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  1. Have u tried messing arround with the graphics settings. I always turn off shadows, bloom, water reflections and put a lot of other things on low. And update your hardware drivers and windows If the map is the one i belive it is, it was bad when they released it long time ago.
  2. havent watch the replay. But your teams vehicles are better than your Leo as Teykey mentions. Last picture : Dont use autoaim, use auto aim only if if you are useing fast vehicles with autocannons and you are circling them. And remember dead bots are nice cover, use those to push forward so you get all that juicy spotting scores. If you use autoaim alot it will really affect your scores in a negative way. So stop rightclikcing tanks and start to manually aim yourself.
  3. @Quantum_Ranger we use discord. We have several channels for different game modes that we use. Playing heroic we go into the heroic channel, only those doing heroic can use it to talk, the rest usualle mute themself. A nice feature is that you can also stream in discord, so those not playing the heroic can watch someone streams of the heroic.
  4. Brit-Crusader has a bunch of videos : Heroic videos mostly Sphinx play : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgAtz55LlwVNrSqlqMeIRmG3lNfGtTY6y Spec ops insane : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgAtz55LlwVM9w6UF7vvZUinlFUncyaui Brit crusader : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWflzehv5EurReBA0eBE58w
  5. You are overthinking this. Move to a objective, bots will spawn. Take a objective, bot will spawn. Defend a objective, bots will spawn. As long as you are not overreaching or way out of the intended route of approach you will not have to much of a problem. Priority targets :All vehicles that use missiles. Deal with them asap. Basicly move to a objective, trigger the spawns and deal with them before moving on. This works on just about every pve map. The only pve stuff you need to worry about is the tactics used in heroic and some of the later spec ops missons. Fortunatly there are alot of videos explaining how to do those.
  6. Well shotgun arty works ok. But then I recommend the plz. that fast 4 shot damage burst is needed. Had a few matches yesterday where I saw Teykey in his Plz, he had some pretty nice damage. Did alot better than i did going shotgun. And the muppet got me twice...
  7. For me its more the players and not the arty that is the problem. As long as there are not more than 2 arties on each side. However it always seem to me that most arty players are entitled toxic shits, that blame the entire team when they get killed. Because apparantly they should have a personal squad that protects them, when they sit in their corner of the map pumping shells. I see no way a arty can outperform a scout in getting rid of the campers. The moment a camper is spotted they move, making it hard to hit with arty.
  8. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/artillery-global-operations-final-test Well its easy damage to farm for a yoloing sphinx or other fast scout. Not a fan of arty returning in Glops. But gonna use the possibility to try the mode going shotgun with the arty.
  9. Will post some results this weekend. I usually watch this forums at work.
  10. Cap, defend cap, damage and kill. Thats Glops 101 :)
  11. You guys should remove last colums, they give away the answer. Exp earned. Di_Duncan : 1 loss, noone went and capped. 2 won, victory decided by damage done TeyKey1 : Loss, other team won by damage done Will see if i can find some end results to post later
  12. I usually go TD mode with arty all the way in Pve. And i feel that the moment bots spot me in the arty they reset their agro list and targets me instantly.
  13. In Glops Im usually in a tier 10 MBT on cap or on the way to a cap. I also like the afvs or tds that have infantry. I very seldom play the lights. 10 and 9 tier is what i prefer, and if the queus isnt to long i try 6,7 and 8. Anyway if you see me ingame, and want to frag me. Im usually near the caps. So come and get it :)
  14. What tiers do you play mostly Lenticulas ? I often get panama and grindelwald. 3 Matches out of 7 was on waterway last night. I mostly play tier 10 and sometimes 9
  15. This is the commander of choice for alot of the platoons i face in Glops these days and its starting to grind my gears. That extra life boost is annoying as hell. Instead of getting your kill, you still need to get 2 to 3 rounds into the target to get it out of the battlefield. Ofcourse the possibility to harvest some extra damage can be nice, but I rather get the kill instead. She need to get her main skill changed/reworked. Suggestion: Get rid of the extra hitpoints. Any shot that would normaly 'kill' the vehicle should just leave the vehicle with 1hp remaining. But i rather see the second chance gone, and she get something else instead.
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