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  1. The problem is that during these type of events is when the attitudes come out. If there aren't any events going on its normal game play minus the wait times due to the server population. So it's on me to have to put up with it?
  2. I was 7 missions into this when I stopped it. Of the 7 missions, 2 of them were outright losses. 4 of the remaining 5 had 1 AFK and 2 just run out and die. One of them during the last match said that they didn't care if they died it was on everyone else to win the battle. Sorry, but even OSHA has rules about how much I can carry. If these are the attitudes that are going to be displayed during events like this then what's the point.
  3. Maybe it's just me, but I don't really understand what is wrong with the CATTB. Is there a list somewhere? By the time I get home in the afternoon, the window for PvP is closed, but even when I use it in PvP it doesn't seem to be too problematic. In PvE it isn't king by a long stretch but I can see where it can be abused. I know that they nerfed the gun and the ready rack system on it but nothing really stands out.
  4. As long as the rules are laid out somewhat, I'm down for the whole making things worse.
  5. This comment here basically sums up why in certain games people want a "skill based" match making system. Even then you have situations where a teammate has a vehicle that they suck in and just doesn't click, they could fall into the "not good enough" or "just good enough" categories. Then you could have someone on the other end that falls in the later two categories just hit it off with a tank and be classed as "too good". The combinations of these can go on and on. There was also something said a long time ago that amounted to some players will dial it up to 10 and play at their best all the time and start to become the "serious" ones because they feel they have to as their team mates either aren't willing to try and just do the minimum to finish up a mission or they just aren't good.
  6. Thanks Haswell. Trying to time some things to my desire to want to do this.
  7. To follow up with this: I contacted support and filed out the form. When they asked me for more information, I pointed out to them that the information was already in the form I had to submit. That was where I became very leary about this whole thing. We went back and forth for several days. I would ask a very direct question about how this would affect my account and I got some canned answer in the form of we are going to do this but you have to replay saying that you understand and agree to what is going to happen. I asked what is actually going on, same thing. After about a little over a week of this back and forth I finally had enough and told them to go ahead and they were ready to reverse the charges. I am still very leary about the entire thing and it did not leave me with a very comfortable feeling when I was done.
  8. I'm an American. Our national language is 3rd grade English. All kidding aside, your English is better than average, so you're alright.
  9. Does anyone know when in July if it is going to happen?
  10. I would like to modify your list a little bit for tanks to buy (in my own opinion of course): Add the Type 90: it is solid in PvE and PvP Move to middle ground the Exp Tank. It has been a bit too squishy since the day it was released. it has potential but at that tier you can do better for light tanks. Add Oplot-BM (if you like the Russian style MBT play) Add the Altay. It is solid in PvP and a good K2 clone Other than that, good list.
  11. With the Object 195 versus 2000 in the training room The autocannon of the 195 for me would be up on the 2000 until it comes time for the reloading. 50 rounds with a 5 second reload versus a 3 round burst. Too many times I get caught out with 1 or 2 rounds left in the autocannon for the 195. For mobility, the 2000 is like trying to race a fast car fast. The ability of it to turn in place and swing the gun around are great but for some I could see where it would be a pain. The 195 is good up until you have to corner. Stats wise mobility is suppose to go to the Object 195 but it doesn't feel like it. The guns is a case of what's your favorite flavor of ice cream. You have in one corner the Object with 1000 damage and 850 pen AP round with an HE round that is no joke versus a more well rounded German 860 damage 825 pen AP round with a 1100 damage 990 pen HEAT round. Having the 195 and a new commander in it training the Object clocks in at 10.1 seconds for reload versus 10 seconds stock for the STRV. The gun on the STRV is more cool and calm and the gun on the Object for me is more "OMG! PANIC!". For armor in regards to TeyKey's comment regarding NERA using the Type 10: When I have taken the Type 10 into GLOPS, the NERA is one of those "Dirty Harry" moments where you have to play the guessing game of how many times were you hit in a location. A good player if they can reengage a Type 10 with their next round will park it in roughly the same spot and maybe they'll hit it, maybe they won't but it doesn't give much assurance to the frontal armor. In PvE, with the bots shooting pretty much the same spot, you can get left stranded pretty quickly and have to drop back and play as a light tank for the rest of the match with no frontal armor. NERA is great for eating the initial shot, but anything after that is far game. I think that with the front mounted engine it'll give some "additional" support but I have seen STRV 2K's stranded with their engine shot out. I'll chalk that up to the player that decided to whale their way into stardom without the skill set to use the tank. I would recommend it if you are a new player and you don't already have a tier 10 premium. As a vet I wouldn't go whale for it.
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