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  1. if you wanna hold your finger down in the fire button throughout the game via lead paperweight, the York is better :P
  2. without barrel liner with barrel liner personally i dont see that much of a difference but i could be wrong here
  3. So the title says it all. I will be talking about how I play this OP t4 afv. Feel free to add stuff, as this is my first time posting something like this. (and haswell TOTALLY didnt want me to write this to make myself more active than stagnant pond water here , still love you haz ) ARMOR: practically nonexistent (45~55mm), so use smonkes and try to not get hit HP: 1400, you cant take that much dmg so use smonkes and try to not get hit im ded...cause I got hit MOBILITY: not the best out there, but it can allow you move decently fast, use it to get out of trouble or attack. GUNS: So here is where it gets interesting: the quad 23 mm auto cannons have just over 13 k dpm, but they have a overheat gauge, just like the the GAU, which leads me to think that clicking on the LMB instead of holding it down will deal better sustained fire over targets, (cant put my 10 second video of clicking retardly on the mouse repeatedly cause the file size too large reee), since the HP pools of your enemies aren't that large, 3- 4 short bursts (clicks) will be enough to deal with most squishies. peeking out to click dakka the close comparison is the obvious t5 york . Though the york is still vastly better, since you can just hold down the LMB an just melt targets and dont have to worry about overheating, both have radar that spot things but reduce your camo factor, I just leave my radar on cause I'm already screwing my team by damage hogging, might as well take all the spotting dmg as well EQUIPMENT (if you really want to spend a crap ton of credits on this thing) - anything to boost your accuracy, (I went for MRS, AI targeting, and improved drive, I didn't use the barrel lining cause you DONT reload in this thing) CONSUMEABLES - whatever you want really (I went for standard fire extinguisher, medkit, and spare parts) CREW SKILLS - driver: choose between, off road driving, spin to win, and smooth ride, whatever you like - gunner: choose between, sharpshooter, quick draw, and accuracy, whatever you like COMMANDERS - honestly any will do, but Freja if you have the accuracy build to help with accuracy, or OPhelia, cause why not make this thing even more BORKEN. CONCLUSION - this was my FIRST game in it, stock, and without equiments, so i'll not insult your intelligence and let you decide if you want this. IF you do play this rightly though... dem poor pubbies kinda feel bad for ppl who just started out their AW career
  4. the general issue for me was: too much effort for not enough rewards as well. running 5*4 missions was a slog, not to mention q times, we also tried to use just arty to meme it, but most of us lost interest really quickly
  5. new tier 9? if so.....heheheeheheheeheheehehehehehehhehehehehehehehheehheheheheheeheehehhehehehehehe
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