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  1. After the latest update my mbt-70 tier 6 mbt is way worse and nothing was mentioned in the patch notes. Note I’m playing both tech tree version and premium version every day, so I’m 100% confident. Acceleration is noticeably worse and the average speed is now around 10km/h slower. Turning makes this tank decrease it’s speed like never before and terrain resistance is causing that I can’t reach more than 50km/h average. Even downhill tank is slowing down now lol. It is impossible to reach max speed even with oil equipment mounted, according to stats it should go over 70km/h with oil but the reality is 67km/h max. Crew damage and module damage is now brutally frustrating Every single game either commander, driver or loader is death and when your driver is death you are going as fast as 10-13 km/h on a slight uphill. Almost every game the turret is stuck, the cannon is destroyed and I’m being constantly detracked, literally all the frigin time. And don’t forget that facing only your first enemy at the start of the game will result in damaged tracks, it turns yellow and you are already mobility handicapped and that is a given for every single game you play in aw. Aiming reticule is bigger than a whole tank 60m away from you, if you are even slightly moving and you must stop in order to even hit a damn tank now. Back in the day mbt-70 used to be laser like accurate when shooting on the move So at first after the big tier 7-10 rebalance they were stating that mbt’s mobility is actually not nerfed and now they proceed to nerf tank in lower tier without saying a world to a paying customers (remember this game literally started with mbt-70 bundle preorders) I don’t know what’s the situation like with other tanks as I’m playing solely mbt-70 for a couple of weeks now, but at this point I’m back to playing WOT and actually enjoying it more. Congratz to mail ru for destroying all the fun that’s left in this game PS: mbt-70 view range is 70m more than any of the tier 10 mbt’s and this is the result of constant nerfing from mail ru, so you can expect that after tier 4-6 rebalance this tank will become totally redundant as it has absolutely no armor and autocannons are already shreding you frontally lol.
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