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  1. thank You for the latest update as it's what reminds me of good old AW. Back then the highest tier 9mbt t90 HEAT alpha with dmg retrofit was epic and also that sound when shooting I will never forget. Didn't have time to check its German brother kpz-70 but now it has the highest alpha :) Mobility and reload time is slightly nerfed and vision range totally, armor though is better frontally and now it is a true MBT feeling appropriate commanders (2) "this is the way...
  2. always mount both vision retrofits for pve and use your damage per minute to it's full potential
  3. yeah I have it fully upgraded and it's a beast as hell :)
  4. nice review mate, well done As I have obj195 and briefly tested strv2000 in testing arena I can say it's mobility feels very nice and ac is already better than obj195, so it is a good BP reward at this stage. Let's see how that frontally mounted engine is gonna fare :)
  5. very nice this BP I like the way it's played basically use previous bp tanks and enjoy them to their full potential. We are using the damn thing we're paying for :) 3 months window is so nice too enjoy ;)
  6. so I was playing Kpz70 now and I must say, this thing mobility is amazing and I want to thanks for this wonderful vehicle It's a beast ! :)
  7. in other worlds it's just ztq-15 crippled with 30s reload, two tiers lower
  8. The last bp tier 10 is kinda the same as this one.
  9. thank You my friend for the answer, have a great one ;)
  10. so you guys are saying that I can still obtain the taran when I will start playing, for example from tomorrow ? thanks
  11. Either way it seems like russian vehicles are bringing money and are introduced all the time, be it as a reward for BP or for missions or anpremium one. I'm kinda sad that we won't have nothing to grind in regular tech tree, as that is the reason I don't play anymore and having so many tanks from various BP's plus all tech tree tanks simply means that I won't be interested to use real money, therefore to support AW "development" because there is basically none. Sad thing that I went back to that rng fest wot after years of playing AW and all that, only because I have still possibility to grind something and to increase crew skills and none of this is possible in AW anymore. Worst part is that I'm not the only one here and AW has become the game for wot noob players lately, which is the biggest paradox here because it used to be the opposite with obsidian AW as it wasn't so noob friendly as is now. Most of the time I'm reading in game chat that players aren't ever comming back to wot as they are happy with pve, which is fine as long as you have something to go for I guess :)
  12. excuse me but you are saying that "we are not morons" please care to explain why obsidian AW 5 years ago was so much better then ? And when you hate so much wot non existing tanks irl, why is AW more like wot by every year ? thank you
  13. I'm sorry I completely forgot that both my mbt 70 are premium. I've had mbt 70 merc (since2015) for such a long time that I forgot that my other mbt 70 without camo is also a premium. My bad :) And no although I own also Kpz70 I was playing only mbt70 and mbt70 merc for several weeks, every single day. Nothing can persuade me that nothing was changed after the latest update as I was playing them every day and not just occasionally. I have no reason to lie nor it's my imagination. I have the same setup nothing was changed, only update was applied/installed. The change of speed was noticed immediately and I was literally like wtf is this ! As I said before maybe oil consumable doesn't work anymore I honestly don't know but loosing speed down hill is just hilarious and I play only specific maps so getting to that position is noticeably slower also moving from one cap to another on Leviathan (my favorite map) is 110% different. I simply lost 10km/h speed in average. PS: Say what You want Silentstalker unfortunately you lost my trust when there is this greedy mail ru behind your back (no offense I will alway remember you as a good old silentstalker from regular aw forum) its just that how can one trust mail ru or any other greed company for that matter)and also how many mbt premium tanks we have now ? Like 4 ? I know that kpz70 is different, having HE and whatnot but it is essentially the same tank. mbt70, mbt70 merc, mbt70 metallic chrom ,Kpz70...lol Thank You for answers haswell, silentstalker and all, have a great one ;)
  14. I’m 1000% sure of my claim. After the latest patch mobility is way worse especially turning is making this tank a great deal slower and yes it’s loosing speed even down hill so terrain resistance was changed somehow. It would be totally different story if I was playing this tank only occasionally or also playing other tanks, but I’m literally playing only this tank for several weeks and it cannot be my imagination because I’ve noticed this imediatelly after the first game, when new patch came around. Acceleration decrease was the first thing I’ve noticed and I’m always using oil, so can’t imagine how bad it is without it. Maybe that oil is not functioning properly anymore? I have no idea, but I’m sure of my claim
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