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  1. This is pretty decent setup for 1080p@60fps I ran i5-760 with GTX 460 for almost ten years, had FX/water/particle options disabled I got stable 60 fps even in GLOPS where people claim they can't reach 25 fps even on 3-4 yo setups. Also these newer nvidia cards have fast sync option on board which in combo with 60 fps limiter makes wonder (even on CP2077 which made all RTX 20xx series obsolete).
  2. You can afford Miramon or Ioannis Sanna early with not so many perks leveled to improve spotting capability.
  3. Nothing is wrong about locations Knuttliot marked (red and green circles) though such approach was always tier and team dependent. If you roll directly on north field as MBT, you should have capable damage dealers on hill, and your MBT should have enough your own spotting and armor to withstand ATGM spam which seems not to be a case for majority of MBT in game. The south entrance is simple, relatively safe and quick entrance to center.
  4. If you want to improve visual range a bit, you also need a commander who gives you that visual range. Using telescope or not is entirely matter of playstyle. Like do you like to camp on second line and your turret is strong enough not to hide it after each shot? It won't help you on the move. Just like Miramon commander won't help you if you don't meet conditions of (social) distancing. For Harbinger, in low-mid tiers it is safer to enter city from opposite side.
  5. play for fun progress many tanks simulteneously, play one tank one time a day for victorious x2 reserve unneeded tanks favorite currently progressing tanks more tanks in garage (even hidden), better garage XP bonus, faster you get next tanks and progress your commanders, profit ?
  6. Some of wildcard mechanics and general map orientation can be tasted in training room mode, playing solo on glops maps. Two GLOPS maps have bots to kill, so it can work both as basic solo interactive glops and pve trainer too, these maps are Other -> Barren Divide and Other -> Desert Crossing, which gives certainly more fun than Test drive
  7. I don't use decals and don't use flags sections much, but I change camos from time to time and this part of UI became ridiculously long and tedious to scroll and find what you actually need. Maybe it could have more sense if we can display and check how all in-game camo look, even these not owned, so for example country X section woudn't look that miserably with just one camo, because usually there are more of them... Still it doesn't negate necessity to have either ability to favourite, or to hide certain items (or both).
  8. These things worth having: Object 640, Object 490 and AFT-10. Noticed a screenshot of obj 640 for 76k on aw ru discord
  9. I think that mostly bots spawn on segments of map where the game founds lowest number of players. If you are on some location but alone it may still spawn bots. There is still limited cases which contradict to this rule, but usually there is always at least one safe location which allows player to stay safe most of the time. For Meltdown mission for this stage it is certainly not ideal position, i got myself caught several times recently, they will spawn persistently everywhere behind and on sides of you. On Erebos this location is not safest either, though not so likely to happen.
  10. They did really good K2 and Leclerc skins in my opinion, very artistic and unique. These ones will be really hard to beat with something better. But it seems they already want to retreat from this approach and going to produce mediocre skins again.
  11. It looks especially shiity when compared to WoT 10th year anniversary. WoT simply gave me many missing free and event premium tanks, plus other stuff for just a login. I think anniversary event should just like this, actually attract people, let them forgive and reconsiliate. In AW approach the purpose and effect to piss this remaining 6-8K playerbase to max extent, rip off them for cash. Here is issue big ass salesman should understand. If f2p players in noticeable numbers get the in-game item for free, while others don't, there is no reason to spend hefty pile of money for such "exclusivity". That what exactly we got. We were told to pay a price worth AAA game for 50 boxes which don't even gives us to chance to collect 50% of missing parts.
  12. I still have impression that this supposedly Russian technology demonstrator game looks stalled without T72B3 2016, T90M and T80BVM
  13. It seems to me that depending on what price of gold consider a base, it may end up with different interpretation of what 50% discount for MBT T8 bundle means. MBT T8 is specific in regard that all items of it can be purchased individually for gold, so all prices can be compared. As consumers we have a habit to use cheapest gold prices of 100 euro bundle. Probably such gold a user could buy if plan to purchase multiple vehicles at once. As far as I recall the discussion from past, mycom counts gold discount from smallest packs with most expensive price per gold unit.
  14. These QOL changes are probably nice, but still i lack the most basic ability to tag camos and decals - some as hidden, some as favoirite ones. Too much clicking, searching, applying on each vehicle ... (skip decal rant here) Commander changes are bug-fixing at most, my 12 euro Kortez fix is welcomed of course, they don't change much in game balance due how summing of percentage works with diminishing result formula. That is why tier 2 retrofit on reload is weird 13% which used to be 10%. Second issue with commander change is that the balance 3.0 didn't reach tiers 1-6 yet in many aspects such as fast ammo switching. We have Abrams, T-72, Leo clones on two sides of balance 3.0 and they work different way.
  15. dfnce

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Hit L30 yesterday. Spec is same as before - MSI rtx2060 Ventus OC 6gb, i7-9600f (turbo on), 32GB ram. Funny thing how cheap 20xx cards already disappeared on market, while similar rtx 2060 cards costs almost 2 times more than year before. About settings: RTX is off, the light seems a little off to me. DLSS is off because the pic is great for distant views. All shadows on medium. Framerate is set 60 to display on 60 Hz @ 2560x1080 monitor, vsync is off in game exactly as in case of AW. I don't measure fps because it works for me well. So, for me the image is fluid, no video lags or jitters except when you navigate between districts very fast, you may see flash of red "reading" icon (because i use HDD).
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