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  1. SS, This is where the issue lies. There is, based on what all the devs in any game like this says, a base line that says for this thing at that level this is where it should be at performance wise. It is already assumed that any other vehicle is "perfectly balanced" prior to release but when put to the test that isn't the case. It's true. Why would one want to buy another vehicle that gets power crept or nerfed after the fact due to it not actually being balanced when it is put to the test. Most developers such as AW's don't want to mess with a premium vehicle due to the back lash that is caused and hurt sales If this is going to be part of the new contract mission, it's stuff I'll do anyways so if I get it I get it great. But if after 5 or 6 battles in it if it's ~meh~ then it'll collect dust. There in lies the rub. If it is balanced but it is an under-performer compared to other similiar vehicles at that time, then who would want it. If it over performs then it pushes everything else out of the way then when it comes time to fix it you face the back lash. This is not a position I would envy you to be in. I'd love to do more PvP but prime time for AW is after I get home from work/gym and get settled down to want to play AW and there are some others in the same position. If you add in that there are people that do not want to do any sort of PvP that creates a larger issue. That causes an issue with what your definition of balance is, my definition of balance, and anyone elses definition is. They don't meet up in the right place. The Stalker is a prime example.
  2. Since you are already in the Wolfli branch, my choices would be: The Leopard 2A6: It is one of those tanks that is misunderstood. If you look at the raw DPM value, yeah it sucks. If you look at the gun handling and do an actual comparison across all the other tier 9's, it is the best in class. For that "lack" of DPM, it makes up for in shot consistency which puts it better than what the stats say. The armor is spooky good and is one of the most difficult tanks to kill if you have a good hull down position and relies on position more than any of the other tank series Right now the only things that can kill it through the turret when hull down are the MGM's and anything with PELE depending on the angle you hit it at. It can move and move well. Highly recommended. However, I would recommend going back through that part of the branch. The Leopard 2 and 2A5 is amazingly fun at tier 7 and 8 respectively. Leave the 2A4 Evo alone unless you want to pull your hair out. The Centauro 120: Amazing TD and is one of the old timers in the game. It use to be at tier 8 and was OP as f*** back then. it got tweaked a very long time ago and moved up to 9 and there is a ton of information out there on it. Highly recommended The Draco: The Draco is one of the old timers as well and has been pretty much the same as it always has been, minus a tweak here and there. Recommended but its a steep learning curve how to get the gun to work in your favor. The M1A2C: Never have been a fan of the M1 series. All I know of it is frustration. Recommended for a new person? Only if you have the patience to work with and through it.
  3. Zemosu, this isn't anything directed at you, but it is directed at the comment itself. My running mate summed up how to unlock the abilities of the Type 10 a few weeks ago confirming the training he got from me on it. The ability of this tank is buried in the little details. If you can not interface with it, if you can not sort out the little details, you and the Type 10 will not jive together and you will not do well in it at all. I love the PL01 but trust me, the PL01 doesn't hold a candle to the Type 10.
  4. Ever since the release of 0.32, there are some things that just stopped working correctly for tie in's for AW. For example: I started to get use to having the overlay on for Discord for voice comms For a few days after 0.32 came out I chalked up it not working at all to something else. I have gone through and did everything that I could find on Google to fix the overlay but it is no use. I have a Logitech G815 keyboard and use the dreaded Logitech GHub software for it. I have the lighting on the keyboard set up so that when AW starts, it shifts over, or at least it did. Now I have to do multiple alt-tabs between the desktop and the game to get the lighting to enable. Logitech is lacking in information in more ways than one regarding how the GHub works. Since there isn't a direct "short cut" to the running game file, I had to use the task manager to find what was running and link it to that file and it worked great until 0.32 rolled out. With the 0.32 patch roll out, I have had issues with the alt-tabbing out to the desktop. When I ran in any mode (windowless boarder, full screen, etc) where it would never work properly. Has anyone else had issues related to Discord and GHub not working correctly when it comes to AW since 0.32?
  5. So, here we are coming towards the end of this battle path. What happens to all the battle coins and boosters that you have when this battle path is over? You can't buy the Hunter a second time, all you get for it is about 3500 battle coins so trying to get the Hunter again for credits or gold is out. There is a 25% bonus to battle coins going right now.
  6. Reading through a lot of this, I'm interested to see where this goes........but..... This project is a huge undertaking. i do hope that when changes are made that they can be tested first before put onto the live server. Success with this will mean the world going forward, if they fail they might as well fall on their sword because it could be a death blow.
  7. Yeah, I started to see that last night as well. Also, to add to the list on my rig I have taken a 20 to 40 FPS hit. I've had all the graphics settings maxed out since the FPS limit sliders were installed. On Basillisk normally I've been over 100 at the last cap. Last night I didn't see anything over 80.
  8. If someone comes across a clan whos name I'll withhold, and happens to see a player by the name of Samu, please shoot him. Repeatedly. We were in a match on Phalanx and he was in arty. He continued to drop smoke on the enemy. 0 damage output from him by the way. This resulted in most of us taking damage from a tank we could not see to get it off the field. We were at a point where he screwed it up so bad that we couldn't get to the last secondary.
  9. ...and in this round of "What Did They Break?" - The damage indication you get when you hit a target and shows the amount of damage that was caused by you has changed. Its now the same color as the rest of your team mates. This creates confusion.
  10. SS, In my opinion, something needs to be done. I hate to say it, they need to be nerfed because there isn't any other way around it. The problem comes from this premise: imagine you being a new player to this game, and in a match you have a York or DCA in the match and they clean up. How would that make you feel? I will tell you that beside certain aspect that are obvious, it makes the whole new player experience very very painful. The DCA isn't anywhere near as bad as the York, but it is up there. While you say that the team is aware of the issue and will balance accordingly, in the environment we are in its kind of hard to see how this could be balanced as a premium where autocannons rule PvE at the lower tiers. Even with the missiles, someone will figure out how to abuse it.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong please, but hasn't the CryEngine been kept up to date over the years and still kept in play? There really hasn't been a full engine update. To me it looks the same as it did the first night during the open beta random battles. My hardware has gotten better but I was running pretty far up there as far as the graphics settings. It did take them years to get it fixed so the fan on my graphics card didn't sound like a jet engine during take off in the garage.
  12. I have a problem with this. With the York being what it is right nowturdthatneedstobeflushed, do we really need anymore low tier "AAA" style guns/tanks at the lower tiers?
  13. For more details, come and visit this thread that was started to discuss it even further:
  14. I wouldn't mind taking a stab at this as a potential.
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