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  1. SPG is fun in PVE beacuse you can pick the right map and spot with vision range retrofits since you have usable gun depression, while constantly dealing dmg by switching the rounds. It is too inaccurate, especially in arty view and splash dmg is non existent. All they have to do is make it a one shot kill soft targets machine in PVE, especially autocannons as they are stupidly OP and add another direct aiming view but I can't imagine such a behemot running as fast as a light tank and inaccuracy is not a fun factor but rather another frustration. Light tanks have speed to counter spg fire so let them fear arty rather then just sit in the middle of the map and spot everything, while pushing MBT's are blind as a bat which is the reason this game will never be a succes
  2. all I see is a dead game they won't get profit from fixing the game as they don't care about a long run, they also don't mine our feedback (rarher banning us for it) so expect only continuous cash grab and even more bugs. Obsidian must be laughing out hard and I'm too tbh karma is for free hahahah
  3. if they just left the game as it was when obsidian was kicked, it would be 1000% better game as is now. Did you know that spg is missing fully aimed shots just like in wot ? tanks are totally blind and unable to shoot on the move. this game sucks balls and I went from playing every day to playing only BP to playing only one game a week ignoring current BP to installing shitty wot again. It is unbelievable but tier 10 russian mediums are more accurate when shooting on the move in wot than all tier 10 tanks in AW. Do you know why ? bcs the game is programmed in a way that you will not do any dmg when you are shooting outside of a sniper mode. Just test it yourself shoot in sniper mode while aiming and then shoot when zooming out at the same spot and you will not pen or hit the target. only a slight movement will cause you to miss or not pen while doing so. It is laughable When obsidian was here I was laser accurate while moving and also sniping for 500m+, now I have to stop to pen at 100m 😂
  4. This tank is just so much better than tier 7 premium M1A1 storm, that I couldn’t believe that. They both sports turbine engine but this thing flies compared to that pos
  5. Cortez or Kwon Han with HEAT premium tanks from BP are the way to go now Just had this game yesterday with mbt-70 4 shots for 1500-1600dmg each and 2 shots that ammoracked mbt's from full HP to zero. You need view range retrofits for every tank too enjoy
  6. MBT 330m view range ? no hahah it is 160m in PVE and 330m in PVP. MBT's while moving are unable to spot tanks that are not shooting at them within 100m in PVE, while being spotted instantly cos of 0% camo while moving
  7. this will be the first bp worth to skip for me -6 gun depression is a no go in my book and atgm's are not consistent, not to mention that module damage repairing will be a constant bothersome with this huge bus. There should be simple option to use kinzhal turret as upgrade...nothing to see here imo
  8. thank You for the latest update as it's what reminds me of good old AW. Back then the highest tier 9mbt t90 HEAT alpha with dmg retrofit was epic and also that sound when shooting I will never forget. Didn't have time to check its German brother kpz-70 but now it has the highest alpha :) Mobility and reload time is slightly nerfed and vision range totally, armor though is better frontally and now it is a true MBT feeling appropriate commanders (2) "this is the way...
  9. always mount both vision retrofits for pve and use your damage per minute to it's full potential
  10. yeah I have it fully upgraded and it's a beast as hell :)
  11. nice review mate, well done As I have obj195 and briefly tested strv2000 in testing arena I can say it's mobility feels very nice and ac is already better than obj195, so it is a good BP reward at this stage. Let's see how that frontally mounted engine is gonna fare :)
  12. very nice this BP I like the way it's played basically use previous bp tanks and enjoy them to their full potential. We are using the damn thing we're paying for :) 3 months window is so nice too enjoy ;)
  13. so I was playing Kpz70 now and I must say, this thing mobility is amazing and I want to thanks for this wonderful vehicle It's a beast ! :)
  14. in other worlds it's just ztq-15 crippled with 30s reload, two tiers lower
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