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  1. This seems a bit worrying. Almost seems like a way to nerf progression XP that doesn't really need to be.
  2. Are the devs just done adding progression vehicles to the game? Seems the only new things we ever get are just an endless stream of premiums.
  3. Thanks for the reply! For the command I am already using Vincent, I was also considering Sabrina however for the module and crew damage for the HESH rounds. I hear that Sabrina for the ADTU and PISH works quite well. I can see how the health that comes with Vincent will be quite good. I still don't have Douglas unlocked so I haven't had the change to try him out yet but his skills look quite good. I also only play PvE and just came off the grind of unlocking Girard than going for the Improved Barrel Lining so I have been playing a lot of the Leclerc and the T4 and got used to the play style. I guess when coming to the Challenger 2 after that it just feels very sluggish. But I do see your point in mobility not meaning nearly as much in PvE.
  4. I recently acquired the Challenger 2 and have been enjoying it so far. I am looking for recommendations for retrofits. So far the turret traverse seems abysmal so I am thinking Improved Turret Drive would be a good choice. The acceleration also seems to be lacking, while I don't have the engine upgrade yet I am thinking the Improved Filter Systems would be a good choice Now that leaves the last 2 slots for improvements. Any recommendations would be awesome, thanks!
  5. Hello all! Like most I played the "other tank game" for many years and the aircraft game that turning into "other tank game" among other things. I bought into AW early on and played for a bit at release than stopped at some point and forgot about the game until recently. These days I find myself as PvE player in most games I play and have enjoyed my time greatly since returning a couple months ago. I was disappointed to see that there was no forum for AW anymore and they had move to Discord (which imo cannot fulfil the same role as a good forum). I am quite happy to have found this forum and have started diving into the guides (which there is a major lack of anywhere else) and have learned a few things already. I look forward to meeting people on the battlefield!
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