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  1. suddenly, HEAT that can whack for half your health and type 10 like clip loader
  2. Only that the "price" is just an arbitrary number someone farted out, and deemed acceptable. The Price shouldn't be that different in production for a T3 tank, and a T10 tank. Just the dreamt up pricetag changes
  3. So, lets see, 0.33, or, the death of the game, as it looks now, is trying to bring people back into a mode, that, if you actually wanted to play it, you'd have other games to choose from, which are bigger, and therefore, you don't need to wait for matches. GLOPs is a bit different, as it is atleast somewhat unique, and would do well with getting upgrades and rebalances, if any sort of pvp is supposed to survive. pve on the other hand, the attempts of the big ones, both WG aswell as Gaijin, are pitiful at best. WT only has a wave survival mode with bots so accurate, that you wish for the bots from AW (T-34 going cross country hitting you under the mantlet at over 800m, last time i played that), and WoT doesnt do it better, magic aim of bots reminiscent of AW in the 0.2x patches, where you got snapshot by everything and their mothers the moment you peak around a corner. So, actually getting more pve missions in, and adjusting them that atleast they arent as predicatable as they are now (only the maps that i never/rarely play i dont know to well what classes should spawn where and when), would atleast reinforce what actually was the main thing for atleast some players from the getgo
  4. i would be surprised if a chimpanse that is just blindly hammering on a keyboard couldnt do better than him
  5. most likely, they try to force us from pve. Might be just Tinfoilhattalk, but pve takes more actual work by them in the long run
  6. Well, with how that reads: Someone saw a shovel, they want to dig their grave, cause that will make pve pain (maybe just because im pessimistic as hell, maybe because ive been around long enough to know that these kinds of rebalances not really work out too well. and with how low the playercount already seems to be...)
  7. Why do i have the feeling that the balance will be fucked deliberately just for the sole purpose of making it incredibly painful to fight anything that isnt your tier or maybe one above, just so they can sell BH for higher prices, or just straight up sell BH tokens, staggered in tiers for their price obviously
  8. Unless they give it such a stupid reload that you need that Ammo Commander to not run dry in 30 Seconds, then it might be something more than just a collectors piece. But assuming they are not that stupid to give it a RDF like reload, collectors piece
  9. First of, this is written to get vehicles, but, when you modify the file type, can be used on all models files of Armored Warfare. The unpacking part should be clear, just, that instead of "just" the one textures file, you need way more (resources.pak number 6-10,15-22,24-40 all contain vehicles for example, and then you dont have the textures. at all. so no normal maps or anything, just the encrypted models). After unpacking, you take this tool from the Link and combining it with a .bat file that contains cgf-converter.exe *.cgf cgf-converter.exe *.chr cgf-converter.exe *.cga and then you execute that bat file, after which you can find all the unlocked dae files in their respective folders, and these you can just import into for example blender For the textures, you need the attached files from the archive to stitch them back together, then you have "normal" dds files, but older versions of paint.net may not open them. <More on texturing here, once i figured that out for sure> AW Rip Tools.zip
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