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  1. the general issue for me was: too much effort for not enough rewards as well. running 5*4 missions was a slog, not to mention q times, we also tried to use just arty to meme it, but most of us lost interest really quickly
  2. new tier 9? if so.....heheheeheheheeheheehehehehehehhehehehehehehehheehheheheheheeheehehhehehehehehe
  3. what do you mean suck? they did fine in heroics XD
  4. making a deck of cards against humanity but AW version, we need both black card questions and white card answers. much ty
  5. honestly, if you want to do meme builds and challenges/ heroic is also the way to go
  6. in short: im not bothering with the raid, I got 100 other better things to do
  8. ngl, i wanna practice stats, and this seems like a good way to help with ACCURATELY showing MM conditions as well, and it can be peer reviewed by you/other CC's. tbh i think changes on vehicle mechanisms in glops warrant more change than MM at its current state, I haven't had the chance to play GLOPS myself yet in 0.33, but given the amount of people that do not like ATGM chip dmg. It probably a good start to change that one out.
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