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  1. New player and to this community, with 96 hours in the game at the time of this posting, hoping to meet new people to play with regularly who enjoy armor as much as I do! I primarily play MBT with my highest tier being the T7 MaA2 Abrams, but have also done a RU MBT line up to T6, and a few other random lines to collect Desert Storm/Gulf War era Soviet tanks, as well as struggling to work my way up to the Bradley. Just a little about me, father was a USMC AAV7 mechanic during the Gulf War, so I ended up reading a lot of the Marine Corps magazines from that time that he saved, and grew a love for military equipment in general. When I got my first console(PS2), I played a game called Conflict: Desert Storm with my little brother, and it features missions that heavily used Soviet MBT's and BMP's, as well as the ability to play one mission with the Bradley. From there, my interest in US armor grew and WW2 games led me to also admire the M4 Sherman variants. Eventually I made it to Battlefield 3, and the mission Thunder Run sold me completely on playing tanks almost exclusively in games(including BF4, BF1, & BFV). I also played a lot of World of Tanks, but stopped years ago after the HE nerf that made my Sherman 105 derp days less enjoyable. When Squad came out, I played armor in that game almost exclusively, and was quite capable with the right crew members as a gunner, or commander. Recently I found a video on this game(AW), and decided to give it a shot, and I have enjoyed it greatly. Whilst it still has a bit of that grindy feeling that War Thunder and WoT has, it is considerably less so since a lot of tanks are much more fun, and in general I feel like mechanics of the game are more streamlined/fun. The fact of that it also has PvE also greatly reduces the feeling of being completely outmatched/paired with a bad team/having bad luck. That, and guns actually being accurate helps immensely. So far I have only played PvE, working my tech trees up and enjoying the feeling of being nearly-immortal in the MBT lineup especially. I have 306 matches played with a win rating of 97%, and survival of 69 percent so far. Anyway, sorry about the wall of text. Just wanted to make myself known and welcome anyone to shoot me an in-game friend request @ScarecrowActual if you wanted to roll out together! :D
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