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  1. I don't want to see this thing in the bot vehicle list. I can't stand the pindad in the list. The bots just bum rush and makes the game a nightmare. A player's sense of self preservation is the only thing that keeps tanks like this bearable.
  2. They need to do better testing before new vehicles are ever released. The post release nerf is not fair to anyone who gets the vehicle and not fair to anyone who plays against it before the nerf.
  3. So a T40 with more vision and less armor.
  4. I would like to see some more game modes or mission types. Currently every mission is still capture the flag. You are either on offense or defense. I was playing mechwarrior 5 and thinking that some of those mission types could be adapted for AmoredWarfare and not just in campaign mode. Need these modes in PvE. Like city defense or destruction. Target assassination. Post cataclysmic game world seems to be similar to post succession wars inner sphere. Could mesh well with the improved story lines there are looking for.
  5. Would this mod allow you to roll around the corners?
  6. I would rather have them improve game mechanics than add new tanks.
  7. It was not all retarded, global chat is how I found out about Armored labs.
  8. Not to mention that the bots can spot you outside of their view range. I have seen, thru other players spotting, bots tracking me when I am outside of their view range. You may want to add to the list: SACLOS guided missiles don't work right. BOT missles are immune to soft kill APS LT Bots with stats far greater than the maxed out player equivalent tank, i.e. pen, damage, and HP pool.
  9. They must be running out of good tanks to add to the game. Now they are adding tanks that are consistently on the top or near the top on many "wort modern tanks" lists. What's next, the Arjun? We could at least giggle a little when we use a certain main gun round against our enemies.
  10. I like cortez for the max damage, really useful for the horde of bots in PVE.
  11. I am jack's complete lack of excitement. This T15 of meh will not sell as well as the previous BP reward tanks.
  12. Hope they have better spawn points.
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