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  1. I was going to say something similiar. At least in WoT, the "Marks Of Excellence" are on the barrel, making them hard to see or spot unless you go out of your way to look for them on the other side. On the other hand, if seems that getting these flags may be some what "easy-ish" to obtain.
  2. If my memory serves me correctly, historically it was planned to be put on the M1A1 chassis to make use of all the "extra" ones they were going to retire or dispose of once the M1A2 came into existence.
  3. Well.....I guess I'm glad my I have my 2AX battle-hardened.
  4. Then why did the tier 8 through 10 get shoved down our throats rushed out? I have no idea why this is a topic of discussion. I see HEAT-MP as a balancing tool that allows for use across multiple spectrums without the outright damage potential. I'm happy to see them looking at the 99A2. It is one that has potential to be a good "average" MBT to an average player, but not one that excels in the hands of a great player. The fact that battalion operations isn't getting an overhaul makes me wonder. It has had at least 1 major and 1 minor adjustment to it since AW came on line.
  5. Is there any word on what the 95 MB update that showed up is about?
  6. I'm not understanding the why they would do it either unless it is related to PvP/Global Ops which is a real possibility now.
  7. Keep in mind something: That spreadsheet that I was referring to was an aid to help in calculation of how many battles you needed to get in to get to a certain level. The time spent in the match was the only real time metric discussed. So it took a run down average of the matches you were in, how many battle coins you made per match, and time per match and it was used to help do the calculations. I have not seen a solid description of what the BC's are based off of and what percentage. I want to say the effective combat time is a better gauge based on what I've seen.
  8. Computer prices are insane right now. Through a few vendors I've used in the past, I can't get down below a certain price point so I'll wait for a bit.
  9. If you are referring to how many BC's you get are calculated, the spreadsheet that came out several BP's ago said that it was the time spent in the match.
  10. I played with it a bit last night. To me, for all the hype that it got it is not as great everyone thought it would be. It has some good damage output but its lack of defensive ability means you have to depend on positioning, and with positioning you have to pay attention to the map you are on.
  11. Sorry but this is more of a vent than anything. Why on earth did someone think that changing some of how finding decals or camo was a good idea? If you make a change to the UI, make it so that the UI is more usable, not something like this attached picture. It was a pain to find something before, but now there is little to no rhyme or reason to how this is done. Patch notes, I never saw this in the patch notes.
  12. When it comes to programming, I have always associated time as a significantly more costly resource that money. It hard for me to understand they why that resource would be spent in some ways towards something like a skin which must have taken a ton of time and from what I've read about the Hades skins it really isn't a texture as much as a whole new vehicle and used for other things that could be more of an improvement in the game. The last ones looked far better than the previous ones but I guess SS's response summed it up about just how hard it was to accomplish.
  13. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/vehicles-focus-leopard-2a7-140 Then what is this then? I know, because I played the crap out of it when I got it until it got the heck nerfed out of it because it was the only thing that could counter the T-14 when it came out.
  14. Now, that is funny because they did in the beginning allow for user uploaded battalion logos. They were screened for things that were "offensive" in nature. They did say at one point that there would be more logos added. This whole thing has been going on like the whole Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck "NO! It's rabbit season!" scene and has always been an argument since the first night of beta. For the longest time if you were in the garage your GPU ran at 100% power and 100% load even in the simple garage. You could even dial your settings down and the game would stumble along. One of the guys I played with had a rig that could rock out Crysis/BF/CoD with every setting set to max with zero issues, but having settings in AW to the modest middle of the road settings he couldn't hit anything that was moving because it was so bad. No, it was a PC issue. The last time I saw anything from support about it something in a patch had changed and I couldn't get my frame rate out of the teens and I was told to install the latest video drivers. When pressed to tell me which one they recommended they said it was the latest ones but the version number they posted was one about 6 months old. It is a lost battle. I hope that its not the original 2A7 that was in the game before the 2AX. I loved the 2A7 and played the hell out of it. If they add it back in I'll be very upset about it.
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