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  1. In case if they consider hiding of reskins as something wrong, the way to go is brute force replacing of certain reskin models in file game resources.
  2. I wouldn't waste rentals. If you play it, spare ammo. Avoid shooting even in direction of Russian MBT, their soft kill is off charts in 0.33.
  3. I think the main factor AW masters considered when creating PvE way of participation in raid, it is how Russian battalions are way more populous, organized, engaged etc vs rest of world.
  4. Just like before, in PvE the raid gives a benefit to full platoons where 4 players allow one teammates to reach his "alternative condition" task without obstructions. In such case 1 point is given once per 5 missions at average. 10 pve missions (or 2,5 hours) daily through all month translate into 60 completed PvE raid tasks in worse case, and some missions grant free tokens, or missions can be combined to do them in parallel, or players in platoon can agree not to interfere to do different objectives. Teamwork. In random PvE, it may take 15-30 runs to reach basic "of x10 times" conditions (being in top in something or be very accurate shooter).
  5. The "cunning plan" is based on cultivated over weeks inflated expectation that you SHOULD get this tank for free , thus amplify potential consumer hunger -- just like we got "limited days" of Hunter AFV container sales.
  6. My final result - 60 parts, one of drops was another bonus 10 boxes.
  7. I decided to give this new feature a try and wanted to share my opinion. You can find it under Settings -> Gameplay -> General -> Customization. The OFF setting hides all flags, decals, paints, camos and majority of skins on you and other players on all regular vehicles and number of premium ones. It seems to be especially great to avoid seeing displaying (upcoming at day of wring) skins such Archangel or Kraken. Existing issue is with the myriad of re-skinned premium vehicles oe/mail ru created in past Some vehicles despite they have sibling "skinless" model, such skin-only have "customization" disabled for their owners (based on wide variety of reasoning of game owners). The "Customization" setting copies this rule to other users (wanting to hide it), making skins such as Wolfs, Sharks, Black Eagles always visible. Some vehicles don't have bare skin-less models - they don't exists for many reasons - examples are Abrams MA1A1 AIM, T-14-152, Type 99A2-140, M60-2000, Vickers Mk 7/2. They are always visible with their "art". By the way, if customization doesn't apply, it doesn't hide flag too (that 10K gold flag). I suggest that users of Customization OFF option should able to hide all (re-)skins with their bare color model. If AI models can have different camos on such vehicle like T14-152 and customization OFF hides it, the game should able to do same on players T14-152 skins (so and another vehicles as well).
  8. I wish one day they updated Abrams AIM color to some darker colors like true american red and blue flag colors
  9. What i see is outdated info, language mix, some informations are debatable. Maybe AW should make a form submission how google ads for the game should look like.
  10. Consider me lucky - 12 parts total from 15 crates and 1 special crate. I think i saw the same drop rate pattern in Type 90 crates, they were also over-saturated with rentals.
  11. Would be nice to have some PvE mission made on that map.
  12. Probably Sudden Strike is not best example, but it was done there 20 years ago on 2D map. I think AW is mostly 2D game too, so i put the thesis is that if a developer reduces the problem from 3D path finding (which is not needed) to 2D pathfinding problem, infantry movement is actually trivial. I assume a developer should have good understanding of CE engine, its topology and collision models, so do they have ?
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