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  1. This looks very, very nice. Thanks a lot.
  2. What I find the most disturbing thing is this is going from 2020 (first post) till now (and yes been there, seen it, had same issues), and NOTHING has changed. Some clans / battalions / players wont do secondary Block your shot. Push you (in the moment of firing) Have the same language when you block obscenity in the chat (******************, you *****************, mother*********) Are very goooood in kill stealing (but unfortunally in nothing else most of the times). Don't shoot helicopters / pillboxes etc (simply don't count, so why should they) Only use " high output" tanks. (spotting is for a pussy in a MBT). Personally I see it day in day out and, but if the game mechanism does not change and keep them rewarded, nothing gonna change.(and personally..... cant blame them...they play in a " most effective" attitude.)
  3. " many players are fairly content just turning the game on, play a few matches and that’s it. Such casual players have no desire to immerse themselves in a game world. I too share this concern but to be fair, even my opinion is biased and mostly based on the fact that such loyal players (“retained” is the term used in the game industry) are far more inclined to... you guessed it, support the game with their hard-earned cash" But maybe ask why such casual player wont p(l)ay more ? Why they are not " driven" to play the game more then just a few games, and pay for the ingame items. Why are my approximaly 110 ingame AW friend (yes... still find it hard to believe I have friend.... ;-) ) just about 6 online. Had some battalion members who vent their opinion on a way " which was not the most polite", but did addressed some real core issues. It is not always what AW thinks it is the best for us, but more then that, also what we as p(l)ayers want.
  4. Fully agree with you Zafir, Last game today also. A lot of " Z" spamming. Tickets have no use ( send replay when you send a screenshot and a screenshot if you provide a replay). Maybe, and thats my own opinion, AW should act if they want to keep the image of a " non political game".
  5. Thanks for this. Tried it as soon as I saw it. But does not work fully for me (will be mine lack of knowledge of 7zip) Can open the file and see then the decalbattalion.files. Made my own decalbattalion.dds image. But cant copy it into the opened 7zip file. (gives a " not implemented" faillure responds). Can you pls tell me what I'm doing wrong ?
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