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  1. Some final impressions Leveling mechanics - grindy and repetitive, as usual Samuel Thorpe commander failed promise to deliver, again Over-progression boxes loots mechanics again non-transparent just like in Age of Rage BP. Support was polite to get me one more container when one of them tossed coins. Many nice new additions in BP shop like camos and new vehicles. I didn't touch these for 30k and above. Speaking of usefulness of some vehicles i got in this BP - number of games and some results (PvE only, includes SO) obj 287 (111 games, 21.8k avg/d) Buratino (35 games, 30.9k avg/d) Gepard (30 games, 29.7k avg/d) Sphinx Monster (22 games, 29.9k avg/d) EBRC Jaguar (14 games, 30.5k avg/d) MPF LT (11 games, 36.6k avg/d) Kornet-D1 (11 games, 24.4k avg/d) Ottomatic (8 games, 37.1k avg/d) Chieftain Mk 6 Leader (4 games, 15.0k avg/d) Gadiuka (2 games, 18.7k avg/d ) PS. Digital pixel commodity with correct price
  2. I need yet to see specifics on effort vs. reward to give any conclusion. So far raid events were both implemented as time and gold/money sink, full of both of bad pve and pvp tasks if you wanted something for free. Rewards like powerful ammo (aka p2w gold wot ammo) are concerning. 4th slot for low/med tier seems interesting but controversial idea. All of it just increases gap between these who already have everything (full spec prem commanders, op prems, all possible equipment unlocked) and new players.
  3. 120 days now official It can be Claw and Joker series too. Both sets of reskiniums were in permanent offer in mailru/vk shop last years.
  4. Some elder scrolls math can be found here https://awru.my.games/node/5423/ What comes into X stat calculus: Vehicle base value for stat Vehicle modules, visible in Upgrade view Different types (not versions) of retrofits, like stacking accuracy or aiming time work this way. No reload :( Commander perks to improve X stat Reload: Crew with loader member + perk for reload + commander perk for improve crew skill/consumable effect + consumable itself, only makes sense for crew with reload member.
  5. I yet to see myself if these and some other reward coins (like from 51-58 chest) intended for same BP or they "next BP".
  6. Recent changes to autocannons ("balance") multiplied issues with red critters, which before were elevated by adding aggressive suicidal waives of Hunters, sphinxes bots etc. ATGM bots firing barrage of rockets with no delays. Officer bots with visual range normal nullify all player camo tactics. Spawning bots which immediately shot at player. How enjoyable.
  7. Draco is what it used to be before balance 2.0, another changes revert AC nerfs from balance 3.0. Stalker became playable with AC. Marder, AGDS and T40 got some former "feel" of superpower.
  8. @sdt16How hardcore AW battle path is the matter of individual approach. If you play smart and without the goal to finish the BP entirely in 1/2 or 1/3 of allocated time, BP is not hardcore at all. So if you begin BP challenges 1.5-2 months after whole BP started, you have almost all challenges unlocked and 8 of 10 of said challenges are easy, so playing that way requires less time and you have higher gain. Each challenge gives you 10 points (1 point per stage) to progress equipment in BP vehicles, same points come from each stage of standard missions and from each opening levels. Also, I was lazy to unlock whole equipment within one BP, instead I just waited for next BP to continue progression and easily complete it. Up to 60-80 points should be very easy to get per one BP, above that value requires grind.
  9. I guess the push to change had to come from PRC. Nothing else should surprise you since every truly new tank model should be premium, at least tier 5, or monetized skin like realistic Leo 2A7 (to tier 9 Leo2A6).
  10. In this BP i suggest to focus entirely on buying offers in shop. Derivatsya is fine vehicle worth getting, and a player should assemble it in cheap way using most attractive daily offers - rare unique and special (got mine already after less than 1h rotation). T72CZ (based on my test drive impressions) is vehicle for inadequate price of 140K coins (50K is rank 20, and 20 next ones are 90K for rank 40). to For lesser amount of coins spent in shop a player should able to get - either 1 tier 10, 2 tier 9 or several tiers 7/8. If one decides to spend whole pool of 140K on rotations alone would give a chance to return some coins and maybe find truly attractive offers. TR-85M1 - collector thing, rather not so great impressions from test drive. (my plan to get it in this BP). As for this BP main prize, the possible strategy is to ignore T-15/K, and assume it will be obtainable in coin shop in one of next BPs. This shit can be attractive now because of Draco style DPM on steroids, I know how it works and where it ends. Got Chally 1 ODS skin, because i wanted it.
  11. This all is very curious. RU site tells this tank is 30 rank
  12. AW is arcade game. presently with no focus on technical reasoning or common sense.
  13. I see many "premium offer" gaps in vehicles classes and now not all vendors got fair treatment. Each vendor should have its own premium tier 10 per each class. This should boost both the sale of premium tanks and the production of new ones. That is only reason imo how they justified this change.
  14. Most of these things went away in 2017 as part of balance 2.0 (0.19). I may mistake but cupolas as a weakspot was charged even earlier (in 0.14 or 0.15) by applying reduced damage rule to them. Rationale is simple - player can hide LFP and cannot cupola. Cupolas are WoT thing, which makes bunch of tanks vulnerable simply based on this trait alone, in AW even before balance 2.0 the damage was reduced to them (mostly), and in 2021 for more than 1.5y AW there is a new balance 3.0 with whole LFP thing (unless you play low tiers where that thing came just recently).
  15. What about the feedback that the top reward T15 is not worth effort even with rank 50 and nevertheless they push it on rank 60. Expect Samurai/Desert Storm/Jomsviking skins spam prevail in shop daily offers. Looks like some confirmation to my personal thought that Asad Babil was most interesting and worthy skin from that raid. (As per desert camo preview) it looks decent and useful compared to every BP camo released since Black Eagle event, but on other side it is very much alike to what you can purchase with gold. Well BP starts in first days of December to make that 120 days till end of March, 2022, right ? This 120 days of BP doesn't make it better, actually it is very boring and exhausting.
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