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  1. Gonna put an old S-h-a-d-o-w video for you to look at Armored-Warfare Chapter 2 Heroic Help Defend 3 Cap Hes using a m48, but any Dakka machine can do this On the other maps just stay with a mbt, and it'll be ok
  2. Why is so many of the newish MBT not classified as heavys, but as lights? you cant have a platoon of 4 strv 2000, as they are "light" tanks
  3. Hey All Im heading up and 4 man team (with the odd 5 man now and then) in all things PVE, also batt. ops once a week. Im the only one that has all the progression tanks unlocked, but the rest as a couple of battle paths tanks and premiums along with with at least a couple of tier 10s unlocked (mbts, t15, sphinx) as anyone can play any spot on the maps. Some of them understands that some tanks are better for some spots then others, and some commanders are better for survival and some for dps (one of them thinks Douglas O'Reilly is enough for any tank, as more dps means less time taking damage) So what Im looking for, is what in your opinions is the best spotters, bawlers, snipers and flankers tanks for tiers 7/8 and 9/10 and best Commanders to use with those. But Im asking for your opinion in both premium tanks and progressions... So it would look something like this: Tier 9/10 premium Spotter: Shadow with Erin O'Connell as commander for como and spotting Tier 9/10 Progression Spotter: Sphinx with Rashid Al-Atassi as Commander for como penalty reduced Let me know what you think are the best or what you yourself are using.
  4. Anywhere i can see what tanks i can get from BC's?? still have a few i missing, and don't want to use rerolls to try and get them
  5. Albatross - 10 Anvil - 10 Banshee - 10 Basilisk - 10 Cavalry - 10 Cerberus - 10 Dire Wolf - 10 Erebos - 10 Frostbite - 7 Ghost Hunter - 10 Harbinger - 10 Hydra - 7 Kodiak - 10 Leviathan - 10 Life Jacket - 7 Meltdown - 11 Onyx - 10 Perseus - 11 Phalanx - 10 Prometheus - 10-3=7 I hate this map! If you die after the first objective, it sucks to get back and kill something, if you die on the last one, dont even respawn, it takes so long to get back. The sencondaries are really out of the way of the main, and nobody wants to use time to get them Quarterback - 10 Raiding Party - 10-3=7 Playing with 2 platoon mates, and you might get it done in time. Randoms never ever know what to do, and always go for extra kills and the long hard way to the last objective Red Opossum - 10 Ricochet - 10 Rolling Thunder - 10 Sapphire - 10 Scorpio - 10+1=11 For me it has the best of two worlds, and only a small downsite. 1: you can have 1 heavy sporting all in the cap. 2: you can have real sniping from the rest on the 2 sites, and everyone can do damage. The downsite is that its a 1 heavy map after you clear then first few tanks Snake Bite - 10 Spearhead - 10 Starry Night - 10 Stormy Winter - 10 Tiger Claw - 10 doesn't exist Tsunami - 10 Umbrella - 10 Watchdog - 10 Wildfire - 10 Zero Hour - 10 Desert Path - 7 Desert Fox - 10 Desert Saber - 10 Desert Strike - 10 Desert Viper - 10 What was the other map beside Tiger Claw that doesn't exist anymore? It was a starter map in the "jungle" where you went straight and then to a left where there was 1-2 check points, and that was it...
  6. Thx for all the info. I got the bundle when the game came out, how ever long that is ago, so i have some of these commanders, so i won't be buying any of the rest i dont have.
  7. Right now there is a commander bundle for 5 commanders. 4 of the them is 35% off and 1 is 25% Is any of them worth it for PVE?? The commanders are: Austin Harper Alisa Korhonen Alexander Cortez Ophelia Kitescu Erin O'Connell
  8. So as the title says: All done with the progression vehicles, so now what? i got 5 tokens from the ST1, Type 99A, M1A2C Abrams, B1 Centauro 120 and Bradley, but nowhere to use them... I still got to get my commanders op, but other then that, is there coming new progression vehicles where i can use those tokens or is it just bad planning that i have 5 of them?? Not done with the game, as i have friends still playing, but its hard when there isn't anything to work to anymore
  9. I have the SLEP, so i can just do these 2 new missions, and im good? Only the SLEP event, haven't had time, thats why i wanted to know if i still could make it
  10. @Haswell I haven't had the time to do any of these missions, how many do i need to do, to move on to episode 2? i got the week off, so should be able to get it grinded out
  11. Its says it have hesh rounds, but i can't see it. It has heat and apfsds, someone please tell me, why it says that it has hesh, if you cant unlock it somehow
  12. I got the Obj. 490 this BP, so its in there somewhere. havent seen another tier 10, and only 1 commander, right after i got the Obj. 490. Have 80k coins and waiting for them
  13. Love the fact that you put in a commander and said why you pick that one. Almost noone does that, and that is the biggest problem i've had when i got a new tank. Love the tank :)
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