during PVP and what settings you have set? With the max settings set, and a good PC - I only get since last 3 updates [something like this] around 90 in PVP, and some 100 in PVE - but there also not all the time. Before these major updates, I used to have here also 200-250 fps in game [regardless pvp or pve] I have 1GB Internet speed from the local internet provider, don't have other issues regarding fps in other games, graphic card driver updated all OK. For ex - in wot I used to have up to 200/210 - there all max out settings too. I tried all the settings possible, installed Nvidia Geforce Experience, but there AW cannot be selected or detected, made speed tests on the actual network connectivity..no change at all.. Any idea what I have to change to get more FPS? As mentioned on this PC only MAX Settings were used! Maybe you can share your opinions as well, so I would know if only on my PC the problem exists , or to other players same issue is present. Of course any advice is highly appreciated. Here are the specifications of my PC: * I use Fullscreen mode - in Screenshots appears windowed as I made the Screenshots with Sniping Tool. Thanks for advice and support if possible. Have a good evening!
  12. Hi, sorry for being off topic - I have the K1A1 - but I dont see the hydraulic system or what had before..was it a change or smth? I know that was something like Type 90 or Chally 2 system..am I wrong here? pls reply if you know what to do. thanks and regards
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