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  1. Thank you very much. Hope you folks are ready for questions! Amazing what you find when you page DOWN in the forums. Thanks for the patience folks.
  2. Thank you for the prompt reply. Dropped a request via the Battalion link in game, will wait and see what happens. The fact that many players are from the EU is one of the things that makes some MMOs far better than others; the opportunity to chat with others who are from a totally different culture and get a point of view so far from the norm that you are used to that, many times, it is the exact solution you were looking for.
  3. New player to AW, have been playing WoT for longer than I care to remember. Was an Alpha for Warplanes and a Weekend Beta for Warships. Older player (60 and retired US Navy) who is liking what he sees so far after a dozen or so games. Married with grown kids, I am still active in my community as a volunteer fire fighter and an off ice official for my local American Hockey League team. Looking for a home to play a game that I am really enjoying as a replacement to the time and support I have given another gaming community. Still plan to play over there from time to time (I have way too much on hand premium time not to). Being an on call fire fighter means I need to be able to head out the door when the pager goes off, unless I have let the department know I am unavailable for calls. I also play SWTOR and World of Warcraft. Having no grand kids means I have to do something to keep from driving my better half more nutz than I already have. If you are recruiting and don't mind a cranky old man who does enjoy adult beverages from time to time and is still somewhat trainable, who do I need to chat with? If not, hopefully this is a place I can get questions answered or find the solution myself in the older posts. Thanks for your time, good luck, and good hunting!
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