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  1. Thanks everyone for the thoughtful feedback to this interesting proposal. I can't help but agree, this proposal would contribute to the creation of an upper class of players who would be simply playing with stronger vehicles. It could only make it more difficult to attract new players who will find the game fun, fair and competitive enough to stick with it. I particularly agree with Azdule's comment: If you took the idea and expanded it, then I would be interested - remove the following and it COULD be a start: - Time limit - Game mode specifics - Tank limitations (if tanks dies can no longer be used one)
  2. You may recall the problems that occurred issuing the reward tanks on the last mission. Just hoping this thought makes it to the developers. Please remember that some of us have the ICE skin but not the Leopard 2AV ICE Tier 6 Premium. The skin we have can only be applied to the progression tank. Just hoping in advance that there isn't a problem with the issuance of the reward Leopard 2AV ICE Tier 6 Premium to players who might have the ICE skin but not the premium version of the Leopard 2AV. Thanks
  3. Thank you Haswell and Silentstalker for the feedback. At this point I have completed every stage from the first day, but am still behind one day. As I have completed as much as is possible, it seems that it will be impossible for anyone to obtain the type 74 as advertised with the event. Now I am reading the tank will be available in the BP coin shop. This is beginning to look like a ploy to maneuver us into entering the next battle path. Am I making any sense? I am not disparaging this, normally generous, game that I love. But if this turns out to be the case, I will be certain not to enter the next battle path. I simply feel that if the tank was never going to be available via the event, the event should have been advertised as such.
  4. The Samurai's Honor Event started today, August 12. The event has 15 days to run and 17 stages to complete. This means it is impossible to complete the event and obtain the type 74 tank. This must be an error. In prior events AW has always given us a few more days than needed to complete the event. Why would they bother with an event that is impossible to complete? On second thought; as it turns out, the event runs until August 28. This should give us enough time to complete the stages. The only error appears to be in the game where the counter, on the event screen, indicates only 15 days remaining on a 17 stage event.
  5. Does anyone know when the Special Apocalyptic Contract #2 will expire?
  6. Thanks TeyKey1. I should have checked discord. As you say, no loss.
  7. I have had no chat in the HQ chat box since the invasion started. Is it something I am doing, or Russian censorship?
  8. Thanks Haswell, As always, your knowledge and background in this game is appreciated. I will take your advice.
  9. Does anyone have experience with or comments regarding this tank? It seems to have fairly decent armor.
  10. Thank you MK_Regular for this excellent and thoughtful information.
  11. Does anyone have any experience with the Sabre? Any comments on how the vehicle plays?
  12. I am just seem to be playing the game less with this new 6 min. map rotation. Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't seem to be as much fun. Why else do we play but for fun? Wouldn't the problem also be solved by adding more PVE maps? However, I see knutliott already made this comment far more eloquently.
  13. Thank you, all of you, for the benefit of your knowledge and experience. I really appreciate it.
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