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  1. Really got flabbergasted.......... A skin for almost 100.000 battlecoins ?
  2. The DEV have to do " something" if it is on development in Graphics, or new maps, or a new tank line (yeahhh know that we have already a lot and it will be hard to develop a new line), because we as p(l)ayers want to be challenged. And not only want to buy things. Otherwise, the game will goanna lose players (See it in my players friend list in game, there is hardly any "friend" left (this weekend 3 out of 110 played). But also know that a " free to play game" does not exist. The Owners needs to make money in order to develop the game. But hardly develop in game cost you p(l)ayers and then it will be a vicious circle. And somewhere or somehow this has to change.....
  3. Got the same feeling as Zafir is mentioning: Right… I believe it, when I see it… Really wouldlike to have the info on Are those limitation that premium tanks are excluded, or are it just premium tanks, and which tanks will be on the list? I really would like to know which tanks are gainable. Also, in our clan there is some doubt that the entry fee will be equal to last one. Hope we get some info in a few days. And yes, seeing is believing. Godspeed.
  4. Really does look very nice. Looking forward to the download link. Godspeed
  5. Is there a reason why: All Battle Coin tokens for the Eclipse Battle Path that were purchased via the Shop will be removed from player inventory and compensated with the full purchase price in Battle Coins. Nice that I get a compensation, but already had all the items of this BP and wanted to get some " advantage" for the next one. And this resulted in the " slot machine" of the shop to get some premium time. But that was not what I really wanted. Godspeed.
  6. Also think that the nerf is needed, but ...... For me it does not feels completely right. This because (almost) all Battle Path end rewards vehicles get nerfed when there are " a substantial amount" of players have it, perform with it and (maybe) will be the example for other players to get it asap (see how good this end reward tank, in this example the T15 Kinzhal, is. You better should do your best (or pay) to get this tank). And then, after some time, AW has some " in-depth inquirements" who reveals' that this reward tankT15 is overpowered. And it always happens after a substantial time frame (hear AW stating " we need data" and in some way I understand that). But they never find it in the test period, and you could say, that after so much nerfing in the past, you know what you should investigate before releasing it. And that's what I personally find strange and or incorrect. Players tried to get a tank based on their characteristics and after acquiring it, get something adjusted / different afterwards. Godspeed
  7. Thanks a lot, but...... ;-) Is there may be a possibility to get the German voices of Company of heroes also ? Godspeed
  8. First of all, cursing is not making your statement any " Bigger", that being said... Secondly, maybe say thing a bit more understandable for us all. Personally, I fully understand it that modders as you describe it, don't have access to those tools and can't import tanks into AW game. But it looked to me as if AW was not importing new models. Did also saw that you are no part of AW crew, so that made the misunderstanding from my side. Godspeed.
  9. Ehhhhh... It isn't possible to import new models into Armored Warfare as of right now., maybe my lack of research, but why not ???? What did I mis here? There are new (Battle path) tank coming in, so why no new models? (And really do like this Abrams X) Did hears something about new dealers that there we no new one coming (on short notice), but no new models? Godspeed.
  10. Looks promising, but with some strange feeling I have inside me, I really hope it is worth waiting for. Have seen too many promises and to less fulfillments. But when losing hope, you lose it all. So, hope we seen some fulfillments on short notice. Godspeed
  11. It is there, played it several times, and the guide is very useful. Especially for player who normally " rush into the fire". Godspeed.
  12. But then I want my rerolling with BC to be as before. Make more BC than I have spent ;-)
  13. This is one side of the spectrum SS is stating here. But this is in my opinion not fully correct to state it this way. 1) The " infamous exploit" was a misuse where you had to perform some " actions" to get BC in a way you (could have) know that this was not correct, and that you were in violation due to " incorrectly gaining access to the system" in order to get a huge amount of BC. Simply the rule " If you know it isn't correct, mostly it isn't" 2) The seconds system was no violation in any kind. If you keep rerolling and the system gives it to you, and you are doing nothing wrong, can't be expressed as a violation. It is a kind of gambling, and if the " slot machine" gives it to me and I'm doing nothing " unrightful" to get the money / BC, then it can't be described as an " exploit". And personally, I do think that the AW statement of " we reduced the reroll price", is also a saying something huge: 1) It confirms that AW controls this "gambling system". Thats a major issue in "gambling regulation". For examples roulette tables may not be controlled by the casino to prevent the casino "to make adjustment to the table in order to "let a player lose who has won too much this evening". 2) But also, that the system of rerolling can be adjusted by AW (Questing who raises to me instantly; Is this an overall adjustment inflicting all players, or just the " one they don't like" for example). 3) The system of rerolling is now confirmed that the " gambling in hope that you will get the jackpot" is futile. And last but not least; saying " So please stop screeching about evil greedy devs" is irrelevant. AW just confirmed that they don't want you to actually make more BC than you spent rerolling. So, if you don't want to be labeled as greedy, then don't state that you find it incorrect that players will make more BC with rerolling, which obviously will cost you money. Godspeed.
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