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  1. You know if this keeps up they are just going to make the game harder.
  2. The term "good chance" is relative. It could be a good chance compared to winning the jack pot on the lottery. They should, but never will unless forced, to release the actual percentages of wining each prize. So sadly the loot box system is just the new one armed bandit.
  3. And changes like this keep the "russian bias" reputation alive. To sum up the changes, buff the russians nerf all others.
  4. some of those skins look like they were made by this guy.
  5. Now players get the bot bullets. Bots never bounce.
  6. If they are worried about potential loss of earnings, why don't they have every thing in the store all the time. That is the big issues with digital goods. When people find codes or sail the high seas and acquire digital goods without paying for them. This does not result in actual dollar for dollar loss in sales. In this case there might be a higher correlation due to the finite number of codes, but normally the quantity of the digital good in near infinite. Sense these codes were hidden/forgotten that again complicates the correlation. I would wager to near zero, but corporate bean counters don't see it that way.
  7. Welcome and enjoy your stay. We don't bite...much.
  8. Don't stop playing the game, just don't spend any money on it. That will hurt them the most. Run up their costs, but give them nothing to offset that cost.
  9. Why do I have the feeling that they are trying to keep the old adage alive. In Armored Warfare. You do not play the game, the game plays you.
  10. I really hope you mean with the game If the devs did do that the "magic" would be gone withe the game. Maybe that is why the devs should tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. As Capt. Sheridan said: " Actually you can kill the truth, but it always come back to haunt you later."
  11. Not to mention that they seem to have nerfed the credit payouts for missions also. Think they are hoping you will spend real money on in game credits.
  12. They also made the armor add-on for the Challenger 1 cosmetic only.
  13. They reset my Leclerc T9 module progression. I had the thing fully unlocked and was working on the progression for the Leclerc T4. oh well.
  14. Well that looks like some shit from mad max beyond thunderdome.
  15. I can confirm this on all tracked vehicles that I have used in game. Showed up after the dynamic dirt model was implemented. Sometimes it gets fixed if you get tracked on the same track again by the bots, but not always.
  16. All this will do is turn people away. Every time a developer does a big balance change to an existing game they loose a lot of players. Only time will tell if they come back after a while or not.
  17. Looks like the dev's heard but did not listen, again.
  18. At T9 and T10 an M2 would not affect the effective dpm that much. There are only a couple of T9 or T10 vehicles that would be threatened by the M2 and they are missile boats anyway. This would just make then keep their heads down more, as they should. A glorified pickup truck with a couple of ATGM's should not waltz on the battlefield out in the open and survive.
  19. Hello and welcome. Beware of the swingfires and T15. They are ATGM beasts, they like to delete most of your armor. Also Softkill APS is not very effective against bot launched ATGM's. AW is still a fun game even with the rough edges.
  20. If you get rid of the PVP then the toxic would migrate to the PVE side and make things shit there to. Better to keep them where they are, out of the way. I have seen many toxic PVE players, either the ones that continually run the seal clubbing tanks and or pushing other off cliffs/into bot fire.
  21. I vote PVE. The only reason I play AW is for PVE. I tried PVP and got stomped, got a few kills but lost all matches not even close. One of the biggest improvement you could make to the game that would aid both game modes would be improved match making. Also please pass on that it would be helpful if AW would nerf the aim bot of the bots. I don't like their inhuman accuracy with cannons and especially missiles, SK APS still seems to have no effect on bot ATGM's. Also, please remove the T15 and swingfire from the AI vehicle pool. Nothing worth while is easy.
  22. I play PVE almost exclusively. I like the Leclerc, can't go wrong with 60 rounds for the main gun that reloads faster than most T9 MBT's. The progression for that tank has a lot of trade off. If you want the best Ap or HE shell you have to trade of something else, one of those things is soft kill APS. It has great reverse, really good at peak boom. With the right commander you can have vision north of 500m. Watch out for the LFP and turret ring weak points. If you get the Challenger 2, get the armor upgrade sharpish. Without it you have only 400mm of LFP armor. The Challenger 2 is not as armored for it's tier as the Challenger 1 is, watch out for T15 AI tanks. Challenger 2 does not feel as slow as Challenger 1. The gun is underwhelming, HESH is almost worthless at T9. You will need to choose your shots very carefully. I am enjoying the grind with it though. The Leo2A6 is fun with a good, but slow main gun. If you like the gun, it is also on the K2 and Altay. With the armor upgrade it has better frontal protection than the M1A2C. The turret cheeks are very, very good. Find yourself and ridge and play sniper, keep the turret wagging a little to prevent the gun from taking hits, and you are golden for an entire PVE match. The Leo2A6 is about a quick as the A5, stock armor is the same as the A5. The M1A2C is the weakest of the T9 MBT's listed. The LFP makes you feel like a light tank, the under gun weak spot is annoying. The turret cheeks are not as good as it would seem. The gun is ok. I am grinding though it to get to the T10 Abrams, which I am told, is really fun. The T90MS, plays just like any of the other soviet MBT's. The HEAT round is the same as the T14 and preforms really well in PVE. You can choose either hard or softkill APS, for PVE hardkill is the way to go. The T90 is quick on it's feet. Keep those sides, both hull and turret, out of sight of the enemy. I have ground through all of the soviet tanks, so I free XP'ed through the last 1/2 of the T90MS to get to the T14. My rankings are: 1 Leclerc 2 Leo2A6 3 T90 4 Challenger 2 5 M1A2C
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