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  1. Would this mod allow you to roll around the corners?
  2. I would rather have them improve game mechanics than add new tanks.
  3. It was not all retarded, global chat is how I found out about Armored labs.
  4. Not to mention that the bots can spot you outside of their view range. I have seen, thru other players spotting, bots tracking me when I am outside of their view range. You may want to add to the list: SACLOS guided missiles don't work right. BOT missles are immune to soft kill APS LT Bots with stats far greater than the maxed out player equivalent tank, i.e. pen, damage, and HP pool.
  5. They must be running out of good tanks to add to the game. Now they are adding tanks that are consistently on the top or near the top on many "wort modern tanks" lists. What's next, the Arjun? We could at least giggle a little when we use a certain main gun round against our enemies.
  6. I like cortez for the max damage, really useful for the horde of bots in PVE.
  7. I am jack's complete lack of excitement. This T15 of meh will not sell as well as the previous BP reward tanks.
  8. Hope they have better spawn points.
  9. If they are looking at that they would have to include the new 120mm L55 smooth bore that is going into the next chally tank.
  10. So they nerf progression XP and don't fix the big issue with TA missiles. This does not bode well.
  11. Because they like money, and they think they need to go sleazy to get you to pay real money on the game. The thing is, they are not entirely wrong, it works. Some of that is on the game dev's for being sleaze bags, but the rest is on us for falling for their sleaze.
  12. We could use a new game loop or two. Right now the only game loop that there is either PVE or PVP is capture the flag, and one team death match mode PVE only. Another game play loop would do the community good more than just a few new tanks. Maybe some S&D. The bots are already all spawned in when the match start and the players have to find and kill them all before the timer runs out. Should be able to use current maps, for the most part. Would need to adjust the AI a little for that mode, make them more defensive. We could also have a race track mode, no shooting just a normal race but with tanks. Different classes would be needed. You could also add some shooting challenges, like carnival shooting games. You could also have tank skee ball where you are the ball and drive down the ramp to launch you tank into the various holes for points. To use up some of the excess credits and or XP. You could buy tokens, that you would use for a try at each of these game that you could win tickets just like an arcade. Those tickets could have a expiration date say 1 month. You could use the tickets to win various prizes, stuff you would normal get in loot crates or unlock the various camouflages.
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