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  1. There are very few instances of exact bot spawns which a player should be aware of, because quick destruction of said bots has strong influence on overall mission success 2nd chapter of Carribean Crisis where bots want to destroy ship (bots highlighted and quite static) SO arty posittions - 3rd chapter of Moscow Calling Black Sea Inc 2nd and 3rd chapters (static) 4th chapter of Moscow Calling with bots attempting to destroy AA guns (2 location, several waves, bots highlighted) 4th chapter of Spiritheaven where 3 packs of bots want to destroy Magnus group (bots highlighted)
  2. PELE deals much of damage with non-penetrating hits. In stats screen it is visible that penetration damage was around 27k (vs total 37k) which is below 80%.
  3. It depends on comparison method, like do we actually expect bad players on AFV be as effective as bad players on MBT. How many AFV players play purely to deal damage and they simply don't want to spot? And why AFV was gained such tremendous firepower (sphinx, kornet), are they going to give up some of it in this new diverse model ? Per my observation some PvE missions layout (Cavalry and Perseus) with open space already made MBT quite obsolete cannon fodder because AFV / TD can spot and deal damage for themselves, all it takes just right view range and camo stacking (and play carefully). These maps are best PvE maps for all kind of sniper gameplay, while any MBT can be melted quick if it is going to "scout" without good self-spotting (with exception of CATTB, 490)
  4. I read it as as a huge impact to MBT class. Not sure why the article (and whole balance 3.0 agenda) conveniently forget to mention that main base of players likes to play tank games like AW because of MBT-alike and these people want such vehicles to perform well in variety of aspects. Per article, devs realized that key factors of MBT are key issues to make things balanced (visual vs AFV, speed vs LT, damage output vs TD). Mind you but the game went already through almost same shock thing already in balance 2.0 and after that it took almost 2,5 years to calm things down. Why not fix things like damage/armor/speed of certain OP premium vehicles, why not fix unfinish business with spotting, broken inversion or mortar infantry? And how best AFV spotting can improve things when PvP maps are simply not designed for AFV spotting ? And why random MBT player should depend on another random AFV player in matters of spotting? Ever care to ask such question?
  5. Watch what other players are doing, and if the trend of "damage dealt" during mission looks particularly good for them, try do same next time - that how you can improve yourself. These good patterns of positioning , usually 1-2 per a mission should be learned and mastered, exact bot spawns themselves are less important.
  6. In my opinion, the contest "unknown" effort vs miserable reward doesn't make it worth the time to spend.
  7. Watching streamers with PvP happens to be depressing now, commands often have 10 vs 10, with +2 tier difference in roaster, even during apparent prime time. People in charge don't care of TTK itself, but they want to reduce a difference betweem tiers to make +2 PvP roaster less confirming obvious flaws in AW vehicle balancing.
  8. The retrofit for a reload is 99% case no-brainer installed for every tank of each player in this game, so grind out v2 of it first, and i suggest same for two optics. They are invesment. Grinding the tank line itself should be a secondary priority If you want more damage and provided you play PvE, rules are simple: - Prioritize full hp and targets which are easiest to pen for you. - Use HEAT as much as possible, though it doesn't always excels vs high tier vehicles (it is more issue for tier 7-8 vs tier 10 bots, but tier 6 is local top one in PvE, and tier 5 have no armor, so it should be fine). - Play aggressively and close to enemy. Spawns and overall directions are not random, they can be memorized. Get safely closer to target spawn points to see and hit bots first, sometimes from more advantageous thin armor side or back. (Not cheap though, and it is easy to say from position of player who abuses tripple PvE kits and Ophelia a lot in PvE lol) Like already mentioned above, if the goal to speed up and escape from sometimes horrible tanks, the more adequate approach is to think how maximize XP gain. And here you would rather invest into everything making your spotting capabilities shine. As extra bonus, you would try of making a balance between spotting and module damage, and try every track vehicle you encounter as well to milk other players effort dealing damage to such target. Sabrina is solid commander of choice. Easy. Another good commander is Sanna with crit/range view build, where such build can be easily accomplished with just 6-7 points. Everything else for starters in present form is mediocre at best. Don't think of Rachel, Philipp or ffs even made worse recently Kirsanov as something valuable.
  9. MSI-centric combo with be-quiet case/cooling The setup can pull max settings (almost always) for this game - 60fps on UW screen is just fine, nevertheless i prefer screen with less flashy and distractive elements.
  10. Why not use official discord for it. Good trash bin if you ask me.
  11. I don't like not so random behavior when a bot escapes from me towards other players.
  12. Right now bots want to hit hull LFP more often, but as a result they more often hit the ground, leaving the gun and other turret stuff undamaged if you position the tank properly. Hull down position? Hide LFP ? Profit.
  13. The immunity shield exists for few seconds, it gives all visual clues similar to boss mechanics in MMO. It certainly plays its role when almost dead tank meets another in open field, but do you have many situations? If you see shield, why not treat it as full HP tank for a moment? There are few vehicles which can use super aggressive tactics because of their good burst potential - most prominent are MT-LB and Pindad. The majority, other vehicles can give one or two shoots and then they die anyway with 1 HP left. I suggest look deeper in problem, does it apply "p2w" factor to each vehicle, to each mode? The burst IMO is a main problem here, and if devs can fix it, the kamikadze runners won't exploit Ophelia skill much. Second problem is how GLOPS with its multi-respawn "strategy" works, because it simply multiplies problem with Ophelia perk over and over.
  14. As usual, devs keep adding new stuff and they cannot imagine it doesn't look like their favourite game of childhood (either it is HP bar in WoT or floating damage numbers in WoW).
  15. These x3 events and (I don't recall we had too many x5) really helped to level a commander ladder, where the said ladder is tedious process and in my opinion is more hurting to the game population than fast progression. The commander grinding process itself requires tons of boosts/insignias to burn. My observation was that as a subproduct of such 3-5 day quite grindy activity (per tier 10 PvE, to level one commander up to Colonel) a player can have reputation enough to pass to tier 8, maybe even to unlock tier 9 as well. Depends really on how much reputation bonuses were stacked together. There was some not so cheap XP-wise (Faraday) progression vehicles introduced last year and it just sunk there. I do all recent levelings (like to K2) with Koenig, which is legit and efficient way to spend boost. I remind also its clone Sokolov was in open sale year ago and it is no longer "veteran with billion free XP" exclusive thing.
  16. Right, but Termi doesn't meet a requirement of being this BP vehicle to complete these silly missions .
  17. Per my observations, it felt impossible to me to get 15 eliminations in regular pve missions in random. On other side, SH SO provides better oppurtunities, mostly with 3 or 4 chapters.
  18. I purchased my first 10 boxes with outcome of 22 dropped parts (I am done with base BP progression). Per one source, there will be 2 more times (possibly also short periods) when these boxes are available for purchase.
  19. For very long time i have been playing with batched mode to display damage. Minimalistic and accurate with low level of distraction. Not sure if devs are going to return this setting, but now it feels crappy. In clusters of enemies even with smallest text setting (default) one can see more a soup of floating damage, titles, bars, and less tanks themselves. I am not sure what smoke issue they fixed. One of weird moments yesterday was when i threw the smoke, yellow eye gone, popped smoke was just in its beginning, but then grey eye suddenly appears for just a second and i get "justified doze" of damage from several bots at once. Never seen so crappy state of this game.
  20. The only stat which needs to be manipulated for pve is nominal damage per shoot. That directly affects major complain - some vehicles simply do too much damage. And that would affect just few vehicles which are way above average, like York, T15 or T40.
  21. When it comes to pay Western prices in countries like Poland, obviously everything is fair. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_average_wage
  22. Developers can't do small adjustments from patch to patch based on statisics. But they have great plan how to change everything for better (and even avoid balance 3.0 oblivion experiment). Sounds right. Powercreep is not a problem which plagued aw in last few years imo. There are too many other broken things like randomization, spotting, infantry. Gladly they removed hard kill APS from Merkavas/Armatas.
  23. Here are my pve-only builds (just give some bad ideas). 1. Ophelia - damage whore build, hard to substitite her - free lifesaver, free ammo, almost high dpm, almost high vision, mobility. 2. Duglas - i like this guy, but in my ranks he is mbt scout, well - very superior one. 3. Sabrina is totally fine, and "must have" on ATDU PISH and WILK PELE 4. Strong guy Kortez. My "Merkava mobile gas station build" did survive time and work best on CATTB with HEAT. For the deser, with Love from Zaycev build. This one shined in Moscow Simulator where you could kill 6-7 k MBT with just few shots from Wilk making full exploitation of crew kill mechanics to finest.
  24. No plans for a better dirt toggle because the system took a lot of dev time already. It could take even less time and money if someone bothered to ask the question whether majority of players wants to see it in the first place, in which degree this dirt should be seen etc etc Termi 2K replacement was controversial even internally, no plans to replace other existing premium vehicles. Some people minds are apparently driven by something else than just a desire to make a profit, and address tanks performance issues with lesser blood, which means - keep owners of older termi happy and make some cash - but no, that is not our way, Komrads.
  25. Is 6-7k it both EU + RU, or just EU ?
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