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  1. The thing that worries me the most is the 80 dmg 30mm gun. I fear this thing will nuke modules instantly like the GAU can do, when it's not melting the vehicle itself. Also, doesn't the whole sides looks like to be NERA covered like on the Hunter? Well, the laser thingy will be useful against the Lts in PvE, if it works there, who knows... I feel this thing will be really annoying to fight against... EDIT: Test drove the thingy, it's not accurate at all (0.16°). I think some rounds ended up outside the aiming circle even. The HE seems to ALWAYS do damage in proxy mode, no matter the armor thickness. An HE burst will deal around 150 dmg on the roof of MBTs, if not more. The HE has a 2 meter splash radius, which seems to explain why splashing a turret roof will also damage the tracks. Its HE will nuke NERA. Burst take 2.5s to cool, and you can't even shoot missiles while on cooldown. Probably won't get fixed? The thing has NERA all over the front and sides. If you have to reload the AC, it will take 15s to do so. Its active ability work like designate and last 10s. A single burst is 12 rounds. So 960 dmg average if all pen per burst with AP
  2. ...A sensible nerf, feels weird? The module damage nerf was more than necessary considering I could ammorack stuff in a single burst using Sabrina. Completly retarded.
  3. I'm excited for this thing, but the T8 justification thing though... I don't want to go ranting but these two following statements are part of what make the game less appealing to me... "Tier 7 is not exactly popular these days based on your feedback, so we made the thing T8" "Armored Warfare armor values are not historical but according to reputable sources, the engineers claimed that the vehicle was fairly sturdy for its day." Anyway, I'm interested about the gun stats of the thing. Especially pen and gun arc. Some funky roof pens opportunities? Probably not considering the 3-digits-multi-layered roof armor we somehow have in game, but we'll see. Also, inb4 the composite side skirts are "steel with air gaps"
  4. T-15K is the clear winner here. Not only it has insane DPM/DPS/PEN/DMG, it also has 3K HP, workable armor, and a S-APS. Mine average at 42K per game, and I'm not even really tryharding the thing, nor played it in Spec Ops. 1/2 bursts to destroy a module with Sabrina is just insanity. As for the others : GAU is still stupid OP, thanks to its magical 700mm+ UFP, you can bounce AP and the occasionnal missile. 195 is king of MBTs for me, even though it has almost the exact same exacts stats as my STRV 2K. AGDS without the stealth nerf to the mantlet would have been the T9 winner here. T8 Ramkas and BMPTs don't need an explanation. T8 AFVs like the CV, Griff and Derithingy are also stupid strong, but can't just W+M1 like a Ramka. Stingray 2 is pretty nuts DPM wise, and can burst thing for 2K damage. BWP-2000 hold my highest damage game ever, 70K on Perseus (outside of the 100K with Wilk on Labyrinth). As for lower tiers, Bagel Panzer is stupid strong now that it has more ammo, can instant switch, and a magical UFP that bounce stuff. The TR-85 is also retarded with its DPM and 3 rounds burst. Shoutout to the AMX-40, now that it actually has 120mm gun stats, can dish pretty insane amount of damage with the help of its 20mm.
  5. Continuing the tradition of overtiering Chinese gun TDs I see. I completely fail to understand how this thing is T9, and who will be interested by it. Can't wait for the hyper inflated stats like 400mm turret front and 900mm HEAT pen... Straight to reserve if I ever get one.
  6. Why do we barely get a choice when it comes to single shot/RR/Clip? If the real vehicle is stuck in said setup, sure, but otherwise, it can get annoying. I would like to have a single shot Arjun, TTB, Merkava, Exp. Tank for example.
  7. I kinda like it? I always liked the boxy simplicity of the Type 99, and the idea of modifying tanks always interested me, but on the other end, it just completly powercreep the Type 99A2 we have, and I'm sure it will take ages for them to secretely buff it by.... adding... a module resistance module aaand.... buffing its HP by 300? I would be very surprised if they actually don't "leave it hanging", as I like the thing. Also, Thermos+mine plow=easy rammo. Oh well, it's not like I will play it considering it will be cut into tiny pieces and put into very expensive boxes that are always on sale...
  8. This is soooo good, you did an amazing job ! Now if only we could mod game balance... heh
  9. Hi there, I guess I am posting this there. Since I'm not really into modding stuff myself, I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to mod the Griff 120 so it doesn't look like obese anymore? If it's doable, I'd like a Griff 120 without the side skirts and front cage thingy. Thanks in advance!
  10. It does look kinda weird, and a 130mm gun is a tad different from the 125mm. If it's the same BS level of armor as the T-72B, not having ERA isn't really a problem honestly. I'm just curious about the LFP, will it be HEAT proof? And yeah, probably meh DPM, considering the mobility and "excellent viewrange and camouflage for its class".
  11. The Raybolt does count for Caliber, though I have now idea of its actual caliber. Doesn't look that big to me. (Also, it's still so awful)
  12. I love you man, this is amazing. I hope you keep working on this. AW sounds, to me, are probably the worst I heard when it comes to gun fire. Truly awful in every way. So this mod is starting to solve my second biggest issue with the game.
  13. If its armor is as """mediocre"" as the TR-85 (which means as strong as the rest), the Arjun could be very interesting. No HEAT but Chally 1 level of damage, which is good. Still wondering about the clip reload and DPM. Also, no mention of the plow? No point modeling it if it does nothing right? If the thing has bonus ramming damage on top of weighing 67 tons (I didn't expect that), even with the lowish top speed, it could still be seriously deadly.
  14. Nice, I completely missed the stream, thanks. Anyway, who would have guessed that breaking the balance that badly and not even testing anynthing would have negative effects on the game? HUH About the Apocalypse missions, my biggest problem with it, is the episodic release, it was such a TERRIBLE idea. I played chap 1 and 2 so many times, I barely played chap 3 and 4 because I was so tired of replaying the earlier missions yet another time. I never liked labyrinth (auto pen high DPM/burst vehicle is retarded), due to the straight up lying gamemode description, but it was still kinda fun (and came in handy for doing some missions as said above) to ammorack or crew kill a MBT for 6K damage. It was a bit different than the rest of the game, even though it was sill a "sit in a circle to win" objective.
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