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  1. This camouflage mod will allow you to turn your favorite AFVs into the Ukrainian fighting machine. Hope at least somebody like it. What you need in your inventory: Spanish camo How to install: copy this file to your localization folder. English.zip
  2. @Vadim I know how to alter decal in game. The main issue is decal position in the T-72M1 isn't good as T-72A. That's why I want a skin instead. Also my PC unable to do a skin mod for some reason.
  3. May you do the same JSDF theme for Type 90 pls?
  4. May I request another skin? BM-Oplot with RTA camo.
  5. There is any chance to change tier 5 t-64 into T-64B? at least just make it has a smoke grenade if dev think ATGM in tier 5 is too op.
  6. May I request another one? a T-80U with a turret with a cage at the turret (the same as in the ROK T-80U skin)
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