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  1. No its not legit, this has annoyed me alot, finally a you guys are introducing a norwegian camouflage. And its nothing like i ever seen in my 3,5 years serving in the army. So i have been searching the web. ITS SWEDISH , the tank you got picture of is a swedish Infanterikanonvagn 91. It has a far as I know never 'served' in the norwegian army. https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infanterikanonvagn_91 Verken Ikv 91 eller varianter har blitt eksportert fra Sverige. WHICH MEANS , Neither the Ik91 or variants have never been exported outside sweden. I dont know if this one is region blocked. But take alook at time stamp 1,10 and out. Thats from a norwegian recruitment video. Thats the camo i usually see when there are army excercises arround. I served in the 90 ties, the brown color was a bit darker. But beside that the camo you see in the video is norwegian summer camo. That sickly green color is swedish, while we consider the swedes our brothers. We dont use their camouflage. The swedes are weird... small picture, upload limit. Google swedish vehicle camoflage and this is most likely the first hit.
  2. There is to much difference between the colors of green. The black pattern should be little bigger Heres another picture, but here they are using lighter brown color than the previous pictures i posted.
  3. Green, light green, brown and black The colors looks wrong when you put that skin on a vehicle. The brown looks grey. The light green just awful. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/historical-camouflages-scandinavia
  4. Stomp platoons : Annoying Stomp platoons with 3 x Ophelia : FFS
  5. It started after 2 airstrikes was launched almost simultanously. It lasted until the end of the match.
  6. GLOPS : Agressive playstyle/MBT support. Join the advance, learn to fire your missiles on the move, use your agility to maneuver the the sides or back of mbts and use autoguns. One on one close combat with mbts, try to track them first then move on the side or back.
  7. Ah, didnt quite get that, was wondering how he managed the first chapters solo. If he had undercovered some weird secret tactic.
  8. Had an awful match this weekend. Tiers 10 to 9 on Ghostfield. The other team played good, agressive and we were spotted all over the map. Was torn to pieces by crossfire no matter where I went in my GAU trying to cap some and atleast do some damage. Got 5 kills before the match ended. And the other team didnt lose more than 300 points... But what really grinded my gears was the player in PL01 that charged full speed ahead in the start to cap 1 and was ofcourse slaughtered. Blamed it on the team for the rest of the match. While whining about this he just stayed by our spawn points and and destroyed all our friendly bunkers. He managed to do 2000 damage in his 'heroic' lone man charge to cap 1. After that he was just a bitch. Saved that replay.
  9. Well done ! Did you also record the first chapters ?
  10. Will update this if i find more places where you are either stuck on objects or terrain. Dont have screenshots but : Stuck on/under gunbarrels from mbt wreckage around cap 1(i belive) on Grindelwald map.
  11. Waterway : Map coordinate A6. Stuck to the back end of Radar vehicle. Desert Crossing map coordinate lower left corner D8. Stuck on a rock under the vehicle.
  12. Maybe not what you meant, but : What I have noticed on Grindelwald is that over long distances you can see the player tags, but not the outline of the vehicles or the vehicles. However I have manage to hit vehicles by 'blind firing' below the player tags. As for the video : Similar experience on narrows, but my vehicles and other peoples vehicles are rubberbanding/jumping arround like crazy. Shots dont hit. If you stop driving and stand still, the hit rate seem to be better.
  13. Im pretty sure they are already secretly testing out those new wheeled AI bots in Glops...
  14. On sunday I had two battlepath missions that required tier 3 to 6 mbts , damage and kill/assist. And with crew exp bonus I thought now is the chance to get the low tier crew some levels and play tanks I havent touched in ages. So I queued up with tier 5 mbt and to my surprise it took less than 2 minutes to get first match. Had alot of matches won some, lost even more. It was fun and frustration in equal measures. Almost everything pens you frontaly so I had to change my play style a little, use cover more instead of counting on frontal armor to save me. Some of the mbts has some awfully long reload times compared to the damage they dish out. Even more people in the low tiers dont seem to understand the capping is the way to win this game mode. And ofcourse you have the MT-LB platoons. I tried to be ready for them, kept an extra eye on their whereabouts on the map so I could manage to finish one of them off before the other platoon mate unloads his rockets on you. But still the rampage those vehicles creates on the battlefield is both glorious and freaking frustrating. Anyway had a great time at the low tiers, playing mbts that I havent used in pvp for a long time.
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