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  1. Hope they have better spawn points.
  2. If they are looking at that they would have to include the new 120mm L55 smooth bore that is going into the next chally tank.
  3. So they nerf progression XP and don't fix the big issue with TA missiles. This does not bode well.
  4. Because they like money, and they think they need to go sleazy to get you to pay real money on the game. The thing is, they are not entirely wrong, it works. Some of that is on the game dev's for being sleaze bags, but the rest is on us for falling for their sleaze.
  5. We could use a new game loop or two. Right now the only game loop that there is either PVE or PVP is capture the flag, and one team death match mode PVE only. Another game play loop would do the community good more than just a few new tanks. Maybe some S&D. The bots are already all spawned in when the match start and the players have to find and kill them all before the timer runs out. Should be able to use current maps, for the most part. Would need to adjust the AI a little for that mode, make them more defensive. We could also have a race track mode, no shooting just a normal race but with tanks. Different classes would be needed. You could also add some shooting challenges, like carnival shooting games. You could also have tank skee ball where you are the ball and drive down the ramp to launch you tank into the various holes for points. To use up some of the excess credits and or XP. You could buy tokens, that you would use for a try at each of these game that you could win tickets just like an arcade. Those tickets could have a expiration date say 1 month. You could use the tickets to win various prizes, stuff you would normal get in loot crates or unlock the various camouflages.
  6. By that logic, all the squishes should have their damage output severely nerfed to nothing to compensate for their increased vision. I still don't get the vision nerf for the MBT's, even the soviet tanks could see father than they could shoot IRL. Instead of nerfing the MBT's the dev's should have buffed the scout vehicles and nerfed their damage and penetration. The LT's/TD's should have more mobility to compensate for the lack of armor and heath, but the same guns as a MBT. Using IRL meta, the MBT should be the gold standard for Firepower, Armor, and Mobility. The only reason that MBT's are not used for most tasks in the modern battlefield is cost, the only task that modern armies can justify the cost of the MBT's is for the main thrusts of the attack.
  7. Don't give them any ideas. They would increase ques times just to have us watch commercials.
  8. I have this tank in WT and it is a fun derp gun tank. All I have to do is hide behind an rock and snipe anything I see, the HEAT round was so effective.
  9. That is only because the base payout out in bot XP and credits is absolute shit in normal mode for grinding any progression T7 thru T10 vehicle, Hardcore it slightly better. What they needed to do what dramatically increase the payout for all PvE modes. If AW was truly fair, the payout for a PvE match and a PvP match should be the same. Most people would play the mode they enjoy playing based on the game play, not whoring themselves out for the biggest payout.
  10. Bots also need to not have global shared vision. The bots should only be able to share their vision with a couple of other bots that are say within 20m of them. Do not allow chained shared vision. Only the bot that has spotted the tank can share, a bot cannot share what has been shared to it. They also need to bring the bot vision down to the player's vision range. The bot vision nerf is not as bad as the player's nerf. An AI Leo can out spot a player controlled Leo, even with vision upgrades. They need to also change the way the normal, superior, and lieutenant class bot's stats. Your "normal" bot should be only progression vehicles with no upgrades installed and no commander bonuses. For the "superior" class bots you can have most of not all of the upgrades installed and have premium vehicles with around a sgt. level commander. On the "lieutenant" class bot you can have a Lt commander and a fully upgraded tank either progression or premium, however the stats cannot exceed what is available to the player. No enhanced damage, penetration, vision, or accuracy. The way the game does bot ATGM's needs to be addressed also. None of the maps got over a 5 for me, any night time maps is automatically a 0 due to the bogus vision changes.
  11. Well we know that guy is the villain, mysterious rich guy with a vision and a British accent. Hey don't try and apply logic to this or use your head, that is not what the dev's need right now.
  12. WarThunder has the draw distance out to at lest 2k and most people move forward quite steadily. When you made a shot you effectively announced your position to everyone. This forced you to relocate most of the time. You had to be smart with your shots. Only a couple of times on only a few maps could I truly camp somewhere, one of the maps the dev's put my spot out of bounds on the map. I was also able to make 1mile kills with the longer draw distance, which was so fun with my dicker max. In the couple of PvP matches I played in AW most of the teams were camping away with the current spotting system. Increasing the draw distance would discourage camping more than the current system. That is why AW does not allow arty in PvP matches. I can shoot at a target that is spotted for me and make shots on a target without them even knowing were I am even if I am sitting on a hilltop with no cover. Most players that I saw just camped and waited for the one or two players on their team to spot targets so they can pop out and make a shot or two, then go back to hiding. I believe that the draw distance used in AW was originally limited to reduce the load on the graphics cards due to game engine limitations rather than game play. The biggest issue is that when you shoot and are not spotted you are invisible. There needs to be a price you pay, in visibility, when you fire you main guns.
  13. All you would need to do is keep the 2k draw distance in PvE, you can still use the normal spotting distance for target identification and bot engagement. This would solve the "nothing is shooting from across the map". The bots currently track the most threatening target beyond their spot range anyways, bots just don't shoot until you are spotted.
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