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  1. You know you are talking about the same developers that can't get patch notes out before a release right?
  2. There are some things in the first mission that need to be fixed. Comments about the ease of the mission due to the tiers have already been noted There is a lack of clarity about what the caps in the beginning of the match are about. I didn't know what it was until Haswell's post. The flow of the entire mission is hectic and the flow of it from start to finish shows You have a medium size area that everyone stumbles over each other trying to get through to funnel into a small corridor that looks like its 2 wide but reality only fits 1 wide to advance forward due to the amount of "debris" present. Much like having to go through a turn stile This was an okay-ish mission, but not one that I would want to deal with having to stumble my way through for the however many times to get all the missions related to it completed.
  3. Did they put the patch out yet? I'm getting a game client versus server client different and there is no download option.
  4. Let's look at it from another stand point: You have a new player that is dealing with trying to grind out a vehicle that sucks. They are just 1 win away from having the XP needed to upgrade something or get out of it completely. Then insert into that last match someone with this mentality. About a third of the time with a new player and someone with this mentality in a match yeah you get by but its rough. Add in one of those horrible maps and another player and it turns into a loss. A loss results in hardly enough XP for them to advance. So now you have a new player that didn't get the XP needed and has to do that "one last match" all over again. That closed minded mentality of "good enough is good enough" can have a trickle affect. Now that new player is hating life a hair bit more because maybe they don't have time, and then and then and then. Sometimes it might be good for you but what about the others around you? How far does this attitude carry down the line with other people and impact them? I have intentionally tanked matches before to get even with someone for being "unsportsmanlike". How did I do it? Just like Haswell suggested.
  5. So what you are saying is that for those of us that want to do well, be team players and strive to be better/improve over the last match or just overall, you are exerting the minimal amount of effort to support yourself at the expense of us?? I understand things like the phone rings and it is the significant other. I understand things like "OMG! My kids just did something stupid gotta go!". I understand that every now and then I have to pick up my pace when others are having bad nights, and likewise others have to pick up my slack when I am having one. Life happens. What you are suggesting is so fundamentally wrong at the core of it that it is hard to fathom that someone would suggest doing this, much less actually doing it. If you are suffering from burn out like I have with AW, find something else other than AW. Burnout right now in this screwed up world is not healthy.
  6. Sounds like a remnant from the beginnings of AW where in the garage you could have 100% GPU usage and a very low CPU utilization then when you go into battle things got back to a sane level of usage for your setup. There are still some times the fans on my video card in the garage will spool up and then cycle back down for some strange reason.
  7. Don't get me wrong, there is a huge appeal to a crock pot because of that very thing you mentioned. But when you're craving something like a pot roast or pulled pork/chicken and its something that you have to have that moment is where the InstantPot works miracles. What I've seen is that it is on par with a crock pot as far as flavor goes. There are things it can't do sometimes that a good 12 hour simmer in a crock pot does well. The biggest issue I have is living alone so when I cook either I have to make something that lasts for a week or I do a small batch of something to last me a few days. Today after work I'm getting about 3 pounds of chicken and some BBQ sauce to do pulled chicken in the InstantPot. Cut it up into small quarter pound chunks and braze them in a cast iron with olive oil and garlic, then drop them in the pot for about 20 minutes with about a cup of sauce and a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water. OR the alternate is about a cup of chicken broth and you mix in the sauce afterwards in a container of your choosing. Serve up on a nice sesame bun with some slaw.
  8. I have an old crock pot that I use sometimes because it's nice to throw it on before work and come home to a nice stew or chili. Then I discovered an InstantPot and all that crock pot does now is collect dust.
  9. Going through some of this, I just keep in that December 10th, the new DLC for MW5 comes out. I know where I'll be at on December 11th. Now there is a new battle path with "MOAR DAKKA DAKKA". A Shilka (to be honest I'm surprised that it wasn't one of the first tanks ever added to the game), a modified BMP-3 (now with MORE MISSILES!), a mini-me version of the T-15, and then something else with a 152mm in the form a huge Russian MBT? Something I enjoyed getting 033'd from the previous battle path makes it really hard to want to be excited about this new battle path.
  10. When you get stuff like this, it makes it hard to not want to call them what they are:
  11. I have never understood why an as-designed IFV is classed as a TD in Armored Warfare.
  12. It's like the Comic Sans font....just because you can doesn't mean you should.
  13. So, back to one of my questions that everyone kept dancing around: When will the developers put up the changes on the PTS for us to test before they put it on the live server? An edit: From the 0.33.7403 patch notes: Also, why did they change the fonts on the AW page? They are shadowed and it is hard to read.
  14. The K1A1 getting a nerf to the upper plate is not fair at all. The tank went from workable armor in 0.32 to it feeling like a down grade in 0.33. Now its getting a reduction again? Thanks.
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