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  1. I have had no issues with Discord in any of the patches but then again I use the default set up. when in voice channel I still get a list of those in the channel and an indicator as to who is speaking by virtue of their name lighting up for lack of a better description. perhaps screen shot of what your issues are could help someone with more knowledge on the subject than I.
  2. what about people who don't have all available commanders unlocked can they use anyone?
  3. out of curiosity what can support do about it? can they give a reason for the ban? if somebody is mad at the ban in the first place and support takes as long as the ban to respond has anything been accomplished? I haven't looked for reasons one can be banned in game chat or on discord but I assume they are clearly posted someplace right?
  4. humm slow on the gun. . . I wonder if subconsciously I'm waiting for the loader's UP or just trying to dial the shot in. which bots fire only heat? never noticed that or considered that before. I thought I focus on t 15's, Bradleys, termies and remkas and other missile vehicles more. does the replay show something different? if it does I missed it.
  5. you are ignoring a large piece of the picture. I am a slow learner. I pay attention, but the writing from short term memory to long term memory doesn't function like a normal brain does. perhaps 10% stays and at the rate maps change the info that IS saved becomes useless. and yet you'll expect me to function as if I were normal. perhaps now you knutliott and begin to understand my level of frustration at attempting to get help when the first thing that is essentially why aren't you normal? Yep I get defensive because people just brand me as lazy. herd it all my life, lots carriers over it. IF I could ask a question that wouldn't garner a why don't you just learn, don't you think I would. The best I can do is how do I get better with the limits that I have in functional understanding as a not normal person.
  6. first of all thank you for reviewing the replay. aiming center of mass is a skill the the US Army drilled into me at Ft. Knox Armor School. it's a hard habit to break. I was under the impression that the leo was a support tank and better suited to be farther back not the tip of the spear. is that not the case? by nature I am a more passive type of player partially because I haven't learned when and where it pays to be aggressive. regarding player deaths, when not running premium time and boosts how many deaths can one tolerate before you don't get any benefit from the match? I'm sensing that getting more damage will completely off set the cash loss from re spawning. so how much damage is needed for this offset to work. my gut tells me it's going to be a lot more then I am currently producing in any vehicle. regarding ping 120's is horrible?? what do you play at ping wise? In my battalion I am frequently going to be out classed by better vehicles since I have only the leo at 9. looks like I need to re spec Freja. the one shown gives her what, faster repair or turret traverse. I'm lost without the hover over spot information. @Norse_Viking I don't use auto aim. it's the Army's fault XD.
  7. results screen https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvpuqe5p4ye0wor/Screenshot 2020-07-27 19.15.19.png?dl=0 team screen https://www.dropbox.com/s/0d5jvc8qbw7xn5z/Screenshot 2020-07-27 19.16.21.png?dl=0 details screen https://www.dropbox.com/s/4hxf57bpde67ghe/Screenshot 2020-07-27 19.16.57.png?dl=0 commander set up https://www.dropbox.com/s/3x0ffqskm7elnqz/Screenshot 2020-07-27 19.30.53.png?dl=0 since I installed drop box it defaults to having all screen shots linked through it. sorry if that is a PITA. trying to post actual screenshots is a problem at the moment, old location for screen shots went poof or I am blind and can't see it right in front of me :-)
  8. it takes some work to get people to use coms, but it is worth the effort. the few people I managed to toon up with from Labs didn't use voice. guess they don't want to be bothered with it or are too focused on running their vehicle YMMV
  9. thanks I had concerns that I didn't get it posted correctly. ping is in the 123 to 127 range. which result screen do you want the overall one from the end of the match, the team page or the details ? anything else like commander set up ?
  10. you don't see the arrogance in your response? you expect me to operate on/at your level ignoring the fact that I have spent 4 or more years trying to get better without success. you are NOT helping, in fact I don't think you can help me.
  11. this is an attempt to post a replay for CONSTRUCTIVE help, assuming I have posted the link into drop box correctly in order to link it here. my Leo is not fully upgraded. highest commander is Lt. rank. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bpsscanykcqpby8/2020-07-26 202111.awr?dl=0 remember this may set the tone for all future reviews or lack there of. don't be a dick, because it may com back at you. I may ask for clarification and or different explanations because I may not understand on the first pass. don't want to fine, just say so. Thanks for attempting to help an old tread head.
  12. so we start over. I don't want you to compile anything. I would like information. if you feel that information is to much for you to give then simply say so in a way that is not ambiguous or simply refrain from commenting. must be nice to be able to get anything and everything on the first try with no effort on your part. my mind doesn't work that way. never has and me wishing it to do so won't help me. I HAVE attempted to use the tips given. I have not been successful as of now. so if we should happen to find ourselves in the same match don't fuss at me for not playing to your standard. I am trying, harder then you would be leave.
  13. Quantum real armor tactics aren't what this game is about as it is an arcade shooter not a sim XD. you have been reading my threads/posts but there a couple of discrepancies. although I have a tier 9 I have yet to actually play heroics, I'm not ready for it. the 9 is not fully upgraded nor is the commander, which as I understand it would put me a a big disadvantage in any attempt at heroics. the shooter medals are in normal game play and glops but mostly normal play. I have been hesitant to post a replay because of the drubbing I got posting WOT replays. the things that were said there would curl you hair more than they would actually give you any help on getting better. I'll get a drop box acct or something like it before I can post a replay. I wish somebody else would be first so as to judge the level of toxicity I may encounter :-). With the recent changes to the bots and how the perform anything I post will be somewhat outdated. stay tuned. on a different note, has anything I have expressed been what you have experienced in the game or on the forums? do you think you are getting the information and or help that would allow you to improve?
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