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  1. OS: Windows 11 PRO, 64 bit Game Version: Latest Brief Description: The BC (5) you should receive when > 3 minutes in queue, or > 5 minutes (10) is not working. Steps to Reproduce: When in queue make screenshot (start amount BC) End game make screenshot (note received BC) Start next game and at finishing it make screenshot (note received BC) You will see that the promised BC are missing. Result: The mentioned BC will not be given (system is not working) Expected Behavior: Want to receive the BC who were promised Fixes/Workarounds: None. Announce to everyone this breakdown is existing. Other Notes: Informed Support with evidence, got a " shitty" responds and some BC as " gift", but system is still broken. SS has requested QA to make an investigation (provided extra evidence as prove).
  2. Think that Cozmic has said it well: We have all read it and having our own thoughts around this topic. Think we all had our "experience" with the " Moderators" and or " Support", and let's say it diplomatically: " as always both sides have their own true side of the story". As a child song goes.... let it go, let it go.... ;-)
  3. Really it is good / nice to read that my feelings about AW discord is the same as yours. And then they think that with some " we listen to your feedback" saying we are believing things (even after we see the plain lies). The game is in my opinion a RU game and with that comes a RU behavior to their p(l)ayers, and most of the RU people have a significant inferiority complex (the whole world is against us versus we are the " great USSR") which they compensate with an overly superior attitude which is unsupported by knowledge and or civilized behavior. And that's is what you notice over and over again (not only in Discord but also with support). And that's why they can't coop with (in their eyes negative) feedback. You do as the great leader says and believe everything they say and don't question anything. (Kind of: Shut the f*ck up and p(l)ay). They have the attitude that they know what's good for the game..... dont like it ? Then simply leave......
  4. Did played the mission myself. And a few things crossed my mind: 1) You need a decent group of (more or less) working together to get this done. In case of all TD tanks, you get screwed. You need some " tank bunkers" to soak up the dmg, with support of TDs to help you. 2) Tier 8 is very hard to do because of a lot of tier X AI tanks. 3) Looks to me as the beginning of a storyline if you listen to the " commanders talk" But overall, I like this " harder game". Is an improvement for the game.
  5. Again lootboxes.....???? Not again...... It is really becoming a money grab with fake tanks. personally, don't think this is the right way for AW.
  6. Just wondering; how many people have to buy it before they nerf it. Because if you talk about a derp tank, this is a derp tank. And secondly, I think that you can take 2 AI players with you before you get killed. Not my cup of tea.
  7. Is there any news on which tier this premium vehicle will be?
  8. Is there a possibility to " override" the 60fps limiter at AW ?
  9. With the " normal" update also got the problem. Reversed the update. Then downloaded from the Windows site the WIN 11 (including the 22H2 update) iso. Installed it and this worked. AW is starting nicely (still the verification exit bug is still present, so have to exit and connect again)
  10. The system is all money related. 1) The cheaters who used a backdoor to obtain precious items instead of playing / working or paying for it. And even sell them on lootdog. This is all due to a harder graining system versus a player base who can't afford or will not pay for it in the same amount as before. 2) AW that's wanting to monetize the game more and more. Maybe due to the resigning of more and more (EU) player base. (See it in my friend list that a lot are hardly online anymore) And both systems are enforcing them. AW wants money (think you have a point Zafir that it will be BC bundles maybe for a lesser price) and personally I see it also in the daily store, hardly get any substantial daily BC offers in the store if I compare this Battle path with the last one. And it is all because AW want you to spend money. Versus a player base who is seeing more and more economic problems coming on the horizon (energy crisis, war, economic crisis, refugee crisis etc.) and they are forced to cut down on their spending but want those Battle path items and fleeing in " incorrect behavior". And personally, I think the amount of cheating we see is just a top of the iceberg. This BC cheating is in my personal believe just a small and simple plain item, who everyone agrees on and was (aside from some research in the system) easy to find / to act on. In AW it is also an open nerve, just as in WoT were the " tin foiled hat" was about 2 years a major " non discussable item", who afterwards prove to be true. Simply because it interacts with the trust in the game from the "common majority of the player base" If they see how easy you can gain advantage with cheating versus the change of getting caught, they will or start to cheating also (aim mods in WoT) or if they will simply leave the game. But trust is also something AW has to provide: For example, 1) How many players were involved 2) What was the punishment, 3) what was the ration EU / non-EU players / clans involved. We don't hear anything. Asking it in AW Discord (One of the most toxic environments I have ever seen) only gets you " stupid / insulting reactions" from moderators who in common life, which such behavior, would have to leave companies within an hour (or less) due to misfunction. So, if you as AW wants trust in your player base and earn a decent money, you have to treat the "common majority of the player base" with much more respect, not just as cash cows, drain them and don't care if they afterwards leave. And that brings us back that this is a system that is all money related. And there in nothing wrong with making money, but if you don't respect your costumers, don't be surprised if they don't behave correctly. It is an action /reaction system who is as old as the world.
  11. Sorry don't have a quick fix for you, but was glad that you mentioned this error. Was short to install the Win 11 22H2 update. When you asked Support you wont get far... Even got the reaction that Win11 was in beta version and not supported ;-)
  12. Most ironic fact is: That I'm not surprised. Personally I think that this BC cheat / exploit is " a top of the iceberg" And yes; Only RU (mail RU) can buy and sell on Lootdog. Even do, I understand why it is not working for EU players, based on the EU regulation regarding Lootcrates (you may not resell the items found), but it is still some " unexplainable item" why "thy can" and the EU player base cant. Hope that we someday get info how many players cheated this way.
  13. Really have my doubts of this BP, based on: * Only the Tier X looks decent (both other are crap.... and I have them both). * Gaining coins is much harder. * The older players in my friend list are hardly playing, and what is playing are " not the most skilled players". Lots of Non clan players. * More and more I get the feeling that " some players from a specific area of this planet" are favored in the game (last game 3 of those players were standing in the cap circle, I was in TD in the back (full cammo, correct commander etc), but AI only shoots me and the Leo (from Germany) in front of me. But not on the players in the cap circle.... strange......
  14. Maybe I oversee it in your post, but BC form bought access to the BP and of the " weekend missions", will not open (they work on a fix.... soon....)
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