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  1. This stuff has ACTUALLY been going on! Not that I can do anything about it, except bitch about it. BUT, for a game that has been on for THIS long, to have SO MANY "Technical Defects"? YEARS AFTER it came out for Beta Test? COICINDENTALLY, whenever I said or did something the Moderator didn't like. Sometimes, ten times in a row, within minutes of each other?
  2. Like the title says, "Why can't we have the Arty buffs that are in GIOPS, in PvE?" I mean, seriously The bots seem like they get Off-Board arty half the time! A LOT of us LEFT PvP because of the TOXIC playerbase that exists there, And until it VASTLY improves, I have NO intention of going back! So, We, In PvE, would like to play with the "Nice Toys" too! And, IF you're "holding them back" just to get us to play PvP? Well, I for one, DON'T want the "New Toys" THAT bad! You can stick 'em where the sun don't shine in that case! Moved to Metagame, since none of this are actual upcoming changes. -H
  3. Gee! I WONDER why you People did that? Because you DIDN'T like OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS? IS RUSSIAN WAY! CRUSH ALL OPPOSITION! Oh yeah guys, The mods are BOOTING me from the server after almost every battle! And, booting me at random intervals just for shits and giggles, apparently. I have been under various accounts, a thorn in their side since AW started. so AW DON'T like me much...... matter of fact, my FIRST account got PERMABANNED! Yup, I screwed up THAT bad! And I have been speaking out against their tactics and favorite mode of play PvP, at EVERY opportunity. Merely DISAGREEING with "them" gets you on their "shit" list! You Do it OUR Way, or WE CRUSH YOU! That's AW's motto!
  4. Y'all are allowing MODS now? Oh Sheep Dip! I'm SOOOOOOO glad I don't play PvP! Because Those that DO play it ARE going to develop WarPak Mods or the equivalent as sure as the sun rises! Count on it!
  5. Yup, this happened with me on the old forums! i disagreed with the "Status Quo" usually about things like arty and PvP vs PvE and the attitudes of the different types of players and how the devs were siding towards the PvP players. This type of talk was called "Trolling" and got me banned! Dissent was NOT tolerated back then! you had to "Toe the Party line" or get banned!
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