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  1. Shall be my lack of knowledge, but regarding the "RoD achievements got nuked too, along with the entire Black Company spec ops achievements category", what is there been changed ? Could you pls enlighten me ;-)
  2. Looks to me that the drone part has been " put on hold". No longer mentioned in the in-log screen and no drone available on the mentioned tanks. Think we have to wait some more time. Will be " soon" I think
  3. Welcome Kokopelli, retirements says nothing, at the Siba clan we are more or less retired. (think that our clan member Veldmaarschalk > 75 years young with its own twitch steam). Have fun, Godspeed.
  4. Welcome ScarecrowActual, great introduction. Send my regards your father for his service. have send you a friend invite, and see you in the field. Have fun, Godspeed.
  5. Think that what SS is saying on Discord (as you displayed in your responds), is the main issue why the game does not improve. They only want to hear their own opinion and are surrounding themselves with "always agree". Bit like the old communism system. "The party is always right, and we think for you, because we know what you want (in game)". Thanks for all those very nice skins Arto. Really appreciate it. And when AW/ SS can't handle critic (Apparently, they can't make the difference of whining and critism for reason that we want the game to improve, because we like the game), then it says something about them. (and the future of the game). But please provide us with the nice skins. Your works is (at least) my gameplay much more fun).
  6. More and more you will become an " Idiot" when driving a MBT with all those brrrr, brrrr whoes whoes AFV's around you.
  7. Normally this will be the case Arcticwolfbz, when the BP had made enough money Apparently it was not enough at the normal closing date
  8. Regarding the Afghanistan camouflage, the latest version (mountain) of event camouflage is acquired, but not listed in my camouflage (owned) listing. Do others have the same (missing) issue? Godspeed
  9. And those " Re-skinned" for 18.000 battle coins. In my opinion a real disgrace and an insult for the active players. Would have been better to get a special tank / item / commander etc., on those 18k battle coins boxes, and in my personal believe confirming the thought of "only interested in money grabbing." Lost opportunity for the game. Godspeed.
  10. Looks very nice Trashcan. Just a little question. Can I get a version with the storm plow? / How can I install it without the plow? Godspeed.
  11. Thanks Trashcan, had them installed and are really nice. Godspeed
  12. To me it looks a bit confusing. They intent to " Inviting old players", but the bonusses will be " mainly towards newer players". Are that mostly East European players ? Because for me it looks that they don't have any (more) "warm feelings" for the " old players base" who carried the game for years now. Can't quite see the meaning of ONLY opting for " new players", looks to me that they would be pleased that the " old players" leave. Reason that I state it so boldly is because of a few reasons: 1) After all these months the reporting system is still not working, and it looks that some regions of players are violating all kind of rules, based on the fact that they know that the punishing systems will not work on them (the even scribe it into the chat") and I personally think that this is also one of the reasons that " old players" leave. 2) So why won't the keep the "old player base" happier. They (mostly) love the game but are becoming more and more irritated (have the same feeling) and it looks that they really do. Just a example: As an " old player" I have gained for billons of credits and millions of XP and the daily bonus gives them also but can't get this progression tank the " normal way". What's then the use of such idiot credits and XP amounts if this does not give you some advantage over " new players", we have worked for those credits and XP, but can't use these benefits for progression tanks. 3) No use of Lootdog for EU players (understand the EU regulation in this matter), but this is also " dual pricing" / unfair advantage for the mail.ru players. (If you don't know what I'm stating look at lootdog and see for so less money you can buy crates from other players to get those blueprints of premium tanks hidden behind the pay wall). And all such items strengthen me (and also old players who I spoke of my clan, friend list, in game, who already have left the game, in the believe that they rather lose us old players, because we will only complain instead of p(l)aying. (see here the prove of it ;-) ). But still find it pity that such less players in my friend list are regular playing. So still hope that AW find some way to keep the old player "onboard this game." Godspeed.
  13. Fully agree Zafir, way overpriced (even when you hopefully get the tank with the 50 " blueprints" bundle) and secondly; they do have a nasty track record of " nerfing down a lot of BP / won / blueprints vehicles. And also, the less and less " in game friends online", the hardly updated (PVE) game maps, the toxic behavior of more and more players, etc, etc, makes that I more and more lose the trust and confidence in the game, and as a result of that, don't think that investing money in this game (and in its current state) is at this state a " wise decision". But hope for them, there are a lot of players buying this tank.
  14. But do I see it correct?; It does have a huge weak spot on the frontal amour? A Fully green bar in the middle of the frontal amour *the intended frontal amour picture). If that is correct the A.I will skin you alive. And it may be hot, but it is also (again for those premiums) very costly. Godspeed.
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